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  1. Congrats on bringing all this work to bear; it's great to read that y'all are so close to release! Maybe I'll see y'all in a dm on these some time :)
  2. If anybody does this for the love of god don't doom it to p2p netcode by using zscript lol. That said, the hardest part to make I would think would be the minigames themselves. Other stuff may require some workarounds to be cleanly achieved but the minigames I think is where compromises may need to be made. Then again, mortal kombat was ported to zandronum and uses a setup which may work for the minigames so maybe that mod already has the answers to this. Final note, whodunit is a very fun game mode and captures the idea of among us with the gameplay and setup of doom.
  3. Fonze

    The 2020 Cacowards

    Congrats to all the winners! What an impressive body of work produced this year!
  4. I think a better example (at least in terms of the question about 3d floors) would be comparing doom to the inside of a small shed or a singular room in the real world based on the fact that it too doesn't have room over room. Or if fifa, madden, and the nba 2k games are all 2d because of the same reasoning πŸ™ƒ
  5. Lmao I'm pretty sure he said that tongue-in-cheekily for humor as a parody of basically this exact argument from this thread, much like all the other humorous random memery going on in that video.
  6. Uhhh lol you sure about that? It may be a good idea to do research and ask questions before starting a debate, but definitely don't overtly lie mid-debate lol. Way to accept accountability for something nobody seriously cares about lol. People like the discussion, bumping this thread was not a bad thing, but maybe next time doing the smallest bit of research would go a long way heh, as would talking to people rather than at them, like when it was pointed out that Doom actually does calculate a z-axis and instead you stuck by your uninformed guns for a few more posts. Also, You do realize Doomkid isn't like the definitive, authoritative source of all knowledge on Doom rite? Why don't you take your own advice instead of acting super entitled and self-victimizing. Never once have you admitted you were wrong, why should anybody else owe you that courtesy? All you've done here is move your goalposts when proven to be wrong, but oh no you weren't actually wrong you just made assumptions (which turned out to be wrong) and you still stick by your guns on a point who's foundational pieces of logic and evidence are crumbling beneath you. Next time if you're gonna talk to a bunch of nerds who are probably fairly knowledgeable on the subject matter, approach things with an attitude of learning rather than debate, because you still have so much to learn.
  7. I like to think that imps just "throw harder" when their target is above them and "gravity" pulls projectiles down faster when their target is below.
  8. For my tastes on balancing my maps, I try to make UV something that I find fun under optimal conditions, such as mouse+kb. I should be able to beat each encounter consistently. For HMP I've done a few approaches, depending on how hard I think UV is and what exactly needs to be toned down (many options). I like to design HMP that I can beat it easily with just the keyboard or a controller, or not-so-easily with the touchscreen, but fundamentally the strategy to beat an HMP encounter vs a UV one is a bit less. For HNTR/ITYTD my goal is thinking about people who lack spatial awareness, who can't strafe well, and who'd find the original dooms tough on UV. There is some breathing room here with ITYTD being a good and viable option for people to play under, so some difficulty can be forgiven to smooth out the curve between HNTR and HMP. Type of map being built also influences the skill ceilings one may want to use. I like to design my maps that I can beat HNTR reliably on the touchscreen. Playing on touchscreen means a lot of silly mistakes will happen (sometimes it eats inputs or makes up its own lol, especially as ones hands get sweaty and the phone gets warmer), so this basically gives me a good way to gauge how my map will play to low skilled players. I love to read people's thoughts on stuff like this! My thoughts on a lot of stuff have changed over the years and I'm sure will continue to do so, so reading other people's thoughts on this gives great perspective.
  9. Fonze

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    For every reason to not put in an inescapable pit or death trap into your map there will be somebody out there to note that there is no right or wrong answer in art. I do think that proper conveyance of any important idea in a map is important though; put a few dead marines in that pit and of course no supplies. My suggestion with this is to think about the player's end experience and what kind of map you're trying to make. Are you making a challenge map that gives no shits about its players? Then put in plenty of these because that's your artistic vision of your map and dont complain when people treat your stuff as "super hard," "unforgiving," and a "time sink." If you're not making a literal challenge map maybe ask yourself if it's possible for a player to fall into one of these after 30 minutes to an hour of not saving into the map and how that would make them feel when they could also just play any of the other thousands of wads that come out per year. Also keep in mind that your popularity is a large factor in what you can get away with: if people like you they'll play your map for that reason, and will also be more forgiving of your design decisions. If people dont know or dont care who you are then you're probably equally likely to find that they either dont finish the map or steer clear of your future works. People make a lot of points about mapping and playing for yourself on here but I think the more powerful goal is mapping and playing for your friends.
  10. I just found out about this yesterday while watching poo's latest mario maker 2 endless expert no skip video on youtube. From what I gather this guy stream sniped during a fall guys twitch rivals tournament. At least one of his teammates (grand poo bear) noticed and acknowledged it, but otherwise did nothing about it and thus at least the two of them, (though prolly their whole team) have been suspended from streaming on twitch for like a week or so and suspended from participating in twitch rivals tournaments for 6 months.
  11. Fonze

