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  1. Wadazine Deathmatch Madness #3: Dwango 20th Anniversary: Back to the massacre. This time we will test an iconic WAD that went around the world and was once the king of deatmatch history in Doom. Precisely we are talking about a compilation of Dwango maps made by @Doomkid for its 20th anniversary. The maps range from medium to small, but they all have interesting layouts and a smooth style that gives them the perfect presentation to host blood battles and spill the red in the sand. Intense combat awaits us in these locations. American Session: April 11th, Sunday 6:00 PM/UTC-6 IWAD: DOOM2 PWAD: Dwango 20th Anniversary Mods: Yes. Kinda. Server Info: WDM #3: Dwango 20th Zandronum No password Player limit: 16 players Frag Limit: 30 Kills Time per map: 4 minutes Total maps: 15 Hosts: @Gaia74 & @Endless »Leaderboard« Join the Wadazine community for more events! »https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J Happy frags! Previous sessions:
  2. Was a very fun (and rough) session! Here's the score. Survival of the fittest.
  3. The intricacies required to create a map in less than 10 minutes make this a very attractive and different project. Congratulations on this one! I will play it soon.
  4. I don't use daylight savings, so just try to follow this: https://time.is/es/UTC-6 The event would be starting in 4.5 hours, est!
  5. We are back in action this Saturday with more survival. This time we face a special WAD that brings some new tricks up his sleeve, like new weapons, enemies and incredibly detailed and huge maps that will give us good action for at least 1 hour. That is, if we are fast. Otherwise, welcome to suffering. Hehe. American Session: April 10th, Saturday 5:30 PM / UTC-6 IWAD: DOOM2 PWAD: Doom Barracks Zone Ultra-Violence 3 Lives each player Server Info: WSS #11: DB Zone Zandronum Password: barrackszone Player Limit: 12 Players Hosts: @Gaia74 & @Endless » Scoreboard « Join the Wadazine community for more events! » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J Previous Sessions:
  6. Endless

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #004

    DAY 3 | NICKS1ST.WAD | Nick Adair | 1995 | Played on LZDoom + UV A tiny little debut map from 1995 created during the boom of the community maps. It has a fairly simple and square layout that makes us explore a bit until we find the right path, leading us through long roads that are mostly empty or, on the contrary, full of invisible traps where enemies are waiting to attack us. As you might expect, it's no big deal. It comes with an extremely simple design, rough and ungraceful use of textures (the doors aren't even identified), lightning is pretty flat and dark most of the time and the gameplay is mediocre at its best. Still, it's not terrible, it doesn't punish us as much as other WADs of the time and, in one way or another, it's still better than what we'd find in something like Maximum Doom.
  7. Endless

    Sandy Petersen talking about the development of Doom

    Hi Sandy, hope you're doing well.
  8. 2002 A Doom Odyssey (2002 original release, 2010 Tenth anniversary edition) By various authors lead by Paul Corfiatis aka @pcorf The year 2002 was an interesting one for the Doom community. Content was still coming in on a regular basis, with certain periodic WADs offering a nice touch of quality over the norm. On the other hand, the megawad project was still in a cold state, where most authors preferred to release standalone maps and almost all of these were for Doom 2. On the other hand, things changed a bit when Alien Vendetta was released and changed the basic thesis of quality community projects, but this was a project for Doom 2. For The Ultimate Doom, another group of guys decided to take the reins and deliver a pretty special treat that holds a clear position in the annals of Doom history. Introducing, 2002 A Doom Odyssey. 2002 ADO is a megawad from, you guessed it, the year 2002 that was released as a special project for The Ultimate Doom, replacing all the maps in the repertoire and including an extra one in its original ZDoom release. This megawad also features a special re-release edition, the 10th anniversary edition, which contains a multitude of changes to map geometry, details, re-arrangement of certain map slots, new MIDIs for episode 4 and two new maps, as well as improved titlescreens and intermission screens. In short, the improved version. In this review I will focus on the anniversary edition, since it is the one that contains the most interesting changes that may seem attractive to most players. Come on, it has more MIDIs, we all know that the more music the better. This project was directed by Paul Confiartis, a prolific author of the 90s who is still active to this day. During this period, he released an absurd number of maps of all kinds of themes and shapes, from solo projects to full megawads on his own like The Twilight Zone. 2002 ADO is his community project where he functioned as the main organizer of the megawad and also contributed a large majority of the maps. 18 to be exact. This guy has quite a repertoire under his resume. Other authors include prolific veteran @Chris Hansen , @Metabolist , @Nebula aka Kristian Aro and others who contributed individual maps or a couple. In short, we have a team of incredible veteran mappers, a total of 8 if I’m correct, who already had a good concept of their skills by 2002, resulting in a unique in essence megawad that still endures in quality more than two decades later. The megawad starts with a classic map that we have surely seen more than once randomly in youtube playthroughs, mod showcases or others. A simple but quite solid map that manages to handle well the player's expectations as to what he will find. The first episode is, clearly, tech-base fest with new tints, creating nice maps with understandable path systems that give a fascinating touch to the flow of the episode. For the second episode we return to the hell lands and things get hotter both visually and in difficulty. We now face a greater number of enemies, though sometimes more than we should, but we traverse new maps that work as an excellent foothold to establish the clear visual theme. The third episode takes us back to a mix of hell with a bit of Thy Flesh Consumed and a few surprises thrown in for good measure, adding a nice touch that finishes off with grace and violence. And, to finish, we have the fourth episode that pleasantly lives up to its title, Torment Ultimate; a collection of maps clearly inspired by Thy Flesh Consumed that work beautifully as excellent examples of more-is-less in most cases, giving good challenges in partially enclosed locations where tactical gameplay is recommended for the successful progress of each level. And of course, we have a few secret maps that give a nice change of pace to the episodes, offering slight breaks for resupply or entertainment. 2002 A Doom Odyssey is, in particular, a pretty engaging and solid megawad from head to toe. Considering the year of its original release, we can see why it is among the list of the best WADs of that year and of Doom's history. It's a fantastic piece of work that pays beautiful homage to the original through the inspiration in its design philosophy and also a few direct references that warm my cold heart. With a solid visual design in every way, delivering maps that look as excellent as any other WAD released in the year, or more, 2002 ADO is a project as beautiful as it is brutal. At times the combat can be a bit devastating and wear on our patience, but the simple flow that the episodic system produces makes it worth it. While certain gameplay factors are a bit outdated and tired for the time, and also my tastes, such as: Lost Souls abuse, too many enemies of one type in small rooms, or overuse of teleporter traps, etc. The visuals of this megawad manage to balance the balance and give it a very attractive essence that keeps the foundations of the project under a good stability, meaning that even with the passing of the years, it is a fascinating project that manages to satisfy all these years later. Sure, some things can be a little too simple and The Ultimate Doom may not be everyone's favorite cup of tea, but 2002 A Doom Odyssey turns the negatives around and adds the positives to give us a solid installment that deserves its good reputation and holds its position as one of the best megawads of the original Doom, as well as one of the ultimate classics of history. Is it worth it? It's worth it. » Full review « (last map reviews got fucked thanks to internet)
  9. Endless

