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  1. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    "And tonight it's caco party, like it's 1995..."
  2. wrkq

    GZDoom 4.5.0 Crashes when I start a map.

    Try to start the game with -nomusic parameter. So like gzdoom -nomusic -iwad /some/where/doom2.wad If it works OK, then it's most probably the known problem with fluidsynth. Some linux distributions (for sure just about everything ubuntu derived) are currently bundling a bugged version of fluidsynth that makes gzdoom crash. After you start with nomusic you can change the midi library to something else (timidity, wildmidi, OPL/OPN/ADL...), then restart game normally. (Esc -> Options -> Full/advanced options -> Sound options -> "MIDI Device")
  3. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Well, yes, they're zip-compressed while WADs are not. If it's full of stuff like doom-format graphics, the compression is pretty significant. But a pk3 full of already internally compressed files such as ogg, mp3, png or jpg will not zip any much better. Your pk3 is 52 534 KB, the uncompressed oggs are 52 710 KB, the WAD has 204 bytes of overhead in header and index so clocks at 52 711 KB. :) But I've just been sharing a trick, I didn't mean you should repackage it, was a general "you, dear reader who wants to do this", not "you, tam", sorry for the confusion :)
  4. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Pro Amateur tip: Repackage the .pk3 as a .wad, simply keeping the D_E1Mx lump names as in the .pk3. Load it into Crispy after the main wad. Enjoy. Much easier than setting up the "music pack" feature, especially as that one has a few quirks that makes it hard or impossible to have different songs on maps which shared songs (via duplicated lumps) in vanilla. Despite Chocolate having the libraries for music decoding, it fails to play D_INTRO then crashes with memory allocation failure loading the demo - so it's probably deliberarely trying to blindly process the wad lump as MUS or such for the perfect vanilla-ness. So you'd need to do configure a musicpack there.
  5. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Full disclosure: I'm a boring pleb playing on HMP. However, from that perspective, I would say that ZK quite successfully delivered that "pressure" feeling. The concept is, more or less, "you can reach the exit very quick, but if you want to 100% it, it's not gonna be a breeze". Sure it's not the flavor of pressure you get having to juggle your last two BFG shots and box of rockets against a horde of archviles in a modern slaughter map. But just like that, its a bit more about running and staying alive than steamrolling through all monsters. It actually works very well with my (very 1995) style of non-pro playing, tbh. And it felt kind of rewarding when I found the plasma in the end (with a few extra cells on the way) and could finally dispatch the cacos that I've been mostly trying to avoid and run from until then. But of course, to everyone their own taste. Chaingun is definitely the better choice because you won't have to rebalance the map for shells. And that location... might not be too bad of an option. It takes a little while and some dodging to get there. Dunno if that's a good or bad idea, but it might be interesting to have this room locked with one of the red-sign bulkhead doors until the alarm is turned off - that way the (short and easy) mandatory progression to alarm control center must still be done with pistol only instead of having some players do a mad dash upstairs to catch the CG before doing anything else.
  6. wrkq

