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  1. <3 maddog and dk I miss our matches too :)
  2. Way to 2+ year necrobump to make an unfunny joke... smh This had me a bit curious, as I found armor to be more useful than not, though it has been some years since I last played doom 3, so I looked up an old thread here about armor being useless and found this: I thought it protected more than 20% but that's what these folks found at the time, though I found this person's take interesting as it notes that armor's usefulness is skewed towards higher percentages than 20% with damage values under 5, meaning that for the majority of the game when taking little hits, stuff like imps and zombies attrition you down over time to a lesser degree, which sounds about right with my memory on thinking about it. I like to look at armor in doom (and I suppose this would apply to doom 3, as well as any game with rng values for dmg and an item which cuts that by a percentage) as being something like an rng-cushion to allow for a slightly better amount of consistency in playing through an encounter. That all said tho, 20% is kind of a funnily small amount of protection, though I like that damage comes out of armor first (assuming these observations were accurate) to help with the more minor, and tougher to dodge, plinks the enemies take at you as you begin some encounters throughout the game. According to replies in that previous thread, armor protection was changed (or seemed to be) at some point in development from like a 30% down to its present 20%, so it's probable that it was noticed in testing and for whatever reason nerfed to balance out rather than the devs buffing other things for balancing, like enemy damage. With how drasticly small 20% is and with it also skewing higher for smaller damage amounts, I feel like this seems to be a more deliberate dev decision to create the type of gameplay they wanted to harbor, for better or worse. I suppose it is nice that armor tends to stick around (and is abundant) at all times, though particularly in NM difficulty. Perhaps it's more of a mental thing that players will play more confidently if they feel like they have some modicum of protection, not unlike how a spotter while weight lifting may not actually be helping, but if it looks like they are you feel like the weight is less and it helps you to keep it moving. While some people in that thread said they just changed the armor's protection value, I also liked this person's idea of balancing that change with a buff to enemy damage, though it would have been very interesting if they had also noted what values they found worked best for creating a new balance and trying to keep it in the same line as the established balance, but with more importance on having armor. For example, I don't think a straight, say, +30%/+30% to armor protection (to bring it to 50%) / and enemy damage, would work well; it'd prolly need to be more fine-tuned for that, and to me having weirdly skewed percentages for armor values can be interesting, such as doom 2's blue armor at 75% and doom 3's present armor at 20%, so maybe even the best bet wouldn't even be to shoot for an even 50% on attempts to rebalance. Idk just random thoughts, though a bit interesting to think about.
  3. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Yes it does have imp arms
  4. Fonze

    I need training maps

    It sounds like the OP is asking for dm maps, at which point I'd either ironically recommend shoot.wad or seriously recommend duel40, which thankfully also contains shoot.wad for the ultimate in aim training.
  5. Fonze

    Pistol start mod for ZDoom

    Mirror for the mod: https://www.dropbox.com/s/riqw662emjpdz2e/Mod Pistol Start.zip?dl=1 Will state again how helpful and complete this mod is, definitely worth having, maybe even on autoload.
  6. Fonze

    Classic Doom Difficulty

    As far as ports for MP, the main three that are designed for it (client/server) and actually used are Zandronum, ZDaemon, and Odamex, with popularity being in the order listed; you'll almost always find some people online on Zand. All are based around the zdoom family of ports, though Zand is the most advanced of the 3 and is based on somewhat newer versions of gzdoom, while Oda and ZD boast a play experience a bit closer to vanilla. Personally I have no preference between the 3, as all have their pluses and minuses, but regardless of what you end up preferring all are worth a try and it's good to leave options open regardless of your eventual preference so you will have more people to play with. For finding servers to play on, as well as hosting your own, I recommend (Internet) Doom Explorer. I use the old IDE but DE is just a newer version of it.
  7. Fonze

    Why is there no glitchless category?

    I think an important thing to note any time this type of discussion comes up is that categories and rules for speedrunning are created and perpetuated by the actual people that run them. Who decided you need to do x when you run y category? Probably you're favorite streamer. Additionally, there is a huge reason that this isn't a mob (majority) rule: if the people who don't and won't ever participate decide the rulesets for an activity that others actively take part in, what do you think that'll do to their fun levels and motivation to continue recording attempts? It's not unlike being the guy at a McDonald's asking for a salad. When they appease that they are only trying to get people into buying their stuff, which doesn't work because those people they are trying to appeal to will never shop there with any semblance of regularity to begin with. To bring this back to the subject at hand: if the rules were changed based on a poll by a bunch of non-speedrunners, sure those people that participated in the poll might feel happier about the rules, but the people creating the content to be watched (the speedrunners) would experience a detrimental hit to their fun wrt this activity, and slowly we would lose from our speedrunning community the very runners that have kept it alive for 20+ years, and the people who took part in the poll won't pick up speedrunning anyway. Additionally, this line of reasoning is more likely to lead to "official," rigid structuring on run classifications of runs that will lead to less different types of runs being attempted and more difficulty in creating new types of runs in the future. (after all if the people running these categories created them, yet all categories were not made on day 1, then clearly over time new categories are bound to pop up, and let's face it, the best way for a type of category to be validated is for some competition to be had with it.)
  8. Fonze

    Moving level/map from one wad to another

    If you use Odamex you can change wads while you play wocka wocka wo-- *gets caned*
  9. Fonze

    Whats your favorite animes

    I was at a friend's house and watched most of the first season of Baki on netflix; that has quickly become one of my favorite animes of all time now. It's just so rediculous on another level and literally everything has a big, over-in-depth explanation to it, including character backstories, that I could eventually only laugh at the amazingly exaggerated nature of them all, but it's great just let it happen. I'm pretty sure everything is just bullshit filler in order to lead up to the next fight and present it's epicness properly, as it should be. Also the fights are over-the-top in such a way that the entire thing (including the previous point) reminds me of my love for old C-list kung fu movies made way before I was born, except way more gory and oh my god. Also has Spike and Vash as voices of somewhat main characters. Great show, very gory; would totally recommend. Looking forward to finishing the season, as well as whenever the second one comes out. May actually have to subscribe to netflix now...
  10. Fonze

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    I can see how a generalized term "mapper" can be applied to be something like a cook compared to a "level designer" being the chef, but I also have to agree with Yuki's point that it sounds a bit pretentious (also due to Jimmy's point of the latter sounding more formal) unless there is some reason for the distinction, such as if you regularly work as a part of a team and those split hairs between terms have a practical application, or if you actually do it professionally for moneys in the real world. That said, most of us are not classically trained from the culinary institute, nor are paid to do this so I'd say informal is more appropriate for us and this being a hobby.
  11. Do replies saying either not to do it or about unrelated things count towards the 10?
  12. Just want to post these random stupid doodles somewhere; not looking for any conversation.





  13. Fonze

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Feeling meh about my ugly, uninspired JoM6 map but at least I got something done and I think it's mildly fun to play ;p