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  1. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Be like what? I just used his own words and literally made that joke as tame as possible.
  2. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I bet if you spent less time making memes and more time submitting error reports maybe you would be better at making mods!
  3. Fonze

    Level design tropes you use

    Yeah those are the maps that encourage the attitude of "reset if I do t make it past this part with x amount of health." I'll pass on playing those thanks.
  4. Fonze

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    The earliest known records, from a prestigious source, mind you, suggest that:
  5. I need to actually make the time to catch up on all the posts in this thread to be relevant to the conversation, but these were my initial thoughts on this when i first saw the pics explaining what zokum was referring to, as well as the OP: Honestly I'm not sure about the engine adding more than an extra pixel on the ends of nonorthogonal lines, (even from multiple splits) though I'm very familiar with seeing fractions of pixels displayed on the right ends of lines who's widths are fractional, either due to placed vertices or segs, but I guess I just always looked at that as the logical way rendering would have to work, starting from the left and rendering all pixels until a vertex/seg cuts them off at an arbitrary point. The only cases to me where this is unfortunate are cases where the extra pixel is like .2 wide or less, leaving a sliver that can sometimes look slime-trail-ish at first glance. My thought on it was related to resolution, so with programs like prboom displaying higher resolutions we can typically see them easier. I also note that, much like slime trails, a lot of these, in particular the ones that are teeny tiny small, can only be seen from certain positions/angles, likely due to display res at that point tho. This does also bring me to another point, unrelated a bit though, that this is one reason I can't use dbx as my main map making software, as it doesn't seem to show these at all in-editor, which is highly inaccurate compared to in-game and makes texture frankensteinery time-consuming and frustrating, which is a shame given how needed that can be for some nonorthogonal texturing. Point related to this topic: if you're using dbx it may make this a bit more confusing. Db2 and gzdb both display textures accurately for this, minus any segs created from nodebuilding. I've never known of or noticed the engine adding more than a full pixel to a given linedef though; perhaps the issue is too rare and requires long lines not already split by the author adding vertices that I simply haven't been lucky enough to draw that lottery, but I do this type of stuff all the time: on nonorthogonal walls, so I'm very interested in this topic, especially as it pertains to your node builder. I'll have to make more time to read through this thread later though so hopefully my limited input can be more relevant to the conversation, but this is a great topic I wish more knowledgeable people would comment on.
  6. I was referring to being consistent for each particular stillshot of the game being played. I figured they would change as you move, but that brings a question then for clarification: when standing still would a surface covered with a texture get all the same character, would it differ as distance increased as light levels do, such as how red fades to brown regularly, or is it totally random and I'm just blind or didn't pay enough attention to the video?
  7. Fonze

    Does everything popular sucks?

    Deja vu Welcome to the falacies that come with age ;D
  8. Fonze

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    Your example wad has a floor that is like a castle turret surrounded by parapets moving to its highest adjacent floor, which are the parapets. This floor will always raise up to the position of the parapets using this action, because no matter how many other, lower floors you add adjacent to this sector, or any other sector it's joined to, these parapets will always be the "highest adjacent floor." This is also one of the primary, or most common, uses of this linedef action in modern maps. It's the standard 'instapop encounter' action. Assuming you're in vanilla format, your options here are somewhat limited. For the benefit of others reading this: you want to lower this highlighted floor to 32x above the lowest floor here. In vanilla you really only have 2 ways of doing this with this architecture and without settling for an insta-lower: floor lower to lowest, (with or without changing texture) and floor lower to highest (or 8 above it), neither seem to be helpful, however either set can be used (though for this I would forget about the 'change texture' one unless you specifically need to do that too, as well as the '8 above' one) to make this happen, with some edits to the architecture. The simplest would be to draw a thin sector around the entire thing, and set the floor's height of that thin sector to be where you want the floor to lower to, then use the lower to lowest action. Also make sure to hide these new lines on the automap :) The more complicated, but less noticeable in-game way would suggest using thin sectors between the parapets and highlighted floor and lowering them to the value you want, then using the lower to highest action. Hope this helps :) One other thing: don't think that the direction of movement specified by the action means that a floor/ceiling cannot be moved in the opposing direction, or that it ignores adjacent sectors with values out of scope of its 'intended' movement. If something is marked as a lowering action, it can still raise stuff, but it will do so instantly instead of gradually as it would handle the lowering, and vice versa with raising actions. Best way to view it is that each floor/ceiling action can be used for gradual movement in one direction or instant movement in the other.
  9. Fonze

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    If the target is the highest adjacent whatever, (floor in this case) then make sure there are no adjacent floors (sectors sharing a linedef) that are higher than the control sector (as it sounds like you're using dummy sectors in this setup). If there are not, then the engine will actually lower the floor to the highest adjacent floor below it like you want. If you still need help when I get home I'll check out your map and help as I can.
  10. Fonze

