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  1. obake

    Happy Thanksgiving Doomworld!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Doomworld! Personally, I find Thanksgiving to be more of a day of introspection, looking back on all of the blessings we've received. For example, you all here at Doomworld have helped me become a better mapper. I'm grateful for this wonderful community. Thank you all!
  2. Alright if I choose four? @Pegleg @Jimmy @Major Arlene @Bridgeburner56 The potential here is incredible!
  3. obake

    Anyone wanna make a megawad with me?

    I'm willing to help you map! Yet I don't know if doing an entire megawad is the best thing for you to do now. How about make a short episode, of 5-8 maps? If you want help mapping, let me know :)
  4. Got to map 03. This is a good choice for a first mapset: not too complex, but still challenging on its own. A lot of fun so far!
  5. This sounds like a lot of fun. I'll join in later today!
  6. I've been working on a project called Enterprises: Rebooted for the last eight years, and I'm nearly done. However, there's one monster type that has alluded me, mainly due to it's sprite being too much for me to handle making at this time: a clown. Yes, clown. Because of that, I have a contest in order: whoever can make the best set of clown monster sprites will have them featured as a monster in Enterprises Rebooted, with proper credits, of course! I'm hoping that this will get people's creative juices pumping, and allow them to make something truly different! The details of the clown go as follows: it should be around the size of the Revenant, will have a squirting flower attack as the melee, and will throw pie projectiles and mini grenades. I may just make the pie and mini grenade sprites myself, but you can try your hand at them too, if you wish. Don't worry about the sounds or about implementing the DECORATE details, as I will handle all that. Any and all can enter!
  7. obake

    How can i find people to make wads with

    You can always join the Hellforge. There are tons of people there who can help you build cool stuff :)
  8. Version 1 of Revealing Zombie is done! Map name: Revealing Zombie Author: Obake Play time: Around 10 minutes Music: Ghost Grinder by Jimmy Textures: OTEX Difficulty settings: Yes Coop: Yes Deathmatch: Yes Description: A strange house. Be careful of whose rooms you invade! One of the more difficult maps I've made; the traps here are quite mean. That said, it does not take long to complete. Let me know what you all think!
  9. obake

    How I finally fixed lag in GZDoom

    I can certainly do that, though I'll have to figure out how to find the log file first. Thanks for the support!
  10. Anyone else tried playing GZdoom on their Windows 10 computer, only to find it unplayable? You open the task manager, and surprise! Your computer's memory is being eaten at nearly 90% For me, this was due to something called the Dcom service. I tried various things to fix the issue, but what's finally worked is something I found suggested on a forum: make a new account on your computer, set GZDoom up anew, and presto! The game now runs flawlessly. I know this thread is short, but my goal is simply to get the word out that (at least for me) there's a way to solve the problem of lag in GZdoom. So if your windows 10 was having memory issues similar to mine, you now know a possible solution. Have a great day, and God bless!
  11. obake

    The Precipice (an 3DGE Project) on Idgames!

    Sorry for the long wait. I should totally test out what's here! Would you like detailed feedback, @MidnightMage?
  12. obake

    Why'd you choose your title?

    Mine's self explanatory. I love being LDS and a furry, UwU
  13. obake

    Why I left this community.

    This is awesome. Thanks so much, Lüt, and all of the administrators! Also, it's good to have you here, @RestlessRodent. Reading the comments it seems unanimous that people are grateful for your contributions to this community.
  14. obake

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Yes :) Also, referring to your custom status: sorry, not sorry. p.s. Your profile pic is quite cute