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  1. Potatoguy

    Project Warlock

    I think I may try GOG out for the first time just to give this game a spin. (Why it ain't on steam though...?)
  2. Potatoguy

    Snapmap Legacy - A Steamgroup honoring the forgotten...

    Alright, so I fucked up right off the bat with having maps acknowledged through announcements. Unlike subforum topics, announcements will not collapse to a smaller, readable format for cataloging purposes. Meaning that its gonna be a chore to skim through all the announcement posts for maps if I keep posting maps in that format. So to solve this, I will just have "Best of Snapmaps" be its own new subforum to visit to in the steamgroup, rather than be an announcement post. Announcements will just be there to, well, announce. Hall of Fame catalog will remain the same, along with the other pages. This edit will be done by the coming weekend. Oh, and if anyone was curious, these were the "Best of Snapmap" in those announcements. A N T I V I R U S by JRCrash (The map's screenshot can be seen above) Code - BVS453EB Genre – Story, Custom Geo, Hard, Lives Score – 4.5 Stars (Gameplay 5; Design 6; Tech 3; Sound 3; Difficulty 4; Unique 5) Summary – Custom Geo brilliance with nail-hard gameplay and fun plots in a half-hour plus long ride! Special enemy type at the end! Power Surge by Born2Steal Code – YC7QTPZ7 Genre – Story, Campaign-Like, Mechanic Score – 3.5 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 2; Tech 4; Sound 3; Difficulty 3; Unique 4) Summary – A power-scaling trip from weak-sauce to chaingun monster, with matching difficulty! Excellent checkpoint mechanics and solid final-act! Doom 64: Watch Your Step by Spindleshanks Code – PQGFEV7E Genre – Hard, Custom Geo, Revival, Music, Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 6; Tech 3; Sound 4; Difficulty 3; Unique 4) Summary – Reimagining of Doom 64's map with the same name, and nearly the same action! Incredible room creation with intense combat and custom music to boot! Memento Mori Machina by @Chezza Code – MZU97UHF Genre – Story, Campaign-Like Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 4; Tech 4; Sound 4; Difficulty 3; Unique 4) Summary – A solid campaign-like map with many secrets and encounters with varying objectives! You even get to kill Vega in an entertaining plot! Agartha by Void Runner Code – DN8TQSR5 Genre – Custom Geo, Hard Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 6; Tech 3; Sound 2; Difficulty 3; Unique 4) Summary – From restaurants to open chapel finale, the custom geo is to be awed here! Gameplay is very tough, and secrets and fun in numerous quantities! T H E D E R E L I C T by IRON BISHOP L85 Code – FGWK8TFK Genre – Horror, Story, Hard, Mechanic Score – 4 Stars (Gameplay 4; Design 4; Tech 4; Sound 5; Difficulty 2; Unique 5) Summary – A GOOD HORROR-THEME MAP, with an awesome reloading mechanic and incredibly-well done cutscene and ambience creation! Scary!! Teufel's Domain by Taylorhead Code – HSKFQ52L Genre – Custom Geo, Hard, Competitive, Mechanic, Bosses Score – 5 Stars (Gameplay 5; Design 6; Tech 4; Sound 4; Difficulty 5; Unique 6) Summary – SNAPMAP BRILLANCE. Full custom geo, timeless gameplay, hard and fun, bosses and competitive; it's GOT ALL THAT AND THEN SOME. Will probably post a new set of maps this weekend. Found some pretty awesome ones from searching randomly. Even one about a board game...
  3. Yes. I made a steamgroup dedicated to Snapmap. Sue me. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/snapmaplegacy I decided to create this steamgroup out of fustration. There has been a few amount of sites/groups dedicated to snapmap (so I'm not the first to try this). However, nearly all of those sites have either been lost through faulty links, or are no longer updated since many months ago. Now we know why this is the case; with how borked of a launch Snapmap has, and all the shit that festers in its search results on a common basis. And the complete lack of dev support for it that has been absent for a long time... It's to no surprise the fire for Snapmap has burned out. But it still saddens me. Every so often, I play a map that amazes me. Awes me on the uncountable amount of hours this must have took to create and perfect. On how such an experience is only possible in Snapmap, and not in campaign or multiplayer. Yet, these maps will probably never see the light of popularity and amazement they so rightfully deserve. And that's what this steamgroup is for. To honor what have been lost. Have them be remember for as long as this steamgroup exist. I'll try my absolute best to keep this regularly updated with a lot of cool shit. If that don't work, at least a steamgroup will exist cataloging the best snapmap has and will offer. Give this group a lookie. And recommend me some of the best of the best. We're gonna need to get as many as possible before Eternal takes all the glory.
  4. Potatoguy

