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  1. Fonze

    My experience constructing the Tower of Hanoi (Boom)

    Lawls at bawls
  2. Fonze

    My experience constructing the Tower of Hanoi (Boom)

    Awesome job Dobu! I love your work with puzzles and boom mechanics; it's a huge inspiration to see stuff like this come together. <3
  3. Fonze

    This gives me a Sandy Petersen vibe

    This sounds like a fun midi being played on a computer covered in magnets with possessed speakers being feed the notes from a tone-deaf sound card.
  4. Fonze

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    In addition to uploading to the archives, there are other ways to share your wads as well. My personal recommendation to you (and really to anyone) would be to get some feedback from the community on the map before uploading it to the archives, since that is somewhat more of a "finalized" type of thing, in that while you can technically resubmit a new version of your wad, keep in mind a real person has to delete your old wad and move your new one to the proper location, so basically it's not a system to abuse with tons of updates to one wad file. Also potential speedrunners and demos etc.; it's generally best to make sure a wad is totally finalized before uploading to idgames for many reasons. On that note, the best bet for you would be to post some screenies in a thread like this to gather some general attention, which you've done, and to create a thread for your wad. Make sure to read this so you remember to provide all necessary info and also on some tips for a good presentation: For general wad sharing, (of stuff you want tested or dont consider to be 100% done) find a file sharing service. A lot of people will recommend Dropbox and I do too; it's free and easy to use, plus it has a windows plugin that lets you use it directly from windows explorer. On this same note, it would also be good to look into a site to host your screenies, recommendation for this goes to imgur; simply upload there and copy+paste the "direct link" here to share screenies without fear of using all your available storage space on this site, since iirc we don't get very much individually, heh. Best of luck to you; welcome and cheers!
  5. Fonze

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Tips for new mappers on how to make annoyingly bumpy floors; yay!
  6. Just read that article, but was more interested in the video they posted showing a level being played (and the comments, which turned out to be a major let-down). Honestly idk what to think about it; it looks like a >50 percentile first map and honestly shows no signs of computer learning at this point whatsoever, aside from the fact that it made a technically functional map which I guess means (assuming the ai knew nothing at all going into things and had no instructions on stuff like placing keys before their locked doors, giving a non-pistol weapon at the start, etc.) the ai at least learned to make maps that can be finished and aren't total haphazard messes of sector/line/texture-salads. But i found it weird that despite the kinda cool looking layouts showed before the playthrough, they chose to play the map shown. On one hand it's cool that they made an ai that has gotten as far as this has, but on the other hand it is clear that they have no idea what they are doing or talking about wrt the Dumes, which makes this ai in particular seem like a lost cause. Can't become better when your feedback loop says shit-work is great work, and the researchers behind this seem to agree with the feedback loop as they consider that to be fun and not embarrassing to show. Like props but nots.
  7. Fonze

    Things about Doom you just found out

    0/10 wrong wiki. Use doomwiki.org My point is that on average, in order to save the most time it makes sense to fight even all single revs with the RL over the SSG. Grouping them would of course cause splash damage to be taken into account and would further push the balance away from the SSG. Even without blast damage, if your goal is speed... then using the SSG over the RL on the gamble that 3 rockets will be needed to kill a rev when the average is 2.03 rockets is kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  8. Fonze

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The percentage chance of 2 direct-hit rockets not killing a rev is in the single digits. Both rockets have to get literally the lowest roll possible for 2 direct hits to not kill a rev. Anything but the lowest roll on either rocket will kill the rev in 2 hits. If you went up against 100 revs one-on-one, one-after-another with just one weapon, the SSG would take longer to go through them all than the RL.
  9. My brother has been getting into painting the figures that come with some board games, such as the star wars, dark souls, and the doom board games. So far he's only painted a stormtrooper, a couple doom 3 fat zombies and a doom 3 imp, but he seems to have a good grasp on the detail and layering of painting models and I figure these look sweet enough to share. Might be a while before he paints another one with finals approaching, but he does eventually plan to move on to the doom 4 pieces. Would be cool to see some painted figures from other Doomers here too, so post some shots if you got 'em :D
  10. Fonze

    Drifting DoomGuy

    Most people just tap the opposite direction they were moving in to stop suddenly.
  11. SelfAbsorbedHatch (and I say that with love, else I wouldn't waste my time typing this post) I'm gonna try to help you understand part of the problem here that is causing people to respond negatively towards you: Your word choice conveys your attitude very well, if you understand what I'm saying. You word it as if players are being "punished" with lots of stuff to kill. Maybe some, or many for that matter, players and mappers like to shoot lots of stuff. Maybe they don't see it as punishment at all, but more-so as a fun interlude purely for the sake of fun from the standard stuff of the megawad. And finally maybe they also know that people like you will make big hissy-fits about them so they hide them away behind 2 secret exits in hopes that players will only go through the trouble of reaching them if they actually want to play something that doesn't necessarily fit into the main gimmicks of the megawad. Honestly a secret map that is essentially a regular map but in slots 31-32 is a bit of a let-down to me; that's the chance for the author(s) to cut loose and flex their juicy creative muscles. Also like 90+% of maps are designed for pistol starts, so if you feel punished for finding the "super secret" level, just idclev16 and play map16 the way it was probably designed anyway. Hope this helps :D
  12. Fonze

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Well looks like we'll have to buy e3 tickets to see something substantial about the gam-- waaaait, do you think that was their goal all along? No wai!
  13. Fonze

    Happy Mother's Day, Doomworld!

