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  1. Fonze

    Question about Zandronum and PrBoom+

    You're close to correct, but to help a bit further: -complevel 2 for doom 2 -complevel 3 for ultimate doom (heh thanks) -complevel 4 for final doom -complevel 9 for boom -complevel 11 for MBF These are the main, relevant complevels and what they are used for. Reason being is that each of the versions of the engine each of the iwads was released with had slightly different behavior from one-another that causes them to not play well together due to the limited amount of data stored for playback or to keep clients in sync, such as with demos or multiplayer. In many cases, maps are also designed with those specific behaviors inherent to the format/complevel that they are designed for in mind; other complevel/engine behaviors can break some maps, hard/softlock the player, prevent triggers from working properly, etc. The rule of thumb for vanilla and limit-removing pwads between complevels 2, 3, and 4 is to just use the one that corresponds to the iwad the pwad was designed for.
  2. Fonze

    Putrefier v2

    You've made me both super excited and super let down and now I have to take all this energy to work... I hope you're happy with the effect you're having on the world.
  3. Fonze

    Help on making damaging floors challenging

    Also consider audience composition.
  4. Fonze

    my problem with multiplayer

    Options: 1: go to https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/wads, or doomshack.org, or /idgames, or google search, find and download the wads you want, them move them into delta touchs maps or mods folder. 2: if you're playing with a friend who has the wads, get them to pack them all up and transfer to you, then unpack them and move to maps or mods folder. You can also host servers of your own wad choice on tspg.net. Happy fragging :)
  5. Wow DotW thanks for the demo and feedback! Between the demo and your astute observations, this has been super helpful to me. <3 This is a good point in a few areas in addition to the provided example. Originally I had a BA there instead of the BFG, but when rd had suggested it (iirc?) I found weighing the options of BA reward vs BFG reward to favor the BFG for a few reasons, though it also does absolutely throw balance out after it's grabbed as most encounters were made with the RL as the base line. It does trivialize the northern flower-chamber encounter and it also gives perhaps too strong of an incentive to kill the SM in the southern encounter. Still, by that point the player has basically finished the map, so I figure it'll make things a bit more fun for people speedrunning the map in terms of routing for speed vs easier or more consistent fights, similar to with the pg vs just playing through with the rl. It was also a notable shame when I added though, as its presence itself brings on a bit of an anticlimactic feeling in that it's totally unneeded in most places, which is where the secret fight for it came from, so at least it'd have one real moment to shine beyond trivializing the adjacent encounters. The lines there should not activate the cybers until after the encounter has begun. There are similar lines on the side of the arena approaching from the YK door. If this has happened then something isn't working properly, though since the approach from the YK door side seems to be working the other side in theory cant be broken? I suppose the bfg can be seen as a fools-mate trap there given the extra incentive to down the SM quickly, which is a shame, however it is also still useful with the intended strat and helps make cleanup of the cybers faster after the encounter has been mostly cleared. This does bring up a tangential point though in that the entire blue area suffers from a different design perspective than the rest of the map, in that for the most part my goal was to keep players alive on their FDAs while still providing a fun and engaging challenge, however with the blue area I began to have a bit more fun in terms of making the larger encounters, in particular with the SM fight in that I dont expect most players to understand it without a death or three since the mechanic is not typical or expected, which is a massive shame given that the map format doesnt support saves while