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Maybe when Doom Eternal releases, we may see one final update for Snapmap (and probably all of D4, being the final update before full focus on DE post-launch). Tis a dream, though..... For now, we'll just have to look for some damn good snapmaps like Antivirus, or just make majesties ourselves.
  5. Potatoguy

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    I did an exact thread like this some weeks ago about the topic of games. It's not that nowaday sucks. It's more that we easily know when something sucks. Back then, we only had the word of news outlets, magazines, and pretty much word of mouth to tell us what sucks. It's why back then we usually only play the best of games or obscure games that no one heard of. Because you either picked the games that all the media told you was good, or just play russian roulette to see if hat videogame that had a cool cover was a fun game. NOW... finding out something sucks can be just a phone app away. The mass media explosion from internet evolution made finding out things very very easy. You can pretty much know when something sucks the moment the title is even announced. You can look up development history, past works, controversies, and practically all knowledge of the game from just browsing any social media software. Discord, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. etc. etc. Ya got so many ways to find out something sucks, that it just feels that everything sucks. Because you can find out suckage by just doing your everyday chore. Not to mention company execs as of recent are going for more money than lasting resconance. And something something SJWs. I do feel myself things didn't suck as much as they do now. But that's just because I'm wearing nostalgia sunglasses the size of a building.
  6. Potatoguy

