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  1. Time to stir the controversy pot. By 8th gen, I mean games that have came out since the release of PS4/XBox1/Wii U+Switch. Wikipedia says it here. I feel like this gen sucks. Reviewing all the games I've had for each gen, there's barely any I can think of noteworthy for this 8th Gen. (I only have like 5 games for PS4 compare to the near 20 for PS3) Maybe it's just my gradual declining interest of videogaming, but I can't name a vast list of noteworthy titles as I could with the other generations. Even with including PC games released in this generation, I can't get as vast of a list as prior gens. Mind you, there's obviousn facts that GOOD GAMES still exist (Doom2016 is this), and will continue to exist. But the amount of hits I've enjoyed in 8th gen is rather low compared to gens prior. Like that good title achievement is become more and more difficult to find... I guess I'm an old fart. But this gen seems uninspiring. Maybe too many company meddling of microtransactions, incomplete games, neverending sequels, reboots, and other shit that plagued gaming as of recent.
  2. Potatoguy

    New locations - concept art discussion

    I hope this game doesn't have Doomslayer punching heavenly angels. Wouldn't make too much sense to me, since he's basically killing the mortal enemies of angels by the billions. Every Tuesday.
  3. Damn it. They should haved called it Doom Resurrection when they had the chance.
  4. Potatoguy

    The "BUT" Thread

    Well. I am quite satisfied of what I saw with Doom Eternal. Very satisfied. Especially motherfucking GRAPPLING HOOK SSG. WHOASHIT. This is a guarantee game for me to buy (unless the devs do a 1080 nosedive to controversial rock bottom), and I will suspect to love playing this game for a long time, as I did with Doom 2016. The gore detail along is a big plus for me, and I like seeing demons fall apart as I spew rockets, bullets, energy shots, and everything else onto demonic flesh. BUT. There's a but. There's always a but. When there's demons, there's "buts". And that's what this thread is about. A thread solely focus on critiques for Doom Eternal. For as we wish something is perfection, there is always a flaw to be found, that can hopefully be rectified. And I got my own but. Doom Eternal's gameplay looks fun as fuck. BUT, the game looks way too DAMN easy. From the entire time I was gazing at the gameplay, I noticed that the main player was having a very hard time getting hurt or punished by ANYTHING. I really love how powerful the Doomslayer has become in this sequal. Air dashes, shoulder-mounted weapon fire (that probably replaces the grenades), and much more vertical movement gameplay really makes the badassery the Green Armor Man already is be more profound more than ever. BUT it seems so easy now. Maybe the enemies are much more difficult than what it seems, because the player themself in the demo was a pro. But with the added dash and especially the grappling hook, the mobility of the Slayer was unmatched, even to the demons that are supposely the threats. I'm worried with the added dashes and movement from the SSG, it makes NOT getting hit by demons all too easy now. Pinkies have now become a non-threat, with the dash just letting you be a fucking Matador for their charge. Hellknights barely posed a threat from the footage shown, and getting up close to Cacos/Pain Elementals is pretty much a guarantee with the SSG grappling hook. Oh yeah, the SSG. Like it wasn't the best gun already. Look, I like the SSG. Nothing beats 2 full-blast shotty right at the face of a Baron of Hell. But its power was already an extremely powerful weapon that lots of players usually dualed with any other weapon during combat. You had Rocket Launcher, Gauss Cannon, and Plasma Rifle. But usually, you would switch to the SSG just for its sheer power and stun chance it does to ANYTHING. Now giving it a grappling hook? Another mobility option to approach and evade demonic onslaught? How could it not be a mainstay weapon to constantly switch to? I know I am coming off as nitpicking bitching, but my but has to be shown for other buts to be known. If you have your own BUTS to speak about, you can post it here. I know this Doom game will be a top 5 FPS of this year easily, but concerns must be stated. I just hope I'm wrong about my assumptions.
  5. Potatoguy

    Twice the demons?

