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  1. Nice Jimmy; glad to see a new session :)
  2. ... Right benjo. And I think your cheapening of good advice is unhelpful. 40 just said use them sparingly, everennui brushed the comment off, and so I reiterated the point, using the same dismissive tone as everennui, that 40's advice is the right advice. I'm all for trying something different, but we have to be real about what is going on and what difficulties that approach is going to have to face. Don't encourage somebody learning to ride a bike to jump 10 busses at 100 mph. Start small.
  3. 40's advice is correct and you'd do well to not brush it off. Best of luck that you don't wind up wasting time making something nobody will play as you compete with the thousands of other zDoom mods.
  4. Heh
  5. 1 2 3 4 (above qwerty, not numberpad) and backslash keys all stopped working on my laptop today... gonna be some rough DM matches for the days to come until I can figure this out, heh.


    On-screen keyboard and external keyboards have no problems, drivers updated, uninstalled, and reinstalled, last windows 10 update was 5 days ago... I think it's a hardware issue, but from what/how is a head-scratcher... I didn't drop it, didn't get it wet, and I don't abuse my keyboard.


    Here's to hoping Dell's customer support will do me right; very glad I dished out the extra money and sprung for good coverage.

    1. torekk


      Make sure to backup everything before sending it to Dell, seeing as that's propably all they'll do, if even.



    2. YukiRaven


      I saw "1 2 3 4" and I instinctively sang this in my head.


      Sounds like a hardware issue to me, and one that's very similar to what happened to a keyboard attachment for my old tablet.

    3. Fonze


      Yeah, backing things up is a good idea, though I don't think they are going to want me to send this in. They are 'sending out replacement parts' (whatever that means), but I also bought the 'premium' service thingy so I have next-day onsite service after remote diagnostic... which I'm curious to see in action, tbh.


      Also, add to that the 7 and 9 keys on the numberpad and the Windows key, which means I can't record anything until this is fixed... lame. Though I'm sure there is an alternative path to start recording if I look hard enough. 


      Dm'ing without being able to directly select the SSG is meh at best, especially when servers force weapon switch or allow weapon firing to block autoswitch, though to be fair once again I'm fairly sure there is a bind select weapon console command in ZD (can't rebind through the menu); gotta look around for that.

    4. Marnetstapler


      Obviously the solution is to play Doom with the onscreen keyboard.

    5. geo


      1 2 3 4 git yo woman on the floor.

    6. rdwpa



      1 2 3 4 (above qwerty, not numberpad) and backslash keys all stopped working on my laptop today... gonna be some rough DM matches for the days

      Well 5 is working, you know what that means. :) 


      Hope this sorts out for you, computer troubles are always annoying. 

    7. Dragonfly


      Conflicting issue here, heh. I wanted to 'acknowledge I've read this and feel bad for you' without really saying anything, as everyone's said everything there is to say, but I don't "Like" the fact your keyboard's broke, so liking it would be... wrong? :P


      I guess as a temporary solution pick up a cheap 'n cheerful USB keyboard somewhere?

    8. silentzorah


      Oh no, not Dell... Their customer service is total garbage.  You'd be better off buying and installing a new keyboard.  Bastards screwed over my brother on his extended warranty - Even though he didn't damage his computer, they refused to cover it.


      Next computer you buy, consider not giving Dell your money.  :(

    9. Dragonfly


      +1, in fact, consider building your next machine, however many years down the line that may be. :)

  6. Nicely done Cell; it looks great! I'm trying to figure out (without opening DB) how you did that; did you make a new texture for the silver portion, with transparent 'holes' in it and have the back sector (containing the blue textures) glow? I don't see how this could be done with purely vanilla assets (though that has little impact on how impressive the finished product is).
  7. @Voros Can you provide a link to that? A quick, simple search of amazon shows one D-Touch app from beloko games. Tbh downloading this is the absolute worst and most inconvenient part about this app; void phone's warranty and get stuck with whatever version you get puts a major stain on what is otherwise an amazing, beautiful, and useful piece of work. I have been dreading this day since I realized I couldn't update the app to a more recent version; I didn't see anything useful when I found that out and now that it's here I don't see anything useful again. Hopefully beloko will show up some time soon, but waiting with no signs of anything is stressful, even on a minor thing, like a game. Though to be fair it has been less than a day and those feelings won't kick in until at least a week from now; forums take time. Tbh perhaps this should have been a PM to @beloko, because I'm pretty sure there is nothing I'm missing, though if there is I would greatly appreciate being notified of being blind.
  8. I actually started keeping a 'desktop' tab for YouTube open on my phone at all times for other reasons, but this is a good reinforcer to the habit. I'm glad things turned out well for you Dk; that's such bullshit.
  9. This question has already been answered multiple times in multiple formats.
  10. If I ever make a DM clan this will be its name and I would require all members to practice their rocket-play regularly. Join clan RIC and get wRIC'd.
  11. This is more of a DoomWorld (or internet in general) thing than a Doom thing, but I can't stand it when people post pics of stuff that 1: isn't their own work and 2: without context, credits, or any indication that: it isn't their work, who's work it is, or where it's from. Then people like the post... kek. Personally, I'd 'like' posts like these too if the posters simply were to say, "was playing Doom, thought this looked cool," or, "found this in a pWad," or "check out this from MAPxx of xxxxxxxx.wad." Like sharing screenies is pretty much always a good thing, especially for inspiration, but to just put one up with nothing around it (even just context from previous posters, for that matter, would be enough) begs the assumption that this is your work. A really stupid thing to be a pet peeve, I know, but something about it just rubs me the wrong way.
  12. Heretic>TNT>Plu>D2>D1>D64 Tbh I didn't like D64 much at all. Partly for the music (or lack thereof) and partly for the gameplay differences.
  13. Salt helps to bring the flavor out of the meat and that meat was quite flavorful; I could feel my arteries harden as I neared the end ;)
  14. You're right geo, they're so much better after you've felt their burn ;D I had mortars go off less than 10 feet away from me before, fun times heh. Pro tip: always wear leather; check hair first. I'd like to hear a longer version of that story, btw :) Also, I'd like to know what a professional firework is (aside from maybe a firework that uses an eletronic fuse out-of-the-box).
  15. Lotta people don't know this, but the walls are ths true enemies of Doom, and they kill me with my own rockets quite often ;D