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  1. You are locked in a room with D_RUNNIN playing through a speaker in the ceiling. There is no visible way out and no apparent way to shut the speaker off. How long can you stand it?

  2. Two weapons per slot, 10 slots total (1-0). Weapons conforming to the original Doom niches should be put into the relevant slots. Also make sure that every weapon has a unique role to play. Keep joke weapons to a minimum, because the eventually only serve to clog up the slots. Another modding sin IMO is making each weapon use their own unique ammo type (eg. Brutal Doom Black Edition, which had different ammo types for the pistol, rifle, and minigun). This can result in the player running around with no ammo and only picking up types he doesn't have the weapon for.
  3. Not bad for a first map. As everyone else said, the 3d floors are cool, but IMO there are too many reflective surfaces. It makes the map disorienting, especially when combined with the map's crampedness. The theme of the map is good. It really feels like a space station initially, but IMO the part after the yellow key door looked like some kind of nightclub. Unless, of course, that was the intention. 😃 Overall, a great beginner map, but a little cramped and cluttered.
  4. Standard, sometimes Doom if I want something more atmospheric.
  5. Just play and have fun. Break out of your comfort zone every now and then and try something harder.
  6. Variety is the spice of life. In other words, no, even though I've never played one.
  7. I wake up after having a crazy dream about me almost strangling some guy after he makes fun of me all day, and watching Angry Joe talk about some kind of weird hellish game. For some reason he put a jumpscare after a montage of tortured souls and bodies hanging on walls and shit.


    I wake up to a thunderstorm and a sore throat. Hooray.

  8. He's referring to maps that make full use of BD's abilities, like, say, scripted leaping imps. The map would most likely not work at all without Brutal Doom, and that's the "not cool" part. I am in no way shitting on Brutal Doom. In fact I love it. Edit: I'm more than willing to play BD wads if you want a second opinion for whatever reason.
  9. Yeah, building maps around a specific mod locks it to a specific audience. Not cool.
  10. Looks like the Postal Dude raided the area.
  11. Today I ate figs for the first time. Not bad.

    1. stru


      I wouldn't even know how to eat one. Fig Newtons are pretty good, but I already know it's not gonna taste like that... :( 

  12. I always bunnyhop over damaging floors.
  13. People are still touchy over Columbine, and Doom survived that.
  14. God, I hate monster placement. I always have a somewhat clear idea of the map's architecture (eg. I want this place to be a sewer/runway/office) but when it comes to the monsters it's just "a lot/a couple".

    1. Spectre01


      Monster placement is what actually makes your map come to life. Ideally, you want to build your architecture to suit the monster placement for the type of gameplay you're aiming for. If you're tossing in whatever to fill your cool-looking map then it probably won't play well.

    2. Memfis


      Still waiting for that automatic monster placement plugin. Come on, we have level generators, so why not this?

    3. Dragonfly


      I always place as I map. It becomes part of the design process as opposed to an afterthought / chore. I also retest very, very regularly while mapping to ensure weapon, health & ammo balance is fair. I'd recommend working that way. :)

    4. R1ck


      I sucked at monster placement as well. but I come to this place once in a while to check things. :D



    5. Piper Maru

      Piper Maru

      Just put Cyberdemons everywhere.

  15. I made a sewer. Which is the better way to populate it after a switch is activated?