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  1. If I wanted to replace a monsters sprite and remove their attacking ability how would I do that?
  2. I can't walk past the black floor/ceiling and the rest of the map Is like this too, it just blocks me like it has a block everything action or whatever it is.
  3. @Nevander How would I do that? (And yes I know I put this in the wrong category)
  4. Is there a way I can make cameras in doom builder to where they are displaying in real time?
  5. @DoodGuy I'm new to doom and doombuilder so I only know of brutal doom having ejecting shells and casings.
  6. @Zulk RS I don't know how to code at all and I don't even know what code source to put in.
  7. If anyone has played brutal doom you probably know the there's shells and bullet casings that eject from the weapon and I was wondering if there was a way I could do that unless it's just in brutal doom?
  8. @bonnie I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT K? the transparent colour thing was cyan on SLADE but I had to set it to white because it wouldn't work . EDIT:Maybe it would be easier if I messaged you about any questions or problems? I don't know.
  9. @bonnie I'm a complete idiot I know why it wasn't working now, I didn't chose the right transparency colour I had it set to cyan and it needed white.
  10. @bonnie Yeah I honestly have no idea what I'm doing actually, I'm trying to make a sprite and it just won't work and when I try to make a door it's not transparent like this (this isn't my photo it's someone else's. But anyway I'm trying to make a custom sprite and door but I can't figure it out because I'm stupid.
  11. @bonnie I forgot to mention that anytime I try to save the sprite it just says iwad saving disabled.
  12. @bonnie AHHH one of my favorite people on here or what ever. And with the sprite I don't know how to replace the image for them. EDIT:Also won't let me use it anymore for some reason? unless my internet service blocked the site somehow. EDIT:I guess I can only do textures and nothing else than that.
  13. @Fuzzball Alright thanks anyway.
  14. @Fuzzball Okay, I also forgot to mention another thing. Do you know how to do custom sprites? I only know how to do textures but not sprites.
  15. Does anyone know how I can make a texture transparent without it showing a white background and can I use mspaint to do that or would I have to use GIMP or photoshop?