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  1. I don't mind it in game. I'm talking about how d_e1m1 is perceived as *the* quintessential doom music that gets plastered over every video about Doom on youtube and has had countless shitty remixes.
  2. d_e1m1 has been done to death and it annoys me now.
  3. I would chalk it up to this. The standards were different back then and Doom would leave a deeper impression with nothing better to compare it to.
  4. Try messing with the SSAO/Blur method if you haven't already. If that doesn't work, try different driver versions for your GPU, it may be a pain in the ass but you might find one that behaves well with the game. You could try older versions of Sikkmod too and see if those work. The sound is obviously screwed up. I've never found EAX to be a well implemented feature so I always leave it off.
  5. As far as story goes I think it would be cool to find out that Argent energy was steeped in suspicion and conspiracy theories on earth while it was being supplied, and after all hell breaks loose everybody on earth is like, "God damn it, we knew something was fucked up with that Argent energy!"
  6. I didn't get very far in RAGE. The way the world was animated put me off so I didn't give it enough of a chance after that. I would like to revisit the game sometime. It looks like it could be a nice setting for a Battle Royale type of gamemode.
  7. Welp, not sure how to help you. Sounds like you need to get your internet fixed.
  8. Can you launch the game while you're connected over something like a mobile hotspot, and then disconnect and keep playing?
  9. Try this?
  10. Get them stoned out of their mind, to the point where they're unsure of anything anymore, and then show it to them.
  11. Just checked in on the communities I care about. Descent, Tribes, and One Must Fall. Looks like they're all still active in some capacity. There's even a new buzz in the OMF community over a possible source release of the last game, hopefully the stars will line up for that.
  12. I tried to find it for you, but there are hundreds of folders and thousands of files. I gave up after a little while, sorry.
  13. I think the post a couple of posts above nails it on the head. The PRNG adds a distinguishing chaotic element, and it makes events in the game feel more discrete. The game was made by D&D players, so something like a super-slime floor dealing damage through the rad suit is like them telling you that you rolled a 1.
  14. Maybe the real question is, what if there's a game that never got made, that we aren't talking about, that would have been so amazing and the gaming industry would be way different and better off for it? A game that had all the stars lined up and all the right coincidences had happened, would have gone on to become the quintessential masterpiece of gaming and media in general, provoking nations to lay down their arms and differences to be cast aside. A game that revolutionizes human thought and ushers in a new era of civilization. Doom would be considered as nothing more than a prototype. An example of the experimental game designs that were being tinkered with in the dark times, before this game's purity and light shined forth into the hearts of men. But because on a summer day in 1982, one of the game's would be creators was grounded by his parents because his sister had shifted the blame for something she did onto him, he never went to the arcade and met the other kid. Snuffing out a lifelong friendship and a chain of events that would have rippled outwards to every person they came into contact with, and every person those people contacted, and every person those other people contacted, affecting the entire world until it comes back around to them and they develop this game. We're in the wrong timeline.
  15. I've posted already but I will revise my stance. First I wanna say that I love Doom 3 for what it is and will cherish it forever. id went in a survival/horror direction with the game and this is just what I would do to make it stronger in that regard. No evil laughing. It's my biggest pet peeve with the game. Less ammo. Not much needs to be said here. Make the environment more open ended and spooky. Give the player the chance to feel lost. Less scripting. The game is too predictable. Hear a teleporting sound? You know you're in a fight. Hear an imp hissing from somewhere? Pshh, okay game, whatever. Making things ambiguous would go a long way towards genuinely terrorizing the player. This obviously means more advanced AI so I don't blame id if the resources weren't there for it at the time.