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  1. Fonze

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    I think Ribbiks hit the nail the most completely on the head, but that said for general principles specifically on "flow" as a concept, I'm of the mindset that if it doesn't work in mp (or more specifically dm/duel) then it has little place in sp. Doors especially (but lifts and corridors too to a slightly lesser extent) are well-known to be bad for mp flow and to my experience their effects are the same on the flow most sp maps, but that said there is certainly a trade-off where their impact has importance, such as locked doors for the most classic example and trading lifts over stairs to reach higher ground to slow down escape from a tough fight to make the strategy of running for a cheese spot less viable. All rules are meant to be broken but it is good for newcomers to understand why they are rules-of-thumb.
  2. Fonze

    .pk3 not loading in GZdoom

    Naming maps anything other than mapxx will also confuse and upset people trying to idclev or otherwise warp around your wad, heh. Best case is to name the maps mapxx and give them the names you want in mapinfo, which will make their names appear as, for example: MAP01: Hellish Base, instead of Hellishbase01: Entryway.
  3. Fonze

    What is the best map you've ever made?

    I dont think it is in my best, long-term interest to approve of the categories for your new rating system, but that said rd and your map scored at least a 350, which without context seems much better than five little stars ;D Idk if I have a map I'd consider to be my best map, but my favorite maps among what I've built are ironically speedmaps. If I had to pick one to call my 'best' I guess I'd pick Toom of Domb from The Joy of Mapping 4 since that was my most well-received map, though to be fair I also put in a few things just to make the map easier for players, especially with it being in a cp.
  4. Fonze

    Fallout 76 will not launch on Steam

    Video game companies running their own stores sounds like stories about how monopolies would pay their employees the company money so the employees can buy company products at the company store.
  5. Fonze

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Cross-post for challenge/slaughter fans who may have missed the thread; here's my playthrough with commentary of a very fun challenge/slaughter map collab by NiH and rdwpa:
  6. Fonze

    Happy birthday Fonze

    That death doesn't happen the way it may appear: (I'm too stupid to do a gif)
  7. Fonze

    Happy birthday Fonze

    Got the video with commentary Frankenstein'ed together and uploaded to YouTube; don't expect much.
  8. Fonze

    DyingCamel's Demons #1

    Looks great y'all :D
  9. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I like the visuals of your example Eris; I usually use separated triangles and bump them up into squares/etc if more tags than 3 are needed per light level, but keep floor/ceiling on the same sectors. Actually separating them may help with efficiency; I may try that on my next speedmap. Something I can add to the discussion though: I started using tags matching the light levels for speedmaps, (like 128 brightness tags would be based around 128) which is partially not made inconvenient due to the typical size of speedmaps and relative lack of huge numbers of tags. But the extra ordering does seem to help me keep track of things better and map out light transfers faster. It's cool to hear about others' approaches to the mechanics side of mapping, how they tackle the issues that come with making stuff work, and the little things they do to make themselves more efficient or to simply make things easier on themselves, in addition to mapping approaches in general.
  10. Fonze


    Good luck to you
  11. Fonze


    Have you read the OP of that tutorial yet? (scroll up a tad from where the link takes you) There literally is a video in it. Please start helping yourself just a bit; I want new players in the mp community as much as anyone else but omg don't make me move your mouse for you. If you have any specific questions I'll be happy to help further, but the general stuff is all already at your fingertips.
  12. Fonze


    Btw all of this is literally covered in the pinned thread in this very subforum: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1549272 Ignore the irc stuff for now, but all the steps are there, with links and other stuff. Read that.
  13. Fonze


    Well most setup for zand will be the same as the zdoom family, since it's based on them. Stuff like setting up your options, controls, video/audio stuff. As far as the rest goes, from the launcher you will have to associate the zand program, so find that in the setup menus. Of course with any source port you also need the iwads to be associated with the port, most people just copy+paste the iwads into every source port folder for this, since they are small files anyway. From there you can play zandronum through doomseeker and only have to create the server from there. Like I said in my first post, I use IDE, so they are set up a bit differently and I can't tell you off the top of my head, but hover over each button and their names explain what they do. For setting up a server, the main things to make sure of are: mode (coop, survival [which is coop with a set/finite amount of lives], deathmatch, etc), difficulty, number of lives (if survival), iWad, and pwad(s). You can further change your experience through compflags, which do stuff like respawn with guns/ammo/armor/etc, friendly fire, fast monsters, etc, but if you are new you might as well stick to the basics.
  14. Fonze


    Omg lol how much hand-holding do you need? Are you having trouble understanding something like port forwarding or something else on the more networking side of things or are you just not willing to put any effort into this? Seriously I feel like I put in more work mindlessly replying once to this thread with a link to the Zandronum downloads page (that you either couldn't figure out or find??? despite it being the #1 result on Google when searching for "zandronum download") than you have and I'm not even involved. Setting up a game is stupidly easy, getting people to connect to your server is the more tricky part, so what are you having trouble with?
  15. Fonze


