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  1. Mk7_Centipede

    The Slayer's Arch enemy and the Marauder

    The Doomhunter looks like the boss from Doom 3- your CO turned robot. He also bears some similarities to the Doomslayer, however.
  2. Mk7_Centipede

    The philosophy of level design

    Thank you guys. This really is personal to me. This is very hard for me. I plan on doing these maps. my real question was whether the repeating instance of blood on the walls and later stars conveyed emotional information. My question, if not obvious, was whether the metaphyisical stuff I valued would be worthy. My feeling is yes, and I am grateful. Im always going to be late but itll be worth it. see ya slayers around.
  3. Mk7_Centipede

    Best Map in All of Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment

    Military base for real? I feel like the rest of E4 hit that niche.
  4. Mk7_Centipede

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    LOL change some textures! I have stupid philosophies.Fail into success I say. If you make an episode your conquest, you might do more. If you make Doom2 wad your conquest, you might do less. What you have going looks very nice. Good luck.
  5. Mk7_Centipede

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    eh. The way I see it, people are coming back to doom to play BRUTAL DOOM. So, I offer my advertising advice. They sell bottled water for $2. Im not saying my idea makes sense- I am just saying its how you sell community. You guys have real opportunity rn. You want people to play classic DOOM?- then release the community .pkg (my bad im high). You guys do all these projects together where a bunch of people contribute. You literally already do the thing I suggested. I am just saying put the golden pinky next to a sticky and say "this is 'vanilla' this year". Its not that hard and doesnt really do anything. right? but now its your thing. You add skyboxes and improve the pistol and say "this is how we play classic DOOM". You dont fuck with TNT's bestiary and textures. You just toss a dash of hot sauce on the enchilada. The quality of work being done here is remarkable. Get recognized. You do that by spreading information. An unnecessary DOOM2 update is the most genius way, imo. The idea isnt to stop people from modding- you just recast the standard stats. But then you sell it. Its a community asset. the doom community asset. So you make mods that say *designed for doomII2.pkg Its like a 12kb file you have to get. nothing at all really. and just self-promote. $2 for a bottle of water.
  6. Mk7_Centipede

