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  1. Awesome; will have to play these soon!
  2. Fonze

    Post your Doom textures!

    Yes you should fuzz!
  3. Fonze

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    Agreed! That's why slaughtermappers do lots of enemy placement :D I'd also like to note that if slaughtermaps made by people who don't normally make (read: have experience making) slaughtermaps are your intro to the genre then you've done yourself a great disservice.
  4. Fonze

    Craving some piping hot duck for dinner

    Yeah that's upsetting to see that not only were those sprites made with that as their lump name, but also that it hasn't been renamed yet??? I like the idea of having tons of skins for people to be able to have many choices on a character to play, and it also makes dm's more fun when everybody is a different character, but it is a shame that casual racism hasn't been stomped out more by this point. That aside, as far as the duck sprites go, I'm glad somebody else linked the resources, as I wasn't sure if they were publicly sharable after findind them and was awaiting an answer. @Grain of Salt I'd like to see your hud paired with that duck-sprite. Maybe one day we can reach singularity with a fully animated duck hud, sounds, and skin set :D
  5. Fonze

    Craving some piping hot duck for dinner

    It's part of the pack of skins used with TNS. If nobody else links it to you or you can't find a server to download it from, I may be able to find it on my comp after work. Also quack.
  6. Very impressive stuff as always Dragonfly! I look forward to playing this soon :)
  7. It's astonishing that 27 maps of this quality and with variety in their design can be made in just 9 days; impressive show of mapping chops and creativity! This is a reposting of my thoughts from the discord: And a couple playthrough videos:
  8. Fonze

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    Linking this from the zdoom forums since it is related: From: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=61911&start=15#p1078902 My recommendation is to look for only nvidia cards in the future for gzdoom playing, as that seems to be the only card being optimized for the engine at this time. Honestly Idk that I would be among the first to gamble on vulkan support either.
  9. Fonze

    Which Video Card is better for GZDoom??

    Iirc Gzdoom isnt built with AMD gpu's in mind, so they are notoriously unoptimized.
  10. Fonze

    Marble1.wad - my new project

    Hey Pablo, glad to see you still making maps :) I gave this map a quick run through and I agree with Misty and Leo. I also want to strongly suggest that you consider more the gameplay of your maps; I know your main goal is creating the spaces but considering the gameplay will also help you to get better at creating more interesting areas. Moving on to your focus here: even in terms of a "realistic" design nowhere is this flat and barren realistically. That's not a good line of logic to follow for doom in the first place but even for your use I think you would be better suited to add height variation and more intricate designs to your maps than to make more flat stuff like this. As Misty also said study the works of others; look for accomplished mappers who make the types of maps you like, and figure out what they did and didn't do to create the end result you see. I do want to note that the last map I saw from you, the e1m2 map with the big structure in the middle you walk through, was far more interesting than this map, though ultimately even the height variation in that map was nonexistent relative to individual areas and the cramped-ness of the map didn't make it fun to run around or navigate. But it was the best-looking and most interesting of the maps I've seen from you :) Moving back to this map: aesthetically the most interesting area was the room with the shotgun pickup, as it implied more than any other area of the map; there was stuff going on that couldn't be immediately seen in the form of a supposed height variation and the large pillar blocking the view. Aside from that the starting room had the most interesting shape to it. The gameplay needs to be commented on: I liked that you repopulated the map with imps after the shotty pickup to account for the backtracking; that was the most fun part of the map. That said, I didn't enjoy any of the rest of the map's gameplay, and even the imps were only token resistance at best. The lost souls I either infought or ran past; o infought some with a bull, and I 100% skipped the baron at the end. I realize gameplay is totally not your focus but keep in mind that gameplay can be used to accentuate the areas you build and the player's perception of them, as well as the amount of time they'll spend in each area. As a decent example, you can use the areas you build to conceptualize your desired gameplay meant to accentuate your visuals by using quick to mow through incidental combat for some of the more mundane areas and larger, more climactic encounters for the more grand, intimidating areas. On this same note of gameplay: thinking about it will also push you to incorporate more intricate designs to your areas, which will naturally push you to make more interesting areas to explore, rather than making flat maps. Interesting gameplay and interesting visual design overlap in a great many areas. Anyway, I've rambled long enough; glad to see more come out of you man and I hope this will be helpful to you as you continue to grow as a mapper :) One last quick question while it's on my mind, would you mind if I uploaded the map we collaborated on to the idgames archive?
  11. Good topic :) I think when we're all old and looking back on our lives what's gonna matter the most is that we had fun in the process. If seeking to be on the cutting edge or to be prolific is what is fun to somebody, then they may look back on a life filled with long periods of inactivity, even if wished to be otherwise at the time, as being good. However, if that is not one's goal then it is good to reevaluate priorities regularly to reflect what one values most, and if the fun of the journey is more valuable than the destinations, then it may be beneficial to just make stuff and have fun with it. Also agreed with nih; ultimately you just have to figure out what makes mapping worth your time and what's fun to you.
  12. Fonze

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    @ReaperAA when you compare professional companies that did all their work legally to some guy in his basement who did everything illegally and unethically it really makes you look like you have no idea what you're talking about. Any young blood it has brought into the community doesn't excuse anything nor make any of the wrongs okay or otherwise acceptable. The doom movie brought tons of new blood into the community without being racist and stealing work from others who made said work in their free time (for fun) and it was still garbage. That's mostly a joke but for a more serious analogy: would you be okay with accepting an amazing sandwich from me if you knew that I stole the bread from a homeless guy? Would the stated amazingness or any other accomplishments of the sandwich at all overshadow the unacceptable way I went about procuring the ingredients?
  13. Fonze

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    Any mod that steals assets and espouses racism is garbage. That said, why are you so into it that you need to defend it with fully capitalized words? Getting awfully worked up over an illegitimately distributed and morally reprehensible mod.
  14. Your map wasn't even banned from DoomWorld.
  15. Never mind all the better causes to donate disposable money to, I would love to see this money go towards paying artists for some more professional-quality doom resources. There are tons of talented artists on doomworld that already produce professional results; why not send the money their way so they can produce more?