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  1. Tragedy struck partygoers this Halloween when a zombieman showed up to a party dressed as Doomguy caused a stampede of demons, killing several masterminds in the process. As Hell grieves the loss of its leaders we should take the time to note that dressing like a terrorist is not an appropriate Halloween costume.
  2. Am I the only one out of 7 billion people who feels this way about something totally subjective? I mean, I'm so unique and special, and the edges of my snowflake are unlike any other the world has seen, so I must be the only person in the world who hates puzzles. If only I were smarter and could understand them, maybe they would be naturally more fun, totally has nothing to do with my preconception going into a puzzle... totally.
  3. Ggs all; wp on the close games tonight, everybody fought tooth and nail to the bitter end and they were some very entertaining games to watch/play! Gl to all teams as the tourney rolls on and major props to kprice4 and 42percenthealth for being the most active div 2 team. Hopefully the merger nets you guys some wins, but either way I hope you two have been having a good time; your effort to get in there and get your games done is admirable :) I look forward to our match, and hopefully many more frags between us in the future!
  4. Ceilings are like floors, except you don't have to worry about players bumping into and complaining about your every bad design decision ;D
  5. You first; you can't even submit maps reliably to your own sessions, which is why I haven't submitted one to them either... why do you think I haven't submitted anything aside from a lack of respect? I can't speedmap? Fool I've made more than you and I never put myself out there as a host/organiser. You haven't even matched your own speedmaps with number of eagle sessions, and as you've literally just said you can't even get off your dumb ass and submit the more recent sessions to the archives; you know, including the ones where you did nothing, didn't even make a map, yeah including those. So other people map for your project and because of you, their completed maps are still not up on idgames. Put your big boy pants on and do something responsible for a change. But let me make this clear for you: I like to speedmap, I like to see others speedmap, I want to see an active, regular event on DW for speedmapping; that all said, I will never, never make a map for any project you lead, and at this point: ever. I will continue to make my own speedmaps solo and at most 5 people will play them, as I've always known. Im not in the business of pr and i am free to speak my mind. Not only that but your reaction makes me want to speak my mind. I will never support you: a child with no sense of responsibility, in leading projects which other, more respectable people spend their limited time on. Just because you are the only McDonald's in town doesn't give you a legitimate claim to respect or attention. It takes all of 30 minutes each session for the leader to come up with (optional) themes and to compile things. Like we're talking barely any effort needed, yet wait, the last session you couldn't even compile; 24 hours in a day and you can find 10 minutes for something simple (aka using slade) to combine maps and midis? Include a texture pack which is your choice to include or exclude? Well... I guess that shouldn't be a surprise when you can't even make maps for you own events........................................................ There is a lot I could say about you and your leadership skills, NaZa; I'd suggest you stfu now and let my comments be burried rather than giving me more reason to speak my mind, cause I can do this all day, every day.
  6. I have no respect for NaZa or the eagle sessions and i pity people who've submitted maps to his projects and their whack themes when he can't even submit one of his own... I wish you'd keep going with this Bonnie and let that other bullshit die out from poor leadership as it rightfully should. Especially if you really did get banned or even kicked from his discord for doing this; don't take that shit.
  7. I find it strange that this is presented as a university study, yet comes across as a cheap Facebook "personality/who are you from x" survey, with answers that seem as descriptive and relevant as astrology... maybe I'm just seeing it wrong... Idk.
  8. Major props Bonnie for running this event in a much more respectable way than NaZa... I would like to see these sessions continue under this leadership. Speaking of, will be interested to see if NaZa flakes out of his own event again later this month.
  9. Gustavo, didn't you make a map in that dom pack bob mentioned? ??
  10. <3 similar for me
  11. Another vidya, this one is from maybe a week ago (?) during practice rounds for the ZTDM tourney; my girlfriend's 22 month old wouldn't let me play Dume alone and fought for the super interesting-looking mouse, at about 4:06 she took the mouse back, turned, and fired at @42PercentHealth, earning her very first frag ^^
  12. Video of Patience and my first match of the round robin stage of the 2v2 TDM tourney against the Wheelchair Warriors Alfonzo and Marcaek. Awesome matches; fun times! Well-played on those super close games; it could have gone either way... 'Any given Sunday' and all that ;D
  13. ITYTD is always an option!
  14. Dude the tourney has already started, you are in danger of a DQ right now... Get in there so your partner doesn't have to continue to scramble finding a partner at the last minute second..........................................................................................................................
  15. Here is a demo of some duels with DS, rdwpa, fonzo, dk, and others from 9/17/17... Shouldn't have picked dweller, but it was a ton of fun to play DS on it, even if I didn't reach my mental victory, heh. I prolly have some more from earlier, but I'll have to do some digging to find them. I'll never forget the fun we've had :)