    Google the Zandronum downloads page and download either the installer or the archive for whatever OS you use. Since you're looking to do MP, you may as well get the version bundled with doomseeker so you can easily connect with one-another. Doomseeker is basically a launcher focused around finding or creating servers, but it can also start sp games if you really ever felt the need for a launcher program. That said, if you enjoy Doom's mp, I would highly recommend also looking into ZDaemon and Odamex, which are also mp-oriented source ports, albeit with their own feels and limitations. They can't do stuff like what you want to play, for example, but they can do a lot of other stuff so if you enjoy the mp, prolly will be a good idea not to limit yourself to one port. If you do venture into the other 2 ports, you will need Doom Explorer/DE/IDE. This family of launchers works with all 3 ports. Back to how to play: from doomseeker everything should be fairly self-explanatory; look to create a game and go. Alternatively you may want to look into the sentinels playground, or TSPG, as they run a cluster of servers and host stuff for people. They got a discord you can prolly find a link to, and you can prolly contact them as well on the Zandronum forums, though some of their staff posts here regularly as well. You can also look into Doomshack; I believe tspg's servers are based out of canada while doomshack are based out of california. There are euro server clusters as well, so wherever you are you can prolly get a decent server-hosted game. I hope you have fun and maybe I'll see you in-game at some point :D
  16. Fonze

    Doom Builder 2

    I'd like to start by saying props on clarifying things :D I am not 100% sure, but if I had to guess I'd agree that the problem comes down to the size of your map. Try cutting out the red area,pasting it into a new map and seeing if that fixes it; (or vice versa save a copy and in that copy delete the rest of the map, rebuild nodes [save] and test it) if so the map is likely just too big, which you may be able to fix by moving the areas closer together, but then again that playspace is huge so I also have to wonder if it really needs to be that size. I prolly won't be of much further use, unfortunately, but I hope you can figure it out and wish you the best :)
  17. Fonze

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Now that comes across as level-headed and mature. Notice how different the tone is when you don't also use the space to reduce the entire genre down to a pejorative. That is a much more respectable and balanced opinion. That said... Stop playing the victim card you little snowflake ;p
  18. Fonze

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    ...but... And your sweeping generalizations don't stop there for some reason...? Like seriously you posted your opinion, other people said 'hey maybe there is more to it' to which you responded dismissively. It's not hard to understand that people are gonna see that and make comments about your attitude, which is tied into the opinion you share, sure, but make no mistake nobody cares that you don't like slaughter; what has turned heads is solely your attitude in the discussion of your opinion, which literally every prominent slaughter mapper will agree: if slaughter ain't for you then don't play it. Honestly even on the logic of "well you don't have to read my opinion," your opinion is more in people's faces than the slaughter maps being made and confined to their own threads, so for that logic I would just have to go back to "well you don't have to play them to bitch about them in the first place either soo....." Point being, most mappers just want players of their maps to have fun and your dismissive attitude goes beyond stating the opinion you have and ventures into the realm of more actively shitting on what people like to make and play, and if you aren't willing to have an adult discussion, preferring to be dismissive, then why post your opinion in the first place other than to confirm your established bias of "the kind of people that browse these forums?"
  19. Fonze

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    It's not the unpopular opinion, it's the entitled and uninformed way you stated it, as well as the way you offhandedly dismiss anybody's responses to you. Way to make a good first impression!
  20. Fonze