    iD please fix this mess

    Idk that this is gonna continue to be the case if the trend continues, especially the more that consoles become mini computers. The only thing consoles retain over pc's is the ability to not be upgraded, making things more simple for the end user. First, console prices are going way up and you can get a decent pc for the same price as a console; even laptops with a decent graphics card and mid-to-good-range gaming setup go for like 7-800 and the new ps5 isn't much cheaper than that. Beyond that, consoles don't play games at the same quality as pc's can, so you can't even compare the price of a console to that of a top end pc. Newer consoles also have problems with backwards compatibility, to the point that it has become a selling point for different models of new gen consoles, further increasing the price and/or necessitating having multiple consoles to play all the games one may want to play. I do still believe that consoles are generally cheaper now, but I also can't help but note that there are a lot of hidden costs finding their way into the console market, and that's never minding the online subscription per month costs. By the time the ps6 comes out console users will likely have spent more money on it than they would have on a similarly spec'd pc.
  12. Fonze

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    Pain elemental and rocket launcher ^^
  13. Fonze

    iD please fix this mess

    Phrasing your bug reports like this is a surefire way to make sure that id (or any other company/customer support for that matter) never pays any attention to you.
  14. Fonze

    What is the most loved doom demon

    But the pain elementals never actually directly hurt anybody; they just are here to spread their love all around: in the rooms, in the halls, outdoors, and sometimes through the walls! They are the true pacifists of doom.
  15. Fonze

    What is the most loved doom demon

    The pain elemental is the only enemy in doom that doesn't punish the doomguy for giving hugs, so on account of the pe being the most huggable demon I would say that it is my most loved demon.
  16. Fonze

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Playing through Faithless by Jimmy on anarchist (bppt) difficulty. Made it through e1 and it's a ton of fun so far; would highly recommend to all heretic fans!
  17. Fonze

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    I been playing through this and so far I'm having a ton of fun! The level of immersion from the well-crafted atmosphere, good map flow, interesting layouts/progression, great, thematic/atmospheric tunes, and polish is just grand; great job with this! There were a couple things I wanted to note, but I have the memory of a moth near a bright light so I seem to have forgotten them, though I do remember one of the smaller observations: Anyway, again idr any of the more important stuff I wanted to say but if you're interested here is a playthrough on anarchist difficulty of E1:
  18. Fonze

    I need help finding my own images on this forum

    This may not be too helpful of a tip, but as a couple last resorts perhaps you could up the number of responses per page to its max (assuming you can still do that with the new forum software) then "find in page" your name relevant to the time frame of each page. I believe you can also look at all of your posts in your profile, so perhaps you could use that to narrow things down so you only have to sift through your own posts, which you can narrow down based on time frames relative to other posts if you can remember anything about when you posted them. From there if you can remember any word you used in the important post(s) you can "find in page" that keyword and shorten things further.
  19. Fonze

    The Top 25 Most Nefarious Secret Sectors of All Time

    I think the chicken secret from the Wayfarer bears some mention here. Really there were quite a few really innovative and different secrets in that wad which probably could have made such a list. Also I cried a bit that the worm I made for tht didn't make it onto this list πŸ˜‹πŸ˜­
  20. Most of the "best" threads involve either a child being a child and getting bullied for it, a mentally ill person being ganged up on because they are an easy target, or a person who doesn't understand how forums and online interactions work being dogpiled. Threads like these that glorify these moments are kinda shameful when you think about it. I would like to believe that part of the reason post hell was hidden is because of how popular of a place it became to legitimize (not exactly the best choice of word but I'm falling flat on getting a better one off the tip of my tongue) those types of threads; it's also not unlikely that some posts were made with the express goal of having said post "elevated to post hell greatness" or whatever so hiding it was probably a good move to discourage purposeful bad behavior. I guess it's just our human nature to be attracted to train wrecks, negativity, and people making unnecessary scenes... so I'm glad that post hell was hidden, but at the same time I'd be happier to see a thread about the positive and unironically "all time greatest" threads/posts.
  21. Fonze