    The philosophy of level design

    Here i am, surrounded by architects and coders and gamers and musicians. And i want to talk about narrative in DOOM games. ...I am going to discuss very personal stuff not suitable for children in this post so fyi dont continue if that bothers you... My theory is that video games can relay emotional experience just as well as a movie. But I am in the doom camp- I am not overly invested in actors and monologues and whatnot. I am perfectly fine with the setting and content of a level to convey emotional experience of whatnot. Like, think of the end of Inception- How do you tell if he is awake or dreaming? I think questions of those sorts are fairly pertinent to the hell/reality motif present in doom. Look at FEAR, right? You walk down a hallway and the door is locked so you turn around and a ghost jumps out! Like, that is emotional experience. So, in one dream, you meander through the springtime and solve some puzzles to reach a church- and you walk down the aisle and past the pews- and then enemies ambush you. Its a metaphor, right? Maybe the whole thing collapses and you have to find some specials keys and hit switches to bring it back to the surface. Meaning to your actions. But I got this other dream sequence, right? and you walk down the row of cells that are full of prosoners. and its dim, but there is a light comeing from an open cell down the row. there is a trail of blod leading to that cell it seems. so when you get to it and go inside you find blood plastered all across the walls. gibs and thats about it. no items. and when you leave, all the cell doors are opened and all the prisoners are dead. blood is everywhere. The idea is in an abuse of power- the character you are playing as didn't turn the other cheek. for whatever reason, the doomguy or whoever sought vengence against someone that had been arrested. And really against all criminals. Your character is a far cry from an enforcer of the law. Does that come across? Ive been told its a bit vague, but there is a second part. So in the finally you have landed in dimension X. Everything is not what it seems and fragments of imagination and memory mesh together. Houses on floating islands and stuff. Maybe you plugged into cyberspace like in Ghost In The Shell. Whatever the reason. It would be obvious, right? You get to the mainframe at the end of one stage and the following stage takes place in an astral crystal floating island place and tron guys show up, right? I feel like story is easy with really distinct imagery. So you are on this floating island and there is this house and then there is this trail of blood and you follow it through the house to this room and its dark there and you go in the room and it looks as if the walls were ripped right away because they are torn and the most perfect night sky remains. all is calm and quite. Of course then you engage an endgame boss of the sorts. Icon of Sin I would think. Rising out of the abyss to meet you. But the point was emotional experience. In the proson, the walls are covered in blood. In your house, they are stars and the nights sky. I wanted to make a distinction, right? I wanted to insinuate that you murdered a guy. But I also wanted to insinuate that what happened to whoever was upstairs was a degree more than murder. I wanted to insinuate that someone had violated and killed your characters partner. I wanted to discuss my theories of art and meaning a bit with everyone before I made the endeavor to craft. There are a few areas I find of particular interest. mainly, whether the blood on the wall and the stars on the wall is a significant and relevant difference? and also whether green fields can obviously express a fantasy landscape within the confines of an otherwise rather dark and bloody afair? and I guess at the most basic point is that do you identify with your character or project onto your player? thanks :)
  7. (I think this is the right subforum, since its where I lurk) I am that guy you hate. I played Marathon 2. I played Halo. I couldnt beat the last boss in the new DOOM2016. I spent money on Clash Royal. Whatever you do, I can do better, to more aplomb and with greater incoming riches. Your girlfriend stares too long. Your dad sends me memes. No Rest For The Living is the best DOOM episode. I am that guy you hate, and I am going to talk about DOOM. DOOM and DOOM2. I am going to theorycraft and analyze and contribute close to nothing. About the game you can kick my ass at every match every day for all eternity. And you will disagree, but it wont matter because opinions dont matter. Just as mine doesnt. Within a month I will post my first map and it will strike you as so totally unoriginal and also so elementary and astute. You will play it on co-op secretly with your best friends. And then you will be back here, at this post of mine, talking about DOOM's future. Seeing as I do. Wondering as I wonder. Thinking on your own. We need a new doom.wad Of gravest import is the balance of weapons, the balance of enemies, and the variety in textures. You think right now that I am leaning towards something BETWEEN classic DOOM and gameplay mods like High Noon Drifter or Brutal DOOM or even KDIZD. But you still have yet to catch on to my subtlety. We need a new doom.wad The game has been around for 25 years and never had a balance patch and no one has been able to solve this issue. Literally, every single player knows the pistol and shotgun are not up to snuff with the other guns. You could add 4 pellets to the shotgun or something. You could make the pistol more accurate and have a higher ROF. I dunno. It is incredulous that this isnt seen very pressing. I dont know if Zandorum adds Pellets to the shotgun or anything. But it has a dual chainsaw. We need a new doom.wad When the game was released, it was played with wasd. Now it is played with a mouse and keyboard. Strifing isnt a secret anymore. There really is no reason to have Handicapped enemies. Give the Hellknight and Demon faster movement, maybe. Allow the imp to throw 1, 2, or 3 fireballs in succession. Give the Pain Elemental a melee attack. DOOM does have an amazing bestiary but variety is the spice of life. None of what I said requires new sprites. I didnt suggest fatalities. Better AI seems cool, right? We need a new doom.wad Map design in the DOOM community is the cutting edge of mapping. Did you see how design of "the void" (cyb) was used in the new DOOM2016? Now go watch a trailer for Destiny2:Forsaken and you'll see the same environment of floating islands. You must know the congruences of BRUTAL DOOM and DOOM2016, right? It cannot be overstated how important this community is within the world of gaming. So add some variety to the skyboxes, right? We need a new doom.wad and not a new DOOM game. I am not saying there cannot be a railgun- the point I am making is that a new doom.wad shouldnt be done for the sake of a railgun. The point of a new doom.wad is to enable the players and content creators and competitors to maximize their talents. And that comes back to very simple things that are not congruent but persist within classic DOOM. Everyone plays on source ports these days. Everyone needs to wake up to the fact. I love chocolate but that doesnt mean its my most used port. Be real. We are not all altimamantoid. It seems latent, is all. And i wanted to celebrate the community and emphasize how influential everyone is. I know I came out saying I am the guy you hate. But I am witness to the losses taken place here. And the victories. I think the community should be celebrated. That is why I think it needs to procure a new doom.wad- to be in the echelons of idsoftware. Put it on a sticky and tell everyone to use it (it is basically DOOM2+). You think of it now and consider me an idiot. Did I not say "I am going to theorycraft and analyze and contribute close to nothing"? There is no point to my idea- certainly no need. DOOMII2.wad? But this community is at the top of its game and of great influence. Making an iwad associated with this community is marketing. You dont want to just be "very influential" but also have a product- in this case a rather pointless iwad. In the very act of making an officially recommended doomworld iwad, you create the idea of a living iwad. I mean, just go read the patch notes for SOLDAT. The community will contribute. People will know what behaviors an imp should possess. People will know how accurate a chaingun is supposed to be. We need a new doom.wad that is fed the imput from the community and really solidifies and celebrates and sells the classic and great games of DOOM and DOOM2. You know how they release The Fifth Element every few years? Thats waht this is. You guys do amazing with the cacowards- but that is after the fact. If you have a doom2019.wad and thefollowing year have doom2020.wad and etc each year- well you are not being advertised after the fact, but basically releasing a product. Every year, around the same time, doomworld releases its new iwad (and does textures in HD or adds liquid textures or some new skyboxes and other rather extra stuff) and everytime this occurs its a marketing event. You could time it a month before quakefest. And then make the release relevant. You could do it on valentines day, because reasons. I am saying everyone here is amazing. And I think you all deserve much more recognition. you should hear me talk level design...
  8. Mk7_Centipede

