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  1. Ducks quack

    This award for best story involving a robot who extracts and recombines memory data from a frozen duck far in the distant future goes to this video:
  2. What was your first ever video game?

    Final Fantasy on NES
  3. Stand Up Comedy Thread

    Oh hell yeah, I've been a huge fan of stand-up comedy since as far back as I can remember. Aries is great he was on MADtv back in the day. Here's one of my favorite George Carlin bits:
  4. Oh neat. Yeah it sounds to me like that warm-up music you mention, since it's the first song in the set. I thought it might've been chosen by the venue but it seems like they've used the same intro on some other live shows as well.
  5. They sound similar but the Soundgarden song was recorded November 1996, Doom 64 was released March of 1997
  6. The story behind your custom avatar

    ^ kaleidoscope filter in Paint Shop Pro trial version + above image ^ I made this avatar approx. 13 years ago