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  1. stupid question, i know. but the only one I found is from moddb and I don't understand a thing.
  2. R1ck

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I recently got diagnosed having bipolar 2 depressive boogaloo. also, it's been a while people. just took care of stuff and now I'm ready to mapping again. ps: @Tracer is already tracer before jeff kaplan even thought of overwatch
  3. R1ck

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I always think that Sonata Arctica's song (most of them) lyrics are related to me.
  4. R1ck

    How to DeHacked.

    I've been mapping for a while now and it is time for me to learn DeHacked. But sadly all the tutorial I found online is sort of old and obsolete. can anyone provide a link on how to exactly do this thing on Slade or whatever? any help appreciated. :D
  5. R1ck

    [doom 2] angry speedmap

    speedmap done in 45 minutes because I'm angry and frustrated because Leenda dumped me because I chose to be on my bike over her :p please comment :D format: Boom s/port tested: gzdoom g3.0.1, prboom screenie below. please enjoy forgot to add the download link lol edit 2: here's the one with an exit. sorry again :https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6tzkt9fn87rmi3/ricksfeeling.wad?dl=0
  6. R1ck

    [doom 2] angry speedmap

    sorry for the late response, my pc is dead again and I'm using my lenvo t400 that I haven't fired up for a year (idk why I'm telling you that). glad you you guys like it
  7. R1ck

    [doom 2] angry speedmap

    add another one with an exit. ugh I was so stupid
  8. R1ck

    [doom 2] angry speedmap

    oh shit, I was too angery I forgot to add the download link sorry sorry already edited the op
  9. R1ck

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    oh man, I've been off for months I missed the launch party :(
  10. Going radio silence. this depression hit me longer than usual. still, I will trying to finish Etomana.

  11. R1ck

    What are you listening to?

    okay another one,
  12. R1ck

    What are you listening to?

    I don't know what the hell is this guy singing but it's a neat song
  13. R1ck

    Any wad authors outside the Americas/Europe?

    like @bzzrak mentioned, I am indeed Malaysian.
  14. I redesign Etomana Map05. This must be the final design because I kinda sick at changing the map design over and over.
  15. THIS IS JUST WHOLESOME. gratz to people who took part. :D
  16. more from etomana map05. that's it for this month.
  18. You guys thought I was gave up on Etomana, huh? This portions of some of the remake sections of MAP05. It's linear but there will be a curve from the previous one.
  19. R1ck

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year, and Happy birthday @Battle_Korbi :D
  20. R1ck

    2018 Goals

    - Finish my current project - try to get my hands into zdoom mapping/GZDB - well, that's it I guess, along with some real life goals and shit.
  21. I'M ON THE MAP01? I CAN'T TELL HOW HONORED AM I. on serious note, I'm looking forward to play these maps :D
  22. yeah, the tittle says it all. I somehow got error 200 while uploading a picture so here's stuff from imgur :I
  23. R1ck

    RIP Gibson Cakewalk.

    http://www.musicradar.com/news/gibson-ends-development-of-cakewalk-music-software I'm no music producer or anything, but if any of you ever use it please share the experience.
  24. R1ck

    RIP Gibson Cakewalk.

    *looking at EA*
  25. R1ck

    Before the Nightmare

    a Classic.