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  1. GuyMcBrofist

    Gravity of Phobos and Deimos

    I think the low gravity of Phobos and Deimos explains why there's no fall damage in the first two episodes. Hell is a different dimension so it doesn't count. By Doom 2, Doomguy has proved how badass he is that he can just say no to fall damage on Earth.
  2. GuyMcBrofist

    Doom 3 Secrets

    I don't know how well known this is, but I never understood it until this year. At the end of mars city underground in the security office where you unlock the locker with the machine gun, you can also unlock a storage room outside, but it's on the other side of the cavern with no catwalks to access it. I always thought it was strange, until I noticed there's a wire that connects from your location to it, and you can walk across it. It has plasma ammo along with some other pickups.
  3. GuyMcBrofist

    Hexen 1.1 has two different versions?

    Can you provide a diff between the two disassemblies?
  4. GuyMcBrofist

    Can you search for snapmap creators?

    I'm assuming you made the levels on an account that you've now lost? If you can find one of your maps then you can go to the info page for its author and then go to the published maps page for that author. You can also subscribe to them to get back to their page quickly from your feed.
  5. GuyMcBrofist

    Was there a Quake 1 killer?

    I would think of "X killer" as "Takes all the marketshare/mindshare from X"
  6. GuyMcBrofist

    Routine [coming March 2017]

    I enjoy games that go hard on the environments and ambience, so this interests me in spite of the cliche horror tropes. Without much to go on though, it's hard to tell if they're going to do anything interesting there.
  7. GuyMcBrofist

    AI generated photo guessing game

    Yep. I like how Thy Flesh Consumed turned into band logos.
  8. GuyMcBrofist

    AI generated photo guessing game

    cool skeleton dancing in hell? Here's a series, they're related to each other.
  9. GuyMcBrofist

    I'm Having Another Lapse Of Judgement...

    I see people being opinionated about music, which is harmless enough. And people arguing politics in the typical annoying and ineffectual manner, which is awful in the sense that it's basically a waste of time.
  10. GuyMcBrofist

    Porting Doom 3 mod to Dhewm 3

    Truth be told I was eager to sink my teeth into this, so I started working on it shortly after posting. I managed to get it running, play tested it for a bit, and it seems to be running just like the vanilla mod, warts and all. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qvpxx04p9md8y1z/overthinked.zip/file Just extract this and the overthinked mod into your dhewm3 folder and launch it as you normally would. @Vote With Your Eyeballs It's here waiting for you when you come back. I'm kind of iffy about doing this with regards to licensing, I'm still pretty new to making contributions. Taking a gander around the doom 3 modding scene; it looks rather gray, and most people seem indifferent. If anyone has a take on it, I'm all ears.
  11. GuyMcBrofist

    Porting Doom 3 mod to Dhewm 3

    Overthinked needs to have its gamex86.dll ported for dhewm3. Luckily, the source for it is listed on the moddb page as "Fusion SDK", with instructions to compile it in the tutorials section. Dhewm3 has instructions for porting mods here. YMMV, there's no way to tell how easy the port will be until someone tries it. I can give it a go later this week if you're not up for it.
  12. GuyMcBrofist

    Player Oxygen Level!

    Looks like it's hardcoded quite a bit in game\Player.cpp; The player has an airTics integer which decrements while in vacuum and starts taking damage at 0. Fortunately, there is a pm_air cvar which controls how long it takes to run out of air, that's probably the closest thing to what you're looking for. Also, in damage.def there's an "entityDef damage_noair" that determines how much damage is dealt and the delay between damage tics while the player is out of air.
  13. GuyMcBrofist

    So, Snapmap isn't bad anymore?

    I've got a soft spot for snapmap. Haven't spent much time with it though. It's nice to know that it continues to develop and has a community.
  14. GuyMcBrofist

    Stuck in "teh base" Mod!

    Just played through the whole map on 1.3.1 with that patch. Didn't have any problems. The map has a bit of jankiness to it, so it wouldn't surprise me if you got unlucky and the trigger didn't work somehow. Have you tried to play through this part more than once? It's a pretty cool map, btw.