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  1. obake

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    This is a question mostly for those most familiar with slaughter: would Speedmaster be considered slaughter? Some of its maps are insane, like map 30 (which is still one of the best maps I have played.)
  2. obake

    Eagle Mapping Project

    I edited the map according to your suggestions. I agree that having bigger doors at the end does make it more interesting to fight in. eager2.zip
  3. obake

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    Perhaps a panel of mods could choose which reviews get featured? That way, the most comprehensive reviews (whether they are positive or negative about a wad) can be the ones posted. You could also make room for more reviews by highlighting snippets (like on Rotten Tomatoes.) Edit: I should also mention that short, non-detailed reviews are not necessarily bad.
  4. obake

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Started work on a big map.
  5. obake

    Eagle Mapping Project

    Thanks for the review, Aquila! I'll take what you said into consideration, and make those locked doors bigger. :) Also, I'm all for improving the Mastermind.
  6. obake

    Eagle Mapping Project

    Here's version 1 of my map, Hellish Reverse. I tested it using GZDoom Builder. Let me know if it works in strict Boom, or if any changes need to be made. It is one of the hardest maps I have made, despite not being too long. Hopefully the gameplay is fun. Let me know what you all think! eager.zip
  7. obake

    Eagle Mapping Project

    Hey, I'll join along! Always looking for unique projects. :)
  8. obake

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Count me in. I probably won't be able to provide a full 32-level mapset, but I'll try.
  9. obake

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom 404

    Quick rundown of the remaining maps: Map 19: I like it. The crushers were fun to utilize. Map 20: Very loopy layout. Run around getting as many of the bad guys as you can, and grab that SSG! Map 21: Starts fine, but the raising platforms could be a bit easier to navigate without falling off. Map 22: Despite the darkness, once you find the path outside, it's not too hard. The most difficult part is (again) the lone Pain Elemental. Map 23: I have no idea how one could do this map without saves. Ammo is so scarce, and Viles aplenty. Still fun. Map 24: Probably the most colorful map so far. Despite the abundance of Chaingunners, this is a fairly smooth ride. Lots of Cacos to take care of. Map 25: Nice to see a more open map again. I like that Arachnotrons are utilized to great effect here, being free roaming. Even the Archies are not too bad to deal with, as the BFG and plenty of ammo is given. Map 26: This one's odd. After the initial onslaught of pain (which takes a lot of trial and error), it's really not difficult, just tedious. It is split into small sections, full of Revs. The puzzle element is not too bad, at least, but the ending encounter is simply ridiculous. Map 27: My computer was lagging bad during this part of the playthrough. However, this was still a fine map. Even if the Archie rush at the end was predictable. Map 28: Short, to the point. Hard to run around in with various decorations suddenly blocking paths.
  10. obake


    We should post some of our costumes. I will post mine tomorrow.
  11. obake

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    With zdoom, you could give her an attack that spawns small spiders. Or what about make it so the Mastermind has a variant that walks on the ceiling?
  12. obake

    Graphically beautiful wads or eye candies

    Speedmaster (I believe it was called), a Russian mapping set, has some visually fantastic maps. Map 12 is the one I recall most, with a giant, black and green room that was amazing to look at. Plus the wad has some other cool set pieces, like a crusher map.
  13. obake

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    That's what I feel. Id software may not realize it, but they made the best Christian video game of all time!
  14. Doomworld Handle: Obake Skill level: Usually play on UV, though I can playtest other skill levels if a level is simply too taxing. Preferred difficulty level(s): Usually UV Maximum number of maps in a set: Any Minimum number of maps in a set: Any Preferred genres: Interesting GZdoom or UDMF projects, though nothing too taxing on the computer. Genres you don't like: Anything Terry, or HDoom-esque Preferred source ports: GZdoom Source ports refused: None Demos or written comments: I don't know how to do demos, but I can certainly write my thoughts on maps, and record videos, too. Notes: I've been mapping for Doom since 2012. I also love writing and reviewing, so playtesting maps and giving thoughts on them is something I would like to do.
  15. obake

    Level design tropes you use

    A little thing I do with doors is usually making them 5, 7, or 11 pixels wide. I find the DOORTRAK texture can be lined up symmetrically this way.