    Level design tropes you use

    I wouldn't clean up that SM arena at all ;D In all seriousness, I think it's a fine line to walk for automap cleaning; on one hand I find it extremely annoying and narcissistic of authors to clean their automaps so much that they also clean the secrets off of them, so the 'automap pickup that doesn't show any secrets' situation comes about as Steve D mentioned, however on the other hand it looks a bit lazy when certain lines, like those that make up dummy sectors, lighting tricks, and especially trigger lines, can easily be seen on the automap without IDDT. Nobody has the time to sniff your every fart or check out your every tiny, insignificant detail, or to open every map in DB to find missed secrets, and that's coming from somebody who also loves to fill his maps with tiny, insignificant details. Of course the flip side of this coin is 'secrets shown in automap who's entrance is nowhere close to their location,' so just automap cleaning clearly isn't what caused the problem in this example. TNT 2 sorry I'm never gonna find all the secrets in this wip megawad and I don't feel remotely like I'm missing anything, because I'm in fact saving time by not wasting it there, and gaining more fun experiences elsewhere doing anything else. Wrt non-secret areas: I like when cleaning is used to convey areas never to be reached, as what dragonfly said, (though this is also what item pickups outside of the believed map bounds are for) but at that point and further cleaning from there all comes down to how you want your automap art to look. For me, I'd rather see how the lines interconnect and more accurately how this layout goes from a 2d drawing of lines to a 3d area. Impressive maps have even more impressive automaps, and, at least just from my perspective, it's kinda a shame to hide them, cover them up, or otherwise bastardize them. It is also a bit strange (at least to me) to value minimalism in the automap but not in the actual design of areas. That all said automap presentation is an interesting art and I like to see how different people approach it, as well as what effects it has on me and/or on others.
  11. This thread would be less pointless without its crowder-esk presentation and more entertaining on literally any other forum.
  12. Fonze

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    Ftfy :D
  13. Fonze

    I always felt these maps were underappreciated

    Until that link is updated, here is a mirror for each: Mitnal Bloodworks I enjoyed each of these old maps when I played them. I'd recommend giving them a quick try; both are fairly short maps.
  14. Fonze


    Darkmaster has the best PR campaign
  15. Fonze

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    For some people they're 2 sides of the same coin that they can cross post in for extra likes. (In all seriousness the existence of both threads does tend to split things a bit inconveniently, as it necessitates checking both threads for sweet screenies of new wads and posting in both to reach the most number of people, since just as some only post in one or the other, some only will check one or the other) That said, and acknowledging the somewhat redundancy of the two threads, I do think they serve slightly different roles. The 'post your doom pic' thread came out first and was basically just a place to post pics of anything doom, which can include our WIP projects, a sweet wad we're playing, or pics of other stuff related to classic doom. The 'what are you working on' thread covers just stuff we personally are working on, which introduces a bit of redundancy with the other thread, however given the nature of the two I always figured the 'what are you working on' was more geared towards discussion than the pic thread, which seems (to me at least) more like it should be just a place to dump screenies rather hijack a thread specifically for pics to talk about one's wad. So pic thread for mindless pics; show and tell thread for discussion.
  16. Fonze

    Should I buy this Doom ringtone or not?

    Honestly the question of its legality is dwarfed to me by the fact that if you own doom (which you should anyway, especially if you're questioning the morality of paying somebody other than the copyright holder for a piece of what you would get from buying their game) you already have access to the midi file. Any wad editing program, such as slade, will let you export the music lump out as a midi file, which you can use as your ringtone.
  17. Hey this is a really cool idea! I hope better mappers than me will drop some links for you to play with, but until then I'll do just that. Idk if any maps I've made will be suitable, (for starters all of these are boom format, plus one limit-removing heretic map) though you'd have my permission to chop 'em up, toss stuff, and edit the shit out of them to suit your purposes... whatever it takes to make it fit the different genre :) (though especially with stuff like doom's mechanics, like floor raise/lowers, teleports, etc, it seems you'll be doing a lot of chopping?) I don't think I can give permission on my own for any collabs I've done but if the other authors happen on this, this can serve as my portion of the agreement for any map. That said most of these are speedmaps, so some may be a little plain, especially in an isometric view, so once again idk if any of these will be useable for you: These 3 all require jimmytex-lite as a resource wad to be run: (<3 Jimmy) Joy of Mapping 3: Funked Up Phrygia Quester's Fest This requires j4tex_e1_boom as a resource wad to run: (more <3<3's Jimmy) Joy of Mapping 4: Toom of Domb This is a standalone map I made for an angry cloud's birthday: Wekless Endangerment This started as a Heretic DM set, but I put in an SP conversion, so it may be a bit weird; idk: (there were a couple other maps, but I never detailed them beyond what was needed for DM testing, so I cut them out for this) HTDM4hStripped Any other maps I've made or will make you can feel free to use for this project, as I like what you've got going on and am happy to support it, but these are the less-shitty of the bunch I'd say. I'll prolly link you my current WIP when it's done if you are still looking for stuff whenever that happens, but at this point I still need to finish its detailing, balancing and polishing so some parts, in particular 2 of the larger areas, don't look all that great. It might be interesting to try to create a small map which could possibly be suitable for both mediums to see how implementing diablo 2's genre of map design would affect the building process, design, goals, and gameplay of a Doom map, but with the lack of Doom's effects in Diablo it seems like one would need a fairly static map. Either way, gl with this project; everything I've seen thus far looks awesome and I'm really excited for it.
  18. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Have you considered using different filters for different materials? It looks like every texture is a smeared oil-painted representation of the originals. Also what happened to the imp's teeth? I liked ypur remakes a lot when i first started seeing them but the more I see the less I think of them, sorry if that's a bit harsh but I think many of these issues come down to whatever filter you're using to make these.
  19. Fonze

