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  1. IIRC it did run hexen, yes. Probably at 320x200.
  2. smeghammer

    Anyone willing to recommend some DooM WADs?

    https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/ This should give you a good place to start...
  3. I had a 486DX2 back in the day. A Dell IIRC. Pretty sure I upgraded from 4MB to 8MB of RAM to get better performance out of Doom. I remember buggering about with autoexec.bat and config.sys to get the sound working. Wasn't a bad machine for it's time though it still didn't run Quake - but that's another story.
  4. To clarify - start a game. When you want to save progress, hit ESC. Choose Save Game from the menu. Choose <New Save Game> and call it whatever you like. Similar process to load: start a new game, hit ESC, choose Load Game. Select whichever saved game you want. Note - if you are trying to load progress of a pwad, make sure to start GZDoom with the appropriate pwad.
  5. smeghammer

    How to make PWAD show in GZDoom Laucher?

    Yes. Add a desktop shortcut to GZDoom, and drag/drop the pwad onto it. GZDoom will launch, and load the PWAD. It will work with pwads dropped from any location, even UNC paths. The default Windows desktop shortcut (no launcher options) will load the pwad. You can also manually amend the CLI args of the shortcut Target property if you want to include - for example - loading a custom config: C:\Games\Doom\GZD\gzdoom.exe -config gzdoom-brutal.ini -file Any dropped pwad will be added to the end (make sure there is a trailing space). If, however, you just want a desktop launcher that loads a specified pwad, just tack that onto the end: C:\Games\Doom\GZD\gzdoom.exe C:\Games\Doom\WADs\D2megawads\breach-latest\breach.wad Or, if you want to load a config as well: C:\Games\Doom\GZD\gzdoom.exe -config gzdoom-clean.ini -file C:\Games\Doom\WADs\D2megawads\breach-latest\breach.wad If there are spaces in your path, make sure to surround the string with quotes. ref: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Command_line_parameters
  6. smeghammer

    Most unfitting music you've heard in a game or Doom .wad?

    Ummm... Deliberate of course, and very funny.
  7. smeghammer

    WAD Downloader - v1.0

    @houston - OK I added a first cut of an IDGames crawler that sorts by author. Hmmm... As I noted above, there are many thousands of different authors, and even with taking the first three letters as the directory name, that's still a crap tonne of new directories... Given my other WIP dev branch is the metadata collected from the IDGames repository and stored in a SQLite database - which explicitly collects the author and map name etc. - it might be best to have a web view onto that, driven by API calls onto the database. That way, it could easily be a sortable, searchable UI. Given that the metadata I collect records the eventual download path, it would be straightforward to build a download/open link to wherever it was stored (dependent of course on you not deleting or moving them...). It's currently in the DW_BY_AUTHOR branch of the GH repo linked in the OP. It basically works though - /CLI has @Clippy's maps, /SME has mine, and so on. I'll merge this, and the idgames_metadata_sqlite branch, in due course. There's some refactoring I need to do (linting and shit) for the merge to work properly...
  8. smeghammer

    Help for my Mystery 2 WAD

    TBH I am not certain which you should use. I'm guessing not UDMF though. The settings in Eureka are different: map format: Doom2, Vanilla,Doom format node builder settings: build GL nodes (yes), force V5 of GL nodes (no), force zdoom format of normal nodes (no) Not sure how that translates to the options above. >>> EDIT <<< Nice map BTW.
  9. smeghammer

    Help for my Mystery 2 WAD

    No probs. I'm guessing that the option @ramon.dexter gave above does the same thing. Anyhow, this should be the amended file: https://github.com/smeghammer/snippets/raw/master/mystery2-test.wad Suggest you try anyway in GZDB, with the original file - but back up first of course. This might help: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Node_builder
  10. smeghammer

    Help for my Mystery 2 WAD

    I just downloaded this - I see the clipping problem. I rebuilt the nodes (in Eureka, as that is what I use) and the problem went away. @ramon.dexter is right, it is the nodes rebuilding needed.
  11. smeghammer

