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  1. Halo 6 revealed.

    It looks amazing.
  2. Flaws in Doom 16'

    Based on the fact that they completely scrapped the game once, and things that were said in the Noclip interviews, it seems more like they were less interested in appeasing people than they were with making something that they felt could be called Doom. I would presume that classic Doom is a part of many people's background at id.
  3. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    PocketStation DOOM -> Damaging floor -> Ouch face -> ZDoom -> Simon Howard (Fraggle)
  4. Post your DOOM weapon creation using Lego

    Got into my nephew's legos for this thread.
  5. Post your DOOM weapon creation using Lego

    Post yours first.
  6. Nightmare!

    I gave up on Nightmare at E1M3.
  7. Anyone else get this feeling?

    It doesn't have to make sense why you feel for some and not for others, that's just a human thing. I would run over NPCs in GTA without a second thought.
  8. Anyone else get this feeling?

    I used to cast aggression spells on townspeople in Oblivion, and cackle at the resulting brawl. I rarely senselessly kill NPCs anymore. If I were to do it now it would feel morbid more than anything.
  9. Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    I like to play pretty competitively. Whatever the rule set is, that's the rule set and I'll play it. While I don't have any strong opinions of how a shooter should be, there is a part of me that would like to see a more oldschool style FPS hit the mainstream again. There's been a small resurgence of it which is nice to see, and it will be interesting to see what kind of influence that has in the coming years.
  10. Personal Angst

  11. Personal Angst

    It's totally normal to regret your past mistakes. It will pass as long as you don't let yourself stew over it. Sit back and take a few breaths, go for a walk, find a friend/family member, try to find ways like these that will help you to grow from it and move on.
  12. Personal Angst

    Whatever's really bothering you, you'll get through it, and then that warning point wont mean much.
  13. Forum Update?

    This forum is a haven for Doom fans. There should be plenty of health here.
  14. Forum Update?

    If we decide to implement a dislike button...
  15. Forum Update?

    I just pieced together what you were really saying here and I apologize. Still, it was only a matter of time.