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  1. obake

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I'm a furry, and I thought I'd draw a cute furry lady. The full pic is here.
  2. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Unnamed Map 12 by MisterSector I am reminded of a map I made for Verse Hopper, which was set up as a triangle. This map is much the same, only a lot more vertical. I really like the setup of this one, with the use of stairs and platforms to go up each side as you fight off waves of enemies. It starts simple enough, with only small groups of Chaingunners in the way of progress. Soon it turns into a frenzy, with gangs of Cacos, Mancubi, Archviles, etc, all getting up in your face. It took me quite a few tries, but I eventually got to the second portion, with the circular crushers, and...it was much the same. The excitement wore thin. Personally, I would replace two of the Cacos with a single Pain Elemental, and adding another box of bullets to take it down with, just to spice things up. It also took me awhile to figure out some of the switches did. Do not get me wrong, the technical skill of the design in this map is incredibly impressive, and it is a fun experience. I just wish the second half lived up to the first. Unnamed Map 19 by RonnieJamesDiner I do not like being too critical. That said, this map needs a lot of work. It is easily the most amateurish of the set I have thus played. It is not without redeeming qualities. I like the scope, and the idea of the raising circular room. In terms of visuals, it could use a lot more polish. Most important, however, is getting rid of various game breaking bugs. I accidentally fell off the rising circle once, and was stuck. This can happen a lot here. Luckily the solution is to simply make the outer walls a pressable lift, so the circular room can be accessed at any time again. This feels like a secret map more than anything, given its odd nature. It has a lot of charm. It just needs a few major repairs.
  3. obake

    An Avatar Conundrum

    I've thought about it for awhile: what would happen if suddenly everyone on Doomworld woke up as a living embodiment of their avatar? How would they feel? What would their new lives entail? I know for me, I would feel fine, maybe a little itchy. I would have a craving for salt licks, but still live a relatively normal life, albeit as an actual furry. What about you? Would your life be drastically different, and how so?
  4. obake

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    This is the greatest thread ever made! In all seriousness, i would like a cartoon-y Doom, but with non-copyrighted characters. Either self-made characters, or public domain characters, or even a mix! Imagine a Sherlock Holmes or Felix the Cat Doom. That would be something to behold!
  5. Use at least one new monster, if possible. Try experimenting with different monsters on Realm667.
  6. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    @Magicana I updated the initial post with a review of the map.
  7. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    I will get to reviewing it today. I apologize for missing it earlier.
  8. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Inventive Prowess by HAK3180 Following the theme of weapons manufacturing, Inventive Prowess has many, many weapons laying about, on tables, pillars, and boxes. You will need the armory as this map is not shy about tricky monster placement, whether it be multiple Pain Elementals targeting you in a thin walkway, or gangs of Imps and Barons ambushing you from behind. Just the starting room alone is a task, with enemies, both hitscan and projectile, aiming at you from above and below. Part of the fun of a map like this is surviving long enough to build up arms, and eventually be able to take down swarms of baddies. I feel the map balances health and armor against the menagerie of bad guys well enough that it is still a challenge. I especially like the Megasphere room. Aesthetically, the map has some charming oddities, like teleports being made of orange and green scrolling walls. Criticisms I have are that the maze part is a bit annoying, especially with so many Hell Knights. Perhaps replacing one of the Knights with two or three Imps would not only make things go quicker, but be more unpredictable as well, as a gang of Imps may very well go different directions. Overall, I like this map. The UAC by Angry Saint This one is odd. I like the architecture and how ambitious the map is at throwing enemies at you. That said, the layout is incredibly point A to point B, with little variation. Most encounters happen when entering a seemingly empty room only for enemies to pop out of the ground. None of it is bad, but it does feel dry. The ending is also ultra abrupt, simply pressing a door to exit. Overall, while not one of my favorites, the sheer number of enemies plus the detailing does lead to some fun. Processing Station by Shadesmaster A level which seems to have taken inspirations from E1M2 and M3, with the winding nukage corridor and dark maze. This map is fine all around, though nothing groundbreaking. I like the chill vibe, a breather after its predecessors. I especially like the first outdoor area, where you get to snipe at enemies on the ledge. I feel that part in particular is well executed.
  9. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    XYZ by Walter Confetti Perhaps the largest map I've played by Walter. XYZ is loads of fun, with a grand scale and suitable combat. I like the looping design, how it lets players explore areas from different paths, yet it is never too open as to be confusing. Combat starts fairly slow, but ramps up once you get to the big room with the Arachnotron and Mancubus on the boxes. None of it is too difficult, but its challenging enough to keep you on your toes. The biggest criticism I have is of the Cyber fight. You encounter it in a narrow, winding staircase. It is not a tough fight, but a boring one. Unlike the Cyber from a few maps ago, this one is much more locked down. I would perhaps add some teleporting demons behind the player, or move the Cyber to the middle of the big room before, and have a load of baddies where the Cyber currently is now. Criticism aside, this is a really cool map, with interesting variation in combat and exploration.
  10. obake

