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  1. Fonze

    30 Minute Speedmap.

    Not an appropriate use for 4chan memes
  2. Fonze

    my letter to Ken Silverman about the Build license

    If you're looking for feedback, I'll throw in my two cents. I think sentences like these: would be a massive turn-off to most people who expect to get otherwise paid for their work or owned thing as you're case is basically "you know it's happening anyway so why not just give up any control and let people go wild with your work?" Additionally: Physical media isn't the problem, you can back games up on physical media for your own use and that actually used to be a thing people did (which itself is not unlike buying a game once and installing it on two different systems for personal use). The problem is distribution, so even if you distributed something to your friends or total strangers or whatever online the end effect is the same as doing so on physical media. Additionally there is the problem of making things too easy to obtain even if you're not directly distributing the whole thing yourself; a small case of which could be made for pwads that include a small few unmodified assets, with enough of them you'll eventually effectively have distributed all of the doom iwad. Further, your entire letter breaks down into a total of 3 points to support your case, two I've quoted here and the third is conjecture, drawing parallels to doom and its community, but this falls flat before even acknowledging that it's all conjecture and may not happen because a: ion fury was released using the build engine, b: all of this would hinge on getting the manpower to program new editors and advancing source ports which is not addressed anywhere, and c: you're not volunteering yourself to do any of it. Doom, duke, none of these old games are expensive and at least from my limited perspective it seems like it's most respectful to at least buy the original game legitly to show support for all the art that it has allowed to have been made off its back since its release, so this also seems a bit disrespectful to me. Then again I'm not Ken Silverman nor am I anybody important so my opinion on that is moot at best and unnecessary at worst, but it might also be a good look to consider how to make your letter better represent the respect you have towards the person you are addressing and trying to empathize with their perspective. I dont mean to be overly negative so hopefully this hasn't been that; I think you mean well and you seem fairly well motivated so hopefully we can see some great things out of you some time in the future :)
  3. Fonze

    How do you download unofficial classic doom games?

    Then report me, but if my shitty post gets people like you to remember that they are talking to real people who have their own problems in life maybe it was worth it.
  4. Fonze

    How do you download unofficial classic doom games?

    Y'all should really be able to take the hint and stop giving this guy attitude. It's tasteless and that should be vastly clear by now.
  5. Fonze

    Romero tweets that Doom is 3D.

    The correct answer is that only final doom is 3d since it saves your z-height when you teleport ūüôÉ
  6. Fonze

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Enhanced pointer precision in windows affects mouse control while playing doom.
  7. This is a nice thought, however it is not possible to use a wad for mp without the wad being distributed and thus those are both one in the same. In order for players to connect to your server, they will have to download or create themselves an exact copy of the wad(s) you are using and load them in the same order or they will not be able to sync or stay in sync. I'm not here to brow beat over supposed crediting or license-abiding, but I did think this was worth noting so you know that this statement either isn't applicable or is contradictory to your goal. That said, I dont think compilations are too uncommon of a thing for mp-oriented stuff so none of this may be relevant in the first place. For the rest, the two posts above me sum up all my thoughts well. Best of luck!
  8. Fonze

    New map (Riphean Mountains) Need Test!

    Maybe next time try reading or at least a "find in page: map" ;D On-topic, I'm sorry but I dont have time to fully test this, the map looks cool so I did run around for a quick minute before finding a teleport pad; thinking it was progression I jumped over to it, but instead of teleporting when I ran over the teleporter I just kept running befuddledly forward and actually fell through the nearby grating to an area I'm sure is supposed to be inaccessible outside of the map. Turns out the teleporter is actually the map start, but you may want to consider making these bars impassible? Still, the map looks nice! I like the use of the outside area and the verticality of some spots :)
  9. Fonze