    ....How? I get that in Doom 2016 we had a vast array of demons to slaughter. But they nearly filled the entire list of demons that existed in Doom 1/2. So how in hell (pun intended) will Doom Eternal have twice the demons, if there's only like a few left from the classic Doom to include? Ok, let me explain my confusion. In D4, we already got: Imps - Fucking Duh. Possessed Soldiers - The zombieguy replacements, i guess. Possessed Security - The shotgunguys, now 5 times as goddamn annoying. Lost Souls - Kamikaze motherfuckers, but alright. Pinky - Now only killable from behind. Spectre - Invisible, and just as annoying as ever. Hell Knight - Brawlers, and freaking awesome! Cacodemons - Why dem arms/legs, yo? Revenant - Doot. Mancubus - Now can jump 50 feet high? (Dafuq?) Summoner - Not an archvile. Baron of Hell - Best demon. Cyberdemon - Can't have a Doom game without him. Spidermastermind - Is that you, Olivia? And the new enemies from 2016, the Hellrazer, Zombies and Z. Engineers. Cyber-Mancubus is apparently another demon type, so it apparently counts. And the Hell Guards being the newest demon boss addition to the roster. So at minimum, we have around 16-20 demons already in D4/Doom 2016. So they want to have 32-40 demons in the next one? Is there even enough demons to fill that niche? It was already confirmed in the trailer that the Arachnotron, Archvile and Pain Elemental are making a return. And the Chaingunner can be an easy fan favorite to bring back as well. But that's only 4 demons. Including the Icon of Sin and the Mother Demon (yes, from Doom64. That game exists), that would make 2 extra demon bosses, adding to 6. So that still leaves around 10-14 demons remaining to fill. Where'd they gonna get the rest? I guess it can be easily done with just different versions of the same demon (On how they did Cyber-Fatso), but that would seem weak. New demons would always be welcomed, but I just hope they server their own mechanic important in the already spectacular array of demons we already have. Some of the multiplayer-exclusive demons seem awesome to have (Although how would Harvester and Prowler work). I have not played anything of Doom 3, so I am unsure what demons they can pull from there to include in this action-packed sequel. I don't know... It feels that they're going for quantity over quality. But I can (and hope to) be wrong on this. These are the guys that made Doom 2016 after all. What you guys think? Ya think they're just bluffing from the double demon count? Or will we have a good set of demons from the old game to fill the gap? What new demons would you guys want to see that would change up/add to the gameplay experience?
  6. Potatoguy

