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  1. What items are on your personal Christmas wish list? For me, there's a few: Fatso on Blu ray, a Dom Deluise comedy/drama about a man's search for weight loss. Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Blu ray, Tobe Hooper's 1974 horror masterpiece. Fruits Basket collectors edition volume 3, the wonderful manga from writer and artist Natsuki Takaya, about a young woman who goes to live with a family, only to find out they have a most peculiar curse. Many Beautiful Things: Stories and Recipes from Polizzi Generosa, the biography/recipe book from the late Vincent Shiavelli. What things are on your Christmas lists?
  2. obake

    Doom crashing

    Not quite yet. I'll do as Voltcom suggests and try out the zdoom forums.
  3. obake

    Doom crashing

    Thanks for all of the replies! I'm wondering, should my CPU usage be going up really high when I play Doom? It's going between 65-100%. Is that a sign of a memory leak? Also, I did as Lippeth suggested and updated to a new build of GZdoom.
  4. obake

    Come Eat The Mapwich 2!!! Public beta out now!

    Congrats on the release. I look forward to playing it!
  5. obake

    Doom crashing

    I'm using gzdoom, and I don't currently have any other games installed. When it crashes, the game freezes, and I have to alt+ctrl+delete to get out.
  6. obake

    Doom crashing

    I updated to a new computer about a week ago. At first I was happy that Doom was playing without stuttering, but I've encountered a new problem: crashes after about 8 minutes of play. I want to know, has anyone else had this problem, and does it have anything to do with Windows 10 or OneDrive? I really wanted to get into playing multiplayer for the first time, but I can't with this stupid issue in the way. Any and all tips are appreciated! Have a great day, and God bless.
  7. Quick update: Maps are coming along nicely. Some won't be released until the final compilation. With that said, it would be nice to have some more platytesters. If anyone is interested, let me know!
  8. obake

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Shots from Map 5, Heelbain.
  9. obake

    My Site Review

    What on earth is your profile pic?
  10. obake

    Decino's Casino (version 3.0)

    Yeah, I wasn't quite on the mark. But it's okay. There's always next time. :)
  11. obake

    Pricsi Doom

    Reminds me of my first maps. :) My advice is to keep going! You have talent, and you'll get better as you go along. Take me as an example: my first wad, UAC Enterprises, was met with the harshest criticism. As I kept mapping, I listened to the critics, and over time, I've gotten way better. Some advice for your maps: try more open rooms. Perhaps even take some existing hallways, and make them much wider, as an experiment. You'll find that more open rooms, with varying heights, will make battles more unique. Keep up the good work, @Telemassacre! Edit: Also, if you ever need any playtesters, I should be available :D
  12. obake

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    From Heelbain:
  13. obake

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Certain Total Conversions add reflectively to liquids. But if it's just UDMF, then it has to be map specific.
  14. You have a big personal project you're working on, alongside small projects from the community. Because of all of the experience you get with the smaller projects, your talent grows. Then you notice as you've become more experienced, that your big personal project looks amateurish in comparison. What do you do? Keep the older maps the way they are, which will inevitably make them stand out as less polished than the newer ones? Take the work to update them, saving the good bits and trying to fix all of the problems? Remake them from scratch, or put them in the bin entirely? As a mapper who has experienced this, it is a pain. I have several maps done for the UAC Enterprises: Rebooted series, but looking on them now, they are not up to the level I would like them to be. But after having put so much work into them, I don't want to have to scrap them, either. I call this uneven talent progression. I ask that mappers (especially the most experienced) give their thoughts on how they deal with this issue. What do you personally do in this situation?