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  1. Impromptu Minidido

    I love this idea; I'll make an area if I can make the time. Won't claim any tag numbers yet tho.
  2. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looks like the orange iguanas beat out the green monkeys and blue baracudas.
  3. Hardcoded behaviors for Doom objects for DEHACKED

    From what I've learned, the monster's-added-from-Doom-2's projectiles all have a hard coded ability to trigger monster-activated walk-over linedefs. Love this thread though :)
  4. Abandoned Community Projects

    I love the idea of this thread as far as a general place to link to while trying to explain to newcomers why cp's started by nothing but an idea are generally doomed before they begin.
  5. zekhmet community project - let's map!

    I may try to make a speedmappy thing for this if I can find the time. <3
  6. I didn't really mess with weapons tbh, my main focus was on replacing monster frames to make space for new monsters, which kb1 and I were hex-editing to add additional functionalities, but from what I understand it's fairly rigid. It has its uses, but it's not without its drawbacks; we noted that after editing even a few, select frames, other frames wound up messed up that we hadn't touched, such as a weapon spawn becoming a monster, and that was even with the correct version. My verdict was that it wouldn't accomplish on its own the changes I needed for my mod, so I stopped looking into it in favor of mapping instead. Maybe by the time I'm done making maps for the mod, better tools will be available.
  7. I like the idea of using dehacked to make interesting mods for Doom, though I've never really messed with it myself. I have messed about with Heretic's flawed version, HHE, but haven't done too much with it given its lack of support and it being a general pain in the butt to use. Using the program itself isn't too bad though and is actually kinda fun. Would love to see an HHE that doesn't have the same problems as what we have now, and hopefully following that some more Heretic mods using it, which would then lead to better port support as well.
  8. doom mods can be fun

    Punctuation and grammar used, 0/10
  9. Sunday Doom reviews by Eric Buck

    <3 Bob, keep doing what you do. Also best wishes to Eric; y'all have been holding up DWS for quite some time now and much respect for that.
  10. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    My solution for nonorthogonal octagons is 2:1,1:3,... around the sides; it's very close to perfect.
  11. infinite lost souls yes or no?

    I was talking about that.
  12. infinite lost souls yes or no?

    Lost souls should never be limited; all it takes is a smart player and one PE early in a level to break the functionality and therefore threat level, which can alter the make-up of encounters drastically, to render all subsequent PE's useless. I guess that it would favor then small map designs, but for larger maps this makes PE use later on unreliable. As Gez said, raven did it right with gaspods, but since we only have a hard limit per map, the limit should be removed and PE's should retain their status as generally high priority targets, which when they are used right works well to let an encounter develop around players as they clean up the PE's and some lost souls. Lost souls themselves are truly beautiful enemies to round out encounters because of the way they function, so nerfing their numbers only hurts large maps, though of course mappers can always still place more than 21 lost souls, if they don't mind their PE's being self-nerfed.
  13. Nice, I figured that vc took up a good chunk of that and even then it seemed really high, so it was cool to see the other responses here narrow it down to more accurate numbers. On that note, I wonder how different data usage is on discord's vc as compared to skype. Given there were 2 of us in the vc, that would put it easily above 70mb for the time we played, if discord is similar to skype. I also have to wonder if vc use is the same per person always, or if activity impacts the amount. Cool to know doom is so economical on data use tho!