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  1. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    Playing through the wad was awesome, the amount of creativity was outstanding, and there were very few bad or annoying levels. There are a lot of unique experiences you won't find anywhere else. Great job everyone!
  2. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    Good point, you don't have to point everything out to the player, they find it out on my own. For that reason, I might remove the words entirely, focus on creating hopelessness through the gameplay and atmosphere
  3. HyperLuke

    "Walking Simulator" Community Project

    Since the deadline is in a long time, Ill make a map at some point.
  4. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    Wow, I never expected this reaction, considering I myself thought it would be crap. I am open for suggestions on quotes or phrases that I could use to replace them, I guess I'm not the best at inspiring hopelessness in that way. Thank you @Dragonfly and @Bauul. I will experiment more with the atmosphere and slaughtermappy gameplay in future wads, I quite like it. Some extra textures might also help.
  5. HyperLuke

    Unbanned from Doomworld!

    And some say I'm immature.
  6. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    Thankyou, I also played your map, and I like the visuals and vertical use of space. In terms of mine, knowing its fun does make me feel good, but I would still like to know what I can do better, especially since I am starting out.
  7. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    Has anyone played my map yet? I would appreciate some feedback.
  8. HyperLuke

    Do you like using texture filtering?

    I prefer having it off so I can appreciate the painstakingly awesome pixel art of textures, monsters, particles, and items.
  9. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    No probs. Also, later on, will I be able to update my map and add it into the project?
  10. HyperLuke

    Someone attempting to login as me on Doomworld

    Trust me when I say my passwords secure, I made it by blindly typing random characters, and then stored it on an external hardrive on a notepad doc. I dare someone to brute force or crack it any other way. Except my Doomworld password never got hacked. Buh Dum Tss. I have not logged in using facebook, google, or youtube.
  11. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    Not entirely sure, not even sure what GLDEFS are. I used this:
  12. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    I finished my map, its got a long name. Gates to the Fleshvoid 256. It is a very experimental map with a dark hellish atmosphere, it's biggest strength. Gameplay is a kind of slaughtermap, but I am not going to spoil anything, combined with the atmosphere I want it to send a chill up someones spine. It is riddled with bugs mainly to do with scripting, such as a ceiling not going up the same amount each time I run the map, but it shouldn't ruin the experience. I have completed the map, so it is possible, not sure how it compares to other wads, I might update it one day to fix issues and improve it. BTW uses slot map 30. Please keep in mind that this is my second map made and first map released, I am still unfamiliar with stuff like scripting, getting 3D floors to work, and stuff like that. Feed back is greatly appreciated, please tell me how I can improve as a mapper and increase my skills. I will return to this concept of map one day. Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/36wo1b4ql6ol1v8/GTTFlshVd256v1.wad?dl=0 And a screenie, only one to keep the suspense and all that:
  13. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    I'll probably need an extra 24 hrs to test and finish up balancing the level. It's not gonna be bug free tho.
  14. HyperLuke

    [RELEASED!!] Confinement 256 CP

    Nearly Finished up with Mine, however, due to busy stuff irl, I have had to shorten the length a bit, but the whole concept of my map, mainly in the atmosphere but a little bit in the gameplay is an experiment.
  15. HyperLuke

    Someone attempting to login as me on Doomworld

    I already know how to make a strong password. I was asking if anyone knew who it was.