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  1. How long have you been waiting to use that word?
  2. Hey I'd just like to say that I finally got to test some games out after refreshing Windows, and that seems to have done it! My games appear to be working quite well and smoothly now. Thanks to those who posted helpful suggestions! I really wasn't expecting any tech support, just a rant. But it seems like most of my stuff is working pretty well now!
  3. I think I should clerify that my issues are mostly performance related. Besides that, my problems are often things that are new to me, so I have to learn how to deal with it. I've had a number of issues in the past where they've come up before, and I was able to fix them just fine. It's just the latter often leaves me stumped, and it's so tiring. I have never said I expect it to work like a console. I expected it to be complicated and difficult. I'm saying that sometimes, I miss the simplicity. I've said multiple times already that I'm willing and have, multiple times, pulled up my sleeves and went elbows deep into the issues for hours to days at a time. But I guess I'm not as good as I should be. As for your other suggestions, I think my issue for performance is software, I have yet to properly test my games after reinstalling Windows and fixing the driver issue, so I'll see what happens.
  4. Lol maybe I'd be happier on a bike
  5. And the biggest problem is I'm not a mechanic. I try to educate myself as I go along, but man, when I spend more time banging my wrench into the car, I wonder if driving it is worth the stress sometimes.
  6. Yeah I figured there would be some dickish comments like this. I didn't realize refreshing windows would require me to reinstall the motherboard. So excuse me for not realising the motherboard was the issue to begin with. Excuse me for being annoyed after spending hours to days, Googleing my own parts, testing several fixes, rerunning installation programs, and swinging in the dark until I finally find the fix. Not even referring to just the motherboard, but to many issues I have with my computer.
  7. I've been trouble shooting my own problems, been trying to educate myself, and getting my hands pretty dirty since I started PC gaming. But I ways run into these situations where I'm totally dumb founded, and there are times where I'm stuck for days at a time trying to fix such an awkward issue. It just doesn't seem right when 5% I'm having fun, and 95% of the time fixing rediculous issues.
  8. I guess in the same way sticking a knife underneath your fingernails is.
  9. Yes!! It worked!! What a frigging relief! I was inches away from just giving my PC up to Geek Squad or something. Thanks for the help bro!
  10. Uninstalled the Ethernet Controller, but there was no option in Device Manager for network adaptors. But after doing that I rebooted, and it didn't fix the issue. The Ethernet Controller icon had an exclamation point over it again, so I'm not sure. I tried updating it before too, but didn't do anything. My PC did not come with a CD... Ugh... Unless you mean the Motherboard disk, if so I'll give that a shot.
  11. Welp, I refreshed and reinstalled windows, and now I can't connect to the internet. I have an ethernet cord, but nothing. I spent all night last night and all morning looking for a fix, but nothing works. What a huge fucking mistake that was...
  12. Funnily enough, I bought a cooler and it didn't fit into the case. I try not to, I have BitDefender that warns me when I'm about to. I update my drivers quite a bit. I've been scanning for malware over and over for days at a time at one point, and it didn't fix anything, and as I said, I cleaned my internals. I don't think I cheaped out on those. I've never ran overclocking, I've heard you can damage your PC doing that. Maybe for most people that wouldn't happen, but it makes me nervous, besides, I don't even know how to do that. I don't know if my motherboard is adequately operating my CPU and GPU, how would I find that out? I'm going to give this one a shot. It sucks since I'll have to reinstall all of my games and so much other stuff, but what other choice do I have at this point? Thanks for the suggestions guys. But this is a big part of my point is that this all is so complicated to me (Maybe I'm just stupid), and so much it feels like I'm swinging in complete darkness.
  13. It is a quad-core.
  14. You're gunna have to excuse this little rant of mine, but this has been really pissing me off about PC gaming. My current set up is an Intel i5-4690 Quad Core @3.5gh, 16gb RAM, GeForce GTX 970 4GB graphics card, and Windows 8, which I built a couple of years ago. Not the greatest rig in the world, but I wouldn't say it's really that bad either. Cost me almost and up to $2,000 (Canadian) to build, which is money I saved up over a long time and bought the parts separately as I got paid from work, if I had enough left over after paying rent and buying food to feed myself and my cat. After all of that, it feels like I can still NEVER run ANYTHING smoothly. Sure it was great for the first while, but then as developers update their games, the performance, I think, seems to get worse. GTA V on graphics that match to about the Xbox 360 graphics still doesn't run smoothly. Killing Floor 2 runs like ass no matter what. Doom 3 is hit or miss. Fallout New Vegas, I can never get a steady frame rate out of. Some games I play, like the aforementioned Fallout New Vegas should run like butter on max settings. But nope, even with no mods, goes from smooth to choppy. Not even Doom 1 and 2 can escape this if I run certain mods like Brutal Doom. Now bear in mind I don't mean they're unplayable, but they stutter just enough, hiccup just the right amount that it's still 'playable', but enough to irritate me. I see a new trailer like Red Dead Redemption 2 and any excitement I get is always shot down by the "Good luck getting it to run on your PC". I'm not demanding 4k resolution with my rig, but I was hoping some games could look ok while running smoothly. And I hate it when people smugly say 'Why don't you just spend $6,000 to upgrade your rig? What are you, gay?" Well, I'm a 20-something bachelor who supports himself 100%. I make ok money, but these days I have more expenses, I have to start savings accounts, RSP's, pay off student loans, not to mention how expensive rent has become where I live these days. I don't have $6,000 to just drop on the newest gaming pieces every year so that I can play a two year old game. And before you say it yes I'm exaggerating, but I'm trying to express what it feels like to me. Sometimes I do wish I would have just gotten a PS4, and a half decent laptop just for Doom. Now I suspect some might say that something seems wrong here, as my rig should run Fallout New Vegas and most Doom mods perfectly, but for me it doesn't. I suspect my computer may have an issue, but I've spend days researching and testing performance fixes for my computer, checking for viruses, changing .ini files for specific games, cleaning the hard wear, nothing seems to work. And I don't want to send my PC into a shop so that they can scam me for $2,000 just to tell me I didn't plug something in all the way. I'm simply not as savvy with this stuff as I guess I should be. I'm not really posting this for help, I just want to vent my frustration on PC gaming in general. I remember playing GTA San Andreas, Doom 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstien, on my Xbox. And before that playing Luigi's Mansion and Mario Kart Double Dash on my GameCube. There was none of this faffing around with the hard wear. You could just play the games and have fun. You didn't have to be shamed by the community for not being knowledgeable enough. You could just.... play the games.