    What is Hell ?

    I just like that Hell never "plays fair" and no matter how good the Doomguy does, Hell always wins in the end. For my head canon: Doomguy died at the end of e1 and being not a particularly good person went to hell, only to fight his way to lights at the end of the tunnel that never truly come. Doomguy never really escaped Hell. So for my answer to the OP: yeah it's an Abrahamic Hell, though what's even to say then that death is the only way to reach it? Thats a fun quote :) It also reminds me a bit of one of the interesting overarching themes of the movie "Faster" with The Rock, that "we create our own Hell," which is also a fun thought.
  20. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That caek is well baekt. Props to the essel clouds et al. I don't think I ever played that map set, but seeing it I'd like to, despite its troubles.
  21. From the way this video seems on a first glance, it looks like each texture or surface is getting it's own consistent letter for the most part. I think that's the most sane way to present things.
  22. Fonze

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    Considering it's what most maps were and still are built with in mind: yes.
  23. I'm sorry I must have missed something, where did nih say "oh you're just bad?" Also isn't the concept of being skilled vs not skilled kinda within the premise of being able to survive challenge maps? Is it not more arrogant for me as an unskilled/unseasoned (among pwads in general or among a specific genre, not iwads) player to adopt the UV-or-just mindset then complain about difficulty within maps that are advertised on their difficulty? Yo I have died almost a literal thousand times and banged my head into at least a couple dozen walls in NiH maps and she's never told me I sux'd. (In my run of that birthday map I died over 350 times after the first save I made, so that's not counting the deaths leading up to that) In fact, when I'm in the middle of (respectfully) venting and saying "idk what to do," her response to me has always been "watch the demo for strats." The concept of arrogance in map design isn't lost on me, in fact I would be right there with you on inescapable pits and custom enemies in SotNR, though thats mostly for the additional, unnecessary tediousness it compounds on top of the already tedious gameplay, but I really don't think it can apply to challenge maps solely on the basis of player skill, because the whole point of a challenge map is to be really tough for well seasoned players. If the fun aspect is killed in the process of making a map more difficult then arrogance in design is more believable, but sometimes interactions come down to more than one thing, and misunderstandings are a thing, especially for newer mappers, like when a new mapper just thinks people didn't "get" what they made so they press on ignoring the advice to reevaluate things, like Pan's map. If a challenge map isn't beyond the skill range of an iWad doomer, which is naturally going to mean that some folk won't be "good enough" now, (though that never discounts later after more practice) then it has failed at its goal. Challenge maps can be very much likened to kaizo mario, in just about every facet that has come up in this overall discussion. I've heard a lot of people call those levels impossible trash maps, yet many skilled players actually have fun with them and like them, though in fact the toughest part about them is most often understanding what to do in the first place, which also kinda ties into a comment I made on DW maybe a month ago, (prolly in the savescum thread) something about people not understanding the fundamentals of using a doorknob, instead bashing their heads into the door until it opens, then calling it bullshit design. But lets face it, in reality they really do just need to practice and study more in order to appreciate it. But the biggest problem in all of this is the assumption of arrogance in the first place, (is kaizo mario arrogant design? And if yes, then perhaps we are not in agreement over the denotation/connotation of arrogance over confidence/etc) which needs so much more info to be a valid drawn conclusion than "ones own feelings;" after all, isn't holding your own fee-fees above others arrogant as well? And this now can apply to you as well. At no point were you personally insulted in all of this; that comment was uncalled for.
  24. I think this is a cool idea and I'd like to see how your artwork will translate to the dumes. I'd offer to help out of interest to see what you'd make on the other end of the deal but I'm not familiar enough with the process to warrant me throwing my hat into that ring; at best I can muddle my way through slade using examples. I do wish you best of luck on this tho; I don't think it's an unreasonable request on your end, so much as a bit silly perhaps that what you're asking for can be as little as 5 minutes of work while what you offer will likely take much more time for the same level of quality as the decorate lump you receive. The offer vs request are most likely not balanced.