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  1. Trying to go through the what are you working on thrreadbrn and ran out of likes for the day. Outrageous! I just wanna like all the pics! 😂😂

  2. Fonze

    What's your favourite Doom game?

    Heretic 🐔❤️
  3. I loved raptor as a kid, would be awesome to see that remastered. Never heard of demonstar but it looks pretty cool! Will add to my wishlist.
  4. Fonze

    How To "Fix" The Spider Mastermind?

    Put the SMM up on a ledge and surround the player in demons so the SMM has ample time to do its thing 😋 Maybe also use a monster waiting to tp as a trigger mechanism to deploy more monsters when the SMM dies.
  5. Fonze

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    Idk if it's fair to judge skill based purely on situations lacking foreknowledge. You can judge your "how well can I guess what this particular mapper is going to do before it happens" skill based on this, maybe your fluidity/reaction time, but otherwise your findings will be heavily distorted by a lack of foreknowledge, especially with how differently demanding encounters can be based on where you are going into them and what you're expecting. Different mappers have different styles, and even among the same mapper there can be different styles and different expressions/executions of the same style. Also, all of this flies in the face of the decisions we as players make to get through encounters (including aversion to perceived "cheeses") and how we quantify "a good job." Is "doing good" beating an encounter without taking damage, beating an encounter quickly, beating the overall level quickly (which may require taking some encounters slower or leading them into a new area, etc), beating the map under some restriction, or something else? How much of an incomplete picture do we really have when we concentrate on one of these, how much weight do we give them all, and what else is missing from this analysis of one's skill? Given everything is relative, do we then need to quantify all of that by comparing against each other? Or maybe we replay maps to see our improvement, but wait now there's foreknowledge and the comparison is no longer relevant. Point being: there are many different skills and to lump them all up into one, non-retestable, non-falsifiable category makes the resulting data an unusable mess, especially when there are too many variables to account for and too many individual skills being tested at once. I mean, I also get that with the abundance of content the focus shifts towards fda play, but many things are skills and boiling them all down to what can become "how well can I game/predict the mapper" doesn't do a good job explaining why results (perceived skill gaps/improvements) may differ.
  6. Fonze

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    It's a bit silly to draw lines in the sand of what is and isn't "doom-y" enough when we're talking about features in source ports that have already deviated from the original engine. Also when 30 years of mapping has been going on, what even is "non-doom-y" anymore? At worst something may be "boom-y" or "zdoom-y," but that's a distinction that loses its meaning as you see more and more maps that have been made over the years. Dsda-doom≠vanilla and that's a good thing. Slopes are gud, fake slopes that use 129 visplanes are gud too. Both have slightly different aesthetics, one looking more clean while the other manifesting feelings of nostalgia over more blocky times. Oh course to say "it's a bit silly" is also not to say it's not an interesting discussion on a pedantic issue!
  7. I think one of the most "trolly" designs I've done wasn't necessarily a troll on purpose, and perhaps could be argued as an inverse troll, but did garner some fun reactions at the time. In map12 of tht I made a small encounter in a room that features a prominent switch on the far wall as the player enters, as well as a slightly less noticeable one to the side behind a very inconveniently placed mancubus. As players approach the middle of the room enemies come out to play, which made them not want to hit the obvious switch. Many players seemed to gravitate towards finishing the encounter and hitting the less noticeable switch, thus ending the lock-in and freeing themselves. Only afterwards out of curiosity would players run over to the obvious switch and flip it. The result: health for the encounter they just finished 😂 Oh yeah and this was a totally optional dead end. Brings up a funny point that the real effects of what we make are so often different to our intentions.
  8. All of the basic animations for all characters have been done! Basic project goals can be considered at/near a finished state. Cat and dog are 27x25, new babas 25x25 like the first. Would love feedback on if everything looks okay, or if anything would be better another way. From here, I still would like to make a custom animation for each, maybe something like the cat stretching or the dog wagging its tail and barking... and who knows for the other ones, maybe attack animations instead. After that I'll have to remake the sprite sheets for the gifs for the early ones I did to standardize their sizes and animation loops, then I'll make some 90x90's of them for pfp's, and then look into items and such.
  9. Fonze

