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  1. I would love to see the following cadence: Year 1: New Game Year 2: New Episode/Expansion Year 3: New Episode/Expansion Year 4: New Game ABD -- Always Be Dooming.
  2. Plasma Gun

    DOOM Birthday Secret

    I actually found this on my first playthrough :)
  3. Plasma Gun

    Is looking for secrets via map cheating?

    Not cheating at all.
  4. Plasma Gun

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's "mein leben." http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mein%20Leben
  5. Wow, that sold for a pretty penny. Congratulations!
  6. Plasma Gun

    Operating table in the beginning

    Me too.
  7. Plasma Gun

    Doom on GTX 460 SE

    There is no way that a GTX 460 SE is providing a smooth experience at anything but extremely low resolutions. I also doubt that it'd hold up well in some of the more complex scenes.
  8. yeah, this seems legit. Nice product, OP -- thanks for sharing :)
  9. Plasma Gun

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    The original Doom had water, another argument against the whole "Mars has no water" thing :)
  10. Can you verify its authenticity? If you can, then I'll bid on it.
  11. Plasma Gun

    Worth Buying Now?

    Don't buy it, it seems like you don't want it. Why are you wasting forum space if you have already made up your mind?
  12. Plasma Gun

    user Malinku was murdered

    Fuck. RIP :(
  13. Plasma Gun

    Unreleased Doom Marketing Promos

    This one would have been perfect.
  14. Plasma Gun

    Should I get a PS4 or Xbox One for Doom 4?

    PS4 is probably better, but if you like PC gaming (and have a large library of PC games), you can get a gaming-capable PC for very cheaply these days.
  15. Plasma Gun

    DOOM - Free Update 4 Adds Arcade Mode, Classic SnapMap Modules

    Arcade mode is addictive. Very addictive.