recording. But again another point in favor of that nearby bfg, plus the smart use of the invul sphere from the red area; I wasn't sure how many people would put that secret together with its intended use, so props there ^^ That was a good solution :) but unfortunately the way you reached the switch to the BFG was an exploit, though not one that'll likely be easy for me to solve unless the switches on ground level can control those (currently) blue light wall-platforms you jumped up on. The puzzle is meant to be solved more casually with no timing or platforming involved. Maybe also the movement check platforming near the BK on approach from the northern route mentally prepares people to look for something more timing and movement based... perhaps that is bad design. The solution is supposed to be: lower the bottom 2, (shawn and compspan) lower the blue lights, lower the compblue, and finally raise the bottom 2 to access either the top or the bfg. From there you just raise the compblue, lower the shawn and raise the blue lights and then you can access both the BFG and the stairway up to the composho switch and from there the ledge to the SM arena. I'll have to see about swapping some platform textures/tags around there. Agreed, some of that design is a bit cheeky and perhaps not for the better; I'll look into raising the relevant ones up to clear up the "graphical obscurantism," which I suppose would mostly just be the two associated with the RK? Idr how much the first one can change, and I did find it a bit weird that bullets seem to hit higher on the wall where the switch isn't, but I'll move it as high up as it can go (if it isn't already) and hopefully that'll help. I'll also do the same for the other one so it'll hopefully be a bit more clear. Good points and agreed. Moving on, there arent too many comments for me to make on your demo, but I noted in it that there are no sound blocking lines on the lift for the BK, which woke all the monsters in that room with the barrels, so that's something for me to fix. Additionally, I may rework the encounter in the upper section of the large red area in the southwest; the bulls and shotgunners may be a bit too lenient for UV on preventing quick escape. (perhaps a baron or two in each spot would help prevent that for a couple seconds, til they filter into the arena proper) This is also the case even with just the RL from my own tests and in retrospect it doesn't match the difficulty curve of the rest of the map's main encounters. Rocketing the enemies in the blue area through the gated window is something that I prolly won't change since it costs more time than how much it makes things easier I think? Though your demo did showcase the worst case scenario by jumping directly onto the platform with the rocketed enemies and giving yourself tons of room to rocket the cacos while also negating the bulls' threat, which does trivialize that encounter. Idk I may have to think on that because on one hand that's a shame, but on the other hand it's not like the encounter is that tough to play straight and if people have more fun being clever then maybe in this case that's a minor win? Yes he did such an amazing job; I'm happy to have helped support his craft. Lol ty. Maybe one day I'll do more UD mapping, and it has been suggested to me to put this down for a bit and return to it in a while, which is something to think on, but I also want to return to working on the worm map as I enjoy more the mechanical and gameplay elements of map building to stuff like making layouts and detailing, so I'll have to weigh out the options after I finish the final rc for this. (assuming I just release it and wash my hands of it afterward) Honestly I'd be more likely to start up or continue with a larger project like that as a collab rather than solo. Thanks again for all the helpful feedback and the demo, as well as the kind words. Cheers DotW!