    Heretic/Hexen: Demo ports repository

    I dont understand why I'm credited; I've done nothing to make any of these ports nor did I provide you with anything useful. It's a nice gesture and thanks but I don't think I should be listed in the same place as people who did actual work forwarding the heretic demo scene. That's sad to hear about Opulent though, I hope they're ok.
  10. I love the idea of turning dm maps into sp maps; it's a criminally underused mapping trope. Best of luck to you with this.
  11. Hey thanks for playing y'all; I'm glad it sounds like you both had fun with this silly little map! This reminds me, I forgot to mention it in the OP but I half-way did difficulty settings for this map; I say half-way because I wound up making (the equivalent of) HNTR the same as UV so that people could get the """full""" experience while under the reduced pressure of taking half damage and because while this map isn't too bad to max in UV (or HNTR by the same token), getting easier of course with patience and infighting, maxing BPPT is at best tedious with some rng-dependencies and at worst unrealistic since so many things can kill you in 2 shots and you only have space for 9 items of each type without requiring the player to turn human to pick up more. Probably it would be best for BPPT maxing to alternate between chicken and human as much as possible for the extra health while infighting, (getting the golems to turn other enemies into chickens), and saving as many time bombs for the lich as possible. This all also makes the HMP-equivalent the technical "easy" difficulty, although I actually find liches easier to kill as a chicken than disciples, minus the use of eggs and time bombs, so maybe a small wrinkle in there. I will say in general though that the shadowsphere is not meant to be used in the most obvious place. Second-most obvious place tho ;D
  12. Clucking Dubbed to Feath(ers) Run in any port that supports DECORATE Features new custom midi by @Jimmy! "Plucked to Death" Clucking Dubbed to Feath(ers) is a tiny Heretic speedmap I made the night before last after realizing that when a player gets shot by a morph ovum (egg) while already a chicken, they will become a super chicken, circumventing the need to kill a player as a chicken to do so. Also the player can use wings as a chicken, which means it's totally possible to be a flying super chicken doing dogfights in the air and raining furious death upon foes. This all amused me greatly so I made a silly little gimmick map to have fun with the concept. It was a lot of fun to work with so I may make another one of these. A silly, gimmick map like this necessitates a custom midi, so I commissioned Jimmy for a speedmidi and once again he has come through with a great track to jam to while pecking at your enemies. Hugest of thanks for making this happen so quickly <3 Jimmy! Difficulties: - HNTR-equivalent is the same as UV so ITYTD can be used if you want to play the """full""" experience with less pressure from taking half damage. - HMP-equivalent is the "easy" difficulty setting. You're really not missing much by choosing this setting. - BPPT is doable but mostly not recommended. Credits: - Kb1 for helping to make the idea of doing these types of maps a possibility (maybe one day this will work as intended without decorate ;D ). - Jimmy for "Plucked to Death," an amazing midi remix of Rob Dougan's Clubbed to Death mixed with Heretic stuffs by Kevin Schilder. I forgot to mention this when I posted this but there is a known bug in this map: don't hit the third switch early; it will softlock the map. I'm not 100% sure why this happens; clipping around the map the order of the switches doesn't matter and they all have the same action/tag, but something between that stage of the level allows S1 switches to be used despite all the tagged sectors being in motion, so just don't try to rush that one part! Heh... apologies. Have fun!
  13. Fonze

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    That's all exactly what I was saying/hinting at, or HMP if not nightmare. I mean luckily not many long-term doomers say those types of things, especially the latter (referring to the git gud part), but at the same time the UV-or-bust mindset (even among long-term doomers) is crippling at worst or white noise at best to authors who make challenge maps. So it's as much what you said as it is the effect from the flip-side of the same coin.
  14. Fonze

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    I'd remove ultra violence in the vain hopes that things would change, but we all know they wouldn't, so I guess I'd just add different variants of itytd for each difficulty level and place "things" to accommodate 3 different styles of play.
  15. Fonze