    WAD Downloader - v1.0

    @houston - The ID Games crawler is most of the way there to what you want. Bear with me, I'll describe what happens (also see the readme, which needs updating). Architecture: - Platform and tech - back end language is python 3, using flask framework, and the front is a bit of hand-cranked javascript - MongoDB to hold queue metadata - NOT the binaries!. I chose mongoDB because I like it. Also, I chose this because I expected that different sites may require different data to be stored, and that is easier in mongo because each document (stored thing) can be any arbitrary JSON structure. Further, returned JSON can be natively cast to a python dict, which makes life easier. There is of course nothing stopping you using a SQL database. SQlite is nice because the python driver (and I assume other language drivers) allow direct manipulation of JSON so the end result is again a native casting of database return value(s) to a python data structure. Also, mongo allows non-local access so I can use an existing mongo server sitting on my network somewhere. - Queue data - Here you can see an entry for a Sentinels Playground and an ID games entry: Note the state root field - this is key. This determines whether the entry has been processed (i.e. downloaded the WAD file) - start.py. The framework for crawling and retrieving the metadata, and inserting into the queue database. On its own it doesn't do anything, because it needs to know which concrete crawler to use. There are several but the one you should look at is doomworldcrawler.py. You can choose which concrete crawler to run with CLI args - fetcher.py - this looks at the queue and retrieves teh next available NOTFETCHED queue entry. The relative path to the link is used to generate a folder structure in [deploy]/downloads/. See below... NOTE: This is a one-shot CLI script, which is why there are shell/batch files, to repeat it. - server.py. runs a simple Flask based REST API for accessing and adding to the metadata - created for a chrome extension to add arbitrary links to the queue via a REST AXAX framework. Wraps much of the backend, so it is effectively the V of MVC. Given that the fetcher.py works out the filepath to build for the downloaded WADs based on teh URL relativepath, it would be straightforward to modify it to build filepaths based on author names. Suggest using the first THREE letters only, because there are nearly 7000 unique author names in 13.5k records (based on my harvest yesterday of IDGames /levels entries.). This doesn't take into account case, or re-registered people with nearly identical usernames, which may reduce it somewhat. I'll have a crack at this later on. >>> EDIT <<< Looks like I need to tweak the Doomworld crawler. The others seem OK though.
  12. smeghammer

    WAD Downloader - v1.0

    Bumpety bump. Added IDGames metadata crawler for data analysis. WIP. Prompted by this thread. Currently on dev branch 'idgames_metadata_sqlite' Just ran a test crawl, extracted 13446 records. I collected the author (string, with a few non UTF8 entries barfing), the age (int, epoch datestamp), the title and id (int) from the wads root (id 6). I can now order the data by author and then by age. This should give me enough info to get the first and last map by each author, and get the time diff between them - giving the dates and duration each author was/is active in uploading maps to IDGames. Converting the timestamps back to readable dates is easy enough, so hopefully I'll end up with another table with author (unique), first map date, last map date and time active.
  13. smeghammer

    Neill Blomkamp working on Doom-related project?

    Try District 9 first. very highly rated. Definitely an allegory on racism so potentially quite disturbing/upsetting. Definitely worth a watch though. Think Alien Nation, but much darker.
  14. smeghammer

    Neill Blomkamp working on Doom-related project?

    Excellent movie! His shorts studio makes some things that are disturbing and violent too. However, I think the mood of his output would not fit the Doom mythos - much of his stuff is very dystopian and dark, often with no 'happy' ending. I think Doom needs - well - ultraviolent, almost comedy (if you see what I mean) violence with Doomguy kicking demon arse in a variety of violent and splattery ways. I've always thought that James Cameron's Terminator fits the mood very well - replace Reese with Doomguy, and the terminator(s) with assorted demons and stir well with masses of weapons... A Blomkamp take might fit better for a Doom 3 style movie though.
  15. smeghammer

    How Long do Mappers Last?

    :-) Check the idgames_metadata_sqlite branch. very WIP ATM. I'll move my dev comments to a more appropriate thread shortly. >>>EDIT<<< Bumped my old 'WAD downloader' thread with WIP dev notes. All other comments and progress will go here.