  6. Wow Suitepee thank you so much for the playthrough and feedback! It's rather unexpected given your normal reaction to my maps ;p but very much appreciated <3 The main thing that I'd like to say is thank you for reading the OP in your stream, not for the parts of me mindlessly rambling about map blah blah details but for the paragraph thanking and recommending Jimmy's services; if that message can be spread around and get him even one extra client, I would be happy for it. That has also reminded me that I have a list of other people I need to thank as well for various things for this map, but had also mindlessly forgotten to do so, so apologies to those great and helpful people; I'll fix that soon. I would like to hear if you have any thoughts on how to make the bfg puzzle more intuitive and quick to understand; after seeing a few people not do so well with it I wonder, is it a case of too many moving parts or is there something else that makes it not resonate? I hadn't really considered much the zdoom family of ports in making this, so I'll prolly add some monster blocking lines on some ledges to reduce chances of another tower of bovine or crowd-surfing mastermind. There's no sense in me droning on about the SM fight, but as that was the only encounter to really give you trouble, I'll mention that as with a lot of encounters I make, I try to make the obvious strategy the wrong one, or at least not the right/most consistent one. In this case, killing the SM is not something you wanna do early as doing so releases the moodemons. That said, while you didnt have to play that fight, you did, and I appreciate that. But I also respect you deciding to move on when you're not having fun anymore, as I want players to have fun more than anything else. I appreciate that you began the playthrough by cursing my name before starting the map ;p Anyway, I noticed some good things that could be changed for the better and this was very helpful to me as a learning tool, and a fun watch to boot, so thanks again and thanks for taking the time to play so many people's wip wads in general and giving them feedback :D
  7. Shame as pizza hut is among the only pizza chains I like, though just for the cheese-stuffed crust. Hopefully domino's follows their example soon and I dont have to see that nasty pizza again. Agreed though that in most areas, at least in the US for non-rural areas, you can easily find a little italian hole in the wall that'll make pizza way better than any chain does.
  8. Hey man, thanks so much for the playthrough! Lotta helpful things for me in your video and it was a fun watch :D Small few quick things: - The little room with the blue-light "parkour shenanigans" and all the barrels: you did enter it from the typical place; it's just a cheeky, non-serious beginning to that encounter that if you stand where the rocket pickup is on the ground and fire a rocket into the center bull, you'll blow up all the barrels and kill all the mobs on that side of the room, leaving only the barons and ledge-imps to deal with. - You were wondering about the SM fight, what the "intended" strat, when the cybers come out to play, and what the timer/switch was. First off, you did well enough figuring out how to survive for the invul sphere and that was a good win there. As for what works best there: I "ignore" (don't fire at) the SM, rocket one side as much as possible, then switch to rocketing some of the imps and shotgunners that come in on the back sides. When the bulls get too close I swap to the pg and focus on killing the imps and shotgunners in the back; the SM and your plasma will kill the bulls in time and they are not very dangerous if you jostle around and juke their attacks. (plus the occasional stream of plasma as they get in your way) At about <100 cells make a push for the cell ammo near the SM and finish killing the imps and shotgunners. From there, finish most of the rest of the bulls and then the SM, at which point you can grab the invul sphere (or radsuit on higher difficulties) and leave out the back side as you did. The cybers come out either 1) when the SM dies: the SM blocks a teleport location for a zombieman, who crosses lift trigger lines that release the cybers after teleporting in, or 2) when you escape the lower portion of the arena as a backup if you don't kill the SM. The switch only controls the timer on the platforms in the back and invul sphere raising up. - "If I had to guess I'd say put them all in their off positions." You don't know how close you were ;p Thanks for the time you spent trying to figure it out; do you have any ideas on how to make it more intuitive or easy to digest? Thanks again for the video, your thoughts and your time! Cheers!
  9. Fonze

