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  1. AL-97

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Somehow this is reminiscent of the second Darkening episode. Which is not a bad thing, of course.
  2. I would add to that, that the boss's death is barely noticeable. On my first playthrough, I completely missed the moment I killed it. There's no explosion, no blood splatters, no death scream or anything. It's just like, puff! And it's gone.
  3. Seconding Order of the Odonata, an incredible piece of GZDoom goodness!
  4. Just finished playing this. Incredible work! Difficulty felt just right and detailing was spot-on without being excessive. As funny as it might sound, but my favourite little detail from this map was probably those dragonfly banners of yours fluttering in the wind :) I gotta say, was a little worried that performance might not be up to scratch, yet was completely blown away by how smooth it actually ran with both ambient occlusion and tonemap activated in GZDoom's opengl settings. If this is any indication on how Elementalism will look and play - I'm sold! For the life of me, couldn't figure out how to get to the blue armour secret. Any hints? Never mind, figured it out :)
  5. @Dragonfly Looks absolutely stunning! Say, with this map being GZDoom-specific, are jumping and crouching required?
  6. AL-97

    Cabal (cl9/OTEX) - coming soon

    @Scotty Screenshots look absolutely stunning! Looking forward to this. Would you mind giving a little bit more info on the project? You said that it's a small mapset, but how many maps are there? How big are the maps and, say, how much time would a casual walkthrough of an average map take?
  7. Did a full playthrough of this mapset:
  8. AL-97

    Project Warlock

    Followed that game for some time, already saw the release trailer and I think it looks at least interesting. But as stupid as it might sound, but being the Steam user I'm gonna wait for the Steam release.
  9. Tried the first map on UV. Honestly, didn't particularly enjoyed the experience. Difficulty changes feel inspired by Complex Doom on higher difficulties and favours more slow, corner-hugging gameplay rather than a more fluid flow of the unmodded Doom. I would've preferred a version of this mapset without any gameplay and monsters changes.
  10. About observation, logical thinking and switch hunts.
  11. New Heretic levels do not happen very often, good Heretic levels are few and far between, but Impie's Realms of Dr. Chaos is just plain amazing and certainly deserves a Cacoward for its exploration-heavy, puzzle-oriented gameplay and beautiful environment work.
  12. AL-97

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Seems like there's a lot of slopes in that room. Say, with Elementalism being the GZDoom project, do maps in it require jumping and crouching?
  13. AL-97

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Absolutely awesome looking! Lost Civilisation: Episode 2?
  14. One year and a half late for that. It was released in March of 2017.