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  1. obake

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    What about a mod where nuclear war-ferrets come to save Doomguy, but only in one map? The ferrets would be jpg images inside a picture frame, with a full rotation on the frames and everything!
  2. obake

    What do you think comes after death?

    As a Latter Day Saint, I could share our beliefs: Although not everyone born has or will have the chance to accept the gospel in this life, they all have the chance to hear the gospel after death, in what we call the Spirit World (though they still choose whether or not to accept it.) Even those who don't accept the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Spirit World, but who still lived as good people on earth, will receive kingdoms of glory. Very few will be cast down to Hell. That is what I and others of my faith believe comes after death. :) p.s. I should also clarify that the Spirit World is not the same as Map 29! XD
  3. obake

    Commissioning mods?

    Like others, I haven't had time to read the whole thread. However, I do have an interesting quandary: What if a member of Doomworld was making an indie game (their own build), and wanted other members of the community to help create levels? Would commissioning be fair, then? For the record, I have commissioned people in the community for music, which I feel is more than fair. I've tried making my own music, and...it's nowhere near the quality they can make. :D
  4. Hello, spd7693. I recently read the thread on your Doom wad. I may even play your levels at some point.


    I just want to say that despite seeming harsh, people in the thread have offered good advice. The keys to becoming a better mapper are to listen to criticism, and have fun! You will get better at mapping. From the looks of the thread, you are already improving.


    In conclusion, don't give up!





  5. obake

    Favorite Source Port?

    I choose GZDoom, not only for its modding capabilities...but because I haven't tried the other ports besides Vanilla and Zdoom. :p Someday I need to give PRBoom+ a whirl.
  6. Yes, and no. It matters on the amount of work I put into the map. If it's an amateurish map I made years ago, and they rage, then I have fun watching. If it's a newer map that I've spent extra time working on, and they rage, then I feel bad.
  7. obake

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Cuphead. I've been wanting to talk about this game for awhile. It's such a grand reprisal of run and gun games of yore, done in beautiful 1930's style animation. Honestly it is my new favorite game.
  8. I've been working  on a big community  project, which should begin soon.            

  9. obake

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A screen from an upcoming project. More will be coming soon.
  10. obake

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looks like the Vinesauce contest will have some awesome maps! The second set looks like it might actually fit in a NES title. Perhaps a jungle backdrop?
  11. obake

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    I find pretending to actually be Doomguy, and being in real mortal danger does increase the intensity, heh.
  12. obake

    [Idea] Doom Editing Academy

    To say my piece, while I agree with Fonze's idea in most cases, I believe Doom mapping can start in the more complex formats. The keys to success here are vision, patience, and most important, practice and playtesting. If a mapper wants to learn zdoom formatting first, I say they should have free reign. However, they should learn the fundamentals of the zdoom format, alongside the basic fundamentals of mapping. Let's be honest here: asides from different features (and slightly altered gameplay), there is not much difference between boom, zdoom, and even udmf, when it comes to the most basic rules. A poorly textured map in boom will look just the same in zdoom, as well as limit-removing. A map that is just squares will play essentially the same in any format, even if things like zdoom can add scripting. Thus, every format shares fundamentals in designing maps. Learning those basic fundamentals is the key here.
  13. An important fix is needed for Pinchy's map: on lower difficulty settings, the teleport trap that leads into the conveyor belt with the crushers does not work. You teleport into the room, but cannot get back out.
  14. obake

    Custom Monster: Television South West

    I'm honestly not sure what this thread is about. According to the interwebs, Television South West was a broadcasting network that disbanded in 1992. Which, to be fair, was just a year before Doom's release. Correlation, or coincidence?