    Delta Touch on Android

    No, I don't use anything but the touchscreen. I prolly shouldnt have mentioned the (touchscreen) keyboard; I was just thinking there about a workaround on how to bind the custom buttons, but the custom buttons may not even have equivalents on it. More importantly, the functions that are missing are the fly up/down buttons (there is currently no way I'm seeing to be able to fly up or down at all), but the inventory controls are also tough to manage on-the-fly and when under pressure, since you have to click (tap) to open the inventory controls (extra layer of commitment/inconvenience) then tap the buttons you need (which can include also cycling through items... all without moving or looking or firing since touching anywhere else hides the inv controls buttons). It makes the inventory really tough to deal with, but having the next, previous, and use buttons be present all the time would mitigate the issue. You could add new custom buttons or reassign old ones for these and the flight controls if that's easiest for you; that would solve the issue for me. I just would like a way to customize the inventory controls and flight is a necessity. It may also be good to mention that you can't just look up or down and move forward to fly up or down in choco like you can in z-based ports so this is that much more needed here. Additionally, the trash/drop inv item button is also unnecessary and only serves as something to misclick on; I don't think I've ever even tried to use it in all the years I've played heretic (even on zdoom ports on pc) and in fact it doesn't work in choco anyway as it's not native to the original game. Speaking of custom buttons, and apologies this is a tangent at this point, would it be possible to have some whose icons are arrows? (Also cool to see the playstation face buttons in there; their unique look is nicer for these types of actions than the different looking crosshairs) It's a minor thing since I can tell what my buttons do based on where I chose to put them, but it is also weird to use different looking crosshair icons to cycle next/prev inventory and fly up/down. The fist icon I think works well to sum up "use item," but the others don't relate at all to their functions for lack of appropriate icons to choose from. Regardless, the custom buttons work very well for these actions (better than the q-sliders too, which are super cool but I just can't find a good use for them yet given the attention and time their use requires, a problem the buttons don't share) while playing on the z-based ports, so being able to use them in choco would be a huge boon!
  16. Fonze

    Delta Touch on Android

    I think a super set config sounds like it should do the trick! I assume by that you just mean that the extra inputs and binds would be added to the choco doom setup menu somewhere, in which case that would be perfectly ok. On this same note: I also note that custom buttons cannot show up while in the setup menu; I suppose they all have key values shared with a normal keyboard, so they should be mappable without being necessarily present, but that does add an extra layer of obfuscation to the mix, so it would also be nice if the custom buttons could be present to directly bind to in the setup as well.
  17. Fonze

    Delta Touch on Android

    @beloko I could be missing something, but it seems that the setup for chocolate doom and the setup for chocolate heretic are different, which unfortunately means that heretic-specific key bindings cannot be remapped, such as fly up/down and the inventory controls. Would it be possible to either merge these extra functions into the chocolate doom setup or to port a choco heretic setup to the app?
  18. Fonze

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    Ah ok that makes sense; that's a very unfortunate limitation. I guess that makes this not something that can be used freely, (tight corridors would be a problem, as an example) but that said I can imagine some specific setups this could still hold a lot of potential in, such as to kick off an encounter in open ground, before other monsters have had a chance to crowd the area. Just would have to be sure the player is incentivized to kill them quickly before they start becoming a hazard to the overall encounter. I wonder if there is a way to direct their flames into a monster closet (not necessarily detached from the map) of sorts. I'd suppose not since it walks away from the player's position, but it would be amazing if this could be used in conjunction with regular teleporter setups.
  19. Fonze

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    I've said in the discord already but this is all super cool, has so very much potential and I love to see it! Also, it's amazing that the fire basically legitimately 'walks' itself around to make this happen; that's extremely robust! Wrt the stuck monsters: would it then be possible to adjust the size of the fire's hitbox to make it larger so bigger monsters don't get stuck in geometry (walls/ledges)? Seems a similar problem to what you'd find if you sized an area for a teleport destination then ported a large mob there.
  20. Fonze

    Technicolor Antichrist Box [FINAL- now on /idgames!]

    Nicely done Arlene, got to see a bit of this played on DF's stream the other day and it looks amazing!
  21. Fonze

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I learned a new thing and made a gimmick map: Can you guess the theme? ;D
  22. Daily Puzzle - Real Hitori - Extreme 20


    I've been doing some more of these hitori puzzles to balance out the kakuro in my vain attempt to stretch them out and I've really been enjoying the different gears these get turning! Honestly I'm still not too experienced with these puzzles, but I think the lines between difficulty levels seem to be blurred in that the extreme level puzzles don't seem to be much harder than the challenging or even hard level puzzles, though on average they do tend to be slightly more tricky.


