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  1. Alright, I had a suspicion that it probably wouldn't work. Oh well. Thanks for the help.
  2. I've been messing around with Dehacked Extended and learning how it all works, and while I've figured out how to add sprites and make custom monsters, I've reached an impasse with custom items and I have some questions. I'm trying to make a non-replacing custom armor bonus for a potential WAD targeting Boom compatibility. I have the item flagged as a pickup and it appears properly in-game, but it doesn't work. It doesn't get picked up at all in ZDoom and it crashes DSDA. (P_SpecialThing: Unknown gettable thing) How do I properly setup the item so that it gets picked up and adds an armor value other than 1? Can this be done with Dehacked or does it require some other method? Additionally, how would I have the item trigger a custom sound on pickup that doesn't replace the default sound? Is this even possible to do outside of ZDoom format? I'm a complete noob to modding WADs and I haven't had any luck finding info to help me out.
  3. LordShadowZ


    If there was anything that could make me feel inadequate as a mapper, it would be this. This map is truly brilliant.
  4. LordShadowZ

    Base Ganymede: Complete

    This WAD is an unbearable slog. The level design is just about the best thing about this WAD. The maps are well built and fairly easy to navigate, and it's pretty good in utilizing the vanilla resources as well as good lighting to make the maps visually interesting. The combat design is repetitive and absolutely unbearable. This WAD has one trick, and it reuses that trick excessively and endlessly for every single map. Every room is a trap. Every hallway is a trap. Every switch is a trap. Every item is a trap. Every trap is another trap. Monsters will either instantly pop up from the ground right in front of you, appear from sudden closets right behind you, or teleport in and completely surround you, and you'll have no choice but to take some unavoidable damage. You almost never have a moment to take a breather. Encounter design never deviates and becomes predictable by Episode 2, and outside of the pseudo-puzzle boss maps, the WAD never tries anything different. The maps are also excruciatingly stingy with resources, withholding ammo in general but especially for higher tier weapons, rarely allowing you to have sufficient firepower against massive groups of enemies, or worse, the numerous Barons and hordes of Cacos, making combat extremely tedious and boring when all you have to rely on is the shotgun and/or chaingun. Rockets and Plasma are very rare, and the BFG doesn't even make its first appearance until halfway through Episode 3. Secrets are also unrewarding with many of them being paltry amounts of low tier ammo or a medikit if you're lucky. Also, a forced death exit mid-episode to strip you of your weapons for a Tyson map with practically zero ammo? F*** off.
  5. LordShadowZ

    What was your first ever video game?

    I can't say for certain exactly what my first video game was, but the first ones that left a lasting impression on me when I first started playing video games were definitely Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Doom 2.
  6. LordShadowZ

    Doom years resolutions.

    My resolution is simply to complete more maps, and possibly try to put out an alpha for my project by the end of 2018.
  7. LordShadowZ

    Where do you go to find help with mapping issues?

    For the most part, I just experiment and continue to tweak something until it finally decides to work. Though for scripting (which I don't use much of) I usually have to consult the wiki for specific things because I'm just not familiar with everything I can do with scripting.
  8. LordShadowZ

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I just got a Nintendo Switch about a week ago so I've been playing a good amount of Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and replaying Sonic Mania. I've also started playing Overwatch again for a few hours every night.
  9. LordShadowZ


    I loved RAGE. I rented it on the 360 probably about a year after the game came out and it was one of two games I ever paid to keep from Gamefly. The combat was great, I enjoyed getting to drive around and blow up other cars, the races were...well some of them really annoyed me but it was still cool to have them, and overall the game was good fun. Though the abrupt ending with no real final boss (if I recall correctly) was the only real disappointment I experienced with the game. I did get the Scorchers DLC too, though I honestly can't remember if I ever finished it. I'd love it if a sequel was made at some point, but I don't think that's very likely to happen.
  10. I'm in! I had so much fun working on JoM4 and I'd love to do another one!
  11. LordShadowZ

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    Me joining Doomworld actually had nothing to do with Doom '16. I joined when I was starting to experiment with game and level design and I had always wanted to try making Doom levels, and quick google searches led me here where there's almost infinite resources that allowed me to accomplish what I set out to do and then some. Plus Doom is just freakin' awesome.
  12. LordShadowZ

    What is your gaming backlog

    The list would be way too long for me to post here. I've bought so many games that I just haven't got around to playing or felt like playing.
  13. LordShadowZ

    Make any sence create new Megawad?

    As long as you enjoy making maps, make as many as you can! Though I would definitely not recommend starting with a megawad for your first project (like I did). Start with making a few single maps and share them to get some feedback, and go from there.
  14. LordShadowZ

    Your first map...what was it like?

    It was bad. It was a really boxy tech base map where I was obviously still learning the editor. It was a good test of concepts that ended up laying the groundwork for what became my current project. My maps have really improved in the year and a half since that very first PoS.