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  1. maga

    Your skills and stuff

    nah, i was just joking around. Lack of occupation, you see.
  2. maga

    Your skills and stuff

    it sure helps being Carmack's father !
  3. maga

    Your skills and stuff

    I started to play Doom since 1983.
  4. maga

    icon of sin

    nonononono, the correct answer is this: 1. get the railgun hidden in the ceiling 2. shoot the Beavis Head that's popping out every 30 seconds 3. change to the chicken launcher 4. fire it 3 times in the air you're done.
  5. maga

    Forum action figures

    anyone up for another Geforce4 review ?
  6. maga

    First Level

    what ?
  7. maga

    The Doom Movie, For Real This Time?

    jeah, Doom movie...it will never EVER be like the game, because it's a MOVIE, and not a GAME. 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD !" 20 LET DOOM=GOOD MOVIE 30 IF DOOM = GOOD MOVIE THEN GOTO CINEMA 40 ELSE GO TO CINEMA ANYWAY 50 RUN iamtehfukinbasicking
  8. maga

    What's the best new game?

    i'm looking forward for motocross madness 2 to hit the shelves..
  9. maga

    What about good ol' Hell?

    fuuuuuuuuck ! I want more than one hell level ! ^^ Too hard to do, i think
  10. maga

    Doom 3 Cleans Up

    woo !
  11. maga

    Doom III: The Legacy Movie

    whoever made that 90 megs monstruosity should be shot in the eye with a shotgun from upclose.
  12. maga

    Doom III Officially Announced

    now to wait the 2 more years to release....
  13. maga

    Send your voice sample

  14. maga


    hoo, boy
  15. maga

    crime and punishment