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  1. GuyMcBrofist

    We Need to Preserve the Vanilla Quake Experience

    So, stretched pixels are all sorted out in Doom's source ports, but not in Quake's?
  2. GuyMcBrofist

    How would the plasma rifle in Doom work?

    The plasma is stored in compressed form in the plasma cells. When you pull the trigger, all you're doing is opening a valve and the plasma shoots out from all the pressure inside the cell. There's no electricity or fancy technology. You know how when you're blowing bubbles and you get a stream of small bubbles instead of one big one? That's what's happening with the plasma gun.
  3. GuyMcBrofist

    omg 77771 posts

    Here's post 77777 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2027264
  4. GuyMcBrofist

    In regards to the Ion Fury thread debate

    Give up.
  5. GuyMcBrofist

    John Carmack on the Joe Rogan show - it happened!

    I just noticed that Joe is on episode #1332 of his podcast. I wonder if he's going to try to line things up so Carmack is on #1337, he's done that kind of thing before.
  6. GuyMcBrofist

    Time for me to learn programming languages, suggestions?

    Start with this.
  7. GuyMcBrofist

    Happy International Clown Week, everyone

    Clown stuff
  8. GuyMcBrofist

    doom 3 ultra settings warning

    Absolute HD modifies gameplay. So does Sikkmod AFAIK. Wulfen Texture pack is definitely the first thing you want. After that you'll probably want to find some better shaders if Wulfen doesn't supply them already.
  9. GuyMcBrofist

    The New BFG

    It is pretty hard to make a player pick anything else a super weapon could do over it just being a super weapon, so maybe just make it a badass super weapon with different styles. It could fire a giant laser. Or shoot lightning tendrils that pummel enemies at an absurd distance.
  10. GuyMcBrofist

    doom 3 ultra settings warning

    You can ignore the warning. It was put there for when the game first came out. There are lots of mods that overhaul the graphics and gameplay. Here's a list. I played Absolute HD Mod and thought it was pretty good. https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/mods?sort=visitstotal-desc
  11. GuyMcBrofist

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Battle mode and the invasion mechanic look cool and I'm excited to play it. I would have liked to see them make Deathmatch another headliner for the multiplayer and do something cool with it, since Doom invented it and should own it in some way. A 4-player DM in Eternal might be fun.
  12. GuyMcBrofist

    Commander Keen — Official E3 Announcement

    It looks more like Dexter's Lab than Commander Keen.
  13. GuyMcBrofist

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Start a new thread with your WIPs and keep us updated. It would be cool to see.
  14. GuyMcBrofist

    unpopular retro opinions

    Ocarina of Time is dog shit.
  15. GuyMcBrofist

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    Grab whatever merch you can before they change it, I guess.