    Can GZDoom break maps flow?

    Iirc doesnt gzdoom add the effects of multiple conveyors if the actor is positioned to be in multiple sectors with conveyor effects? I know some mp ports like Oda do, but I've forgotten how gzdoom handles that type of stuff.
  10. Ouch. It would seem you have a knack for finding these things ;p Thanks for reporting that; I'll fix it and make sure others nearby are ok in the next rc. It's a large, complicated map, but still I'm embarrassed these have slipped through this far into dev. On your other comment, not much changed between versions and nothing in what you played changed;the new version was basically solely to get rid of that spot you got stuck the first time. Thanks again for your time.
  11. Thanks Walter :) Hey Steve thanks for the playthrough and feedback! Great points on the lack of variety in a few areas as well. I'll address just a few things, though all of what you typed was helpful and appreciated: I will draw a new line to put the browngrn above that window on so I can align it to the rest of the nearby browngrn for the next rc after a couple more people play it, though on the rest of the browngrn I'll have to think more. On the general note of ammo and fight structuring and such, this map is actually mostly geared for rocket combat, with plasma as a generally generous means to help in sticky spots and with managing mistakes. I balanced it this way since there is no guarantee that a player will grab either the starting rl or the starting pg, though they will have to grab at least one, so most fights had to be geared towards both being viable without necessarily having the other, depending on proximity to the pickups and the routes they're on. (as an example, your favorite fight of the map cannot be reached without at least passing a rl, but can very likely be reached without finding the pg) On that note, saving enough plasma to use in the fights with rocket boxes all over the ground should make them much easier, if not trivialize them. I balanced HNTR around my play on delta touch using touchscreen controls. It's more about just using the right strategy... or at least hopefully it is, heh. :D Lol. I guess that's a definition up for debate but I would say you're not savescumming to save between encounters. At least not saving during encounters prevents you from saving yourself into a hole. Yes, a pattern I've noticed for myself as well in most maps. That said most of these encounters have a strategy which makes them easy to beat consistently, so passing them once gives you a good picture of the steps to take for better consistency. Also, nicely done! Lmao fair; unintended but fair ^^ As for the stuck baron there; that's been a thing with those monsters on that platform that has cropped up and been fixed or disappeared on it's own a couple times during dev, except only in that one spot of the platform and with a different monster each time. There actually aren't any lines running through where that occurs; that section of the platform is all 1 sector. I suspect it's a node error, but a run of the wad last night and a quick check of the wad just now doesn't show a stuck monster for me, so maybe it's inconsistent at this point? I'm not sure. Given it's not a consistent error at this point I'll prolly have to find a fix for that for the next rc, but still that's heavily unfortunate. Thank you for reporting this. Ok that's kind of funny. Totally unintentional but funny nonetheless. As for port, that shouldn't matter for this particular thing. What's actually going on is that the blue and other ceilings with lighting effects are all illusory, coupled with some thin, lowered floors around their perimeters to make them work without showing the floor light up using vanilla mechanics. So what's happening is the cacos are for some reason deciding to float up into the sky, since they never hit a ceiling there, being that its raised far above the illusory one. Them deciding to float up in those areas actually has never been an issue in prboom+ during my many tests, so maybe that monster behavior of rising to that degree could be a port issue. I'll have to think if there's a way to fix that, though given the way they work I suspect it won't be possible to change. :( poor unnecessary imp finally did something and now I may have to get rid of him; you raise a good point. Ah, I understand. Hey at least you gave it 30 seconds tho ;p Some quick things on that: the puzzle is entirely optional if you take a different route around the level and it is possible to finish the puzzle with the ending solution with just one switch press depending on where you approach it from. Somewhat unrelated: this area originally didn't have any monsters; I just thought it'd be fun at the end of dev to have an extra chance to kill stuff and use the secret bfg. Also HNTR may actually be a bit harder than HMP for this one fight, since the numerous barons replace 2 moodemons. I guess it depends on how likely you are to take a bad rocket blast(s) vs a bunch of baron fireballs before being able to grab more health. What did you have to clip out of? There shouldnt be any areas left you can get stuck. If you mean the exit lift, you can hit the sides of the lift from atop it. If this was a doom 2 map I would have done that to make it only shootable with the ssg, but in this case part of the solution to the secret switches for all secrets in this map is finding where to shoot then from. Some are easier to spot than others, but all require you to stand in a particular place to hit them, aside from one which requires a straight fall towards it and shot in the air as the player drops. Unfortunately there is a lack of variety between secret mechanics in this map. Part of that was wanting to utilize the switches found in areas