    Best Map in All of Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment

    e2m4>e4m2 I wanna second Deimos Labs. It really feels like a modern level. Its got atmosphere and logical layout and secrets galore. Did I mention traps? e1m1 is obviously a fantastic classic, but e2m4 stands right besides it. I dont think there is another stage in the original game as open-ended as e2m4. It begs to be made sense of, too. The beginning appears to be a reception area and then you have rooms with various experiments and a system surrounded by nuclear sludge that connects it all. Cuz there is nukage on mars, duh! Onbviously. anything from episode 4 is likely better done than elsewhere. Might as well vote for e1m8b. Innermost Dens occurs within the most boring stretch of Doom2. Beautifully done, but the author rightfully spurned his 'immitators'. The latter stages in DOOM2 also really hit the mark. But, again, I think that is more of an aethetic compliment than one regarding map design.
  9. Mk7_Centipede

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    "Story-wise, the episode is both a sequel to Doom and a prequel to Doom II. It chronicles the Doomguy's battles against the legions of demons that the Spider Mastermind had sent through the doorway between Hell and Earth, the very same gateway that the player had earlier used to return to his home planet. (It is presumed that there are two distinct regions of "Hell". The first is what the Deimos moon floats over and where Inferno takes place. The second is the marine's home of Earth which will undergo terraformation at the hands of demons and become a Hell in its own right.) As such, the episode most likely takes place on Earth, in a complex of buildings set up by the hellish forces, on the Earth side of the portal that the Doomguy used to return home. Ultimately, though the player is victorious, inflicting heavy losses on the invaders and avenging the death of his pet rabbit Daisy, it turns out to be an empty victory as the demons eventually overrun the major cities and the stage is set for Hell on Earth. It may be set on Earth, with the background sky being a sullen, hazy orange, similar to the ending cutscene of Inferno and the starport levels in Doom II. The graphical style is generally hellish, though there are a handful of techbase themes used. The fortresses resemble those in Inferno, generally made of somber greenish-gray stone or wood, with a large number of lava pits. While there are a few features carried over from Doom II, such as switches that require keys (and the intermission screen), all of the music, textures, monsters, and weapons are from the original Doom. Possibly because no Doom II monsters were brought over into the episode, Barons of Hell are very common." Episode 4 is the most professional release for the Doom series before the new millenium. It isnt story bound per se, but built for Doom players. The lack of focus in its 'gothic' architecture is just what Doom is. The episode is an experiment in aesthetics and gameplay. It is Doom's Rainbow Road... My personal opinion is that it should be set within the confines of a Hellish temple. The Doom-Slayer Saga, maybe. But episode 1-3 take you deeper into Hell. It only makes sense that Episode 4 takes place not just within Hell, but the high castles and keeps of Hell's greatest foes. Looks great btw.
  10. Mk7_Centipede