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I am a Zombie Marine John Larry. I like beets, sugarbeets, and llamas!
  11. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    I'll be getting back to reviews tomorrow. I'm glad you guys are enjoying them. :)
  12. Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in helping create monster sprites for me. They would be similar to these, only with roller blades, and no helmet, revealing a Samus-Aran type lady with blue or green skin. I have more details if anyone wants to help.

  13. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Industrial Haymaker by Eggboy An ambitious map that sets the tone of the episode quite well. We have gone from treading nukage fields in the day to entering a more industrialized area during night. There is not much to say about the visuals, asides that they look nice, and function as they should. The best part to me is the gameplay. Despite a bevvy of Revs and even a few Archies, Industrial Haymaker is more relaxed in its combat. No encounter is too difficult to overcome, what with the abundance of rockets and shells, and open space. It feels perfect for its spot in the episode. Ironically enough, the Cyberdemon is among the easiest encounters in the map, with me being able to potshot it from above with no need to back away. I am not sure how to fix the encounter to make it more difficult, or if the encounter even needs to be changed at all. This is a solid map. Sinthetic Icon by Mk7-Centipede The map's title is awesome. Same goes for the map itself, despite its flaws. Sinthetic Icon is what I would call a TNT-style techbase, each room riddled with bits and bobs of computers, monitors, rail tracks, couches, and the like. The look is messy, yet charming. As is the map's unusual routing. There have been plenty of maps with vent exploration before, but Icon makes it different by having them a central focus. Instead of dimly lit, gray tunnels, the map opts for orange vents in bright, static light. With the array of pathways comes plenty of exploration to various rooms, many of which you get glimpses of through fences before actually reaching. I have always enjoyed this style of peeking into rooms early, especially if it means being able to take care of a handful of baddies before heading inside. Gameplay is where the map loses interest. None of it is bad, but with the large open spaces of the rooms, it feels sparsely populated. Perhaps a few more zombiemen here and there, behind fences and looking through windows, or milling about in the open, would help the map feel more alive. I also do not think the exits are well done. The regular exit's room has a Cyber, which I beat, and then got stuck. I found out through IDDQD that the central skull on a pole is actually the exit switch. A regular switch would work better. The secret exit is also not very well hidden. Perhaps a hidden switch to open a wall that reveals the door to the secret exit would spice things up. Still, an enjoyable and unique map. Delta by ZeMystic A suitable breather map, relatively short and sweet. I like this one. There is not much else to say, aside from one or two problems. The basement room with the lava falls and blue armor secret has a pinky trap that spawns when they hear the player. Because I did not shoot in the room itself, it never activated. I would suggest moving the block sound lines a little further, or put a monster or two in that room so the trap is easier to trigger. I also feel the map could use a little more spice. Maybe since this is overall an easier map, a relatively easy teleport trap could be added in the upper hallways, such as a few imps and a sergeant? Otherwise, this is a fine map.
