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  1. Ozcar


    Didn't Quake already have a dragon boss in its mission pack?
  2. Ozcar

    Doom music you'd !@#%* to

    Aka "cybie got back"
  3. Its from this picture: Apparently, according to the doom wiki, it's hissy shooting fire.
  4. Ozcar

    So...Why does DOOM use repeat songs?

    It's more likely that he ran out of ideas or didn't have enough time to create new music, considering that the game's soundtrack was only composed by one person.
  5. Ozcar

    Favorite Sound In DOOM

    Next to the sound effects of the super shotgun, the door and the chainsaw, the sound of the revenant's slap is my favorite sound effect, because it's so funny to hear when he fights another demon.
  6. Ozcar

    Why do doom games take so long to come out?

    We need a new dangerous dave game called: "Dangerous dave, copyright strike back!"
  7. Ozcar

    Why do doom games take so long to come out?

    So, I hope I'm not the only person who wants a new Doom 3 game.
  8. Half life, the increased health on each enemy makes them become a more bullet sponge, which makes the gameplay less enjoyable in my humble opinion.
  9. I'm sure he was referring to the Doom 3 era.
  10. Ozcar

    Things about DOOM you used to believe

    I used to believe that Doom had room over room, but after doing some research on the engine, I discovered the horrible truth......
  11. Ozcar

    MS-DOS 4.0 Source code released

    There is already a thread on this subject.
  12. Probably, since there are some people who can reload fast with the weapons. But would they run faster as doomguy with all weapons equipped?
  13. Damn, that suck, I wish the skies weren't locked by the each episode of doom 2
  14. Huh? I didn't know that the skies can be locked for each level, that's new to me, and I've been playing doom for 3 years now.
  15. -Switching weapons a little fast