    [Release] Oops! All Greyboxes! Community Project v1.5

    Chrome in its infinite genius decided to block downloads whenever the page with the link is https:// (like Doomworld is) but the link destination is unencrypted http:// . If "open in new tab" works, that's surprising but definitely the easiest fix then. If that'll stop working eventually, something in lines of right click -> copy link -> new tab -> paste should work.
  7. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Just put some mancubus turrets in there! That's a dead simple solution!
  8. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    So to be honest, I still kind of don't like the "stairs next to baron pit don't let you get on top of it, you're supposed to use them to jump forward onto the triangle platform" part. It's just a bit unintuitive and confusing again - might make people think they need to do something else to unlock a lift on top of the stairs. I really think it'd make much more sense to have stairs lead onto top of the baron pit. But if it is a quick way into visplane hell, as you mentioned, well, gotta live without that. :( So personally speaking, I found that first secret area easily/intuitively. I even seen the bait/hint on the road to the super-secret area but failed to get there on first two tries and assumed it should be reached from somewhere else. Also you forgot to mention that before reaching this "first secret" you need to follow a sequence of multiple secrets in other places to progressively unlock the way. <3 this kind of sequencing, no sarc. :) In that first secret area you have that decorative floor hatch thingy which does nothing currently. Maybe have that raise into a red-keyed switch (thanks to walkover line or some nearby other switch), and then have that red switch in turn bring up a bridge towards the secret-secret? Could also set it up so approaching the red key to reveals the baron and plasma (but keep it unreachable) to make this approach a bit harder. Directly or as the new action on the triangle platform. Player flows would be roughly like: a) Find first secret, spot the harder road to second secret, use it, go to second secret, release the baron and raise the stairs, use baron to clear the area and get plasma earlier. When you'll come back to hatch with red key, you'll see the bridge raise and be like "huh... I got there earlier without help? Woah, go me!". (Maybe the red switch could also open some small alcove with a medium grade goodie so they won't feel it was pointless to come back.) b) Find first secret, miss the road to second secret, notice red key switch. Come back with red key, raise the bridge to second secret, raise the stairs from there. You won't even know that'd also release the baron, as the platform is already up. Not frustrating because of other fun stuff the second secret provides. c) Just find red key. Preferably get attacked by baron at this time (something happened!). Also, bait in form of the plasma gun gets in view. Now what happens if the player did not even find the first secret(tm) yet though? That's still the hard question... Maybe the switch could be relocated a little and made more visible from below somehow (blinking light or such)? Maybe after you pick up the red key the little decorative* area with a tree between the switch balcony and the baron pit could alter itself somehow to call attention to itself and point eyes towards the switch? (* or is that a VPO-protective area? Then probably we don't want the player in there... but then again if there's no VPO from the switch area this should also be safe?)
  9. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Oh come on, you're making me blush tomato red here... :p Glad you're getting some concrete positives out of my stream-of-unconsciousness meandering commentary. :) According to the curse of any customer-facing projects, "URE2020-v7-2021.15.37-FINAL5-withThursdayFeedback-REALLYFINAL-2"
  10. Well, Shatter is really just an Arkanoid/Breakout game with nice visuals and boss fights. Released on PS3(I think) and later Steam. But the soundtrack is pretty darn nice. I bought it off bandcamp... wow, almost ten years ago now. :p Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2qVxkZOvsX4EVYJo8BHKSbUfuorAmV4f (You may want to skip Amethyst Caverns, it's... kinda an outlier compared to the rest. But you may like it too, who knows.)
  11. You're thinking a little unnecessarily modern here. :) /idgames is a public anonymous FTP after all. You can use WinSCP or any other not-trash FTP client to connect to gamers.org or (preferably) one of the mirrors, select all the folders and add to download queue. Just be nice and set the queue to not run in parallel, one file at a time. For the other sites - to be completely honest, might be best to contact their operators, presumably they do have ties to the greater Doom community, and discuss the options. Maybe they'd offer some sensible access method.
  12. wrkq

    Vanilla Music Limits and Oddities

    Odd, the limit was always said to be 64 KB. Take note of all the format limitations described in here https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MUS. Maybe the conversion process can sometimes result in smaller MUS file from bigger MIDI due to the BPM conversions and discarding of some data. Also take a look at this post and this thread by @Bucket.
  13. wrkq

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Brace yourselves...
  14. Please note that Filezilla went to trash over the years. For some time - not sure if still anymore - it was trying to trick you to agree to install spyware bundled in the installer. Use WinSCP instead. It's also more intuitive in my experience (with the only "catch" being the need to remember to choose the FTP connection type as SFTP is default.)
  15. wrkq

    is it possible to set powerup time?

    Hey guys. I don't do decorate but best I can see it you need 2 items. One item is a PowerupGiver in which you customize the powerup type and duration to taste. Other item is the CustomInventory that you already have and can run a sequence of stuff upon pickup. It will have to do A_GiveInventory("My30SecBerserk") or however you named the custom PowerupGiver instead of PowerStrength which is the "standard" permanent berserk.