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    I am a huge advocate of what Snapmap was. Still am, in some sense. I was one of the most dedicated Snapmappers back in 2016, and was only resurged to make maps again because I've discovered that a good friend of mines still play Snapmap. It sorta motivated me to get back on what I never finished, and improve my wave maps to upmost perfection. Back then I did a whole lotta shit surrounding snapmap. Be it helping on logic ideas, reviewing maps, attempt to hype things up, give announcement to updates and discoveries, and of course, whore out to get my map popular. It's why it makes me pretty sour that Snapmap won't be getting a continuation in Doom Eternal. Snapmap was SO CLOSE. SO CLOSE... to being what many dream of it to be. An incredibly modular editing tool, allowing full module creation, customizable demons, functioning campaign linking, with all weapons and mods of both SP and MP, and possibly the greatest function, a very creatable logic system with so many gamemodes and logics that can be completed if one was smart/dedicated enough to figure out the works. But it was not this, or even 1% of this upon launch. And so many fell out of its piss-poor presentation, that even when updates that corrected the mistakes were released, the damage has been done. Not to mention the overloading amount of garbage that piles onto the map browser, that finding a good map requires a lot of luck or incredible amounts of advertising. It... really is depressing how something that is pretty amazing now, is now a forgotten mode with only the most dedicated of snapmappers remaining. The sad thing is that Snapmap isn't entirely complete yet. There was just a few things missing to be whole but an update of it will never be completed, now that Eternal is the main focus. Just a few weapons remaining, a few mods left, some final props absent (like placeable doors, that would finally enable semi-modular creation), and even missing demons. The summoner was even a demon type that is confirmed to be part of Snapmap already; it's just not fully implemented. Probably won't ever be. I guess it would just be begging to ask the guys of Doom to make one last Snapmap update just to complete what was left. Any scrapped ideas just put in. So that we know Snapmap is finished or something...
  7. Doom Eternal looks sick as fuck. I am pissed as a virgin geek that there's no Snapmap, but sacrifices have to be made for what could be the greatest campaign of the decade. I decided to overanalyze the fuck out of the gameplay trailer shown in quakecon, to see what can be dugged up from what we have been shown. Some of the things are damn obvious, while others may not be so, and even surprised me. Anyway, here is my analysis of the gamplay footage. Screenshots and images will be added when I get the opportunity. Doomslayer is thicc. Like really fucking thicc. Although it seems the armor he’s wearing isn’t modified or improved. It seems more repaired. The blade-mounted left arm has a different armoring fashion and color scheme compared to the green hue the Praedor armor had before. It’s as if the previous armor of the left arm has been ripped off, and someone created new blade-including armor in replacement, but in not the same style. The shoulder-mounted armament seems to bare this resemblance with it. This is probably because of the events of D4’s ending, of when our thicc boi was teleported away to an unknown place. Probably hell or a demon-infested hellhole, where his suit may have been badly damaged. The Super Shotty is not the same one found in D4. Heck, it may not even be from Earth. There’s runic markings on the side barrels and on the grappling hook attachment. The design of it seems more goth-like that western-like of the D4 version. The bandaged hilt, the sharp curve at the butt, and the bluntly rectangular framework makes it seem… hell-like. :P The same can be said for the Rocket Launcher, that is obviously a more hellish design than the UAC counterpart from D4 The entire time of watching the trailer, the BFG is strangely absent. Now this shouldn’t be something of note, but I like to point it out anyway. The BFG was revealed pretty early on in D4’s gameplay trailer. Yet in D5/Eternal, it seems to be entirely missing. I wonder if there’s a story-critical reason as to why Now for some gameplay examination, starting from the Hell on Earth portion. The helmet has had its startup visor altered. More hellish symbols, weird runic writing, and a distinct lack of a VEGA logo on it. Where my boi VEGA at? :( From what we see of the HUD’s information, the player is as a mid to end-tier levels of statistics. He has around 7 fuels of Chainsaw, 150HP, and many modifications and weapons ready and loaded. This could be just for the trailer’s sake, but the badassery seen in the gameplay (both in HoE and on the Phobos Base) are of encounters that are probably of the latter half of Doom Eternal. There could be a chance that the air-dash mechanic is a later mobility option not available at the start, just like the double-jumping of D4 was unlocked 5-6 levels later. Take my words with a grain of salt, though. For this could all be just for presentation and not representative of the final product. The Super Shotty has the grappling hook mod. Fucking duh. But it seems to also have another mod behind it too, that is not shown. It wouldn’t make much sense to include a hook icon for the SS if it is the only mod available for it. So there could be another mod for the SS that we may have to experience once the game is release. (Quad-barrel mod? :3) Also the SS uses 1 shotgun shell shot instead of 2. Could be of a stat improvement, like in the last game. (where max-leveling the SS makes it shoot twice, etc) It also seems the shell count for the SS and the Combat Shotty are different. When the combat inspection occurs, pay close attention to the ammo count. It seems to change from 29 to 59 quickly. Doomslayer is the Kool-Aid man. Knocking down walls n shit. Neat new feature, and could possibly be a mechanic used to hide secrets behind walls. Walls you have to punch down that are not obviously telegraphed as in the trailer. So you may need to hump every wall once again to see which one needs thrusting through. Just like the old days… Enemies can also smash through some walls, as we see the Pinky do so in the HoE level. Corpses still disappear. Sorry, guys. The HoE level may take place somewhere in the EU. Why I say that? On the first Mancubus fight (where it is glory-killed), you can see the logo EU Bank behind the flesh-tower. It could be hard to see, but it’s