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    I'm unclear if yes to the poll means yes saves are good or yes I agree with people saying saves are bad. Either way, I'd just echo what rd said.
  10. Most characters are essentially finished thus far, so added them to the OP, also despoilerized it. I just have cat and dog left. I think they're gonna need the most custom sprite work, so I'm saving them for another day. I'm hoping to base some of cat on jiji: I already made some jiji kneading frames, and jiji has bun frames already, so those could fit well with cat. Both cat and dog additionally need idle animations too, as well as the usual sit, stand, and jump. Hopefully will get to those in the next couple days, then I can start working on some unique thingy for each character to do. I'll make up the final-ish gifs and will also go for making some 90x90's of them too around that point for dw avatars. I originally made the gifs just so I can see stuff in motion without having to put it into the stream avatars program with each new iteration; I wasn't planning on the gifs themselves to be the focus of this project, but they are nice for sharing and critiquing. I'm happy to put some effort into making them a good quality, since I'm making them anyway and they show my bit of editing work here for the main project in action, but I just don't understand why the colors keep coming out wrong in the gifs... makes it hard to care so much about if they're blurry in some apps/browsers; if anything, at least the blurriness hides the colors lol 🙃 I also kinda want to look into items for them, so it may be a while yet before this is uploaded to the steam workshop. The png's are set to be plugged directly in tho, just adjust the sprite dimensions, rename line 6 to sit_loop, line 7 to darn! for badbad, loop sit_loop 3 times, and make sure box to return to idle is checked. Most are 25x25, badbad is 25x32.
  11. I was bothered by the non-wobbly animations of the previous gifs, so I redid them (and the sprite sheets) with alternating frames so the characters will remain undefinable eldrich monstrosities as they move. I also finished a basic version of the monster and robot. I did not do 90x90 versions of the gifs yet; none of these sprites are a factor of 90, so I'll need to do special spacing/scaling to make them into that. I'm also not sure that I'm done with these yet, I don't like that badbad is the only one with something special going on, so I kinda want to do that for each of the different characters. When I consider each to be totally finished, I'll go about making some 90x90's for dw avatars if people want them. I did make these two with a height of 30 in preparation for that, since I need some extra height for the jump animation anyway. I also need to find a new gif maker before making 90x90's, the one I'm using seems to mess up the colors frequently... If anybody has any ideas for in-character animations for these, lmk! I may make it happen ❤️ Robot and monster:
  12. Fonze

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    As someone who's possible Italian surname has been lost to marriage culture, I'm also in the boat that anything can belong on pizza. Pizza in its modern form is so far removed from how it originated that any purists out there are out to lunch on complaining what others do to their smushed bread with cheese and maybe sauce. Personally, I don't like it on mine, but as kinsie stated they can be easily picked off. If anything, opening our pizzas to be more accessible to different tastes further solidifies our tasty world conquest, overcooked-style 🤓
  13. Oh ty that looks great plums! Truth be told I have to remake the badbad gif anyway as the sprite sheet to gif converter I used totally borked the colors in several frames lol... maybe look into a different type of gif maker program? I'll keep the sizes in mind for when I do too; I'm only making the gifs for sharing purposes. Ty again for the tip and corrected profile gif! ❤️ I guess while I'm posting, here's a Keke I made last night. Sorry the gif is only 25x25
  14. I recently got stream avatars and have been taking some time to learn it by making baba is you avatars to use. I've made some minor edits to some frames. Lmk if anything looks wonky, particularly with the sitting/standing up and jumping animations. Here's a baba! And other things! Baba: Catch 'Em All Baba: Construction Baba: Badbad: Keke: Robot: Monster: Me: Fofo: It: Frog: Jiji: Lizard: Bunny: Eye: Worm: Anni: Cat: Dog: Fixed non-wobbly walking animations and added new characters. Will do up some 90x90 gifs for dw avatars too as I consider each finished. May add another custom animation for each character so badbad isn't the only one with something special. If anybody has any ideas for custom animations that would be in-character for these, lmk! ❤️