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  1. I was totally on-board with this statement up until the end of this quoted segment. After that you lost me. No need for quite so much aggressiveness :) To OP: the total turn-around on this thread is kinda funny, but everything (which is very little to begin with) that has transpired has been not because of the question; indeed it can be fun to nerd out from time to time on different franchise's stuff and how they compare to each other. This (unintended) derailment has everything to do with the way the question was posed. You have to understand that not everybody plays CoD, so actually telling us what we're comparing the bfg to would be the first step. If you are going to ask for research, you should 100% absolutely include some of your own, especially with that CoD gun we know nothing about.............. but even some stats on the bfg to give us the info you are using for your claim would be important (and it'd also be helpful for ppl who don't want to waste their time researching for the same figures you already got and based a claim on). On top of everything though, you ask for real work/time (read: research) to be done/spent on answering a question you yourself didn't even answer. I know you're new here and I don't want to be one to turn you off this beautiful community, so I hope that helps put the responses you've received here into perspective. Once again, this topic wasn't a bad one, just the way it was handled ;)
  2. How are you gonna pose a question asking for researched answers without providing your own answer, researched or otherwise? How about you tell us which you think is the superior enemy-masher. A description or linked video of the raygun might be a good thing too, considering wtf even is that.
  3. I'll be late but I'll totally casually join up for a bit when I get home from work.
  4. Usually people harp on things more when the subject doubles-down in their... actions. Like this post above me ^
  5. Great reviews; fun reads! Good job everyone!
  6. Not that I'm an fossil, but when reloading was becoming a thing in games I used to just not worry about it, since autoreload is also a thing in most games. But eventually my older brother harped on me long enough about how stupid it was and I got into the habit of just always reloading asap. Personally, I feel indifferent to the thought of reloading in games, as while the "realism" is cool and all, most of the time it adds next-to-nothing to the gameplay beyond an extremely basic, tedious habit.
  7. Which is so annoying
  8. Great matches; fun watches! But props to Major Arlene for coming out for a round as well; well-played everyone!
  9. Buddy introduced me to Gary Clark Jr the other day; I'd never heard of him but now I can't get enough. What a phenomenal musician.
  10. Little under 24 hours til the match; good luck to both contestants and above all else have fun!
  11. jajajaxddddddddddd
  12. Three words: Franklin Delano Donut
  13. Wow 14.5 minutes just to say that the new Doom's gameplay differs from Doom 2's because of checkpoints and breaks in the action (which is ultimately due to having less enemies to work with because the enemies themselves eat more resources) and another .5 to talk about how "hard" his new map is. But "hard" doesn't directly correlate to fun :( Also, if you change your perspective on Doom 2's design, each new map is a checkpoint and break in the action.
  14. Nice write-ups all; great read!
  15. I made cucumber salsa yesterday; cut up 4 bell peppers, 4 jalapenos, and 4 generic (maybe serano?) hot peppers, plus a bunch of other stuff which prolly didn't help the situation, but ever since then my right hand has been on fire lol. Everything I touch feels great at first, then it begins to feel like it's 150 degrees F. It's not too painful, but this is the first time I've cut peppers (and I've cut lots of peppers) where the burn was still there in close-to full force the next day. I wonder if the avocados helped spread it around and rub it in real good or something, or maybe the limes i squeezed, or the garlic. Maybe the amount of pepper oil on my hands caused the hot stuff to seep in better? I don't think it works like that but who knows.


    I was joking with my new gf as I was making it that I had considered buying a very hot pepper, eating it, then kissing her but I didn't know if she did hot stuff or not so I didn't do it because that would totally also suck for me. She does so that would have been a backfire; a good call Fonze. Maybe this is karma for forgone evil plans... Idk; I thought it was kinda funny though and some people may get a kick out of my self-induced and not-regretted pain. The salsa is so worth it :)

    1. GarrettChan


      Probably cold running water helps. Then like one or two days later, warm water helps.

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Cucumber_Salsa.wad when? ;-)

    3. GarrettChan


      @Nine Inch HeelsThis sounds like a very sexy WAD.

    4. Fonze


      ^ mmm that sounds really tasty, and with the right basic textures I could prolly pull that off. It'd just have to be like doomguy and the monsters are all really tiny, so the small chunks of things in the salsa could just be similar to a slimey-rocky terrain. I need giant, cut-up vegetable textures, heh.


      Yeah, cold water feels great, up until I pull my hand out of the water and it burns worse, heh. Personally I find that aside from things like mustard or aloe vera for bad burns, the best thing is to attempt to ignore it; mentally giving yourself the ability to stop the pain temporarily not only makes it more difficult to deal with, since there is always a less painful option and it becomes a game of "dealing with it in-between periods of comfort," it also gives you a baseline to more-clearly recall what pain doesn't feel like there. It's surprising what we can get used to when we just believe that it is how (our) life is, heh. 


      As a side-note, I find it funny that despite knowledge of subliminal things like this, I don't find it any easier to dissipate their effect on me, to the point that I'm sure that the best thing is to be able to understand them enough to be able to evoke/contain them at will, rather than letting the environment/others dictate when they begin/end.

    5. GarrettChan


      Usually first a couple of days, you need cold water to stop the wound from being worse. When it's OK, warm water helps blood running through the wound and help it recover quicker. Well, this is the theory, but not always apply though. Hope you get better soon.

    6. Fonze


      Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, like the philosophy behind icy-hot patches, heh. There is no wound here though, the skin all looks normal; it's just pepper oil deeply saturated in my skin apparently. Ironically I gave my left thumb a close shave, barely not deep enough of a filet to bleed, and somehow no oil got in on that section of thin skin, lol.

    7. Albertoni


      Washing with alcohol and / or nail polish remover could help the situation, if it was done when the burning started... Probably too late now though.