at the top of the screen during that little fight. Can be seen again in the Lava segment. The destroyed store after the first Mancubus encounter says Bailey & Sans/Sons. Any reference majors here? Obviously, there are 2 new enemy types introduced that seem entirely original to D5/Eternal. The flying imps, and the zombie with a gun. Not the possessed soldier, the zombie shambling about with a strapped-on weapon on him. There’s vaulting with pipes. Very yellow pipes. Also yellow flesh columns too are vault-able. Ammo items have had their appearance altered. Rockets have their own singular shells, like the old days. Armor and Health has also been changed, with the nostalgic blue potions and the medikits making a return. Actually, a lot of D5 is paying tribute to the old Doom games (maybe a bit too much, to pandering degrees). Enemy designs like of the prior incarnations, colorful environments, old ammo/pickup appearances, etc. The Combat Shotty has had an obvious redesign, and the mods have been improved. The Grenade Shot now can stick to enemies, and the defunct triple-shot mod has been replaced with the gatling-esque mod that allows full shotty decimation without any need of pumping! The Heavy Assault Rifle has had an obvious redesign, and the Scope mod now has a charge function behind it. A circular reticle seems to be refilling itself after each shot, possibly increasing damage the more it is completed. Hellknights have eyes. What in fuck? Ya got a shoulder-mounted weapon. Did I forget to mention? This seems to replace the grenades you had back in D4, do not interrupt weapon usage, and you can now cycle through them whilst on cooldown. (I think this was already a thing though) The Logo MIXOM and Arrem Star appear, the latter after the first Pinky fight. Again, reference majors? The gameplay trailer seems to have footage spliced together. I just noticed this from when Doomslayer jumps from wall to wall. His armor and HAR ammo count alters. I did not notice it until I gave a careful examination through the trailer. Ammo and HP/Armor changes occur somewhat commonly in the trailer when giving another viewing. Here are all the instances it happens. When the first wall is smashed. There’s 2 less shotty shells When the wall climbing occurs. There’s a gain of HAR bullets, but the armor is reduced from 72 to 27. You take damage from wall-jumping? When thiccboi enters the green portal after getting the Rocket Launcher. This one is really obvious. A noticeably teleporter sound from D4 is used, the Armor count is raised by 10, and he’s instantly holding the HAR instead of the Rocket Launcher. I don’t know what’s with the video splicing. There’s even a break of the HoE trailer right after getting the Yellow Gore key. Why the changes of footage??? Did the player died a lot during recording footage? Is there things being edited out for reasons unknowned? Are these just bugs? Am I making conspiracies? One of these is true. There’s a flamethrower weapon for the shoulder-mounted armament. Seems to make enemies drop armor when they’re set ablazed and attacked. Neat! Aranchontron’s back. In case ya missed it. There’s lives here? Like Extra Lives??? Interesting…. The map’s HUD is placeholder. Unless the information of D4’s hud has been entirely removed for clarity sake, the D5 map hud (that only has a Demonic Corruption bar on it) is incomplete. It will probably be vastly improved on final release. It seemed to just appear on the trailer to just show the expansive map design of HoE. There seems to be a runic ball that gives a small passive ability like the runics of D4. The yellow one gained in the trailer allows a strong melee hit after a glory kill. Also the demo is played on PC. You can tell when the runic ball acquisition has a [SPACE] indicator at the bottom. There is a lava waterfall hazard in the 2nd half of the HoE map. Can be seen on the background moving to the left. Seems to be coming out of some hell pod. There’s multiple of these seen throughout. Vorus Technologies. Daerog. IVAN. E8. Reference Majors? :3 Here’s something fucked. The 2nd half arena of the HoE map seems to be an amalgamation of flesh and lava slapped together for fuck’s sake, right? NO. That entire fleshy structure is actually a gigantic Gorenest. You can see the opening of hell everytime the player looks up. The giant circular gate showing hell can be seen. Just like the Gorenests! The demonic invasion. Not the thing itself, but just the names of the “invading demons”. D00t76 and Daisy121. Funny. Alright, now that we’ve seen all of HoE, let’s cut to Phobos. BFG 10,000. O. K. HUMAN NPCs. ALIVE, TOO. Will they be a gameplay mechanic, or just for cutscene/non-combative instances? “Magaret/Modred said we should let them through.” Who could this person be? "WARNING. THE SLAYER HAS ENTERED THE FACILITY.” So it seems you’re a threat worthy of his own notification. Demon infighting! Now much more evident!! The Plasma Gun in the trailer has no mods attach on to it, so the enemy electrical explosion that occurs upon kill is a default feature. Here I thought it was a modded feature. There are those footage splicing again. This time at: When the first vent is broken through. Armor and cells go up a few notches. When entering the blue teleporter before reaching the baron. You can even hear the music dying out upon changing areas. 7 Armor is loss, and the plasma gets 150 cells THE BARON OF HELL LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING AGAIN. Sorry, I just love this asshole. The new Ballista. Seems to replace the Gauss Cannon in terms of functionality, and it has a mod that charges a bolt that then detonates onto the target. Neat toy, but I sorta miss the Gauss cannon… Fighting while the BFG 10,000 has its green aura illuminate the stage. Nice touch! The weapon wheel seems to be missing the Pistol, BFG, and Chainsaw icon. They could be just available on a different command. It also seems that all the guns have different ammo count, in particularly the Shotguns and Gauss/Plasma Rifle. They have the same ammo type, but seem to have different ammo count in between them. Archvile. And the Crucible sword is in the Slayer’s possession! Looks different this time around (more technological than gore-like from D4) This was all I was able to find during the trailer. There was probably other small details and obvious confirmations i left out. But from what we've been shown, not everything has been fully revealed. The BFG's whereabouts, VEGA's abscence, odd footage splicing, and many many names and callouts show that there's much more to the game waiting. If only we had a release date.
  8. Potatoguy