    From what I can tell thus far, easy and most medium puzzles tend to be solved by the two main special cases:

    1) two numbers of the same value with one space between means the space between must be open

    2) two adjacent numbers in a row/column plus a third elsewhere in the same row/column means that the third (plus any more) must be closed.


    These, along with the 3 main rules, usually lead to cascades of info in the easier puzzles while the harder ones tend to leave these at dead ends, requiring you to figure at least one, if not multiple steps for mini cascades of info later on. Some of these have genuinely stumped me to the point of having to guess and check a bit more than I would like, but all of these kinda require some guessing and checking to smaller degrees (at least to learn the pattern) so it's tough to draw a line on what's acceptable and what's not really helping me learn. Still, I think looking for the patterns is the key to solving these """legitly""" so hopefully as I get stumped more I'll also pick up more of the patterns to look out for; seeing the forest for the trees.


    A weird thing to note: apparently the process of scanning these puzzles has begun to kinda mentally hurt my eyes and general nerves, like seeing an unclean puzzle is just that much of an affront to the senses or something... nah but seriously idk it's a weird observation that the beginning process of scanning the puzzle and marking off non-conflicting numbers edges on my nerves throughout even my body in a weird way (making me feel almost anxious) about around the 5's and 6's, sometimes earlier but usually letting off as more numbers are marked off and I get to the easier-to-spot 7's and 8's. Maybe it's the process of looking so thoroughly and as quickly as I can up/down/left/right at each number spotted as I move along row by row. Sometimes it helps to switch to column by column, or at the 7's to just look at the whole thing and spot them less methodically, something also easily done with the starting 1's. Changing screen brightness or nearby lighting doesn't affect it and it's usually after doing a couple in a row because I'm a helpless addict. Idk just something weird.


    Today's puzzle has an intimidating name: "Extreme 20," but it's actually just a teddy bear deep down; a good feel good, example puzzle to show one of the powerful patterns of these types of puzzles. After solving it I figured it'd make for a good example to post, so I went through and solved it again while taking screenshots to post along. If you feel confident enough, try to beat my time, then check the solve :D




    This solve assumes you've read my previous solve (to save time and copious screenshots) so if you feel lost I highly recommend that you try checking that out to learn some of the more basic stuff.


    I will again briefly cover the three main rules of these puzzles:

    1) No numbers can repeat in a row/column

    2) Two squares which are crossed off, or "closed," cannot be adjacent to one another along the four cardinal directions, meaning that "closing" one square "opens" up to four squares around it.

    3) All open squares must connect to each other along the four cardinal directions; no squares or sets of squares can be "cut off" from the rest. We're building a snek.


    The goal is to eliminate repetitions in rows/columns, thus we only have to mark the squares we "close off" to solve the puzzle. Brown squares are used to mark squares which are "closed." White squares are unknown, but count as "open" for the solve, meaning they don't have to be specifically marked. Yellow squares are to definitively mark off squares as "open," but are otherwise treated the same as white squares and again are not necessary to fill in to solve the puzzle. Paper notations use X's and O's respectively but this app uses colors. Honestly I prefer the colors as they're easier to process as the puzzle fills in.


    The first thing that I'm gonna start with (for the sake of cleaning a few things up, making things easier on the eyes and easier to explain) is cross off as "definitely open" all numbers that either have no conflicts, as well as processing the numbers which interact with our two special cases listed earlier: opening those that reside between two numbers which share the same value as each other (the one in question, the middle one, doesn't have to share this value) and closing those in the same row/column as two other numbers which are adjacent to one another and share the same value as the first. Basically the 1 in the bottom left between the two 8's is an example of special case one and we'll get to an example of special case two in a moment.


    This is all going to leave us with this:




    These numbers all do not conflict with any other number in their rows/columns and thus are definitely open. We don't have to mark these but it does clean things up and make further steps easier to spot/process.


    From here let's address that special case two: the 6 on the bottom of the puzzle shares two more 6's, which happen to be adjacent to one-another, in its same column. This means that this 6 on the bottom row of the puzzle is closed, as if this were open it would close both other 6's and two closed squares cannot reside by one-another.




