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  1. I haven't played many bad wads myself. However, my first megawad (UAC Enterprises) is, in my opinion, so-bad-it's-good. I can't provide a link as I am typing on a Wii U currently. Since I don't want to simply mention my own stuff again, I suggest you also look to DeimosComaBlack and PieceofPieSoftware's wad videos, as they've played a plethora of awful maps.
  2. If I may intervene and (hopefully) help everyone calm down. First and foremost, no sourceport is superior than one another. They all have different features, and can do different things. @Nine Inch Heels, my personal favorite ports to map in are Zdoom in Hexen format, and recently GZDoom in UDMF format. That doesn't mean I don't understand the appeal of Boom mapping. Not only is Boom a historically significant port, it is also incredible fun to use, and great maps have (and will continue to be) made with it for years to come. You're right, too, that Boom maps generally take less time to make than UDMF maps. GZDoom Builder's interface is a little clunky, and UDMF is simply more complicated. That is something I believe we can all agree on. But I believe you are forgetting something highly important: the end goal of why some maps are made in UDMF. I love personalizing gameplay, creating my own monsters, textures, items, etc. The beauty of something like Zdoom in Hexen, and UDMF, is that gives people like me easy access to making things not only different from the original game, but perhaps even vastly different. I know that is not appealing to everyone. If you like regular Doom simply as it is, or only with the features of certain ports, like limit-removing or Boom, that is 100% fine. Nobody should make you feel bad for playing the way you like. In the same token, you should remember that there are those who enjoy the more customizable outlets that are ports like UDMF, even if the interface is a bit clunky. :)
  3. I reiterate @Pegleg in saying thank you to both @AD_79 and @Scotty.
  4. There is something cathartic about Doom. For me, especially, seeing monsters infighting always brings joy. There's something so fun about watching demons destroy one another, that cannot be expressed adequately in words.
  5. Here are my notes, using the same format as Jimmy created for his notes sheet for Joy of Mapping 4. I hope my criticisms are not too harsh. I truly did enjoy this wad, but there is room to improve, too.
  6. Ah, Halloween. The time we celebrate things of mystery, and look into the doors of the unknown. "And travellers, now, within that valley, Through the red-litten windows see Vast forms, that move fantastically To a discordant melody, While, like a ghastly rapid river, Through the pale door A hideous throng rush out forever And laugh, but smile no more." —Stanza from The Haunted Palace, by Edgar Allen Poe How I love this holiday!
  7. I've been playing through the latest beta of DOOMED IN SPACE, and am writing detailed analysis of each of the maps, and how the set plays. A lot of positives and negative things to say. I hope you and the mappers will appreciate the critiques (will post them when finished.)

    1. Doomkid


      Definitely! Crusader No Regret has also been giving excellent feedback. The more I get, the better the wad will be :)

  8. Condolences go to him and his family. Rest in peace, Demonsphere. You are missed.
  9. Holy cow, you have a fantastic talent! I'm especially impressed with the underground one. Reminds me of the lush background one might see in one of the Donkey Kong Country games :)
  10. PC. I've never owned a laptop, funnily enough.
  11. You won't be disappointed :)
  12. I am grateful for your playthroughs, Major. I agree that you are growing as a player, and like you said, in a few years you'll look back at your inexperienced self and see how much you've improved. :)
  13. There's no need for arguing. My advice for Everennui is to experiment and have fun! I understand the stigma that some people don't like new content, but in reality, most people here don't mind new stuff at all. It's the gameplay and how said content is implemented that matters. I've downloaded a number of stuff from Realm667 and experimented with it. My current resource wads contain stuff from that site alongside custom things of my own creation. Importantly, these resource wads are not final versions, but merely practice. Realm667 is a great starting point to learn new features, find out how monsters and items are coded, how they can be customized and utilized in new ways, etc. Having Realm667 content in a final release is also perfectly fine. But through experimenting with new content long enough, I've learned that certain things can be cut out for the benefit of the project. It's cool having a variety of zombie scientist to battle, but odds are most will be unnecessary or redundant, and not add much to gameplay. (An exception would be if the wad's theme relied heavily enough on said scientists.) Playtesting is key. Try out monsters, items, and weapons in all sorts of situations, and build test maps that are essentially arenas to see how new everything interacts. Another thing you can do, as I've done, is release practice levels with beta resource wads, and receive feedback. Most people here won't mind if your wad changes the mechanics of Doom, as long as it's still fun to play. I'm looking forward to trying out this project, and seeing how it progresses! :)
  14. Interesting. :) If I may add some criticism, I would suggest adding a bit of shadow to one of the sides and the bottom to make the light gray background pop a bit more.
  15. Sad to see my map removed, though I understand the necessity if it was broken, or did not fit with the flow/theme of the set. I played through some of the beta. One of the lifts in map 3 seems broken (I don't know if this is because I was playing in zdoom and not zdaemon or odamex, or if it's glitched in all ports). Otherwise the set seems to be on the up and up (though the map "Space Waste" could use a bit more ammo at the start, perhaps a single clip and shell pickup). Thanks so much for using the Wave Gunner sprites. I'm looking forward to this set!