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  1. Fonze

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Cross post from the relevant thread; had some great times DMing for the 25th anniversary. I hope to see more faces around some time!
  2. Here are a selection of screenies of match results from about 6-8 pm EST, near 7 pm the server was packed at 25+ players for many rounds, as well as a video of about 2 hours of this super session. I had a ton of fun and I highly encourage folks to just give it a shot and have fun with it. I was thrilled to not only see a lot of old dm friends, but also some people I've never seen in-game, like Ajora and Edward; glad y'all made it out! From new players to old hands it was great to see such a massive, diverse crowd of folks from many different skill levels make some time to show some support and have fun in the process. I'm also going to echo the thoughts of people I played with and say that we need to have a 25th anniversary (dm) more often ^^ https://imgur.com/a/fxlrWVZ At the time of this post the matches are still going on! If you haven't at least taken a peak in, joined a match, maybe gotten a kill or ten, then you absolutely should; it's worth a few quick minutes and is a ton of fun!
  3. Provided I make it I'll definitely make a youtube video and post it. Will be fun to dm again! I hope to see some old friends there :D
  4. Fonze

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Congrats on this impressive release folks; y'all did an amazing job here and I look forward to playing these at some point!
  5. Fonze

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Thanks to the folks that put their time into making this; I understand there were a lot of tough choices as well, but this was a great read and well done!
  6. Fonze

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Wow I'm sorry to hear that arobase; my most sincere thoughts go out to you and your family, but I suppose trying to keep it light that is a great pic :) and good reminder for you of the good memories, which is really helpful when death is recent and ones emotions are in shock. It sounds like she lived a good life and had a good impact on the world teaching our future :)
  7. Fonze

    Things about Doom you just found out

    All hitscans have autoaim applied to them; don't you people play doom? https://i.imgur.com/VOlShbD.gifv
  8. Fonze

    Spiderfight! Very short single level WAD

    Really cool idea and good execution for a small vignette; was fun to play! I'll echo sid here and say I'd also love to see more of this and other fun encounter ideas bonking their way around in your head ;D
  9. Somewhat? My touchpad has both right and left clicks, so it's not much different for me to use that than a mouse, other than efficiency and annoyance. Idk it's not preferable in the slightest, but I switched insert linedef from insert to tilde, (for general reasons, not specifically for this) so my right hand uses the touchpad the same as it would a mouse and left hand does space, w, esdf, and tilde. Other keys are just pressed as needed, since theyre all over the keyboard. I never insert new lines with the right click anyway, though vertices and "things" I do with a mouse, or with a touchpad I'll use tilde for them too. I would also be very interested to hear about mapping with a touchscreen, as that seems to me to be where the future is headed. *edit* Zooming is an important thing to note. Since zooming is dependent on mouse position, using the z/x keys keeps it within easy reach for the left hand while the right still operates the touchpad. To offset button presses to zoom, the zoom factor can be adjusted in the preferences menu.
  10. Fonze

    Level Progress Diagrams – PDF POSTER READY

    That graph makes me think about some YouTube videos on game design I watched somewhat recently: the Boss Keys series by Mark Brown uses some really cool graphs for the dungeons of Zelda, which he refined as the series went on.
  11. Fonze

    Seeing Blue - Single Map! v1B

    Hey Fuzz, fun, quick map! I loved all the pretty blue and your textures look great in-game. I played this on the phone so this map actually challenged me ""a bit"" ^u^ Progression around the level was pretty interesting but I got confused at the effects of some switches who's effect could either not be seen or not be easily/readily seen from the switch press and as a result, I got lost once or twice. Enemy composition was fitting for a map01 and health was balanced nicely to fit what is here already, but in my personal view the RL could have been given much earlier and the shotty could have had more ammo (added, not moved) near the beginning to dispel the vibe of needing to hoard its ammo and swap to the pistol/saw regularly, which is increased through stuff like secrets giving 4 shells... c'mon Fuzz cut back and have fun with it; let your hair down, toss an early rl and throw us a rev or five ;D That said, a decent chunk of enemies just felt like they were there just to be there, considering that I played the hardest difficulty from my perspective it would be better if more were used more effectively, though all that said I got knocked around quite a bit with the current set, heh. Anyway, enough rambling; here's an FDA. Congrats on the release Fuzz! *hug!*
  12. I was gonna mention that SP conversions from (originally) DM maps might be the better way to go (as opposed to SP->DM) for any attempts to capture both in one map/wad, but looks like Tango's thinking the same thing ;D About a year ago I made a heretic dm map and converted it to SP. Not gonna say the DM was the best, as I have little experience in building DM maps, but inserting SP switches and events into it at the end was really easy and the SP aspect of it turned out pretty well.
  13. Fonze

