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  1. Chipper35

    1 number, multiple sectors?

    I am going to try a new trick. First......there have been many helpful people here! ......and I am DEEPLY appreciative of that! However, in the future, I am really going to try to find my own answers when I can. So, that said: in UDB.......I know there is a way to 'marry' sectors. Main room is a long rectangle, and I insert 3 small squares and a dummy sector in the 'Void'.........how do I make ALL 4 OF THOSE SECTORS numbered as the same sector? (2, for example) This, I think should help with making elevated platforms. Most importantly: where in the ZDoom wiki might I find my own answer to this type of question?
  2. Chipper35

    Starting format?

    Although not perfectly aligned, I appreciate the advice from all parties!!
  3. Chipper35

    Starting format?

    I have an idea........ I've gotten myself almost ankle-deep into mapping.......and have found myself SO FRUSTRATED. For the moment, I am mapping in Doom Builder 2 and Slade 3 only. On these videos, when people make 'dummy sectors', all things work out perfectly.....but not for me! In which format, and with which IWAD would you recommend a near-beginner use? Right now: I just care about making floating platforms, slopes and stairs......that is about it. Geez, I'm frustrated.
  4. Chubzdoomer does some good work........BUT: I've followed this tutorial 3 times and I cannot get things to cooperate. So: I am in 'Zdoom in Hexen' format in Doom Builder 2. Doom2.wad is my source wad. I draw a room and a dummy sector. I am trying to (essentially) make a floating floor (platform). When I raise EITHER the dummy room's floor or the real room's floor, I get the red untextured sides showing........so the 'floating' thing is totally NOT working. Any tips?? Man this can be frustrating.
  5. Chipper35

    All Flavors of Frustration

    OK....that helps! Thanks!
  6. Chipper35

    All Flavors of Frustration

    I appreciate Chubzdoomer and 742 other people, but DAMN I get frustrated sometimes in Doom Builder 2............ I am literally a caveman plunking along!!!! Doom in Hexen format, with Doom II source wad............................................................. All I want is to apply texture to the sides of a raised floor and DAMNITALL if I can figure out how to do that. I don't care how many videos I watch, ChubZ always has 3 things that I can't make work! Can someone here treat me like I'm a German Shepherd and show me how to do that? I click 'front', I click 'back' and I click textures up one side and down the other and NONE OF THEM appear on the sides of my platform.
  7. Chipper35

    I Made A Quake Clone In 10 Days

    Impressive indeed!! Was this part of a real Jam, or did you just do it within a 10-day timeframe??
  8. Chipper35

    Updating your own WADs??

    So: I just had my very first WAD posted at the idGames database............. and I'm vaguely curious..... Does anyone ever do a minor update on their WAD and re-post it? Like.......tweaking wall textures or fixing bugs or whatevs?? [Also: I should do a demo, but my WAD is titled "All the Little Emperors" if you want to give it a go! 3-map mini WAD.....run, shoot, get-to-the-switch]
  9. Chipper35

    Doom II - Hell Unleashed TRAILER OUT NOW!

    Pure excellence!!
  10. Chipper35

    Brutal Pack v10

    Sometimes.......there are SO MANY WADS/MODS, it makes me dizzy! I am trying to learn about the HUD layout for BPv10.....and things aren't really popping up on the Doom wiki the way I need them to. Can anyone help? And: general thoughts and feelings about this mod?
  11. That helps....thanks. Can you clarify just a bit? I assume that's a screen cap from Slade?
  12. So....OK........Textures: People here often post a giant glob of (say) 'computer' textures........how do I carve out just one of those tiny squares? Just cut out the square with Paint (or whatever) and save that as a single file?
  13. Chipper35

    Places to upload / host WADs

    Me either!
  14. Chipper35

    DOOM Archaeology: The First 25 WADs

    Well......'good' or 'bad'.....this is an important part of gaming history.
  15. Chipper35

    Welcome to Idgames Upload

    This is great!! Just uploaded my first WAD. I appreciate Filezilla....I do! But, geez: it's quirky!