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    I agree with most of your post but I think it does bear mentioning that not all maps can be accessible to players of low skill levels, and even more-so without accounting for itytd's 1/2 dmg taken. I think your example would hold more weight considering a low skilled player's experience with a hard map on itytd rather than hntr, but even then when map geometry and how monsters play with that aspect of encounter design comes into play in a big way, you're dealing with as you said something that cannot be drastically changed with a few minor adjustments. Still, in your post you point out a great example, in that replacing those revs with hk's would make a huge impact for getting rid of the homing rockets, though honestly cg's in such a situation just sound like infighters more than harassers. Changing those hk's in that example is actually the correct approach to take though I think, at least from a general perspective as a mapper thinking of how I make my own maps and how I think other gameplay-oriented mappers think. You analyze what makes your encounter work, which you really have to do regardless when it gets to designing encounters of harder difficulties, and then address the key points of the encounter. What among those must stay and what can be tweaked/changed or added/removed is the question I ask myself and I think others do so similarly, but of course there are so many shades of skill in the doom community that at some point you cannot account for everybody to have the same relative challenge. Also there was a great post a while back about making encounters that basically added a bunch of monsters, removed most of them, then found a middle area and I think this process also both helps to stress test an encounter to see what actually makes a difference and fosters a good attitude towards mapping in that being curious and trying/testing new things is a good thing. I do also think that your point about spatial awareness as a gatekeeper from one level of skill to another is a great point and one that should be kept in mind when designing lower difficulties. It's actually something I've put some thought into as well on the rare occasions I con somebody I know irl into trying out a map I've made; there is a large thing to be said about the sort-of 6th sense we develop as doomers towards knowing when a monster behind us is actually throwing their projectile, which of course comes down to muscle memory and conditioning ourselves that, for example, hk attack sound plays and a set moment later we dodge. Also the spatial awareness itself of remembering exactly where the monster is relative to oneself and where one is looking while running about and shooting things. If a map author wants their wad to appeal to lower-skilled doomers then this would be a good thing to use as a means of perhaps balancing an itytd difficulty. It can also help for this to test using suboptimal control schemes, like keyboard only, controller, or touchscreen. But of course not every map can appeal to every doomer and the range of skills a mapper can cover is limited, so at some point there will always be a cut-off for players or areas of the skill spectrum where a map just cannot appeal to. Also I should mention that my previous post was thinking about maps with no difficulty settings rather than saying that is the only way to balance a map (it's just the least effort-requiring way to balance a map and obviously shouldn't be relied upon). +1 Well said
  22. Fonze

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    Definitely not true given how widespread that behavior is and how well-liked said elitists are. Still, hope is a good thing to keep alive tho ;p To answer the question in the OP: people do it because of the way that difficulty settings in og doom (and other 90s games) were designed/balanced. In a lot of games of that time period, increasing the difficulty meant more enemies, more stuff to shoot, and a more "complete" experience, thus, to turn the difficulty down is to "miss" some of the overall experience of the game. You know, because you can't just replay the game after beating it and experiencing spoilers "as intended" are such a huge facet to enjoying games that you simply can't get the same enjoyment out of something the second time around. That's why romeo and juliet flopped so badly in history, rite? Oh also time: we don't have enough of it. People don't always think things through, heh, but there are some truths and a lot of posturing/rationalizations that go into our thoughts so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised of how dumb we are as a species. Additionally there is a stigma in this community that wads are not tested on lower difficulties or that they don't have lower difficulty settings. Add some pride that "if I'm gonna play what is the same as UV difficulty I'd like the game to acknowledge that I'm actually playing the hardest difficulty so mah haters don't hate." A total precursor to that elitist soulsborne git gud mentality that also plagues our community. It's not the game that's flawed it's all the people that can't play it or don't enjoy it... the pinnacle of elitism. This is one reason I personally tend to be very disappointed to see wads that don't add difficulty settings; it takes all of 2 seconds to check or uncheck some boxes, to place a couple extra medikits, a better armor, or a ss/ms to give more room for forgiveness and playing past mistakes without changing anything else, never mind that other ways of implementing difficulty settings don't take much longer to implement. This behavior, even in speedmaps, only goes to perpetuate this stigma and this situation we're in with this UV-or-bust mindset being so widespread and is quite frankly nothing short of lazy. And making our widely known problems worse on one's own laziness is kinda... well something beyond lazy. Making difficulty settings (of some sort: let's not pretend we're not in the wild west of game design in this community, so they could still wind up being anything or relatively different to other wads) should be mandatory. People can disagree with me on this, say I'm being an ass, but that's just the way I see it. We should be working to solve our most obvious problems that everyone can agree on are actually problems/broken, not perpetuating it and then complaining about its existence. What's the point in discussion that literally leads nowhere other than to find comfort for our ptsd from this community in others' similar ptsd's?
  23. Fonze

    Progressive Duel 3 - Final

    Wow this is awesome! I <3 some progduels and seeing a new one come out brings back memories of some of my favorite duels; I'll have to give these a try asap! Screenies looks amazing. Also hyped for a white noise 3, the first two were among my favorites of the previous stuffs.
  24. Fonze

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Finally took the plunge and bought phasmophobia for Halloween; was fun times I crapped myself in a panic. Would recommend. The sound design also is amazingly immersive.
  25. Fonze

    What do you think of Italian food?

    I have an eating problem and it's called Italian πŸ™ƒ Also no way in fuck I'm gonna play some stereotypical Italian song while reading this thread πŸ–•