    This leads us to a small cascade of information: the 3 adjacent to the closed 6 is now definitively open, which in turn closes the 3 to the far right. That closed 3 opens the 7 above it, which then closes the 7 to its left and above it. The 7 above it opens a 2 to its right which closes a 2 on the far left of the puzzle. That is the end of this mini cascade of info but we'll find some more good stuff quickly.




    From here we've hit the first brick wall of the puzzle and nothing further is given freely; this is what separates the harder puzzles from the easier ones, however there are a couple places we can gleam some important info on that will help us to break this puzzle wide open. I'll first show the easier one to spot then spoiler the second one in case a random reader wants to try to find the second after seeing the first as an example. It's good practice :)


    Let's start by taking a look at these two blocks in particular:




    Or more accurately: the 6's beside them and to the right in the same rows.


    This is a pattern that is good to learn to recognize: if either the red-circled 2 or 3 is closed, then both 6's adjacent to the closed 2 or 3 would be open, which would then close both of the 6's to their right:




    This violates rule two that no closed squares can be adjacent to one-another and thus it is safe to say that both of these squares (the 2 and 3) are open.


    The newly opened 3 closes a 3 above it, which opens another 3 to the left of the now-closed one. The 2 closes a 2 to its immediate left, as well as another down below it. The latter closed 2 (on the bottom) opens a 2 beside it, and that leaves us with another dead end:




    From here, can you spot the second one of these?




    If either of these 8's are closed, it would open both the 7 and the 9, which would then close both the adjacent 7 and 9 to the right, which cannot happen. Therefore both of the 8's must be open.


    This leads us to a major cascade of info which will essentially solve the puzzle. The lower 8 merely closes an 8 below it, in the bottom row (you could then open the 8 in the far bottom left since it doesn't conflict with anything if you want to clean things up but I just wound up doing that later), while the higher 8 closes an 8 to its right and closes another 8 above it:




    The last closed 8 (3rd row from top) opens a 6 beside it, which closes a 6 below that. It also opens a 3 above it which closes a 3 to the right of that:




    This 3 opens a 2 beside it, which closes the adjacent 2. That then opens the adjacent 9, which closes the 9 to its far left in the top-left corner of the puzzle, as well as one below it:




    This 9 in the top-left of the puzzle opens a 7 below it, which closes a 7 to its right.


    The lower 9 in the middle-ish of the puzzle opens a 7 above it, which closes a 7 to its left, that in turn opens a 6 above it.


    We can also go ahead and clean up the two remaining 8's which dont conflict with anything anymore, which finally leaves us with this:





    From here we are so close to done! The bottom 9 has to be open or one of the snek's hands (the open 5 between the closed 8 and 6 on the bottom row) will be cut off from the rest of the puzzle. This closes the 9 above it.


    The same thing applies to the rightmost 2: it must be open or the whole bottom-right of the puzzle would be cut off. This then closes the left 2:




    This finally clears up what to do about the two remaining 1's: at this point we can see that closing the bottom one would again cut off the bottom-right of the puzzle, so that must be open, which closes the 1 above it, solving the puzzle! Great job if you've followed or solved along!




    And a shot of my original time for a little lighthearted competition ;D




    All-in-all not too tough of a puzzle to do, despite the name. It was a pretty fun solve getting to see the same kinda logical pattern in play twice. I'll have to figure out what these are called, but for now I'll make up a fancy name... associated pairs? Good enough! 


    Hopefully this read hasn't been too dry and will be of some interest to some folk, or at the very least will showcase the fun these puzzles are, regardless of how crappy my writing is! I really recommend giving these a shot; they are cool to solve!


    Find the apps I use here on the google play store:

    Real Hitori

    Real Kakuro

    These apps are amazing and I <3 their dev for making them. They control well, look aesthetically pleasing, and have thousands of puzzles to solve of varying difficulties. Really great apps!

  23. Fonze

    What are some odd mapping quirks you love to see?

    To add to the already good list others have started above: interesting/semi-unique mechanics texture stitching/frankensteining fun barrel use Heretic maps ... and copious of rockets
  24. Was watching Israel Blargh play some spelunky and saw this horrible abomination of flesh that had to be documented for science: