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  1. Mk7_Centipede

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    "Fixed an issue from the original DOS release where map objects would not correctly track the player after loading a saved game. This also fixes an occasional crash with loading a save game with an active BFG projectile." so is this the definitive edition of doom2 now?
  2. Mk7_Centipede

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    hmp with pistol starts on prboom+ with classic controls (mouse) and savescumming. port murder. chainsaw exploration. the sewers are pretty neat with roaming pinkies and imps in closets. specters blend in rather well here and killed me. revenants/chaingunners makes for a great end of level fight. an agressive approach wins this map over and sets a great tone for map 01. music is a little pensive but grooving. apt. sewer is the weakest part but the boat is nice. death crypt. this is my jam. it begns like e3m1 and maintains a strong visual style with some nice setpieces. the enemies are pretty much the same fair as map 01 and are chainsaw prone. fewer specters this time but they are used to block paths which is interesting. a lot of door combat tbh. i was expecting something more after one of the keys. 1 revenant would have been nice. oh the song is a banger. great stuff. map 03 was pretty broken on rc2.
  3. riot shield shotgunner. it take a rocket's worth of damage to kill their shields, but then switching to a chaingun would be ideal to finish off the shotgunners. hell knight with a thicc rocket in his hands. a ssg blast will blow it up out of his hands. or he can hurl 1 rocket at you like some hellish olympian. plasma armor baron. has a plasma rifle. drops the gun after 1000 damage is dealt, leaving a fresh full hp baron. a high-tech breastplat also breaks off.
  4. Mk7_Centipede

    TNT 2: Devilution (Final beta released)

    still excited some 10 years later for this. happy new year yall!
  5. remaking map 29. more concise, puzzling, and hopefuly fun.
  6. Mk7_Centipede

