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  1. AAA- Fallout 76 B - WolfCollosus Indie - Hunt Down the refund
  2. R1ck

    Megawad of the decade?

    Ancient Aliens Valiant Eviternity BTSXep1
  3. - revive my etomana project with different backstory and not releasing it until I done all 9 maps - eat healty - stay off coffee and take a break when I need it point 2 and 3 is crucial for point 1 so that's why I include it
  4. it's mediocre. not good, not bad. just mediocre until I saw the part where they trying to be appealing for some alphabets community. look, I'm all for being gay and shit because I don't care but if they want to make the casts gay they should've been do it since ep7 as long as the backstory is good :/
  5. R1ck

    Matching a MIDI with a Map – Visuals or Gameplay?

    Gameplay. love me some @TerminusEst13 midi playlist mod when playing slaughtermap :D
  6. R1ck

    Steam Winter sale 2019

    bought doom '16. but can't play it until I buy a good pc to play on *cries in lenovo T400*
  7. R1ck


    I like it. though there are certain areas that were a total dick to me. I like it. or maybe tight corners are just my kind of thing
  8. R1ck

    I made a really hard wad

    How I feel in this entire thread
  9. R1ck

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Weapon reskin. Just reskin, with no gamplay enhancement whatsoever
  10. R1ck

    Do you do any drugs?

    currently prozac since I got diagnosed having bipolar 2 electric bogaloo. used to take resperidone but I stopped because it messes up my sleep cycle. other than that.
  11. R1ck


    it's fine, I like it except for certain places. but it's enjoyable
  12. R1ck

    The Roots of Doom Mapping

    I should read this on a couch with coffee
  13. Seeing one of the mapper that i looked to like this made me kinda sad :( I played few wads to take an inspiration on mapping and the details. Most of my unrealeased and unfinished maps are just a copy pasted some sectors just to study the details. Also 3d floors might help.
  14. R1ck

    Super Mayhem 17 review

    Hoboy i just tried this mapset and i found that it tame to be compare with HR2. Am i playing it wrong?.
  15. Hi, it's me again, finished this awful map under 2 hours with DB2. Have fun :D download :D Format:Boom Tested with: the last zdoom screenshot:
  16. *flashback when I accidentally read a shrek erotic fanfic*
  17. R1ck

    Mapping regrets?

    My biggest regret.. Some of my maps (well it's actually 2 published under seperate CPs) are too easy and has unbalanced design quality in a hindsight. Now i have a thought on doing a plutonia successor (not sequel) with all those chaingunners and evil traps or some shit. Probably going to regret about it later but it has to be done.
  18. weird robot.....thing
  19. R1ck


    man this is embarrassing. I got few project that according to some people here, is promising. but I ended up abandon it. slowly crawling back up though, and I do shitty speedmap now.
  20. gotta limit the detail cuz my 10 year old laptop couldn't take it much (need t ofind new pc soon :/) other than that, I haven't touch DB2 for months and I playing with sector brightness for a bit
  21. R1ck

    Let's Play Doom (letsplay.wad)

    I was back from the hospital and found this when I log into dw. 2020 started early for me :D
  22. R1ck

    Share a random fact about yourself

    1 - the other day I tried to kill myself by raw chugging 4 bottles of prescribed cough syrup but failed because of (see 2) 2 - when I was little kid I've been in and out hospital for many time I need a stronger dose of anesthetic than normal adult because I kinda developed some sort of resistance on normal dose :/