  14. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Chemical Weapons Research by Xdarkmasterx This is the most aesthetically pleasing map so far. Just look at the gray hallways with scrolling lights, and tell me it is not awesome. The map uses lots of color and variation. Layout and lack of armor is the map's issue. Whereas previous entries may have been sprawling, this one is more confusing, and full of hitscans. I admit judging this map I may be biased, as my computer lately has had troubles with Doom, specifically big levels. Framerates drop to single digits at times, making certain encounters far more frustrating than need be. That said, I can tell this is still the most difficult map of the set thus far, with not just one Archvile, but encounters with multiple Viles. I particularly like the rocket launcher area, and the blue key area. Those fights are extremely well done. The one area that needs rebalancing is the yellow key. Forced damage like this can become an absolute pain if one is at super low health (luckily I was not). I would make the first medkit a Berserk (or Soulsphere) instead, neither of which I feel would unbalance the rest of the map. There is also a ledge with two stuck imps (they are behind a diagonal blue backdrop.) Overall, this map looks great, and is most fierce. Persecuted by ZeMystic A Hunted tribute, eh? This map certainly stands out, all in good ways. I like that instead of a straight tribute, Persecuted mixes things up by adding small fry, mostly imps behind caged walls. It adds enough new flavor to the formula, with the risk of Viles having baddies to resurrect, without going overboard. The level looks really nice, too. Surprisingly, for a map that has so many Viles, it is among the easiest of the episode, which is not a bad thing. There is not much else to say; the map is a good breather with its own set of teeth. Episode 1 thoughts: The maps were fun! Though I admit the encounters between maps start blending together, with lots of “one Vile amongst Revs and other baddies” getting stale. But overall, I feel this is a good way to start the megawad, with the theme of nukage being used the right amount.
  15. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    A few more reviews: Hazardous by Mike_C Amidst maps with less linear design there is Hazardous by Mike_C. The layout of this map is much more rectangular than other entries, but that does not make it in any way less fun. This map is great. I like the detailing and architecture. The one downside is gameplay can be fairly simplistic, with the player opening doors just to find a large room with a gaggle of baddies straight center. This is not inherently a bad thing, and lends for a lot of infighting fun. But still, it feels like some of these encounters could use spicing up. There are also a ton of Barons in the blue key area. I would switch one or two Barons with Knights instead. Perhaps the most surprising part is the ending Cyber fight, which I did not expect. Despite the map's stinginess on rocket ammo, the Cyber goes down relatively quick, with the player having just enough closeness to get good SSG shots at him. I also like little details like the setup of the SSG room, and the blue and red key doors marked with colored textures. This map is good all around. Waste Processing by Xdarkmasterx Holy Revenant Spam, Batman! This is easily the hardest map thus far, with loads of Revs to deal with, plus the usual menagerie of small baddies. Putting aside performance issues due to my computer, the map is frustrating due to a lack of chaingun ammo and armor. I think twenty or so armor bonuses at the beginning, and a box of bullets would go a long way to making the map more fun. The detailing is again, very well done, and I like the layout, especially the central hub. Speaking of which, there is a HOM under the door the player starts in front of, when you lower the center platform. Overall, while not one of my favorites, the map is still playable. Technoid by Nicolas Monti This is another sprawling map, though unlike previous entries, it focuses more on combat inside than out in nukage fields. The encounters are harsh, with lots of teleport surprises. Though I admit to being frustrated with the yellow key room trap, I admit it is very well done. A theme I've noticed in these maps is Archies and Pain Elementals being used liberally, which is not in itself a bad thing. However, map after map having the same type of encounter it does begin to wear. I would personally put a breather map in between this and Waste Processing. Not necessarily an easy map, but one which focuses on simpler monsters. Perhaps Walter's would fit. Overall, Technoid is a fun experience, though perhaps it could use a bit more health at the beginning. It is also the first map I've got lost in, though none of my times milling about for answers were too long, so it is not a huge issue.