    everything wrong with doom3 can be levied against its pacing

    i would move alpha labs and saboath after the cyberdemon tbh.
  7. Doom 3 has some great moments in it, but it doesnt really bill itself as anything other than a remake of knee deep in the dead. we dont really interact with the main antagonist until halfway through the game. and after 6 hours of killing demons there are still temps looking for screwdrivers in dark crevices. The entire pda plot seems to confirm that everyone just kept acting normal as all hell broke out- yet when you arrive lost souls burth forth from the stargate and zombify everyone but you. Hence, the entire time you are never really sure if you are witnessing events or showing up after the carnage. This is endemic of the entire game too, as even the protagonist is halfway between a faithful rendition of doomguy and a new character entirely. the heavier doom monsters fail to appear in the game and yet we have half a dozen lost soul clones (if you count the crawling monsters) that all suck [clones of the most annoying doom enemy ffs]. There isnt any real buildup to the stargate with barons walking through them. most of all the experiments you come across are plasma lasers and exploding rooms. and then there are like 2 teleporters, which seem kinda obviously the main thing. heck, the new doom annihilaton movie did a better job of making cler what the uac does. even in doom2016, going to hell is a major plot point and you fight hte cyber demon twice. but in doom3, you dont have a dialog with the antagonist until you get to hell. Sure, he appeared on roughly 2 computer screens- but in hell he is talking to you as you move through the levels. You hadnt really been in constant dialog with anyone for the first 6 hours of gameplay, then the badguy starts speaking to you and its a breath of fresh air. it sure seems like they could have easily conveyed that the enpyro squad was your squad, and that drB is in charge of enpyro and responsible for your squadmates death. BAM motivation! instead he seems like this distant guy that maybe accidentally started the hell invasion or something so he is gordon freeman? WHat is with this giant mechanical gyrating cybernetic heart? doom3 looks great once you tread past 2 episodes of labs. in a very on-the-nose manner, the devs explain to us their playtesting ailments and cool geo constructs via pda messages. but not the giant mechanical cyber heart. its just not really important to the story at all. looks fantastic, but doesnt mean anything. i have no idea why this is like that. but it do. the lost mission imo absolutely kills it with execution. you get to talk to a guy on the screen pretty early and he gives you a mission. no need to spend 6 hours looking for a squad only to never find them. i think we could have walked in on barons coming through portal and killing squadmates. i mean, what, we see a baron smash a scientist? oh no not another dead scientist! but i like the more soldier-friendly cunt that wants to avenge his friends and totally has no love for the uac. at the very least complete his mission despite the bullshit going on at the research facility. i mean, it seems logical. doom3guy doesnt really have a macguffic where he is immune to the lost soul swarm that turns everyone into a zombie (half life gives you the hev suit). i think the lost souls coming out of tv screens but not getting to doom3guy is a bit of a stretch. it just doesnt make any intuitive sense and ruins the pacing because you are forever confused as to whether you are arriving after the fact or witnessing things happen. and doom3 never really decides to go one way or another. the lost mission is rather clear that you wake up after the fact and everything is storyboarded to the player in game. you never spend extended periods of time looking for something that isnt there. hell in doom3 was handled pretty dang well but the fantasy aspect is taken to some cool extremes. in doom 3 i never really felt like i knew the direction i was headed, but the lost mission does a lot to let you see the path ahead of the player. hell in doom3 isnt scary. some of the techbase themes are pretty intense imo, but nothing in hell is frightening and its kinda weird. you lose all your guns to be given most of them back immediately. i dont even know what the point of that was tbh. i dont think the lost mission bothers with the soul cube or whatever. roe kinda shied away from imps because vagaries throw fireballs that are easier to catch with the grabber. feels like we got 6 lost soul variants and 6 imp variants at this point, and almost none of them are more interesting than the basic imp & lost soul. is the maggot an imp variant or pinky variant? and why are the revenants and archvile (and doom3guy) so slow? oh, hell has infinite run? why isnt their infinite run on mars and you are slower in hell? i dont understan why the game gets easier when you go to hell. it doesnt make any sense tbh. and like imps look different? like ok. look different and be easier. hurray hell! literally none of the weapons share the same ammo. the enemy variety is stunted. you dont know any story or lore until the final act of the game. and nobody talks about te giant metal heart thingy. it seems like half-life and halo should have given the id crew more pointers as to how to effectively convey narrative and gameplay. especially if your focus is to have more story and cutscenes and fright. none of the expansions even have you playing as the same character, even if you are still the same model and voice. why the hell was anyone wanting to play with a soul cube when there wasnt even a ssg? is doom 3 just a half baked game? why are there trites and ticks and cherubs that all basically do the same thing? why didnt they just give the imp more anmations rather than making an entirely new enemy just to come out of a crawl space and act like an imp? did nobody see 28 days later and think "man it would be cool if some of our zombies or demosn were fast and threatening!" but id software managed to slow down the speed of the revenant between its final trailer and release? i feel like there is a good game inside all the content that is doom3, but its really hard to get at. i think the lost mission does a great job of distilling the quality aspects of d3. i dunno what to say other than i wish doom3 was so much more than what it was. i just dont think they had any real design goals besides make cool scifi horror stuff. i think doom1 had more polished narrative tbh. at least knee deep in the dead had an inspired monster selection- whereas alpha labs throws all these random one off monsters at you when it should just be zombies and imps. e2m8 has more story than the fight with saboath- i had no indication that there was about to be a boss fight in doom3. doom2016 does the story right in many ways by pointing out that the uac wants to open a portal to hell. doom3 makes it seem like they were just making lasers and hten demons showed up but they dont believe in demons so they get eaten because they are stupid. but that is lame. the uac is bad. it opens portals to hell ffs. they do that with intent- but nowhere in doom3 does any character or organization seem to have any intent or desire to open a portal to hell. Betruger seems to just want to have experiements, like making cool lasers and find screwdrivers. like hell is just some backstory? its obvious that betruger is the badguy. but why is he a badguy? he seems to be pretty highly funded scientist. he cant even read the artifacts as far as i know and he seems to be the biggest demon in hell. sure. i mean, is doom3 really just one big work accident and nobody is to blame? if so that has got to be the lamest narrative setup ever conscieved of in gaming history.
  8. Mk7_Centipede

    Your DOOM ''headcanon''

    hell is an alternate dimension. the demons are basically aliens. reminded me of aliens and predator movies.
  9. feel free to tackle 20-32 @DynamiteKaitorn thanks for analysis btw. i love plasma labs tbh.
  10. Mk7_Centipede


    what does it mean? vanilla doom 2 wad to explore a concept(s) and hopefully have some feedback. made it about 20 minutes. oops. forgot to load the file. XD narrative.7z
  11. Mk7_Centipede

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is a bad movie

    so they basically retconned luke's entire story. there is a pretty big tonal shift in going from shakespeare adaptation to a company that doesnt know an eu exists.
  12. Mk7_Centipede

    What are your objectives for 2020? (Doom Edition)

    make cool maps. set up a online gamer merch shop. go to quakecon. play doom eternal and some megawads.
  13. Mk7_Centipede

    Doom Archvile But it's Dr. Phil

    arch-phil? we need moar stuff like this.