    Happy birthday Fonze

    <3 wow what a map; the beauty of the aesthetics matched the intricate fun of the gameplay. Here is my FDA; 131:57 with somewhere over 320 deaths. I'll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back here. The youtube video may have to wait a bit; I need a video-editing software to piece together 320 videos, most 3 seconds long, heh. I loved slowly unraveling this monster of a map amidst the immense pressure that was constantly put on me. Everything was just so high pressure and execution was a large part of getting through this, but amidst that a huge role was placed on prioritization of every facet of the strategies of each encounter, which made for a very fun puzzle to solve. Where to go, what movements to make, what areas to control, along with what enemies to target and when are crucial for making it through this map at all, though I will note for anybody else who wants to play this in a more accessible way: ITYTD exists; play it if you absolutely cannot make any headway. If you can get past the first part on UV then enough time will net you the rest, but part of the point of playing is to have fun over the time you put in and there is no reason to rage when so much control of the difficulty of things is still within the player's control. That said, I'm glad I didn't have to resort to that as the finale was much more fun, and challenging, for it, but if I ran out of time or stopped having fun that would have been the right move for me to make and that's exactly what I would have done. That brings me to another kinda ramble-y point: know what you're getting into with this stuff; (at least a basic overview, such as NiH put in the OP) going into this with the right mindset makes all the difference in the world. The map does a very good job of keeping the player going even if they finish the previous encounter on low health and a couple times also gave the player the chance to examine the area a battle was about to take place, which is nice, though also somewhat disjoints sections from one-another, except for the PE's in the beginning; I like that they presented a major wrench in the machine on the approach to the cybers at the end of the platforming section. Still, that feeling of having triumphed over an encounter, with some room to breathe before continuing on to the next, probably deadly encounter gave the map some great emotional ups-and-downs to complement the dynamics of the combat. It, combined with the hostile environment that made the map artificially difficult passively seeks to thwart the player's movement in various ways, or lead them to a dead end, also made the aesthetics stand out more, (since observation became so important) which all contributed to both the execution and strategic sides to solving this map as an extended, active puzzle. It is tough for me to pick out the toughest, easiest, or even my favorite part of this map as all of the parts were well-balanced on all fronts, at least for me, which makes me consider how much time and work must have been put into just the testing and balancing end of making this map; it plays so well. Specific map stuff: On a random note: I liked the fun boom-door in the beginning hehe. As I said the aesthetics of this map are just great; I love how each area looks, culminating in the grand, otherworldly final area. Like the map starts off looking sweet and only gets better as it goes along; it really made the exploration factor of exploring this unforgiving, hostile environment that much more interesting. I really liked the depth, layout, and minimalism of the first area, as well as the starkly contrasted, more flashy final area; both had great flows as well. On a final note, since this is a collab between two mappers I'm a big fan of, I have to guess who did what and speculate like the nerd I am. On that note, it's tough to say who did what: on the surface I would guess rdwpa did the first part and NiH the second, since the first part does fit the aesthetic style of rd in a few ways, ( I also thought at first that maybe they emulated each other's styles to throw off any guesses, thus making NiH part 1 and rd part 2) however in retrospect I actually see a bit of a previous map I played from NiH in the architectural setup of the area around the cybers. It is of course possible that the map was passed back and forth some times and both had their hands in the entire thing, which is probably more likely in the gameplay department, but looking only at the line-work, I think I'm gonna say NiH did the first half of the map, possibly just up to the caco-cave. I think rd did the caco-cave and the finale, though I've never seen him make something so automap-art-y so that's a tough one, granted I also have missed prolly most of his maps in the last year, same with NiH. But the shaping reminds me a bit of Eden so I'm going with rd for the finale. The caco-cave is up in the air, but I'm going with rd because I think each made a rocket+PE part. NiH did the bloodfall, star-teleporter room. Thanks again to all for the well wishes and a huge thanks once again to NiH and rdwpa for this amazing birthday map; it really means a lot to me and makes me very happy. Much <3 I hope your skullthrone reaches glorious heights :D
  21. Fonze

    Happy birthday Fonze

    Eyyy <3 the fonze is familiar with sign language and this map lovingly says: t(^v^t) I was gonna wait to respond in this thread til I finished the map, or was at least an hour's worth of deaths into my fda, but while attempting to be somewhat social my old boss asked me to help at her place since one of her people called out, so on account of the fact that it'll be another few hours before I can break into this, I just want to post a quick thanks to everybody for the well-wishes and a huge thanks with lots of less-than-threes to NiH and rdwpa! This makes me so happy that y'all went and made a map, and a bit unjustifiably special that y'all also took the time to make it look as amazing as it does. Thank you both so much; I never could ask for more and y'all went so above and beyond. Demo mandatory, but I may record with commentary and post to the youtubes so folks like suite can watch me rage on a map for all the times I made maps that made others rage my past misdeeds. In all seriousness though, I really look forward to cracking this beast of a map open and decorating the grounds with my bodies when I get home later on; I'm aiming for a clean 1:1 ratio on deaths to monsters, but NiH says there are only 800 mobs in the map so I may have to step it up to stand a chance, which is prolly intended more seriously than it may come across ;p
  22. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Well I've heard of helmit-head but this is redickulous.
  23. I can see where you're coming from Goatlord, and agreed rd. My take on it though is that you are trying to apply a normalcy to something which is not standardized in any form. Now, by contrast if you were to compare SC to other dobu maps your stance would hold better weight, as you would be going off the standard established by that particular mapper for their own works (though tastes can change over time, even for mappers). As far as throwing around any sort of elitism within map-building: I think I'd only buy into that if (to apply it to this example) SC was created and released shortly after like some large forum drama or something, in particular if the author participated and did so on the side of the elitists looking down from on high at the lowly peasants. That all said I'm surprised that SC was the first wad that made you turn down the difficulty; hey man have no shame in it many wads make me turn it down, and I have no qualms against playing ITYTD ^^
  24. Fonze


    Congrats first off :) Well why don't you be a dear and try clarifying what you need help with instead of making useless 10-word comments that clarify little-to-nothing. Tell us more about what's going on, provide screenshots, or just post the wad and I'm sure somebody will be along to hold your hand further.