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  1. Movement. I dont why, but gzdoom movement feel like... i dont know... slippery?
  2. Obviously im using handware renderer for performance, but i use vanilla essence to make gzdoom looking like software renderer.
  3. Ozcar


    You guys laugh all you want but just wait until ruler poof released 32 megawad and become legendary wad like btsx.
  4. Ozcar

    Why did the myhouse thrread close?

    Dude, Doomworld has already shitload of drama since in the 2000s, this isnt first time to happened in doomworld y know?
  5. Ozcar


    john doom
  6. Ozcar

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I wish there people still making vanilla doom tc instead gzdoom tc.
  7. Ozcar

    Marathon's legacy for sale, cheap

    Well, cant wait that game will be dead in 2 years, just like what happened quake champions.
  8. Ozcar

    Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b

    I love samsara mod and all classes, but i wish there option to disable pain effect, because i cant stand marathon/Chex quest pain effect due my eyes hurt.
  9. Ozcar

    Adrian Carmack texture sketches

    So adrian carmack drew these texture on wall? man that guy is talented.
  10. Ozcar

    Marathon's legacy for sale, cheap

    To be fair, bungie isnt the same as old bungie ever, most og team of bungie either left or got fired, so its not surprising to see dissapointed game.
  11. Ozcar

    Revenant death sprite

    Because he is demon and the demons are the very mean guys.
  12. Ozcar

    Revenant death sprite

    Better question is why cyberdemon doesnt have a dick?
  13. Ozcar

    What is ur favorite show

    Aqua teen hunger force due stupidness and hilarious, also carl is the best character on adult swim ever existed. Shame latin american dub goes discontinued since 2008 and the movie dub are in the lost media right now.
  14. "Look at my freakin' Car, it is crushed... to Bejesus and back!"

    1. Ozcar


      "Have you gotten any estimates?"

    2. siliconn


      "oh for the freakin- I JUST FOUND IT THIS WAY!"

  15. Ozcar


    Damn near 10 years old and post for first time? respect