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  1. Ok, last night's dream was just fucking wierd, but not in a bad way, wierd as in I have no idea wtf I would have dreamed that for. And this is also the first case where I've met Trent in a dream.

    I'm not sure about the beginning of the dream all I know is that its really dark and we're driving around and next thing you know it's dusk. That's right, time went backwards, or atleast the day/night thing did. Anyway, I get off of this boss and go to this store and look for nin singles and cds, and was originally for some wierd ass reasons looking for a dragonball z toy from one of my other dreams (mind you, I hate dbz now). So I go upstairs and there's all these old, dirty looking toys that are guns and weapons and shit, and along the walls are cds and books and dvds on shelves. So I go look at the nin ones, I find a single for Head Like a Hole, a single for TDTWWA, and some bootleg that has rare songs on it. I proceed to look for an import cd by a band I like that's only released one cd, that I've never been able to find.

    Anyway, after that I'm leaving. Everything fades to black, and suddenly I'm hearing The Frail. Next thing I know I'm walking through a dark corridor out to the side of a huge fucking stage. There's no guard rails or anything. It's like a huge auditorium rather than a stadium. I look up and its gone into the end of The Wretched while I was trying to find a place to sit. I look up to see Trent smashing a keyboard, and its all techy and stuff, the keys flash different colors. Then he tosses it off stage in my direction before I realize it (I was stunned, I probably would have got nailed in the head if it had been thrown at me from shock), and this stupid looking chubby kid by me gets it, it was like he tossed it directly at him.

    Well, I was pissed. He started singing 'I'm Looking Forwars to Joining You, Finally', and it was great. Suddenly he started looking for someone to come up on stage and sing the rest. And I was all hyped, and then he pointed at me, so a security guy helped me onto the stage, and I sang the last half of the song. For some reason, after the concert was over, I got back on stage. Hardly anyone was still there and those who were were scattered around. I went back to one of the props that looked like a small fountain (wtf?), and there were Magic cards inside of it. The head of it was rotating somehow, but as I looked down into it there was something I wanted, even though I don't remember what it was. Trent came up and asked me what I was doing and I said I'd dropped a Worldslayer in there (note: Worldslayer is a card that I collect because I really like it, I have 9 of them, 1 foil, 1 japanese foil).

    He said to just get it out of there, and I accidentally picked up another card and looked at it and he said something like "well, that one's not that great anyway, is it?" I agreed, shook his hand and thanked him for the conert, and headed off of the side of the stage. On the side of the stage there were this statues of angels without genitelia, holding swords. Probably about 4ft tall. Now in real life I would never do this, but in the dream I grabbed it, and ran out to the bus with it. I put it on top the seat and told this fat chick to get the fuck out of my seat, got the statue, sat it on the floor in front of me, and we left. Thus ends my really wierd dream with Trent in it.

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    2. deathz0r


      The best dream I ever had was when I was some necromancer dude summoning zombies from the dead, and making them wear face paint and blow up helium balloons. Oh, and then I ate a walnut. That dream rocked.

    3. Melfice


      deathz0r said:

      The best dream I ever had was when I was some necromancer dude summoning zombies from the dead, and making them wear face paint and blow up helium balloons. Oh, and then I ate a walnut. That dream rocked.

      Sounds like you had been playing a bit much Diablo 2.

    4. Danarchy


      Heh, I had a zombie dream after watching 28 Days Later. Basicaly it started out as your typical zombie movie where everyone was running around fleeing from zombies and shooting the shit out of them. Then later, as it started to get eerie due to a lack of humans, I came upon this resistance cell of zombies and their leader believed the human race should be wiped out because we were useless and the zombies should rule. Apparently he provided a rather good argument because I agred to join him whereupon he bit me violently on the neck, which was rather painful. After that, I was a zombie which didn't feel any different than being human except I felt colder and had a large chunk of my neck missing. Fun times.