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  1. Fonze

    FUNGUS: Monsters and mild hallucinogens

    I'm gonna try to make some time later to test this for you, but on the good chance I continue to procrastinate and forget, hopefully this bump will get you some. Looks nice, and "gameplay and encounter focused" sounds like a good start to me :D
  2. This looks amazing yugi, but im totally disappointed no Andy Kaufman status bar face was included ;p
  3. Fonze

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks cool DMPhobos! I've been getting a bit more progress done on a map I've been slowly chipping away at: ^Green stone misalignment has been fixed Ultra hi-res map view spoilered: At this point I only have a few areas on the western end to detail, as well as the large, eastern area. Following that will be balancing, tweaking, polishing, (plus maybe redoing the 'mapping face' encounter) and some form of Hell that the battle against all the omg-slime trails everywhere because the node-builders just don't like my irresponsible mapping habits will be, then it'll finally be done. This map ballooned far out of the scope I had originally intended but I'm happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel on this one; ready for it to be over and done with, heh. Something I've been experimenting with in this map, aside from non-action-242 lighting, (since this is limit-removing) is trying to subtly convey a probably abstract sense of faux-3d within both the map's general architecture and some more specific scenes, such as the darkened area behind the red bars in the first screenie, as well as in the window of the screenie with the green light in my previous post in this thread, and a couple other ones in that set as well. This map has been a lot of fun to work on but all this said I've put way too much time into it and it's about time to move on; I'm finding myself with little patience and motivation to detail the remainder of these areas, which sucks this close to completion.
  4. This has been done many times, though to my knowledge through ACS (and now zscript) instead of decorate. A literal search of "pistol start mod" will also turn up many results. Here is my favorite implementation of the idea:
  5. Biiiit of a bump to this thread but I figured I'd post a quick playthrough of the RC_1 on BPPT that I did last week: If any Heretic fans missed this map, I'd recommend giving it a shot as I had a ton of fun with it, as well as with Xaser's zany level design thingies. I'm sure there is a better way to phrase that but that's what I got for now, heh, though some of what I'm referring to is the generally mildly-oppressive nature of Xaser's map designs, and how they influence the gameplay even just from the line-placement side of things. Not Jabba's gameplay decisions on the thing-placement side, as well as "The Wayfarer" modifications to this wad, meshes well with the rest of the map and it all creates an interesting experience that plays very well. Some aspects of the gameplay even seemed (at least to me) reminiscent of the Dark Souls style of design; (but I generally don't like DS's gameplay so I won't get into that ;D ) still given the way it was all pulled off here I see it as a good flavoring to the map design. Anyway, good job with this map again fellas and to anyone who hasn't played it yet I'd recommend giving it a goo :)
  6. Fonze

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    This is what I got from the OP:
  7. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Is this something that can be eventually applied to non-vanilla ports or how limited is this this far?
  8. Fonze

    why was the master/slave thread closed?

    Yes he is and so are you genericcacodemonnumbernumbernumber.
  9. <3 some zan zan maps ^^
  10. Fonze

    Kakuro Puzzles

    I only wound up trying a short couple, but I didn't really get into it. Killer sudoku is certainly an interesting twist on sudoku, but I've done literally thousands of sudoku puzzles at this point and have grown tired of that form of puzzle; it just doesn't seem to offer the same level of logic I want in a puzzle, being more tedious in its design of meticulously and repetitively going through, number by number, columns/rows/boxes. That's not to downplay sudoku though; I've had a lot of fun with it over time and a love for it got me into kakuro.
  11. Fonze

    Kakuro Puzzles

    Bit of a bump for this thread, but I figured this was cool enough to share; despite being close to the end this puzzle is still proving to be tricky: Looking at the long, vertical column on the left side of the puzzle with clue 37: Honestly brute force on the 2 squares with only 2 options would get you to the end, but this is also logically solvable without guesses: On a random note, I need to stop using the red color on these puzzles, so idk if that is legible, but I'll retype it out here: - From the clue itself and number of boxes it fits into, we know it is missing 2 numbers that add up to 8. (45-37=8; 7 boxes used so 2 numbers missing) This leaves the possible combinations of numbers that are not present as: 1,7; 2,6; or 3,5. On the flip side, 4, 8 and 9 must all be present. - We have a 2 in the column at the top; this means that there must be a 6 in the column. If my notes are at all to be trusted, then all even numbers are present, and none of them are in the red box. Speaking of the red box: from strategies outlined in previous posts here it should be clear that it can always only equal 12, even without notes on the possible answers. (16+7-11=12) - Math time: 37-(2+12)=23. Remember all even numbers are present and 2 has been used already; 23-(4+6+8)=5. This means both 5 and 3 must be present, while 1 and 7 are not used at all. - This gives us a 3,9 for the red box straight away, as well as solves the rest of the puzzle.
  12. Fonze

    Slade 3 For Android

    The thought of buying a mouse, keyboard, and monitor for a smart phone seems kinda like getting to the point of "... wow lol why didn't you just buy a laptop?" On-topic I think these programs would be cool to have; I'll patiently wait for the-heretic-assassin and bit3s to learn how to be more useful than "ideas men" and how to create their own program that will accomplish this.
  13. Fonze

    "Not The Cacowards"

    ^ good in that case I'm copyrighting The Cacophonies ;D
  14. I didn't say "complete the challenge," but hey I guess you as the world's greatest contrarian are also it's greatest reader huh? Read the portion of my post you literally quoted. As for the ad hominem you took out of your post: why bother? I'm not taking mine out; tell me how you really feel. I'm not gonna say I feel particularly great about myself for my earlier post, but I did so to try to give pan a wake up call. I guess it went over some people's heads and they thought it was straight grilling, but wake up calls are rarely pretty and I wouldn't have bothered to make good points if my goal was simply to put Pan down; anybody who has even a fleeting interest in Doom mapping is good in my book. But let me ask a serious question here to you personally memfis: what favors are you doing this guy by encouraging him when his path leads to only more, unrespectable maps that he will literally have to continue to pay people to play? Does that seem like a path you should encourage somebody to walk, because you've done nothing but encourage this poor guy who doesn't know any better to keep on this current path, which he has stated he wants to do now. Good job and all that, but do you seriously have any logic behind your actions or is this all just an incoherent effort to spread general chaos?