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  1. Odd. So which version are you using here? I have the (AFAIK) the most recent, and I don't have the UDMF option (this is the Windows build, BTW)
  2. Doom in Hexen Format. Why? Because I started mapping on an Ubuntu box and the best (IMHO) editor on that platform is Eureka, and Eureka does not support UDMF. I know I could use Slade to map in UDMF on Ubuntu but that is quite fiddly to use as a level editor.
  3. smeghammer

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #009

    Been a bit distracted with something else, but back with another random playthrough. it is https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/a-c/chester, by Nic Bedford & Simon Davis - supposed to be - well - Chester: It kinda does too, map-wise. The level itself doesn't really bear any resemblance to streets though. Gameplay wise, it's a bit basic - way too much ammo/health and not enough variation in lighting etc. The exit was not obvious and I left unexpectedly, so I did not get all secrets or kills. E1M1, UV, freelook, no jump. Here is my playthrough:
  4. smeghammer

    my R667 dump backup front end - beta#1

    Update #1: I ran the putative download links generated by the scrape JSON data through the W3C validator - as expected, about 1/3 failed (about 300). These did not follow the expected .zip filename of "Repository Item Name" -> "RepositoryItemName.zip". I'll update the .zip filenames to match where I can positively identify the correct ones from the metadata. There will likely be some that don't map. Update #2: Sorted the raw extracted dumpfiles into alphabetical folders Update #3: removed irrelevant text files converted .7z archives to .zip archives archived off .pk3's to .zip (I zipped the.pk3 file, not just changed the extension)
  5. Right, I have been building a front end to my backup of the recent R667 data dump. I grabbed the categorisation metadata (as JSON) via a scrape of the Repository section and built a corresponding categorised download browser from this JSON on my website: https://www.smeghammer.co.uk/test.htm It is fairly basic at the moment and - more importantly - many of the links don't work as the calculation of the .zip file name sometimes does not generate the correct value... However, the principle seems sound and I will tidy it up.
  6. smeghammer

    What are you listening to?

    I know, I know... Anyway, I grew up when these guys were current and I spent many a happy drunken evening in't pub listening to them live. Prog metal before prog metal was even a thing. Really good, and SO glad they are immortalised on YT:
  7. smeghammer

    What are you listening to?

    And the last for today... Happy, happy, Helloween!
  8. smeghammer

    What are you listening to?

    And this (again?)
  9. smeghammer

    What are you listening to?

    Oooh! I love me a bit of Magnum:
  10. smeghammer

    What Are We Drinking?

    The one, the only: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newcastle_Brown_Ale Fuckin' dog man!
  11. As promised in the OP, I have been tinkering with extracting structured data from R667 to embellish the recent Items download. Made some progress, but I need to make the HTML filter for the info and credits tabs more intelligent - sometimes you get empty elements... Anyway, here is the download link for the current cut of the data. It is a big arse JSON object, keyed on the item name. It is valid JSON. https://www.smeghammer.co.uk/data/output.json (385Kb) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/smeghammer/wad_downloader/dev/output.json If you do decide to mirror the items, this might be useful too. Note, I'll be attempting to improve this.
  12. smeghammer

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #009

    @ICID, thanks for taking this over, dude! I really enjoy the random adventures, and am really glad it is to continue.
  13. How the hell did I miss this? Just listening to the first one at the top - fuckin' brilliant! Sort of a mix of post-Fish Marillion and classic Triumph with a bit of Satch thrown in. Following this for sure!
  14. Added link to R667 data dump backup on my github repo: https://www.smeghammer.co.uk/links/ > https://github.com/smeghammer/r667_mirror
  15. smeghammer

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    I mirrored the entire R667 download on my github repo. I unzipped the download into its constituent parts so it is easier to download single items. Note - none of these are mine - credits go to respective authors of each item. It is otherwise unsorted. https://github.com/smeghammer/r667_mirror Note it is into two folders as > 1000 files in a single folder won't display.