    [WIP] Supplice

    The color is great. Cheers mates, and best of luck. 29 is a lot. Wow that's a lot of work.
  11. Yeah, I always thought Doom 2 would be better, because it has 2 right there in the name. And, uh, refueling station is a doom 1 alpha map! My gosh! I think the issue is the original episodes were a bit more crafted. Fewer authors, and also a sense of direction. I think Underhalls is up there on map design, and actually Doom 2 starts well. But the stylistic design meanders a bit. Great ideas, but it lacks the flow of a Doom 1 episode. I dunno if playing the McGee maps all together is a better option, but honestly I just dont remember too many of them, whereas I recall doom 1 maps with great detail. Here's a proposition that would satisfy OP: Choose 9 maps from Doom 2 (+master) for an episode.
  12. Mk7_Centipede

    [WIP] Supplice

    Beautiful, and I'm really digging the modern angle guns. And you guys have an excellent design philosophy. I'm curious about the bestiary, though. You are replacing all the guns, but not all the monsters? Maybe I don't know things, but as some have said, well pay money for this. It looks amazing. I've wondered, is buying the licence and releasing on psn a possibility? It just seems like your efforts could be handsomely rewarded.
  13. Mk7_Centipede

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    Is there, like, just the wad file? It seems like a lot of effort to get some lighting and a Williams logo. If someone has the wad file, I would love to play some console maps. Pm me please. I think these links have been dead for a minute.
  14. Mk7_Centipede

    I don't know why this doesn't exist already...