    One Linedef for Multiple tags? 🤔

    Switches can only be used to apply to multiple tags in UDMF, however to answer another of your problems wrt switches executing scripts in ACS, I believe this is the action you are looking for: https://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS_Execute
  14. Fonze

    45 degree angle doors

    No it won't. Doom vertices can only be aligned to at minimum a 1-mu (map unit/pixel) grid. When you draw orthogonal and rotate you wind up with vertices which have coordinates in-between the 1x grid, which are then approximated to their closest grid coordinate and snapped to it, which as you can imagine will change the lengths and angles of the rotated lines. While this doesn't make much of a difference for larger lines, smaller lines are affected more noticeably. It should also be noted that you likely cannot produce a perfect 45 degree angle this way, save for certain very specific line lengths, as the approximation will likely skew the starting shapes and destroy any little/acute detailing already done. I should also note that orthogonality is somewhat relative; on a map view it may be clear what is orthogonal or not, but an orthogonal level merely turned 45° at the very end will still feel and look orthogonal to a player in-game, except that 45° spaces are deceptively more tight in Doom than spaces made with literally any other angle. Although I am way late to this... comical thread, my 2 cents for the OP or anyone else with a similar question is to actually not be lazy and draw a line at a 45° angle, (it's not hard, 1 relative mu vertical for 1 equivalent mu horizontal) then do the line's length approximation yourself; this will preserve the "ooohhh perfect" 45° angle and textures can easily be chopped up and made to fit any length of surface if you just put your mind to the task and be a bit creative. Split the door texture/line into multiple parts and move the texture left/right to make a new texture of your desired length, much as Worst noted.
  15. Fonze

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    The reviews section on the front page would also be better if not cluttered with pointless 1-5 word reviews that ultimately state nothing without knowledge of the reviewer. Like how about telling us why something is crap so the lack of content doesn't spark more interest than the negativity of it dissuades.
  16. Awesome; will have to play these soon!
  17. Fonze

    Post your Doom textures!

    Yes you should fuzz!
  18. Fonze

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    Agreed! That's why slaughtermappers do lots of enemy placement :D I'd also like to note that if slaughtermaps made by people who don't normally make (read: have experience making) slaughtermaps are your intro to the genre then you've done yourself a great disservice.
  19. Fonze

    Craving some piping hot duck for dinner

    Yeah that's upsetting to see that not only were those sprites made with that as their lump name, but also that it hasn't been renamed yet??? I like the idea of having tons of skins for people to be able to have many choices on a character to play, and it also makes dm's more fun when everybody is a different character, but it is a shame that casual racism hasn't been stomped out more by this point. That aside, as far as the duck sprites go, I'm glad somebody else linked the resources, as I wasn't sure if they were publicly sharable after findind them and was awaiting an answer. @Grain of Salt I'd like to see your hud paired with that duck-sprite. Maybe one day we can reach singularity with a fully animated duck hud, sounds, and skin set :D
  20. Fonze

    Craving some piping hot duck for dinner

    It's part of the pack of skins used with TNS. If nobody else links it to you or you can't find a server to download it from, I may be able to find it on my comp after work. Also quack.
  21. Very impressive stuff as always Dragonfly! I look forward to playing this soon :)
  22. It's astonishing that 27 maps of this quality and with variety in their design can be made in just 9 days; impressive show of mapping chops and creativity! This is a reposting of my thoughts from the discord: And a couple playthrough videos:
  23. Fonze

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    Linking this from the zdoom forums since it is related: From: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=61911&start=15#p1078902 My recommendation is to look for only nvidia cards in the future for gzdoom playing, as that seems to be the only card being optimized for the engine at this time. Honestly Idk that I would be among the first to gamble on vulkan support either.
  24. Fonze

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    Iirc Gzdoom isnt built with AMD gpu's in mind, so they are notoriously unoptimized.