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  1. Endless

    Changing Fate (CANCELLED)

    oh no
  2. E4M1 is probably my favorite map ever from the original, so this is quite the welcomed addition. Had fun with it. Some of the visuals are a little too dry and the teleport spam of imps is a little too much IMO, but overall, as a little homage, I liked it!
  3. Worry not, I'm in the process of forcing Arrow to finally break free from the MP mapping machine, and join the ranks of the neverending SP meat grinder.
  4. Join IRC chat like a true doomer and spam 24/7 how awesome your WAD is and how /idgames sux because they won't accept your coolTM WAD.
  5. Had a lot of fun mapping for the first time for CTF in this one :) Quite the experience I'm already looking to do again.
  6. Endless

    Revenant death sprite

    So you can stick your dick in it.
  7. This looks like right up my alley. Love the combination of marble with brown, reminds me of Alien Vendetta.
  8. Endless

    How Long do Mappers Last?

    There are a lot of old-school 90s mappers in /idgames archive that have released one or two maps, and then disappeared. Most of their maps nearly forgotten, hardly mentioned, and sometimes would wind up in some shovelware disk. From the top of my head, I remember Street.WAD which is a single-level with some early examples of realistic design from 1994. It seems the author, just named Jail, never released anything else after that. While your question is hard to properly answer, I'd say that the average mapper in the 90s probably only contributed 1 map, then dipped. Today, with modern tools, it is more common to find newcomers that release 2-5 maps, and it's also way easier to get addicted once you start getting the hang of it and seeing other people play your stuff.
  9. Happy 25th anniversary to Unreal! One of my favorite games of all time, and my 2nd favorite FPS game (after Call of Dute, obviously) ever! Unreal is a precious gem that holds a dear value to me. As celebration, we'll be creating an special one-shot issue with the Wadazine team! If there's any Unreal fans here, feel free to join us.


    As such, I'm opening a contribution window to any Unreal fan out there that wishes to join us in this new celebration!


    • You can find our submission guidelines in our Discord, or here: https://wadazine.com/contact/
    • Anything that's Unreal related is welcome
    • Send me via DM the submissions once they are done @[WZ] 𝕰𝖓𝖉𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖘 on Discord.
    • Deadline for submissions: June 5




  10. Endless

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    @Decay is still around and kicking, maybe he can update the link or replace it.
  11. All the lurkers around here accumulating a thousand years of lore and knowledge.
  12. Endless

    Is there any wads that go past map32

    Pretty sure the biggest ''legit'' (meaning no troll maps or generated levels) megawad out there is Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project, with 201 maps. I do wonder what's the biggest megawad done by a single person, anyone knows?
  13. It's called Roofi Syndrome.
  14. Yeah that was a very bad finale to what would have been a much better WAD. Lots of potential, but you can tell the mapper, while having potential, still lacked the experience and practice to properly translate its ideas into map format.
  15. Endless

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    A multiplayer crossplay (meaning between other source-ports) source-port. I don't think that will happen, probably ever, not only due to the compatibility issues and server infrastructure, but also due to internal ''dilemmas'' in the MP side of things.