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  1. The main thing I took away from my DMT experience is that I know nothing. Kinda funny though, since that didn't stop me from being just as idiotic as anyone else in their early 20s.
  2. Things like two posts before this one (before printz) keep me coming back to this forum.
  3. This might have an answer for you.
  4. Yup. You just blow up one piece of a base on the ground and the whole thing starts rhythmically exploding outwards lol. The game had some cool graphics and I was always excited to see what the next levels were going to look like.
  5. Raptor: Call of the Shadows was the first shooter I had ever seen or played and I was hooked on it through a lot of my childhood. Played quite a bit of 1943 on the NES. Idk how well this game is known but Warning Forever was a lot of fun when it first came around.
  6. I use ESDF for movement thanks to Tribes 2. Started using Mouse4 for crouch during my Splinter Cell days. A to aim down sights since holding right click always fucked up my aim.
  7. I'm over it. That initial impression can matter quite a bit and mine was "Meh," that's all.
  8. These aren't screenings of the game, but I remember them circulating around when the game first came out.
  9. It doesn't look like the doom 3 guy.
  10. Are you sure you're making your first jump off of the ground, and not when you're in the air?
  11. Here's a video showing all the doomguy skins The classic skins look pretty off to me. The doom 3 one bugs me especially, it doesn't look like him. It looks like a different guy. Don't they have the original meshes to work with?
  12. No Betruger.
  13. Coursera has a few courses on music theory. Should be worth checking out.
  14. Just a play on my name. A co-worker called me that one time and it stuck.