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  1. GuyMcBrofist

    When is the first DLC Due?

    It's coming October 20th.
  2. GuyMcBrofist

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    There's nothing wrong with the shotgun in Doom 3
  3. GuyMcBrofist

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    I love Crysis 2, especially the multiplayer. I don't care if it borrowed too much from CoD, you had nanosuits and could powerslide. The orbital laser killstreak was awesome.
  4. GuyMcBrofist

    Does anyone else see this?

    I think it's in front of his palm from the viewer's perspective, you can see the tip of it just starting to cover the shadow from his thumb. Still looks unnatural.
  5. GuyMcBrofist

    Helmetless Slayer (or how to mod Doom Eternal)

    Reminds me of the Doom 3 marine.
  6. Similar story for me, always had Fate of Atlantis, Sam and Max, and Day of the Tentacle. Years later The Dig landed in front of me and I loved it. Also, Half-Life and Counter-Strike. My new Radeon card came with a key for a bunch of GoldSrc games on Valve's new Steam platform. I had no idea what I had until months later when I made an account and redeemed it. I had always heard the name Counter-Strike on forums for other games I went to but never gave it much thought, and then it was like, "oh, THIS is why people talk about this game so much!"
  7. I can beat Doom Eternal on Nightmare pretty easily now and I'm getting close to beating it on Ultra Nightmare. I never got past Toxin Refinery in Doom on Nightmare. That was a long time ago but from what I recall there is way less room for mistakes there compared to Eternal.
  8. GuyMcBrofist

    Choose your favourite Rune

    Punch and Reave. It combos with health drops from ice bomb and health for blood. Throw an ice bomb onto a pack of fodder enemies, flame belch and BP them and you can chain a few BPs together, or get loads of health and armor.
  9. It might just be the specular highlighting from some detached light sources used to fill the room. You can see it on the plasma rifle in the second to last shot.
  10. GuyMcBrofist

    Ultra-Nightmare thoughts

    @Man of Doom My first two weeks felt a lot like that and I was stuck at Exultia too. I still haven't beat UNM, but having stayed persistent throughout all the self disappointment, frustration, and taking days off I've built up more skills, confidence, and level knowledge that take me further through the game. The process itself has been good since I started getting some rewarding feelings out of it and I've decided focusing on that is going to be way more important over just beating the game on Ultra Nightmare. The mental aspect of it is pretty big and it's clear to me now why the achievement is called "Escaped the madness".
  11. GuyMcBrofist

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    I'm glad. I was less preoccupied with the security concerns as I was with the game losing its momentum and fading away from the mainstream only to ever be brought up again next to denuvo/DRM/anti-cheat.
  12. GuyMcBrofist

    Random Demon Campaign Mode

    Not sure if I like the random mode but using the skins to make demon variations with unique properties sounds pretty awesome, and easy to implement.
  13. GuyMcBrofist

    Viewmodel fov?

    I had the same issue with the classic weapon pose in 2016. I remember the rifle with the scope on almost going all the way up to the center of the screen! They should definitely be way lower. A classic status bar HUD would be fun, too.
  14. GuyMcBrofist

    Wich one Boss was your favorite ?

    I like the Tyrant, it's the tankiest and has the best death animation (blows up and leaves two standing legs). My first encounter was when two of them spawned in a slayer gate. That was a fun surprise, and memorable. Why did they call it the Tyrant, though? I don't get it.
  15. GuyMcBrofist

    Cant equip the classic doom guy armor

    Double check your sentinel batteries and the door to unlock it. I had a similar thing happen with the Praetor suit.