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Something I did like 2 years ago when Doom 2016 was the hottest shit.
  9. Got a weird trivia information about some game? Post it here! It's rather interesting to know some odd facts about a game. One that still gets to me is that Doom could have been an Alien-liscensed game first before it became the demon-popping simulator we all know and love/hate.
  10. Potatoguy

    snapmap best of the best

    God damn it, you beat me to making a thread like this... If one were to see my older Doomworld posting history, they would see how much I love the fuck out of Doom Snapmap. And it pains me so much that it will be discontinued instead of expanded upon in the sequel. I won't neglect purchasing Doom Eternal nonetheless, since the campaign is well worth the price of admission. But the lost of what was my most loving doom editing software does make me feel a bit sad. (IF i could, I'd have my title be renamed to something like "Snapmap Nerd." or something. :P) Through the entire time I played Doom, the first 50 hours was for the campaign, while the remaining 150 was with snapmap solely. And it's all been to make the greatest wave-based Doom gamemode out of the entire Snapmap catalog of shit. And I feel i reached that point with the final version of my wave maps. Absolute Damnation is still the best map of this formula, and i highly recommend a single playthrough with it for an idea. GETAAJVG It comes with an in-def shop system, 10 waves of hand-picked demon encounters, optional randomized events each wave, usable powerups mid-match, summoner as an enemy, difficulty settings, over 200 demons total to slaughter, and all sorts of replayability. Its rather imposing to see first-playthrough. But once you understand the ropes of it, you'll be guaranteed to play it so many times as i have. There's 2 other maps that are also finished, Scorched Ashes and Cryo-Genocide, all that can be searched with #potatoguy. Give it a look when you can. I hope you don't regret it. :)
  11. Potatoguy

    The "BUT" Thread

    Let's try not to get a thread about "buts" have some assblasting in it. One other I forgot to mention is the loss of Snapmap. But there's been an entire other thread about this, so i'll tell of my woes there.
  12. Potatoguy

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    Was hoping for more focus on rock in the sequel than the electro-rock we got for D4/Doom2016/DooM. Wasn't too much of a fan of it (although the hell soundtrack is goddamn fine). I hope to be pleased for this new soundtrack, though.
  13. Potatoguy

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    24 years of Cacowards would beg to differ.
  14. Time to stir the controversy pot. By 8th gen, I mean games that have came out since the release of PS4/XBox1/Wii U+Switch. Wikipedia says it here. I feel like this gen sucks. Reviewing all the games I've had for each gen, there's barely any I can think of noteworthy for this 8th Gen. (I only have like 5 games for PS4 compare to the near 20 for PS3) Maybe it's just my gradual declining interest of videogaming, but I can't name a vast list of noteworthy titles as I could with the other generations. Even with including PC games released in this generation, I can't get as vast of a list as prior gens. Mind you, there's obviousn facts that GOOD GAMES still exist (Doom2016 is this), and will continue to exist. But the amount of hits I've enjoyed in 8th gen is rather low compared to gens prior. Like that good title achievement is become more and more difficult to find... I guess I'm an old fart. But this gen seems uninspiring. Maybe too many company meddling of microtransactions, incomplete games, neverending sequels, reboots, and other shit that plagued gaming as of recent.
  15. Potatoguy

    New locations - concept art discussion

    I hope this game doesn't have Doomslayer punching heavenly angels. Wouldn't make too much sense to me, since he's basically killing the mortal enemies of angels by the billions. Every Tuesday.