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  1. GuyMcBrofist

    Balance between Graphics and Gameplay

    I second @lazygecko's sentiment. I don't think graphics and gameplay sit on two ends of a scale where one can outweigh the other. Graphics give the player feedback on what's happening and a great deal of the effect a game has comes from that, and certain types of gameplay are only possible because of the graphical capabilities we currently have. Consider how a first person shooter can't be done without 3D graphics, unless you count Zork by some stretch of the imagination. Here's an exercise, take a look at the chaingun in Doom 64 EX on Youtube or somewhere. Notice the way it shakes the camera up and down while it's firing, adding a sense of weight and power. Where does that fall, graphics, or gameplay? Is that a useful question?
  2. They would have to be cheap and they can't release more than two or three of them.
  3. GuyMcBrofist

    Best free games under 10MB?

    ^ Nice! I played that game and lost it a long time ago. Speaking of which, no one has mentioned Warning Forever yet. http://www.hikware.com/Prod/index.html#wf
  4. GuyMcBrofist

    Your biggest WTF moment(s) in gaming

    Oblivion, I completed a quest where I uncovered some corruption in the imperial guard and got a general fired. Days later, I'm playing the game, looting a dungeon and I run into a hideout of a guy who tries to kill me, yelling personal insults at me. Turns out it was the general who I got fired! He had a journal, and in it he was talking about how I ruined his career and he was plotting his revenge against me. That was way more than I expected out of any game up to that point. Also, playing Minecraft for the first time.
  5. GuyMcBrofist

    Does anyone else find Doom 3 mediocre?

    Doom 3 is a personal favorite. I think Doom 3 is at its best when you treat it as a kind of art gallery. I totally disagree with the notion that there isn't any variety in the levels. Sure, the whole place is made of steel, but there's a good deal of variation in color, motifs, sounds, and set pieces that keep a good sense of progression throughout the game. I think you're really meant to spend a decent chunk of time soaking up the environments while outside of combat. The combat is fun IMO, but clearly flawed. The scripted encounters do end up becoming predictable (though after a few playthroughs I've picked up on a few subtle sequences where they're obviously manipulating you, stuff I've never seen anybody mention, which were nice to notice). The problem is that most players were fine enough just relying on their reflexes and didn't really have any need to pay attention to anything. There's nothing at stake for the player, you barely take damage, you have an endless supply of ammo, and you can savescum. Teleporting monsters pose next to no threat since their entrance is so telegraphed and then they stand wide open for a few seconds, I started waiting for them before shooting just to keep things interesting. The story is a standard B-level horror plot that doesn't do much beyond serving its purpose, which feels appropriate. The PDA logs were a cool way of peeking into the thoughts and attitudes of the people working at the facility, and the spam emails and the martianbuddy website were a fun gag at the time. As a whole package I really like the game and I like the fact that id was still only about 20 to 30 people when they made it. It shows how much is possible with a relatively small team. I don't find it mediocre at all.
  6. GuyMcBrofist

    Prodeus [retro FPS]

    I like the idea of low resolution as an aesthetic, but if you're going to go that route, every individual pixel counts and needs to represent something. The trailer and screenshots both look a little too filtered and 'blurry' to me, particularly on the characters. It still looks awesome, and I want to play it.
  7. GuyMcBrofist

    Iron sights?

    I think sikkmod has iron sights. I recall the absolute hd mod having ADS of some sort.
  8. GuyMcBrofist

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    @Teder That lost soul would make a kickass shirt.
  9. GuyMcBrofist

    A project for IDTech 4 I'm working on.

    Looks pretty cool. I like that somebody is doing an inventory system. After playing Escape from Tarkov and seeing its inventory system I thought it would be a good fit for Doom 3, modding futuristic weapons, putting on armor, using medkits, and the like. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store! The structural designs look nice, especially the corridors. It's too early to tell but the larger rooms felt a little flat, like they need something to make moving around in them more interesting. Oh, and what music is that?
  10. GuyMcBrofist

    Diablo Immortal

    I doubt mobile gamers pay any attention to game companies, game development, or participate in any way other than going to the app store and playing what's listed on the top 10 or advertised on television.
  11. GuyMcBrofist

    Diablo Immortal

    Even if it wasn't mobile, that was a boring trailer.
  12. GuyMcBrofist

    why is there no music in commander keen in dosbox?

    Does Keen Dreams have no music either? I seem to remember that game being rather silent.
  13. GuyMcBrofist

    Okay then... how many cells for a rocket?

    How would it work, exactly... You pick up the BFG and the price changes? Seems like a bit of a weird design.
  14. GuyMcBrofist

    Okay then... how many cells for a rocket?

    I say 40 because of what Doomkid said and because there should be a penalty for making such an exchange. With no backpack, that's 50 health max and I say that's fair. Map balance plays a big role as well. edit: This is assuming normal gameplay, and not the scenario Scypek2 gave which I ignored like an idiot. 20 bullets sounds good.
  15. GuyMcBrofist


    Not enough spooky skeletons in this thread.