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  1. Chipper35


    Great help, this was!!! Thank you!!!!!
  2. Chipper35


    So, I only change the info found in the 'Start in' path, right?? Not the 'target' box.............
  3. Chipper35

    How to get Doom running on your NES.

    This is PROFOUNDLY excellent!!
  4. Chipper35


    A tip.....a hint.....anybody??
  5. Chipper35

    The worst DOOM levels ever?

    Hate to be a turd monster: But I just don't have enough years left on this planet to waste on Joke Mods.......................(there're already a zillion HORRIBLE ones out there).
  6. Chipper35


    A good page I needed to shortcut.
  7. Chipper35


    Excellent assistance. Thank you both VERY MUCH!!!
  8. Chipper35


    I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this, as back in my ancient DOS days, I knew how to do this!! But: I need help understanding/using parameters/command line arguments.........like.....I need someone to explain it to me like I'm a 1st grader!! I can look up the verbiage myself. But: I mean where do I ENTER THE ARGUMENTS?! So:on my desktop, I right click on GZDoom.exe (fine, no sweat), then....I scroll down and click on Properties.....I'm good that far: Then what?! Simple example: Opening GZDoom at a specific Episode/level.....might be a nice starting point for a VERY ELEMENTARY explanation, please!?
  9. Chipper35


    Yep.....that syntax worked. Remember: this one is ANCIENT! It was released for 'Doom 1'......so, go figure. Anyway: its 9 levels total, but only about 5 are for single player. You should check it out!! Its technically called: 'Invasion'.
  10. Chipper35


    Awesome....!! So: the syntax might be IDCLEV13 to jump to Episode 1, Level 3??
  11. Chipper35


    So: found this ancient WAD from 1995. It reportedly spans 9 maps, only Map 3 is where single player begins. How can I 'jump' to a specific map in a WAD?? I'm using GZDoom.......and the WAD is built for Vanilla Doom 1.
  12. Just jumped in over at Patreon! Brutal Doom forever!

  13. Chipper35

    Crouching Tiger?!

    My exceedingly unscientific observations have revealed that, playing Ultimate Doom via GZDoom, monster accuracy seems SLIGHTLY worse when you crouch and the monster(s) is some decent distance away from you. It seems (compared to standing) that their accuracy is just about 5% worse........but again: I didn't do an extremely scientific analysis of this.
  14. If I were in a crappy mood, I would say what I say to people who say: "Wikipedia is fake." That being............. Wikipedia and its cousins seek to make all knowledge available to all people. Being able to access knowledge and information is arguably one of the top 3 most democratizing things that have ever existed for humankind. If you don't get the zeitgeist and general spirit of what Wikipedia is.......then you don't deserve Wikipedia. So, don't ever use it........ever. But: for Doom....I just say: wads are different maps and stuff that users can make to change up the game a bit. If they want to know more, they'll look it up.
  15. A very helpful discussion.....thanks to all!