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  1. what is that?
  2. after i get a few hundred votes...i can call CNN up and have them put it on their propoganda show...polls...
  3. opening up the intake and exhaust valves more (larger diameter). head porting. 40+ PSI out of a very strong turbo charger. 3-inch exhaust manifold. 4 inch exhaust pipes. custom forged rods, pistons, crankshaft, and a custom cam shaft. Very expensive computer fuel injection management. oh yeah...and a whole lot of expierience with engines and a dose of luck. EDIT = Oh also need a water to air intercooler...
  4. [BAD_PUN]Hmmm...I smell something fishy going on here... **sniff sniff**[/BAD_PUN]
  5. ***Exclaiming to everyone*** "This is why I have a computer :) "
  6. [WTF?!]Uhh I don't get I missing something here?[/WTF?!]
  7. Uhh...i still don't get this. Why the hell would you try and make mods for Wolfenstien 3D, when there is tons of other games to mod...That game is dead man...Give it a rest. For Christ's sake...You've got a port called DOOM that you can mod... If you have enough time to tweak and recreate the Wolfenstien game engine to run like doom's engine, then you must not have much of a life... Oh yeah...and you are a moron
  8. the third level is coming along quite nicely. This weekend i will be putting a lot of work into it and try to complete the at least 3 more levels. If all goes according to plan...I will release this on the week of Christmas. I just need lots of time to do this. The total will be 15 levels and hopefully a few surprises. Its hard to keep at it because I'm in school right now. When i get to college it may be a rare thing for me to make any levels, so i'm gonna make this one count.
  9. I have one suggestion...GOOD LUCK!
  10. uhh yeah right...if you drove that then i'm a jewish imp
  11. hey don't worry..yer a newb...zdoomGL is the same as zdoom, except zdoomgl has 3d graphic supports, dynamic lighting, etc...
  12. yay...we have all come to our senses. John Kerry is a Douche bag and we need Bush for 4 more years.
  13. lizard men?? tell me...where in the bible does it say that?
  14. A John Romero head that shoots demon spawn cubes.