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  1. Potatoguy

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    It's actually named Carcass. Official name of it came from the Stadia footage (albeit you need to find a 1080p version to see its name) Ah, here it is. At the 1:50 minute mark.
  2. Potatoguy

    Where's the archvile?

    Fucking some Summoner or something.
  3. I'm sure that's his old body. His new body is way way better now!
  4. Potatoguy

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Aren't punching demons enough entertainment? It's worked for OG Doom for 25 years and counting.
  5. Potatoguy

    Cyberdemon is back!

    They don't lag on uploading gameplay footage!
  6. Potatoguy

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Same opinion still stands. I really hope he's just visiting, or its a "fake" heaven Samuel cooked up.
  7. Potatoguy

    Cyberdemon is back!

    He looks so silly, though.
  8. I'm surprised a topic about it isn't here about it... Most of us here have heard about the Epic Game Store being a new up-and-running game store that seeks to rival Steam in its potential (It houses Apex Legends and Fortnite, so it's hard not to know its existence). It's now the 4th (5th? 6th) game store launcher in the market, with overloard Steam, that one launcher GOG, and recent whogivesashit Discord Nitro being its likely competitors. However, I've been pretty much evicted out from even trying this store out due to how much conniving and sneaky shit the store is doing. There's that whole thing of possibly stealing data from you without you knowing. The two times they got kickstarted games exclusively locked into their store, even when kickstarters where promised to have Steam versions. Just some weeks ago, they swiped Rocket League under their belt, with a possible chance of the Steam version going bye-bye or something. And now just this week, they're doing some shit with their sales making games in the deals pull out! Seriously Epic: WTF?
  9. Potatoguy

    I am so angry about this whole "Chinese voicemail" thing.

    So I wasn't the only one that got these goddamn calls... Weirdly enough, they say they're from California, where I onced lived at.
  10. Potatoguy

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Been awhile since I posted here. Here's some of my shit. (Artworks vary from time created)
  11. Potatoguy

    Potato's Eternal Gameplay Analysis

    Rebumped this post with added analysis of the Stadia trailer! Can be found at the first post! Some good shit!!
  12. Potatoguy

    Slight Problem With Snapmap

    Glad I can assist, even if you reverse engineered the solution yourself! :D Oh, and for pointers to testing out variables, I'd advise you have the HUD option enabled that shows you 3 variables on the top left corner. Have it displayed, then assign variables of your choice onto it. You can visibly see variable more quickly that way, to test things quicker.
  13. Potatoguy

    Slight Problem With Snapmap

    BACK FROM THE DEAD TO ASSIST. (Probably too late by now, but...) Add the intergers together? Very simple. I'll be using the PC version of Snapmap to demonstrate. Adding intergers is pretty simple, once you fully know the controls for snapmap. When adding/subtracting/multiplying/whatever with numbers, you can change that number into a variable instead. Hell, it can even be a color code. You do so by selecting the adding command's properties, then options. From there, it'll bring up more commands to pick. The one you want is Swap Variable/Constant. A window should come up of all the variables/constants that you have created in the map that you can select. (I chose variables Potatoes and Carrots, cause I'm a mean motherf@#$er) Whatever constant that variable has during the map play will be added, instead of a solid number count that's normally available. This should be the thing you're seeking. Hope this helps in your troubles, if you still interested. Hell, I can help other people about Snapmap questionnaires, since I'm probably the go-to guy that knows Snaps in and out by this point.
  14. Potatoguy

    Anyone else unable to switch to Snapmap Mode at all?

    Came back from the dead to report that I can access Snapmap fine, but I currently have my game set to launch straight to snapmap through the Steam launch options. (only works on steam, so you're out of luck if this problem is in console). The freezing problem isn't an issue either. I'm not sure what I can tell ya about it. For me, the list of maps are outdated, but not broken upon loading. Have the launch options on Steam contain this [+com_gameType 1]. No brackets. This will launch Doom straight to snapmap without having to shut down campaign, then load it up. Saves me some seconds of waiting. Figured this out by rummaging through Snapmap's console commands. Says right there on the 3rd red-out area that it's launching +com_gameType 1.