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  1. GuyMcBrofist

    Firehouse Subs: Founded by Firemen

    I've been there a few times. I don't remember what I got but it was very good, and much better than Jimmy John's, or Subway.
  2. GuyMcBrofist

    Liking posts

    There's no precedent for powerups from a 1993 game being used to react to posts, so the confusion and arguing seems pretty normal. Maybe if they were to stay, their meanings would typify into something the community as a whole agrees on, like what happens with twitch emotes.
  3. GuyMcBrofist

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    I think it would be cool if they simplified the AI a bit in order to have the player fighting more monsters at a time. Also, more open maps where monsters roam around or try to follow you. Though, that would probably somehow go against the push-forward combat philosophy.
  4. GuyMcBrofist

    Command and Conquer: Rivals

    Looks like it might be fun.
  5. GuyMcBrofist

    Music Recommendations: Ambient with Backbeat

    Unfortunately I don't think GC made a whole lot. These ones might stray away a little bit, but both Tipper and Ulrich Schnauss feel like they're worth mentioning.
  6. GuyMcBrofist

    Music Recommendations: Ambient with Backbeat

    Your first track reminds me of Global Communication You probably already know of Solar Fields, but I'll list him anyway. He did the soundtrack for Mirror's Edge
  7. GuyMcBrofist

    Star Wars games

    Obvious mentions: X-Wing/Tie Fighter, Rebel Assault 1 and 2, Jedi Outcast There was a puzzle game called Pit Droids which I liked. I disliked Jedi Academy because the rodian character I made was mouthing English with his tentacle. That pretty much turned me off to the whole game.
  8. GuyMcBrofist

    Knights and Barons' death animations confuses me :/

    I never really understood what I was looking at when the baron would die. I just figured it was somehow collapsing in on itself into a pile of pulverized baron.
  9. GuyMcBrofist

    How Doom 3 fits into canon

    Given the inter-dimensional nature of the Doom games' plots, maybe the Doom 3 universe exists parallel to the main Doom timeline, and the 'hell' dimension links the two together. The ancient warrior that was spoken of on the stone tablets that you find in the excavation sites could be the Doom Slayer having a run in with the Doom 3 universe.
  10. GuyMcBrofist

    DOOM II teased for E3

    Announce trailer for those who never leave the forum: Fun trailer. Edit: Better to go to this thread for this since that's where all the discussion is happening.
  11. GuyMcBrofist

    2018 Doom Multiplayer Montage

    Nice editing.
  12. GuyMcBrofist

    Is there a way to get the demo for Doom 3 to work on Win 7?

    I'm guessing Marn = Marnetmar.
  13. I agree and am glad with TG's decision. It must be refreshing for the people in the scene who have dealt with this for years to finally see TG take some action.
  14. GuyMcBrofist

    Why is the radiation suit a timed powerup?

    This, plus it must get pretty hot in that suit. At some point the doomguy just has to take it off.
  15. GuyMcBrofist

    Most Favorite Level From Episode 5

    I was making a joke that the game would crash when it tried to load episode 5 because there wasn't one there.