    Holy shit awesome.
  15. I don't know why this doesn't exist already, but it seems obvious by extension. A proper "doomrpg" should be compiled by the community. My idea is that it would be a bit like rage. I love rage. The base idea is to remake ultimate doom with continuous play, a large outside area to traverse from stage to stage, and add shops or a small town in each episode. Nothing too crazy. Episode 1 is all manufacturing type stuff- mining and industry and yeah, the military base is nearby. Episode 2 is all refinement, high grade processing, experimental weapons, and maybe a bit half life inspired. Episode 3 really needs to stretch the imagination. Not just warrens, but confusing teleporter sequences, physics defying geometry, etc. Like hell. I mean there is real opportunity to visually tell a story. Like in system shock when that ai reveals herself? That could be done in doom. Like for a boss fight. Fear had some great visual story telling/ scares to go with it. So basically, a few really talented guys work on this open area that connects all the stages of knee deep in the dead. The community goes to work remaking the stages, not unlike "in name only". Personally, it would be really cool for there to be an actual hangar in the stage hangar. Your starfighter jet could be made of fat ass engines, with wings folded up, and an open canopy to spawn in. No weird geometry shit. But yeah, as you progress levels in doom its like "you are here". It would be a bit cooler with some freedom of exploration. Caverns and caves and hideouts and hell artifacts and dig sites and obscure monoliths and devastated mining technology could litter the landscape. I really liked the "RPG lite" of rage. No leveling up. Doom RPG, its sequel, and the Wolfenstein RPG were all a lot of fun. I don't think we need another knee deep in zdoom with cameras, slanted floors, and new weapons. No Doom 4 weapons or anything. But it could come together with a lot of people putting in effort. And I think it would be a nice homage to id legacy. So... In my mind... You start off next to your ship in a hangar. Like super freaking metroid. And maybe there is like a medical staff or pilot or someone to talk to(or not. Stores could just be electronic machines and everyone is dead). Pretty confined area. Though. Like how d3 starts. But then you walk right into the hangar stage, and the music is bumping. Visual fidelity and thematic nuance. A former human is in front of a computer station. The armor pickup is more like a control tower. And outside the window is a vista: flat barren rock for 30 yards, a high fence, and shortly thereafter a dropoff. All you see is the skyline beyond that, but maybe a crane and boxes and stuff. This place is a mining operation. Double door airlocks between inside and outside, like doom 3. The sewage room is smaller, and actually all the sewage is hidden indoors, but can be seen flowing outside. No imps, just former humans. The large computer room is more mazelike, with hidden zombie men and boxes and crates and computer stations and lockers- hell, even a restroom haunted by a shotgunner or pinky. As the windows are small here, and the amount of cover so immense, flickering lights can start to appear- especially on that first key card. In the last room where an imp and some barrels are, it should be a chaingunna staring you down. Fitting the role as stage boss and leaving the reveal of imps for the hellish wastelands of mars outside. And so yeah, now when you leave the stage, its actually a double airlock. Beyond the airlock you are presented with the great outdoors. The river of sewage (from the crooked bridge room in hangar) cuts across the landscape and towards nuclear plant (and toxic refinery). Upon a plateau rests command control (and phobos lab beneath it). But these are visual ques or landmarks. If you run down the dusty ravine, central processing and computer station reside adjacent to one another. So some of these entrances lead to two or three stages. And once you fight through computer station, you get to the boss stage. And the twin portals should have a lot of computers connected to them, with rising and falling mainframe platforms (since the mainframe is all hellwired) to obstruct your path. And it would be cool to be underpowered in this fight against barons and imps, so maybe not a plethora of commandos in the episode. But the twin portals could be a bit more open and also teleport directly to one another, so telefragging might be possible, but not necessisary. Basically, the same level of polish found in "no rest for the living" applied to the original game. And yeah, use the doom 2 bestiary, but rethink the advancment of enemies. Cacodemons seem better suited for inferno. Revenants for shores of hell. Lost souls everywhere. Archviles and elementals as stage bosses, occasionally. And by stage boss, I just mean the introduction of new enemies needs to be thematically capitalized on. A pit full of pinkies could be a "stage boss". Restrooms and pinkies seem to go together. Skull keys should be guarded by hell knights. Etc. In episode 2, arachnotrons should teleport in and out quickly, observing and haunting you. But in episode 3 arachnotrons should be a common enemy. In episode 2, revenants should be a regular loner threat, but in episode 3 they will be teamed up with zombie men and imps and chaingunnas. Arachnotrons and cacodemons pair together often. Etc. I mean, we get imps and zombie men a lot, but the rest of the bestiary never really seemed to establish a connection with the episode or other enemies. But consider the boss fights- mastermind with Cacos. So pair arachnotrons and Caicos. Cycberdemon with lost souls- so pair lost souls with mancubi and revenants, because they are half cybernetic too. And by extension, pain elementals with revs and mancs and even cyberdemons. And then the hierarchy of demons needs to be pressed upon. Maybe you feel a hellknight over looking a group of arachnotrons would be cool- but its more thematically true to have a couple hell knights, Caicos, and demons with an arachnotron sitting above the fray, raining hot plasma on you. The spider demons are in charge. They are the smartest, and most fragile. The other demons protect them and stuff. So, in 2016doom, in the foundry level, you get access to a few new guns and upgrades. Its a great level that is further elevated by the replayability in having options. That's how I feel the RPG way would go. Like, there won't be any rocket launcher or double barrel shotgun to pick up in episode 1, but you have basically an option to purchase one of these fine weapons from a store. Never mind the upgrades and crafting. But about half way through the episode, you have that option from the accumulation of kills or credits or whatever. I guess an electronic store would be the easier route. Have a bunch of broke down military equipment in some hellthrashed convoy with blood rinsed sand that leads to some bone pit inhabitted by imps and pinkies. But a weapons store inside an APC or something is still active. And you can buy ammo, a couple guns, stimpacks and flack jackets. This might be easier to do than people, since it just requires a textured wall as opposed to a conversation piece, and its already in doom RPG. And you could have the store located in various occasions without needing much plot. I dunno. I just started playing again the other day. No rest for the living has ana amazing visual story it tells. And ultimate does, too. I just feel like its aesthetic could be improved upon. Every time I start up deimos labs, I think to myself, why dont these textures look like half life 1? Its got all these crazy experiments going on, and I start off at the information center, but visually I have almost no sense of place. And that's not the hardest fix. And I tried zdoom. Its got some cool stuff. But its a little overbearing. I don't mind having extra keys, rooms, and sequences. But its called hangar and I begin in the woods. To go through a door. And hit a switch. To get to the hangar remake. Oh cool a new rifleman. Sweet. Oh a gargoyle. That's lame. Oh sweet and invisible, strafing impclone. But all the rooms are light or dark, there are no flickering lights or cool lighting sequences. So all my fights with the invisible impclone are lame. I sure hope they make pinkies cool. Nope, they just made 6 different kinds of pinkies. So yeah, the doom2.wad should be enough. No need for ducking and jumping. No need for iron sights or mouse look. Maybe some new textures are warranted, but it would be cool to be chocolate compatible. Or maybe I'm just crazy.