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  1. Way to take the high road after posting this: You were free to take it to pm like NaZa did, but you wanted the last word so I'm going to perpetuate this derail, as I cheekily apologize profusely for my part in this. My point was simply that your comments were not necessary in this thread in the first place and only served to stir up drama with their wording. Having 3 sessions a month won't kill speedmapping; it'll strengthen it. Just keep running your sessions and regardless of whether-or-not they take a hit in participation now (which I suspect they won't) over time participation will go up; just stay consistent. Consistency is reliability and that can be trusted. Just keep up what you're doing, as you are doing good, but stop with the constant stream of self-pity because it gets old as a clear means of asking for attention. For the record, I want to see both eagle and pigeon sessions continue and thrive over time as they are overall a good thing, it's just the leadership that leaves something to be desired, and even there it's not a huge thing if consistency is present. To put things in perspective, however, if I started a speedmapping event I would expect 0-1 other participants other than myself, so don't beat yourself up on other's participation like bonnie did, just be happy with your own work, as others' work isn't yours anyway (regardless of who's name is the "leader" in the credits; work is shared and knowledgeable people apply props as they're deserved, not just to the first name). And especially for you haruko; you're improving as a mapper and leading the pigeon sessions will be good for you if you just keep at it and don't give up. You can do it; you're skilled enough for it and you have the potential for even more growth. I look forward to your next map; it'd also be nice to see both you and NaZa make maps for this event, and ultimately that'd be better PR for your own events. Keep em up :)
  2. Omg, lesser known person who hasn't built a trusting name for themselves makes an event which isn't taken seriously, more-so after another session proves that trust shouldn't be given out on a whim; oh the humanity. Stfu about the bird sessions in this thread which has nothing to do with them you two drama queens. Just continue to hold your sessions and eventually people will trust them more; 3 and 7 are way smaller numbers than 31................................. but of course posting up drama in this unrelated thread only solidifies the image of why your sessions are not to be trusted.
  3. Hell yeah sid, I hope to be able to attend!
  4. I think kb1 pointed it out to me when I was having problems with similar things in a wip from a bit ago: (good thing to know for setups like these too) IIrc a couple of these still need to be fixed
  5. Possibly just move the platforms/sectors around a bit to better suit the 128 grid and give it another try.
  6. He got tons of maps and drug his heels in playing them for a couple months. That said, I thought one of the goals of the project was that mappers start their maps after the contest started, so that everybody has equal time to work.
  7. "Finished" my JoM5 map; after 5 hours I just don't feel like really detailing it, so it's ugly state will reflect my poor time management:
  8. Not gonna lie, zandronum would be a sweet addition, just for the mp capabilities, but skulltag is a dead port not worth anyone's time.
  9. If you dont want to use the command prompt, then just download an ftp client and connect to idgames using anonymous as your name and your email as your password. Navigate to the correct folder and drop off both zip and text files, then send an email to confirm you're basically not a robot. If you really want to make the interface a bit easier at the cost of a bit more prep work, you can even use a free ftp app on the phone from the play store. This is all located within FAQs here already, and steps can be followed one-after-another in a check-list fashion. Take it from my approach: you dont need to learn how to do it, just follow the list and don't make things more complicated than that have to be, this process is much akin to following a new recipe while cooking.
  10. That's true to a degree, but in favor of time some medium-to-longer levels, even reasonably balanced and not "hard" ones, are casually more fun with saves, assuming the player exercises their willpower enough to strictly stick to a restriction, such as once every 20 minutes, or 5/10 for that matter on a tough map, decided at least before the first save and stuck to, but once it devolves into save scummimg it's a loss in my book. However, that doesn't account for the question of whether-or-not the start before that first save was a good start. As an example, in suitepee's stream of my jom4 map he saved after both awakening all the monsters up top above the starting point and jumping down back to the start, which made his every load tougher and more tedious (less fun for him, the player) to "clean up," because mosh pit up top and I'll admit the water path might have been a bit too tight and unconventional for the average player. So long story short: saves made his experience worse even though he only saved a minute into the map. Sometimes it's best to just restart a map and it's important for players to always have that as a possibility in-mind; same goes very much so for lowering the difficulty from UV-or-Bust to Reasonable. With that said, I'll accept that a save 20 minutes, or even an hour, into a large map might make the experience worse for the player, but time is also a factor in fun as a concept, and repeating things is far less fun to do when players think of time, so in the end it's relative to the player and their situation to decide, but let's just all agree that save-scummers should be looked down upon from soap boxes on high ;p Perhaps it'd be a nice thing to include on a text file if saves should be used with caution or whatever for future maps.
  11. Guys, plants don't move, they're not aliv-- 🤤
  12. ^ The dmstuff discord no longer exists; it is now the snsf discord and sees most of its activity in the form of fetish porn being posted in the nsfw channel. Apparently this type of behavior, plus harboring the likes of metalguy, mifu, and doomjoshuaboy is less toxic than allowing a3 goons like decay in. Who knew?
  13. Lol <3 We need to HereDM again soon :)
  14. E1m8 wouldn't make for an effective use of barons in a modern sense; you can kill both before the pinkies even get close enough to block a rocket.
  15. Yes I saw it; I'm excited to try it out online some time :) Excellent job with both of these