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  1. smeghammer

    Breaking Glass

    I did a breaking glass thing a while back for one of my projects. It is a Hexen format .pk3 setup: https://github.com/smeghammer/corporate-nightmare Check out the uncompressed folder for details.
  2. smeghammer

    Can't delete a 'thing' in Slade map editor

    Sorry, but all the maps I have built are DiHF, made in Eureka: However, I have seen the weird corruption thing in the OP. IIRC, even with a map I built in DiHF, in Eureka. The corrupted linedefs in Eureka, seemed perfectly OK in the Slade3 editor. To answer the original question though - hover over the Thing and press the delete key - with the caveats above about Mac equivalent.
  3. smeghammer

    St. Anger isn't bad

    We (my wife and I) got St Anger when it came out. Pretty sure we didn't get to the end of it. It's un-listenable. Just re-listened to title track. uuuugghhh!!. Sorry, but yes I think it IS as bad as its reputation. There's no comparison with - for example - Ride The Lightning or the black album.
  4. I still have a couple of old magazine CD ROMs from back then - I ripped off the DOOM WADs and put them on my site. They are mostly shite shovelware, but you never know... https://www.smeghammer.co.uk/links/old-coverdisk-cds/ Check out PC Zone 10 1994 - it had a competition, and the finalists/runners up are not bad at all IIRC. I definitely played most of the others at one time or another.
  5. smeghammer

    Why do older bikers often ride R1200GS's?

    Yeah I started regular walking, with weighted vest/wrists during lockdown, 'cos I have 2 kids and I wanted to get fitter as I got older and they grew up. Definitely helps. I know what you mean about hydrating more though - and I don't mean beer... On topic, the fitness definitely helps with riding, though not much with the chest thing - can't really do pec exercises unfortunately due to the RTC I mention above; so I have taken more to lower weight, high reps.
  6. Bear with me... The BMW R1200 GS, particularly the Adventure type: often seem to be ridden by older blokes. I'd often wondered why, and was never really sure, other than maybe more affluent? Now, I am edging slowly into "old bloke" territory, and I think I am beginning to have an idea: I have always ridden large sport tourers (FJ1200, ZZR1100, Hayabusa) which have a partially over-the-tank riding position. Over the last couple of years, I am finding that my chest intercostals and ligaments attaching my sternum are quite achy afterwards. I did have a big RTC many years ago, which fucked my chest anyway, which may well exacerbate this. It seems to be related to braking hard and the specific riding position of my Hayabusa. I also have a 2002 Fazer 1000: which has a much more upright riding position, and I don't seem to suffer the same way. The R1200 GS probably has a more upright riding position than this, so I am beginning to think that riding a large upright adventurer type bike (the 1200GS, Tiger, Varadero etc.) is much easier on old bones and bodies. So if there are any of the more distinguished bikers out there, what are your thoughts on this?
  7. smeghammer

    Help! Doom Builder Not Finding Script 3+

    Is it the colour escape sequences or the escaped quotes that are breaking? If the latter, try a single quote for the in-text quotes, or maybe a character code for the quote? [Disclaimer: untested] >>> EDIT <<< It's not the double blank line is it?
  8. smeghammer

    Portals (UDMF) use-cases?

    I'll throw mine in... Uses line and sector portals to do - well - Escher-y shit ...
  9. smeghammer

    Have you experienced anthing paranormal?

    So here's the thing - I am atheist, highly rational, objective, with two higher degrees in sciences; I am a programmer by trade and I take great joy in working out or hearing rational explanations to events in the universe. This has held me in good stead all of my adult life, and for a good proportion of my later childhood. BUT... When I was very young (3, 4?) we lived in a crappy terraced house in South London, and - as I recall it anyway - many evenings after I had got ready for bed, I would wait by the gas fire with a wire protective cage/grille thing around it while my mum got water in a sippy cup or whatever for my bedtime. I often experienced a "wind" that would be trying to blow me away, and I had to hold on to the fire protective grille to stop being blown away. I also recall I had some very vivid dreams - though they may not be directly related. I never forgot that experience, and I cannot explain it to this day. It is something I most certainly experienced, and I cannot deny it, despite my rationality and objectivity. Speaking to other members of my family many years later, they described weird events and feelings in that house as well, and my mum in particular was convinced it was haunted and/or had a poltergeist. Weird shit...
  10. smeghammer

    Favorite Album Cover?

    Probably one of the Iron Maiden covers from back in the day. Do single covers count? I have the 12" single version if that helps... I'm very partial to Purgatory: I painted this on my denim cutoff thousands of years ago.
  11. smeghammer

    Gzdoom "portable". Why is it not portable?

    Slight aside here - I also run GZ on Ubuntu (not portable) as well as Slade native. There are regularly Linux'y topics, but scattered all over the place, and I have definitely stumbled across useful stuff. I feel that as there are clearly quite a few Linux Doomers, it might be useful to have a sub-forum dedicated to all things Linux/Doom? Or, does the forum have a concept of metadata tags for post classification? that could work too if these are searchable/filterable? Just a thought...
  12. smeghammer

    Some good 32 map megawads you recommend?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Armadosia It's huge, epic and really huge!
  13. smeghammer

    Why do doom games take so long to come out?

    Heh. As a 55 year old casual gamer who first got Doom1 shareware off a mag coverdisk (720k fdd if anyone remembers them :-)) I think I agree with some of the arguments above about slickness vs replayability. I got 2016 a couple of years after it came out (needed a better computer to actually play the thing...). It does look very slick and I did spend a solid couple of months playing it - but did get quite bored with the "get to new area, get locked in, kill everything, move on" loop. Same thing with Eternal really. Sorry... As a 55 year old professional software developer (unrelated to game dev), I can tell you that building new highly complex software takes a LOT of time. So purely from a development PoV, a new huge undertaking like a AAA game will likely take a long time - it is not only the coding, it is the associated things as well ( market research, the artwork, the level design, the company's priorities etc.) and to get this right takes time.
  14. smeghammer

    Testing wad through GZDoom loads

    How are you trying to launch it? drag and drop? If yes, and GZDoom launches, that does suggest your WAD is not MAP01, as ViolentBeetle says.
  15. Updated my profile pic as it was shit quality