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  1. AL-97

    Demonastery - work in progress

    @Nootrac4571 So I just gave this one more playthrough with the fresh install of GZDoom v3.5.1 and without any mods. Unfortunately, I was right about the Red Skull key room - barrels aren't crushed by the ceiling and the Archvile is killed when you explode those barrels, thus completely clearing the room.
  2. AL-97

    Demonastery - work in progress

    GZDoom v3.5.1. But I wonder, could this possibly happen because I'm playing with Beautiful Doom and Sprite Shadow mods? I'll give this one more playthrough without any mods.
  3. AL-97

    Demonastery - work in progress

    @Nootrac4571 So I gave three more playthroughs to the latest 0.2 version of the WAD and that Archville in the Red Skull key room seems to die from the barrel explosions no matter what. I suppose it should stay alive because otherwise that room makes little sense.
  4. AL-97

    Demonastery - work in progress

    @Nootrac4571 Am I correct assuming that mouse look is required for BFG secret? Do you think it would be worth mentioning it for people who usually play without it? Was able to trigger the backpack secret from the platform above the Red Skull buttons, which is probably not the intended way. However, the lift triggered by those buttons is too slow to be able to jump on the backpack teleporter. Unless I am missing something.
  5. AL-97

    [WIP] Supplice

  6. AL-97

    [WIP] Supplice

    @Mechadon Those are some epic levels of what seems like massive scale. On average, how much time does a playthrough of a map of this size take?
  7. AL-97

    Bastardos Ep:1 Doom project

    I do remember Bastards game from almost ten years ago. It was a western themed Doom mod packaged and sold for iOS devices (Touch Arcade, Metacritic). It was eventually pulled from the App Store for containing copyrighted data and then was re-released for PC for free (ModDB, ZDoom forums). @kuhein, given that your mod sports the logo from that game, and your screenshots show levels from that very game, did you just repackaged it and are trying to give it as your own?
  8. AL-97

    Realm Of Demonology

    Honestly, the current rating for this WAD feels pretty unfair, but this what you get when people who do not appreciate the genre volunteer to judge it. Realm Of Demonology may not be as visually impressive as Sunlust or as tightly balanced as Rush, but it is more than competent in what it does. And with as thematically interesting maps as unholy cathedral of MAP03: Irreligious, or satanic temple of MAP05: Darkness In Paradise, or even the whole sheer volume of slaughter as in the final map of this episode it can surely hold your attention.
  9. Not sure about the "impressive" bit, but Realm of Demonology uses it for a slaughter centric episode.
  10. This guy just keeps on giving!
  11. Preacher, for its gothic inspired, vicious, filthy atmosphere and music by Those Poor Bastards´╗┐.
  12. I understand that this megawad is pretty far away with the much of work still waiting to be done, yet I can't help but be curious about how this is gonna play. Is this gonna be an exploration-heavy or will it play in a more straightforward way? Eternal Doom or Speed of Doom? What about the fights? Sunder or Memento Mori?
  13. AL-97

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Q.E.D. Honestly, it was more or less clear right from the first trailers. Style over substance, wave-based encounters instead of actual gameplay, flashy graphics in place of level design.