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  1. I'm confirming about what happened last sunday. What happened was so unexpected and i still can't wrap my mind up around what happened.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      What happened last Sunday? Out of the loop here

    2. BlindWrath


      This is his only other account i could get into since i logged out of the other one.


      Message me and i'll tell you.

  2. Guten nacht und die welt war nicht wunderbar.

  3. You're wasting your time.

    1. Gothic
    2. Xyzzy01
    3. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I wasted everyone's time and i also wasted mine.

  4. It's so calm at night, especially when it's raining...

  5. Everyone know's i'm next...

  6. I don't know what to do anymore, i'm bored and tired of working on this wad.

    1. Xyzzy01


      Release it as is and make part 2 when you feel like it 😉

    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      The wad itself still has a lot that needs to be done to it before i can even think of making a second part.

    3. Xyzzy01


      Ah, well just take a break then. Don't force yourself to work if you're not feeling it.

  7. I'm tired. I've been tired for so many year's.

    1. Deleted_Account


      Have an espresso.

    2. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      I would make a joke but i don't feel like it.

    3. Deleted_Account


      You’re alright.

  8. Fuck everything.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deleted_Account


      Turn that frown upside down. Think of the happier times from before.

    3. SayWhatOneMoreTime


      What 'happier times'?

    4. Deleted_Account


      So think of the OK times. Not necessarily the best of times but far from the worst of times.

  9. SayWhatOneMoreTime

    Sweet dreams wad.

    Because i'm a moron/idiot that can't do anything right.
  10. SayWhatOneMoreTime

    Sweet dreams wad.

    This is just a wad i made that's based off of marilyn manson's sweet dreams cover and his holywood album. It works with only gzdoom (like all my wads) I used the doom 2 iwad. It's only a single level but i may add onto it later on. I don't know how difficult it is since there's only the pump shotgun, chaingun and pistol to use and very little health kits. If anyone wants to add onto this level then feel free to because i doubt i'll do anything to it anytime soon and plus i need to know if there's anything that won't work or i need to improve on. Sweet_dreams.wad.zip
  11. SayWhatOneMoreTime


    I've just always packed gzdoom in with whatever wad i upload, i have to fix something's on the wad itself so soon i'll be updating it and fixing a few issues that i didn't notice before i uploaded it. It's just a lyric i liked so i put it into the wad, i actually have this in a couple other wads i'm making so it'll just kinda be there along with other thing's. Most of the words on each wad i make are either a reference to a song, artist or just anything i like.
  12. SayWhatOneMoreTime


    I guess because i'm an idiot.
  13. SayWhatOneMoreTime


    I thought i had to pack gzdoom in with a wad file? if not then i guess next time i make a wad i shouldn't pack that in with it. I tried to get the mastermind to be released after a certain enemie was killed but i guess it didn't work. As for misspelling "chosen" i guess i'll have to go back and fix it soon, as i said though i just made this for testing and other thing's and plus this is one of the 2/4 wads that i'm releasing before i quit making them since i just don't find me joy in it anymore.
  14. SayWhatOneMoreTime


    EDIT: I updated the wad and fixed something's and also added a couple more monsters along with a few allies. NOTE: There are three former humans at the start of the level but they will NOT attack you, i made it to where they're your allies but i'm not sure if they'll be much use to you. (The file is at the bottom of this post) This is just a wad i made last night because i was bored and i was trying to test something's on it. I don't know if anybody wants to play it or not but if anyone has any feedback on how i could improve on making wads then let me know since i'm not great with making wads and i'm basically horrible at it, oh and there's a couple secrets on the wad itself but for some reason the "A secret has been revealed" won't show up so i don't really know unless i'm just not doing something right. It works only with gzdoom. It's only one single level so there's not another level after this one. The only iwad i used was doom 2. There are some new textures i put into the wad but they are not really noticeable. Also by the way, the gameplay might be somewhat difficult since i added way too enemies and some but not many health kits and ammo. I usually try to make some of my wads are tough as possible that way if there's something i could change someone could tell me and plus i just like to screw around with gzdoom builder and doom builder when i'm bored. Oh and i added some references to a couple song's but i don't know if anyone will understand them or not since most of the artist's i listen to aren't really known. Yes i was lazy on renaming the wad zip file. Megalo.zip