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  1. toxicfluff

    my first map

    What a first effort. Whoever said it's the tools, I don't agree. You've just got a real talent for design, pure and simple. Even dressed in grey and brown, the flowing architecture in the 3rd shot of the first 3 posted absolutely sings. From the number of doorways it even looks like you might have avoided the room->corridor->room first map idiom... just about. That on the spectrum between a map consisting of a room attached to a corridor attached to a room (my first map) and E1M7 (interconnected, flowing brilliance) the areas in the shots you posted do appear to be on the side of self-contained basic shapes, would be my only criticism. Magnificent though, looking forward to playing it! Hope it works in Vanilla, I only really play in Dosbox these days.
  2. toxicfluff

    Sticky weapon bobbing and firing

    I've never tried GBA Doom2, but I somehow imagine I'd find bobbing and firing even more distracting than the sticking. Now that I think about it, I actually find the snap back to centre from sticking quite satisfying. Cos I only ever keep fire held down in the middle of a large fight, I guess I associate the snap back from stuckness with a wind down in intensity, gameplay wise.
  3. toxicfluff

    Does anyone actually play at anything other then UV?

    What a coincidence - I rarely check Doomworld, but just happened to be wondering about the spread of users in re to skill levels, so I put in 'doomworld does anyone play "on easy"' into Googs, and lo, a nice fresh thread on just the subject. I really think this is the way to go. I was pissing around for ages balancing different monster counts/types for all skills with a level set I'm working on and then it suddenly occurred to me what a masochistic idiot I was being -- just place monsters for UV (my level) and keep the pickups flowing proportionally to the other skill levels. Surviving attacks and killing monsters is one of the core pleasures of the game, so why offer less to any set of players? Though it's still tricky to judge skills you don't ordinarily play on. External play test is the way to go here, I guess.
  4. toxicfluff

    Blood Map

    Yeah, the install was a nightmare. I can't imagine why they included all this scripty decompression bollocks when almost everyone's got terabytes of space and they're not even hosting the files themselves. When I tried to install it, one of the programs in the chain kept failing. In the end I had to add a pause into one of the batch files comprising said crappy install system so I could grab all the files from some temporary folder it used before it failed and deleted them all. Ridiculous. I think the program that failed was a sound program, 'cos I had to play through E1M2 with the booming multiplayer announcer voice calling me an "ASSHOLE!" at regular intervals for the duration of the map. I left it for a few weeks in frustration after that. I liked E1M2 despite that, although I also found E1M1 ridiculously hard in itself and even harder thanks to the snow effect taking massive great chomps out of my framerate. BPF does get loads better four or five levels in. The E1 closer, Cultists of the Corn, is one of my all-time favourite Blood maps.
  5. toxicfluff

    Involuntary Celibacy

    Rather happy to hear that, given the context! Yer, absolutely. With someone invariably trying to sell a cure for it all. No fanks, someone already invented alcohol.
  6. What the moralpanik brigade would do to go back to the days of Doom now eh? The righteous pounding of hellspawn looks positively edifying compared to, say, Postal 2.
  7. toxicfluff


    Yes, Nehahra was awesome! The machinima was about as entertaining as my washing machine manual though. I made it through about 10.54 minutes before I felt so sick with boredom I actually left the house. That took some doing, 2001~ ish.
  8. toxicfluff

    Blood Map

    I love new Blood mappage, and actually get time to play it every now and then so ta for that, I'll give it a shot. On the subject of Blood mods and stuff, the 3-episode Bloody Pulp Fiction mod/map-pack that was released a couple of years ago abouts is excellent, the first episode in particular on par or better than the originals. You can tell by Ep 3 they were just wanting to get the damn thing finished though...
  9. toxicfluff

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    Rather than scratching my head for too long I'll just go for the most recent... Stalker. The bit would be the first lab you go down into with the poltergeists. After I saw the first object begin to levitate I pissed my pants and legged it. The underground sections of that game are horrible. Other immediates would be the hospital room with the abstract daddies in SH2, and the chase from your bed in the hotel in Call of Cthulu DCOTE.
  10. toxicfluff

    Israel invades Lebanon

    If it's contradiction you're seeking, look elsewhere. In the first instance, those people were saying so in opposition to a war. In the second, those people were saying so in opposition to a war. In both cases, those people are expressing a value they place on life by opposing wars which mean greater losses of life every day of their continuation. If one death is too many, 300 deaths are no less.
  11. toxicfluff

    Israel invades Lebanon

    The pro-israel stance held by many people is no surprise if you look at the reporting of the situation by mainstream western news sources. When the IDF takes prisoners, they are "detained" but should palestine do the same the act is branded "kidnapping". There's clearly a conflict here, and these are soldiers being taken hostage - a risk of the job - so I think prisoners of war would be a preferably neutral term. Even those mitigated words don't have the innocuous calm of "detain". Then there's the "terror-" words. Should be fucking abandoned in my opinion - they've acquired too much of an emotional payload post 9/11 and, to a much smaller extent anywhere other than England, 7/7. The stronger stink of immorality that they have, the appeal to emotion that they make and this appeal's accompanying power to weaken critical thinking make them a too easy tool for delineating opponents and slipping past thoughts and actions that presented in isolation might seem far more controversial. It also seems that should an atrocity be committed on a corporate, military scale it's an act of war and treated less critically amongst conflict. When committed by a fractured and less militarily potent non-governmental group it's a "terrorist act" regardless of there being a conflict involving both sides, as we're now seeing. Mai lai, haditha? Oh no, not those. How about the deliberate Israeli targeting of vital infrastructure like water and electricity, the terrifying sonic booms? All of these flagrantly contravene numerous parts of the Geneva Conventions, most conspicuously part 33 of the Fourth Convention. The Fourth Convention that, ironically, was signed following the absolute horror of the holocaust. These are acts of war - no, even less dishonourable than that, acts of defence. IDF indeed. Anti-Semite is another of these powerful words, suppressing critical thinking and in this particular case being used to halt dissent, to foreclose critical debate. Critical debate which amounts to free speech. Which amounts to, in theory at least, democracy. Yet when this magic wand of denigration is waved, the dialogue falls silent. It's a horrible situation. Violence doesn't seem to solve anything. The only resolution violence can bring is total domination of the weaker side which is admittedly at least a conclusion, but one that is hard to see as anything positive. But once the first blows are struck are there really any effective alternatives other than to respond in kind? p.s: hi everyone.
  12. toxicfluff

    Doom 3 Mission Pack Previews

    I'm sure one of the "new" monsters appeared in shots predating the release of Doom3. I wonder why they held it out of the original game.
  13. toxicfluff

    Vote for Half-Life 2 as game of the year

    I loved the rooftop climbing enemies.... I got shivers when the drainpipes began to rattle. I really like most of the HL2 enemies I've encountered so far.... well thought out and quite unusual in my opinion. I'd say it's the best new game I've played this year. But I still ain't gonna vote.
  14. toxicfluff

    D! Zone

    I got D!Zone when I was a kid, for some reason expecting a level editor (and yeah, those "simulated screenshots" were a real swindle) and was greatly disappointed. Still, the item randomiser was great for having 6 cyberdemon matches in the courtyard of map18. Bizarrely, I doubt I could manage that fight with the double barrel now despite using the keyboard back then.
  15. toxicfluff

    Vote for Half-Life 2 as game of the year

    Unreal has some text-logs you can read, but beyond that the fundamental gameplay is no different to Doom, Duke, Quake et al.