    DOOM 2016: The Board Game

    Ah, yes. The Doom 2016 Board Game. I have never played the original Doom BG, so i got no say to how good it is comparitively to that one. However, this game is freaking amazing to play with friends and family. Fast-paced, fun, and great at killing an hour or 3 of your time. Plus lots of replayability! I have played around 15 times with it, and it was always fun each playthrough! ....As long as you houserule the s@#$ out of it. See, this game, as amazingly fun as it can be, has a lot of flaws that I had to houserule just to make it entertaining and fair. I'm going to list the flaws I had with the game, and state the houserule I did to make the play enjoyable and fair to all. Starting with the biggest blemish that none of my co-players liked. TURNS ARE DECIDED BY LUCK. - The thing of shuffling demon and player cards in a pile, then drawing the top card deciding who goes first is a VERY UNFUN mechanic. I don't know why this is a thing. Why not just take turns sequentially, such as player goes, then demon, then player, etc. I really tried using this unique way of playing turns work, but it just usually ended up one side getting curbstomp by the other because of dumb luck. I guess this busted turn system counteracts the system of players having multiple lives, but it feels like a bandage on an amputation. I houseruled this by first trying RPS with the opponent to decide who goes first, and from there, the demonplayer sets the cards sequentially from who goes first (demon/player/demon/player). If there are an excess amount of demons, the demonplayer negotiates with the player on the turn order they wish to have (D/P/D/D/P) or (D/D/P/D/P) Marines have multiple lives. - This is a nitpick, but I don't like that marines have multiple lives. With the above rule set, players having mutliple lives was too OP on the player's part. Players can do a lot of shit with the cards given (especially when it's 1v1), and having to kill them multiple times in a normal turn-based system was proving too difficult. So I did the obvious one-life only rule. This is probably the best houserule given, since the game REALLY gets tense to having only a singular life. Planning ahead, taking risks for rewards, and going balls-to-the-wall is made much more impactful when you only got 1 life. Demons cannot go through portals. If there was ever a board-game version of the tactic "corner-peeking," this would be it. A friend of mines literally won a campaign doing this sh@#. You can jump through a portal, shoot, then jump back again into the hole without worrying demons following through. I don't know if the game allows move-shoot-move (the rules are kinda vague on that), so this tactic was possible, and annoying for the demonplayer. So the simple remedy of letting all demons, except the Cyberdemon, enter through the portals just as well as the players, worked. This made Barons really scary to tackle. Marines cannot decide their 2 weapon loadout. I probably read this wrong, but I see nowhere in the book that you can use a custom loadout. Like having shotty/super shotty, or static/plasma rifle. So the easy fix was just allowing such a thing. Super shotty and static rifle is pretty powerful, though. Plasma Rifle can use stuns without cost. I don't get why some of the default weapons require a cost, when 4 out of the 6 weapons don't have any to perform their abilities. Plasma rifle is one of them, requiring a cost to use the stun ability. So I just allowed usage of it free-willy nilly. The plasma rifle was picked more since this change. Burst Rifle can reroll once without cost. Same problem as above. Requiring a cost to use it's ability. Only other card requiring cost is the basic shotty, but the cost and return was worth the price (extra firepower without wasting a turn!). So for the burst rifle to catch up with the others, I houseruled the cost to be nonexistant. Demons can activate their abilites endlessly. This is probably another mechanic that may have been worded vaguely, but I don't remember there being a rule that demons can use their abilites just once a turn (mainly the Argent abilites). Because of this, some demons became much more OP than other demons, with special mention to Cacodemons and Possessed Soldiers. If the above rule existed, there would be Genji-counter Possesed Soldiers, Invincible Pinkies, Deck-milling Revenants, and the infamous Stun-locking Cacodemon. It took me and my coherts lots of debating on which abilities should be left to use infinitely, or once. But in the end, it was just much easier to make it that all demons can only activate their abilites once per demon, per turn. It still kept the threat of the demons in check, but didn't made them spamful as the above nicknames. Marines used all the resources of a card first before using another cards' resource. Again, vaguely worded about this, but it was a simple fix. With how there are cards that give movement points, and cards that gave actions, it was houseruled that you can stack movement points with mutliple action cards, but you can only use the abilites of the latest action card. Meaning that if you wished to move faraway, but use the super shotty at the end of the movement, ya gotta make sure to play that last, and not first. Else, the last card played will be your action of choice. So best not to leave the handgun card being the final action of choice. Objective and Threat cards are bonkers. Playing with a few of these cards with the houserules applied, and following their rules to victory or defeat, was a rather harsh excersize on both player sides. During the Asset Extraction objective, a single marine can carry all the objectives to the end. This one just made little sense. A single UAC marine carrying 4 hostages in their back while fighting a baron and 3 cacodemons. Yeah, no. Houseruled to only have one at a time. Made the match last longer, and more strategic (whether to bumrush the objective to the end, or blast all the demons present) Horde Mode: the demon player can activate 2 portals right from the beginning. This was ludicrious for marine players. All times with this rule on, the marines lost by being outnumbered. Way too many demons to slaughter, and the big threat demons came by fast, before the marines can armed themselves. So with this obj mode, it was houseruled that the first 4 rounds, the demonplayer can only open 1 portal, with the final 3 rounds allowing them to open 2 portals a. This felt more gradual and fair for all sides, while keeping the escalating threat of demons impactful. Assault Mode: you can only ready a Red Portal by slaughtering a player. This had to be houseruled since I had the one-life only rule for marines. In normal plays, to ready a static red portal (that summons high-tier demon waves), a player must be killed. All other portals in this mode (blue and yellow portals) could be readied by just spending a resource. So, to houserule this, I made it so that the Red Portal can be opened by using 2 Threat Tokens. Since 2 Blue Portals can be readied by 1 Threat Token, and a Yellow Portal can be readied by 1 Threat token, I just escalated the cost of readying red portals to be 2 Threat Tokens. Simple, easy, and quite demanding for readying it. Execution Event card can kill players with 8 damage. - This single card is the only event card out of 18 that needed a rework, mainly because it was too op in 1v2, or 1v1 situations, where there are less than 3 marine players. When there are less players, the remaining marine(s) get a health boost or added abilites. But with the simple condition of having a player with 8 damage on them, this meant that a 1v1 player can instantly die if they only had half health! (which was 15 total). So this was houseruled that the player must have 3 or less HP remaining for this card to execute. Lots o sh@# to fix, but it really made the Doom BG a very entertaining experience. Felt like I had to beta-test this thing just to make it fun and fair.
  7. Potatoguy