    The DWheretic Club plays: Heretic

    @Alper002 @Gez @Walter confetti I'm pretty sure it was already the 9th when I published that. My apologies. I lost track of time and accidently posted the wrong map. I mostly publish everything in the early morning. Like 2 to 3 am (I don't usually sleep early) so that could be the reason. For example, right now in my country it's 1:33 am, Friday the 9th, as I write this. This is my time zone just in case:https://time.is/es/UTC-6 E1M8: Hell's Maw (Iron Liches are bosses) The end of the first episode introduces us to an interesting fight on a chaotic map where the amount of enemies, although small at first, is doubled in strength thanks to the level design that promotes tightly packed combat and gathers enemies at specific points, as well as a multitude of lava areas and of course, 3 mini bosses that function as a good premonition of the kind of pain that will follow in the next episode. 3/5
  10. Endless

    [Mapping Contest] 10 Years of Doom

    Holy fuck knuckles batman. This contest is going to be wild.
  11. Endless

    [Wad And Map Guessing Game Thread]

    This thread makes me feel like I don't know shit about WADs.
  12. Sometimes, a memory does not exist, yet is felt.


  13. Endless

    learning other languages is hard

    I have been fascinated by the idea of learning languages, but I always feel a bit behind because I lack the ideal resources to learn them properly, such as language academies, or better yet, native speakers to talk to. I learned English through pure experience on the internet, video games and music. The first time I realized I knew English was when I started watching movies with subtitles and I understood perfectly what I was reading. Now I can understand almost everything I hear and read, as long as that person doesn't have accents that are difficult to understand (Scottish or a heavy British accent is an example of things I have difficulty with). Probably my biggest challenge is writing. I have trouble writing even in Spanish so in English I prefer to use programs like DeepL to avoid making embarrassing spelling mistakes. No autotranslator is perfect, but if you know the grammar and sentence order, you can correct the output and create good paragraphs. Oh, I'm my native tongue is Spanish. @Remilia Scarlet Fascinating to hear that you learned Japanese and lived in Osaka! Japanese is one of those languages I would love to learn, along with German and Russian. A trio of languages particularly complicated for Spanish speakers.
  14. Endless

    Any Mods or Map Pack Recommendations?

    You might find this guide useful.
  15. Endless

    The DWheretic Club plays: Heretic

    E1M7: The Crypts We start in an area that seems to be flooded around a platform full of enemies near a fortress with more surprises. This map has a fantastic sense of direction that combines excellent visuals (for Heretic) with a nice touch of exploration combined with balanced combat that delivers excellent entertainment from start to finish, as well as a handful of pleasantly rewarding secrets. The map has a good variety of scenarios united with a visual theme, giving a nice touch to the natural style of the map, which makes good use of the texture of water and makes us pleasantly explore through this hidden fortress. 4/5 EDIT: Accidently posted E1M8.