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  1. I'm honestly not sure what this thread is about. According to the interwebs, Television South West was a broadcasting network that disbanded in 1992. Which, to be fair, was just a year before Doom's release. Correlation, or coincidence?
  2. I like the way the Lost Souls work. You can't simply pistol or punch them to death, so you're forced to battle them in a different way.
  3. Comment text on my map: 1000 in Less Than 10: by Obake The title refers to the number of enemies and the time it can be beaten, respectively. The map was made speedily, a few weeks before the deadline. I wanted to push myself in terms of enemy numbers, despite most of them being in inaccessible locations. I feel I succeeded in making a challenging, fun map, despite the gimmick and short development time.
  4. Thanks again for all the wishes, everyone, and thanks so much for map, Rdwpa! It's a good romp. Strange and fun.
  5. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and birthday wishes! I will be updating the OP for a revised version of the map.
  6. Hello, Doomworlders! Today is my birthday, and in preparation for such, I created a Boom compatible map (now in Doom 2 rather than Ultimate Doom): baday2.zip The map should give plenty of interesting combat, and it comes with a twist. I also updated the switch behind the red door so it should (hopefully) work in Complevel 9. Since I don't know how to do Dehacked yet, it comes with a MAPINFO lump instead, but I'm hoping it will work in regular Boom and PRBoom+. The map is on Map01. Here are some screens: Critique and playtesting is welcome! Think of this level as a gift to the community. Speaking of gifts, if any of you out there wish to make a birthday map for me, you are more than welcome! However, taking a note from the late Thomas S Monson, the best present you could give to me is for you to find someone in need and help them. You don't need to tell anyone about it, either. Just knowing that people are out there helping others will make all the difference. Have a fantastic day, everyone!
  7. I'm hungry for Burger King right now. Awesome of them to do that!
  8. It's more relative than ever before! The fight is far from over, though we the people must not give up, or give in. I'm hoping the Supreme Court steps in and defends neutrality as it has done multiple times in the past.
  9. What happens if they make Duke played by Justin Bieber? o_O In all seriousness, a Duke movie could turn out alright. Perhaps making an animated one would be a good idea (with John St John, Duke's original voice actor. Or, if they can't get him, then perhaps Richard Epcar.)
  10. I just started with the Hub map. Holy-moly macerole is it fantastic! I'm interested to see what more fun is in store. :) Edit: I noticed a bug already: the first door on Sycpek's map does not seem to open, but perhaps I am just using the wrong source port.
  11. I hope not! I just started doing reviews for newstuff. I agree having it be a part of wads/mods would help viewership.
  12. I've been listening to a lot of Zombies Ate My Neighbors music lately.
  13. @damo2k, did my map load in zdaemon? Mine is "1000 in Less than 10". I was looking forward to coop footage of my map.
  14. There should be a rule that each map has to have at least one furry, otherwise there won't be enough furries in the Cacowards this year.
  15. Even with good intentions, it still feels wrong to have no zdoom. Still, best of luck to the project.