    A Summoner was somehow ported to Snapmap!

    Somebody get us the Cyberdemon in here, so I can spawn 12 Cyberdemons to get utterly butt-fucked by. Also 12 Summoners is a fucking bullet hell game.
  8. Potatoguy

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I still play Doom Snapmap. I guess this is a fact? I must be the few dozen people still making maps in that system.
  9. Potatoguy

    Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    I am damn surprised you guys took my long-winded explanation of BS as a genuine response! I don't know whether to laugh out loud of this, or willow in depression if Twitter's so fucked that my fake explanation can be possible.
  10. Potatoguy

    Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    [The word "thanks 'is a mental persuasion to the receiver that you are grateful for their actions. Therefore, the uttering of the word "thanks" shows very few semblance of gratitute towards the reciever. Gratitute is a positive feeling towards another individual, to which the positive feeling usually can lead to repaying the receiver in some way of form. That repayment can be that of sexual intentions. It is because of this reasoning, that the word "thanks" can have the possiblity to end in sexual intents, which can possibly lead to unwarranted harrasement for the receiver in question. Saying the word thanks is the first steps towards sexual harrassments, because of the positive feeling the word means to the receiver. And positive feelings can possibly lead to sexual harrassments. Through this reasoning, the new Twitter rules have now issued bots to automatically lock users that uses the word "thanks," in order to protect everyone in the site.] Beware of the word "thanks", folks. (this is a fake response, folks, i made it up)
  11. I did not knew that modding Doom 2016 was possible to the extend you can add stuff into Snapmap. Turns out it is possible, to the extend THE SUMMONER IS IN SNAPMAP NOW. Hell, I copied the bitch into my own map, and it was there! Killing me with wave attacks! (Unfortunate that it can't, well, summon) I really hope the Cyberdemon is somehow possible to chug in here too! Maybe even the Hell Guards and Mastermind! (Original post here)
  12. Potatoguy

    So what happened to Quake Champions?

    Yeah, the biggest complaint i've seen on QC was the champion mechanic they chugged in. Where you had different "characters" to pick that have varying stats and skills. This was probably the nail in the coffin of the game due to the fact that it undermines the skill-based legacy other quake games had. Instead of mastering the game mechanics of movement and aim precision, you now got to worry about a tier-list of characters, and pick "the meta characters" to win every fight. Where there are "counterpick" champions, if that is even a thing. This champion formula could have work on other games, but just not in Quake.
  13. Potatoguy

    What are you listening to?

    Recently playing KF2, and listening to Demon Hunter's collection. They're pretty sweet! Kinda sour that this kinda music wasn't in Doom 2016, but i'm being nitpicky.
  14. Potatoguy


    I have never played Half-Life. Not a single one. Is that a bad thing? Others with me that they never even touched Half Life?
  15. The game kinda died off in hype and popularity, from what it seems. It currently sits at a mixed review score in Steam, and I barely hear anything about it. What went wrong with it? Did anything go wrong? Is it good?