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  1. Hm. I wonder, how hard would it be to make it Do The Right Thing, that is install if unambiguous, but ask otherwise. Consider:
  2. thanks too many e's lol

  3. wrkq

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Young Billy Blaze, who's dad is completely focused on his television career?
  4. wrkq

    Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    The Original: Impromptu Minidido. The Sequel: Deliberate Maxidido? :) (...) I wonder - wouldn't approaching the map multiple times and choosing different sections for each playthrough kind of provide for this? You'd have big replayability - you'd always be able to pick up some familiar and some new places - while keeping it shorter per play. I know my own answer would be "uhhh...", but I'm the kind of person who wants to always explore 100%, preferably on a single run. Games with big mutually exclusive choices where you must replay many times to see all scenarios make me twitch a little. And this kind of gets along with the tendency of many experienced Doomers to be like "UV-Max or bust". :) But I know that it is often quite praised how "player choices are actually significant for the rest of the game", and how it improves replayability - so I wonder if this kind of "don't need to see it all on one playthrough" approach wouldn't work out nice for the Minidido here. (If you'd think so, might be worth mentioning as a recomendation in the .txt?)
  5. wrkq

    Color Issues with Older Source Ports.

    These are probably old enough to use DirectDraw, and that's messed up by Explorer on Windows 7 (not 100% sure if latter too, but probably.) Try this: 1. open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right-click on empty space on taskbar) 2. Terminate explorer.exe on the Processes (win7) / Details (win8+) tab 3. Use the File->Run menu in task manager to browse for the doom engine executable and start it. No matter if it worked or not, after you're done with Doom you can do file->run->explorer.exe to get your desktop back. If it didn't help, it may be related to your GPU drivers (heard something about one of the two big-brands breaking low color modes completely in recent drivers; Intel should work though.) If it helped, you can try this below to create a permanent compat flag (I confirm this worked for me for some old games like AoE2): Aw heck, that's what I get for typing from memory instead of searching for a good existing instruction :p
  6. Well, you can always add a grand flashing warning to the download page asking people to "Unblock" the zip itself before unpacking (maybe with screenshot). Other than that, yeah, installer is the best you can do. From "real" installer engines, NSIS (http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Main_Page) is kinda the standard for free/opensource use on Windows. It requires a little scripting but docs are OK, and you could do all the "pro" stuff like installing SlimDX when not already installed, and making start menu shortcuts. For the simplest possible alternative, 7zip's self-extracting archive option might be sufficient - but then the user will need to run the dependencies' setups by hand anyway. I wouldn't recommend doing crazy hacks like having the startup routine of your program scan its directory and subdirs and reset the flag by itself. It would be kind of user friendly in the sense of "after user approves on first start, it works", but it's just one of the thing that look kinda shady and may trip an antivirus. (If you would want to go that way, you'll need to research Windows APIs on how to look for and delete NTFS Alternate Data Streams, the one you want to fully delete is Zone.Identifier https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/askcore/2013/03/24/alternate-data-streams-in-ntfs/). G'luck.
  7. Find the nodebuilder executable DBX is set to use, right click->properties and check if you don't have a "This program has been downloaded from the internet, click here to unblock" note at the bottom of the properties window. If you use the Windows Explorer internal unzipper to unpack a .zip that has the "downloaded, dangerous" attribute, it will put this attribute on every single unpacked file as it processes it. Which will make programs prompt "are you sure, this is from the internet" on every start, and in some cases make DLLs refuse to be loaded into another program altogether, which then leads to very confusing "I unpacked the plugin and it doesn't load" support issues...
  8. wrkq

    The great Demon Gate version mystery

    It is, hidden as an extra feature in pretty surprising place. certutil.exe -hashfile "file name here.ext" SHA1 certutil.exe -hashfile "file name here.ext" SHA256 certutil.exe -hashfile "file name here.ext" SHA384 certutil.exe -hashfile "file name here.ext" SHA512 certutil.exe -hashfile "file name here.ext" MD5 certutil.exe -hashfile "file name here.ext" MD4 certutil.exe -hashfile "file name here.ext" MD2 Will default to SHA1 if not specified. Certutil comes with a few more funny functions, like decoding a hex sequence to binary file, and decoding/encoding between binary and base64. If you have PowerShell 4 or newer (so Win8 or newer, or PS4 manually installed on Win7) you can also do a bit more reasonable: Get-FileHash -Algorithm MD5 "file name here.ext" Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA1 "file name here.ext" Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 "file name here.ext" Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA384 "file name here.ext" Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA512 "file name here.ext" Here, if you skip the algorithm switch it will default to SHA256. If you want a GUI, you'll need to install something third party, alas.
  9. wrkq

    Things about Doom you just found out

    So I was in the mood for some John Carpenter movie scores today, and there's DSBOSPIT right in the middle of this track! I mean, I know many of Doom sounds came from sound library discs and can be found all over, but that was still a "wait, what?" surprise - and didn't find this one mentioned on the forum before. In case video's lost - Big Trouble In Little China, track 05 "The Alley (War)". This specific upload is 2:30 long, and the clear sound occurs around 1:26 mark. There are repeats at 2:07 and 2:25 which are mixed with another growly sound (2:25 a ton more than 2:07).
  10. wrkq

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    Aw, so not related to my favourite UT'99 map? *ducks!* As of my own, the most lame story you can imagine. First email account 20 years ago. Need to come up with a login. Ok, how about initials. Nope, too short. So padded it up with whatever - q happens to be first in the row. (and a couple of years later found out it's used as a callsign of a Tennessee AM radio station...)
  11. DANCE.MID (c) Creative Technology Ltd 1994. One of the sample midis included with Soundblaster cards back in the day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcsH6bpvTg0 Actually I wonder where I had it from... I knew I remember it from back in the day, but I spent quite a while browsing archives of Voyetra sample midis, my sound card shipped Voyetra softare. :p
  12. So I've listened to the video, and had the very same vague sense of familiarity. But I think we're both wrong about it because I'm sure I've never heard the "real" track before. It is Repeat by Grinspoon, with pretty confusing MIDI instrument mappings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=getS9xAfvUc If you unpack the GRP and check USER.CON, you can see that the music for first map is repeat.mid. If you check repeat.mid itself, you can find the following message: Also, deep inside xtras.zip there's a file "music.txt", containing partially wrong and incomplete list of music credits. This specific MIDI is in there, labeled correctly.