outside of the play zone to bring a little more attention to those areas, as with the cheeky zombies in the same/similar areas. Maybe I missed the mark a bit on keeping that fun, heh. Something to think about. As for the solution: True, I wanted that to be a secret too, but after moving the backpack from where the computer map is now, I put an invul sphere where the map used to be (the platform above where it is now) and that is the secret. That's strange. I mean first off good points on the lack of variety between secrets, but it seems unlikely you entered so many and didn't trigger them. More likely you just saw them and they showed on the automap using the normal color scheme? The SS secret you mentioned is possible to miss just the tally if you clip the pickup and don't run into the corner, since the sector is a bit smaller than player width and diagonally oriented, similar with the invul sphere near the final fight except that isn't touching the corner of the area. Other than that is the backpack secret, the red door secret, the invul by the map, and the bfg itself, all of which you shouldn't be able to pick up the item without tripping the tally counter. Additional thoughts? Agreed, I wasn't a big fan of that either, in particular the spacing of the platforms, but bulls need space to roam free right? ;p It's an optional trial of the map, but still on the beaten path and that may be a shame for it. That said I do like your idea of stairs there; maybe in the next rc I can put in a switch on the platform with the imp mob to raise some stairs from the lower level for players to circumvent that movement test after it's no longer relevant. It's only actually relevant while the enemies in the room are still alive after all. I appreciate the feedback Steve! Lotta helpful feedback and good stuff to think about. Thanks for your time :D
  12. Hey DuckReconMajor, thanks for the video! It was very helpful to watch. I'm very sorry for the careless mapping error which led to you getting stuck. I thought about adding an evil eye there just for you since you seemed to like the one earlier in the map ;p but I instead just moved the switch closer to the wall. I think that also necessitates a new version so I've updated the download link. I also changed a couple of platforms for the puzzle to hopefully prevent it seeming like a timing thing; it's meant to be solved casually. Hopefully it will help to make things easier to digest? Thanks again for your time :D
  13. Hey, idk that this will be at all up your alley but I just released a limit removing, ultimate doom map; if you have time to play it I'm always happy to hear feedback. That said, if this map isn't for you don't feel the need to press on; if that's the case move on to something else you have fun doing :) It will play in any limit removing port, such as crispy; I tested it in PrBoom+ under -complevel 3.
  14. --Do not start on UV-- Driven Format: Limit-Removing (-complevel 3) IWad: Ultimate Doom Map: E1M1 Midi Track: Barktooth by @Jimmy <3 Driven is a non-linear, medium-sized map featuring a custom made Jimmy midi, plus 666 monsters on all difficulties and using stock textures. This map was originally made for The Standard E1 Community Project, but I pulled it out because the map ballooned and I didn't want to hold the project up as others were finishing their maps. Despite being a Doom 1 map, this map is very tough on UV so don't yolo-FDA it; the other difficulties are there for a reason! That said, it is also perhaps the easiest map I've built thus far, so if you're familiar with my work you'll be in for an easier, faster-paced experience; it should take about 10-20 minutes to go through with monsters, or less than 90 seconds without them. My core design ideas for this map revolved around making encounters with the Doom 1 cast that were both pressuring and quick to clean up and move on, aiming for a more visceral, punchy gameplay experience with as little tedium as possible built into the design. I'm happy with how the encounters have turned out and I'm looking forward to hearing the critique of players: if I've hit the marks I was aiming for or where I could have done better. The gameplay centers around rocket/plasma-based, lite-slaughter-ish arenas interspersed with light, quick flings on-the-go, while arming the player with the power weapons off the bat and plenty of ammo for them; expect to use mostly the rocket launcher and the plasma gun. There is also a fun, fairly easy puzzle for the BFG. Please let me know if you find a way to break it. I'm not terribly happy with how the visuals turned out in some later areas during development, but given the dev hell this went through and the number of slime trails that have popped up, I'm just gonna be content with what I have. Given I'm more gameplay-oriented than aesthetic, I would love to hear some feedback on that front as well. Really just any feedback is grand :D I would also like to take this moment to give a huge thanks to Jimmy for writing this beautiful midi; it adds so much to the experience of playing the map and I'm so very grateful for this amazing piece of music to use. Thank you Jimmy; money well spent. For those who have been considering commissioning a midi to be written, I highly recommend going with Jimmy; he's very professional, takes pride and cares about his work, and makes sure that the customer is satisfied. I'm totally happy with the entire process and will commission him again in the future. I don't really have a name for this yet, so for now I'm just calling it Driven, but that'll prolly change later on. Again, don't start this on UV unless you are well familiar with my work. Screenshot: More Screenshots:
  15. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Driven Ummm… I think I did something wrong