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  1. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Jade Earth

    First time doing something like this and I didn't know the map so I was a bit scared... spooky revenants on 54:22 made me jump irl, and soon after I died. Expected to be safe in that area because of the vertical angle but looks like I got overconfident and I kept eating projectiles. Edit: I retire for this month since I had wrong compatibility settings.
  2. guineu

    The Unholy Trinity

    Interesting for the texture work recreating a real location, but other than that it's nothing special. @The_Laughing_Llamma , there's an exit: it's the button behind the red door. The map can be completed.
  3. First post so sorry if this is not the place to ask. I've been playing Aliens TC and most secrets are not even hidden, usually just a random room. But then there's map E2M5 which has 4 secrets and I couldn't find any of them. The level has a secret exit to level E2M9, but nothing in the process of accessing that exit triggered a secret. I was really curious so I used automap cheats. Tried both 'idbeholda' and 'iddt'x2 but the secrets still didn't show up on map, while trying the same on other levels would show the secrets correctly. I also used 'idclip' and (I think) I visited every room in the map. Then I tried searching for a walkthrough or guide on google but all I could find was the wiki mentioning the secret sectors: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/E2M5:_Atmospheric_Processor_(Aliens_TC) I couldn't find a way to make GZDoom display the current sector position and before installing a map editor just for this I decided I could try asking. So, anyone knows if those secrets are obtainable or are they maybe bugged?
  4. guineu

    Aliens TC E2M5: Bugged secrets?

    Oh I read about the map being split on the wiki but I didn't realize that would be the explanation. Thanks! Problem solved.