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  1. Chipper35

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    All of this is true......but I'm still here!
  2. Chipper35

    Klaus Schulze has died

    Well, I'm sorry you've been down. I'm no stranger to all that. Maybe when you wrote "Why do...... Just, so, so many dumb posts...... Insist on being written like this...... Its so annoying......" ------when I posted a little thing about missing the analog world......we will merely chalk that up to you having a bad day. That post (again, posted in 'Everything Else') sparked LOADS of discussion.....interesting discussion by-the-by.
  3. Chipper35

    How to use Actor Mover?

    https://zdoom.org/wiki/Actor_pointer Any chance 'Actor Pointer' might help??
  4. Chipper35

    Recommend medieval companion mods

    Maybe the word 'companion' is throwing me off just a bit here........
  5. Chipper35

    How to apply ambient sounds in sectors?

    Darn man, wish I could help! Thought it might be ACTOR, but I don't think that is it. I will keep an eye on this thread for sure!
  6. Chipper35

    New to Doomworld - Introduce Yourself!

    Oddly:I don't think I ever did this, so..... Hello all! I am no stranger to Doom. One of my very few claims to fame? On old school mate of mine (many years ago).....we were great friends in Jr. High.......... is married to Jay Wilbur.....one of the original iD guys! Looks for his name in the credits!
  7. Chipper35

    What's the right place to upload maps?

    Look at that thing Arrowhead pointed to. Easy and more convenient. Also: I will be happy to play your map.
  8. Chipper35

    Ever miss the analog world?

    Extremely true.......sometimes, I think it is evolutionary how we romanticize the past. If I had that awful disease that we've gotten MUCH BETTER at treating (today) back then.......it wouldn't have been the 'Good old days' in my mind, I can assure you. We don't have "fun" commercials about how alcoholism was a horrible thing that was hardly spoken about or how you would've never used the word "depression" in fear of being kicked out of your social groups......that's for certain. Maybe I just miss the delusions I'd pumped into my own brain back then about the 'future'.
  9. Chipper35

    Sectors? Lighting?

    Well.....this helps! Thanks!!
  10. Chipper35

    Ever miss the analog world?

    Dead serious.....no sarcasm. Was driving home the other night and thinking to myself: Sometimes, geez I miss the analog world. I miss when a 9600 baud modem was special. I miss knowing bad weather was coming in, so you'd go to Blockbuster and rent 3 VHS movies and get some candy......because your entertainment for the next 3 days was that, your t.v. and your stereo....and maybe a few books....that was it. You'd box up your SNES and three months later you missed it and unbox it. You had 4 games.....that was it. You didn't have 9700 movies at the click of a button.......your choices were limited, so that made what you had good. I dunno.........we have MILLIONS of 'titles' at our disposal now, but we are still filled with such a malaise sometimes. It seems (at times, at least) that having so much I can choose from makes me feel....I dunno.......tired, I guess. Anyone else feel this way.......ever?
  11. Chipper35

    How much programming do I need?

    Admittedly: ACS scripting will open up some fun doors.
  12. Chipper35

    Sectors? Lighting?

    So, this question may come across......clumsily, but........ When I'm working with multiple sectors, say......playing around with brightness......... I often want to carefully tweak the brightness of 1 level at a time, etc. etc. Could anyone offer an educated guess as to why I seem to be selecting MULTIPLE sectors at a time (when I don't intend to)?? [At least, I'm pretty sure that's what I'm doing.] Just a guess.....maybe? Anything?
  13. Chipper35

    How do i change my level's names on the automap?

    Look at Smeghammer's link he put up. I promise: it isn't terrible hard. Don't be scared of SLADE3! You will be amazed at how helpful it can be.
  14. Chipper35

    Stair Builder minor tweaks?!

    Funny thing is….. I can manage to (using it) make fairly good looking stairs.
  15. Chipper35

    Stair Builder minor tweaks?!

    I work in UDB, mapping in Doom 2, UDMF mode. After MUCH weeping.....I have long last become 83% proficient with Star Builder. I build a not-too-fancy elevated platform, up 64 units, rectangular in shape. I draw a single linedef, extending out from a nearby wall and using that, enter Stair Builder. It usually requires about 7 stairs (sectors), building toward the platform.....and the stairs look great! I even choose 'one direction'....but the direction pins (indicating the front) get a wee bit wonky! All the stairs' pins except the bottom stair and the platform's pin are pointing in one direction. So: the "front" to me of the bottom stair is technically the 'back' of that stair's side def. I'm doing something wrong in the dialogue window and I'd bet it's very simple. Any ideas? Again: the stairs look great! I just can't figure out this 'pin' issue.