    A great opportunity to let somebody who cared for us for so long, before we were even able to care for ourselves and in most cases even after, heh, know how much we care about them. Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there and much <3
  14. Not posting; yay! What do I win?
  15. Fonze

    My Own Doom Wad

    Ok I'm gonna stop you there and remind you that you've been given the single best piece of advice there is to get wrt Doom, which is to play lots and lots of maps from other people. That is the best, most complete way to learn. And I'm gonna stop myself here before I post anything stupid.
  16. Fonze

    My Own Doom Wad

    Even further, once you reply to a thread you automatically follow it and get notifications whenever somebody posts anyway, so in small threads like this, merely any reply is enough!
  17. I'm glad so many people posted so now I don't really have to, but I will anyway in hopes this helps. First, and happily NiH said it better than i would have: Now, Spd, look at the likes counters for various posts; you see how your posts have gotten 0 so far right? (I say so far because this semi-dickish post may net you some sympathy likes) In all likelihood, your posts accruing 0 while posts disagreeing with you garnering more is fairly indicative that you're getting something fundamentally wrong that people either disagree with or just don't agree with; likes are often used to say "+1 I agree" here. In this case, it is your views on maps and what they need or whatever. Do you know how many people have come to these forums with your same attitude and who have grown out of said attitude? You're not stupid for holding caveman views, but you do have a lot of catching up to do wrt current community standards, as well as modern gameplay. This isn't the 90s anymore, maps shouldn't include mazes, the maps themselves should be the maze. Never mind that the "fun" bar has been raised so much in the last 20 years that you can't expect to design a giant maze in a map and for most people to consider that good, and not lazy, map design. Anybody can make a featureless maze, Hell even I did. Matter of fact this might be helpful to you, though linking it will make me cringe: This is the thread I made for a short series of maps when I first became active on DW. As you look at this, keep in mind that I had been mapping for over 5 years before posting this. These were not my first maps; in fact I had been mapping for a few years before starting these and worked on these another couple years. All that time and all I've to show for it is a powerful lesson that I was a caveman discovering fire while living in the modern world. So yes, I too was one of those people that thought stupid ideas like giant mazes were cool, and levels should have continuous end->start transitions, and weapons should be given slowly over time, and blah blah what is gameplay or good level design; I'm just making a campaign I like. But oh, jokes on me because when I took the advice of playing lots of other maps, I slowly began to like my previous maps less and less. Nowadays, I can't really play them anymore; they just sux too bad, even though at the time a lot of thought and testing went into shaping their experience to be juuust how I wanted it to be, and at the time I thought they were a lot of fun and of good quality. But I just didn't know better then, same as you are now. My most sincere advice to you is to play lots and lots of maps from other people. Find authors you like and study their works, really spend time figuring out what makes them work so well, how they did stuff, and how this all affects the larger picture, then find out what authors they like and study their works in the same fashion. Same as you do in music, right? Study your favorite artists' works as well as their inspirations' works. Above all else though take criticism with open arms rather than feeling like your being slighted; it really just makes you look like an uneducated fool that thinks his stuff is the best when in fact it is fairly objectively terrible. Remember that those people could have done literally anything else with their time than reply to you, and be thankful for the attention you do get. I remember being a bit let down that nobody seemed to even see the cool forest I made for map04 in that wad, but in reality I should have been happy they even took the time to play and give feedback on the terrible berserk-maze map01 was, or the stupid pistol map02, complete with... you guessed it, a (small) crate maze. Even at 5+ years into mapping, I didn't know shit 'til I fully joined the community as a player as well as a mapper. Granted, I still don't know shit, but at least it amounts to a more measurable and more socially-approachable amount than I knew back then.
  18. Why not, so you can never learn? Maybe you're definition of "bully" is fallacious; maybe the majority of the people you've interacted with thus far have been trying to educate you. But nah, doominati and bullies say mazes, tediousness, and no height variation that affects the gameplay are bad level design.
  19. Map32 is the ultimate skippable map; why not put the most experimental or controversal map in that slot? Also, why not use that extra-skippable slot for making something you truly enjoy without fear of it upsetting players for being on the "mandatroy" path? This is the beauty of secret maps.
  20. Fonze

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Xaser with that sweet job; destroy the forums and have everyone page ling instead ;D
  21. Omg really? Vanilla is 3d first off and second no less 3d than gzdoom. Also why would you train an ai to work with gzdoom before it can work with vanilla? Even people shouldn't be doing that. Also, boss battles, mazes? That ai just failed its task simply from being allowed to consider these failures of design tropes. Like with people though, an ai would need to learn to make regular doom maps first before making non-doom maps in doom.
  22. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    <3 snowmen
  23. Fonze

    How did you come up with your username?

    I remember back when my mom was still alive and I was a young teen we were watching a top 100 worst metal songs list on prolly vh1 or something; they rated this song somewhere in the top 10! My mom was just like wtf it's not even a metal song, and she told me about how she went to one of their concerts when she was younger and this song had everyone in the crowd holding up their lighters, more than any other song that night. Personally I love the song. If you like the Scorpions I'd recommend giving a listen to their Moment of Glory album with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; it's a good listen the whole way through, especially tracks 5 and 6. I always play them back to back since 5 leads into 6. Lovely cd.
  24. Fonze

    How did you come up with your username?

    Aside from the obvious connection which helped solidify me using it to this day (that and it's somewhat-uniqueness, in that I rarely need to use another name since I never use numbers), my username actually came from when I was younger and needed a name for starcraft 1's battle.net. My brother and I sat there at the computer for a bit, he got impatient with me being all indecisive and whatnot after the first couple stupid names I wanted were taken, we looked at the computer speakers we had and saw they either said Fouze or Fonze (the font made it impossible to tell) and so that's what I went with. Turned out it wasn't taken and I've stuck with it since.
  25. Fonze

    Favorite Source Port?

    These posts may shed some light on it, and if there is something more to share perhaps @fabian can clarify. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1739382 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1788593 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1823758