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  1. Chipper35

    Game over????

    Not at all! Wise words that I will take to heart!
  2. Chipper35

    Game over????

    >>>>>OK, so that helps. In Map 3, I wouldn't even do a 'Player Start'??
  3. Chipper35

    Game over????

    OK.......so: right now, Map 2 line def (and Map 1's line def) are both set to 'S1 Exit Level'.......fine. But: after doing that......boom! standard Doom II Map 3 pops right up.
  4. Chipper35

    Seeking Mapping Advice

    Well, I'm not sure I am Captain Fantastic, in terms of answering this............and I've only done a MEDIUM-SIZED amount of fooling around in Doom Builder, but: My approach right now is just to get super comfortable making levels in 'pure' Doom II mode.
  5. You give some GREAT answers! (.....and: thanks for those answers, BTW!!)

  6. Chipper35

    Game over????

    OK.....so: I am editing in plain old Doom II mode. I've learned the whole 'Save into' thing. Thusly: I've created a 2-map WAD....terrific. But: when player ends the 2nd level, I just want the game to END......not move forward into Map 3. How does that work??
  7. Chipper35

    Doom II - Hell Unleashed Episode I (Gzdoom Remake)

    There is a Facebook page AND a Patreon campaign.........this appears to be a bit of a 'sleeper' right now, but trust me: I have a good feeling from what I've seen.
  8. Chipper35


    I am familiar with those......but need to do a deep dive!!
  9. Well, in terms of editing: I have ONLY ever used Doom Builder 2.....so its hard for me to answer.....sure has a lot of features, though. It can be a tiny bit slow, at times.
  10. Ok. Can you think of any popular wads that feature a wide range of skill levels in that regard? And, when starting......... dont players only have 5 to choose from??
  11. What the heck is the deal with 8 different skill levels when editing in UDMF mode? Ive read pages of stuff about UDMF, but nothing about skill levels? How does 8 fit into the universe?
  12. Chipper35


    I will do that..... thanks!!
  13. Chipper35


    Although this may sound wonky, here goes: Even though Ive watched 35 videos on the topic, I swear I still struggle trying to understand sectors. Anyone know of an ‘Explain it to me like Im a German Shepherd’ tutorial??
  14. Chipper35

    Stardate 20x7 [/idgames]

    I don't really have time to sit down with this right now, but I did download it........so it will happen soon. I will post a comment.