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  1. A playthrough of magnificent UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot by DooMknight:
  2. AL-97

    UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot

    Finally had a chance to play this and, let me tell you, yours is most certainly one of the most visually impressive GZDoom-specific maps out there. The variety of environments, how imaginative and well crafted they are is just jaw-dropping. Exploring the canyon after leaving the base was my favourite bit in this journey. So it's a bit unfortunate that combat doesn't exactly follow suit. You open the door or enter the area and the enemies are... just there. The final fight was probably the biggest offender in that regard with a bunch of enemies in the arena and it all feeling a bit too chaotic and random. But the looks... the looks make up for it. I don't think I ever felt such an awe as when leaving the base and entering the canyon area with its magnificent view. My most memorable Doom moment for sure.
  3. Full playthrough of I.H.N.I. by Kraja:
  4. I am one of those people who played the original release and I think you're being hard on yourself. It was a solid offer with some memorable setpieces. As a further example of that, playing this remaster I realised that three years later and I still remember the map layouts. Having said that, the desire to improve is commendable. And the end result is definitely worth it. The changes, when compared to original, are jaw-dropping. I only wish the performance in some parts of the third map was better.
  5. Playthrough of the wonderfully creative The Demon Blade by DragonsForLunch
  6. AL-97

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    The Demon Blade is one of the better GZDoom-specific maps released this year and a great adventure in its own right that sends you on a quest through abandoned villages, catacombs, forests and haunted dungeons to find the titular Demon Blade. Semi-realistic, moderate detailing and great gameplay.
  7. AL-97

    THE DEMON BLADE (Supercharge)

    Always had a soft spot for semi-realistic maps and yours certainly delivers. Nice detailing, cohesive design, several unique "biomes" that you get to explore and just the right difficulty. Definitely one of the better maps released this year. Great work!
  8. Playthrough of the 'Graveyard Shift' by @Batandy from Spooktober Community Mapping Project
  9. Very neat! Consider posting this on ZDoom forums as well.
  10. 100% kills and secrets playthrough of the amazing Breach by Viggles.
  11. Playthrough of the wonderful Brigandine by @Viggles.
  12. Unless the compatibility is specifically stated, mods that change the same property shouldn't be loaded together. For example, Legendoom will work with other monster mods, but loading Colorful Hell together with Champions will lead to mods not working as intended or, more likely, crash your GZDoom with errors. I do not play with monster randomizers. If it's a variety you looking for, then Shades of Doom has more than three hundred monster variants.
  13. Looking for a Monster Pack? Shades of Doom and Cybers Monster Randomizer are probably the ones that offer the most variety.
  14. AL-97

    any good Ai mod for Doom 2

    Universal Enhanced AI Universal AI amplifier