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  1. smeghammer

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #033

    Back with another on this sunny Sunday... https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/littletl "Little Tiny Level" by D Link. 2007. According to the readme, it was to be the starting map of a 5 map mini-episode. So it is very short, but it's actually quite nice. It's a nicely done cave - limited texture use, but that is good for consistency. I didn't get all secrets, but the ones I did find were a good example of a cost/benefit situation. One in particular was obviously a way to a side cave with lava on the floor - kind of tempting to explore despite the hurting lava... Played UV, freelook, nojump/crouch with GZDoom 4:
  2. smeghammer


    I would if they asked... My 10y/o daughter much prefers Portal1/2 and my 6y/o son kind of follows his sister. Thank fuck they are not *ing Minecraft obsessed any more! They are both quite interested when I am building maps - there is a wealth of kids educational online stuff - provided by the school - that has rudimentary game building, so they get that. Hopefully, one or other will ask about doing that at some point. I do consciously emphasize that the monsters are all demons though - particularly the former humans - so they are fully aware that is it not simulating killing people.
  3. smeghammer

    Best Ways to Practice Scripting?

    No problem at all! Some are quite basic, but hopefully you will find something useful.
  4. smeghammer

    Best Ways to Practice Scripting?

    I did a bunch of test scripts for learning purposes which might be of help. Have a dig around here: https://github.com/smeghammer/snippets Some are not specifically scripty, but some are.
  5. smeghammer

    Anwer this silly question: Do Barons like doors?

    Here is my contribution to Baron behavioural Analysis Science... Subjectively, they will open doors as quick as shoot green shit into your face: Imaginatively titled "Baron Doors". https://github.com/smeghammer/snippets/tree/master/barondoor It is a Doom format, MAP01, tested with GZDoom 4.4. It should be completable.
  6. smeghammer

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #033

    I got a really excellent one this time - a full 34 map megawad from 2021 called Judgement, by @Rayziik: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/judgment I played the first map on HMP using GZDoom with freelook, saves, died once. Just a pleasure to play this one. This has some modified monsters - black imp with double purple fireballs and a buck-toothed mini-caco - and a modified pistol - faster fire rate, which makes it quite handy: Difficulty ramped up nicely, though didn't get all secrets... Yeah, like this a lot. Recommended!
  7. smeghammer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I found some time to do a bit more to my Hellbreach v2 PK3 conversion - this time, I started working on tweaking MAP17. I converted the dummy overhanging room near the start to a proper 3D floor. Here's a couple of videos: Original: Version 2: The work-in-progress is here, if you want to have a peruse...
  8. smeghammer

    Feeling Old?

    My brain still insists I am mid-20's but by 53 year old body definitely complains. Can't weight train like I used to (stuff tears too easily) but I have taken to walking 3.5 miles every day from when lockdown started, with a weighted vest and cuffs. Up to carrying an extra 20KG now! Pretty much the amount of weight I have lost. I also cut out starchy carbs (mostly) and that REALLY helps. I can walk further, pant less, I am stronger and feel much better for the change in diet and exercise routine. Do I feel old? Yes, definitely sometimes - particularly when I think about my kids and that I'll be 60 odd before my youngest is out of school (fucking hell!). Do I feel worse now? Absolutely not. Aside from the receding (a bit...) hairline and grey hair (long, can still air-guitar like a slightly aged demon) I am definitely happier with myself than before - I think a lot has to do with my kids actually - getting fitter makes me much less concerned about my ability to care for them as I do get actually older.
  9. I think I know the one you mean - giant motherboard as the main play area? Transistors 5x the player's height?. Can't for the life of me remember what it's called though.
  10. If this works as a PoC, then I suggest for your main Doom powered CPU, you get it running Doom... Doom runs on everything else, so why not on Doom? :-) Seriously though, making a simple logic processor using Doom sounds like a really cool experiment to do.
  11. smeghammer

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #032

    Back with another IDGames random map! It is House for Doom 2 https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/g-i/house2 I played with GZDoom, freelook no jump/crouch, UV. yeahhhhh.. no. A very mediocre WAD from 1996. It is all one elevation, with minimal light variation. However he texture work is competent and quite well themed. There is also some nice usage of themically placedmonsters (imps on brown stone platforms, quite a nice computer room near the end with shotgun guys). It did end rather abruptly though and I missed bunch of stuff. Probably not worth replaying. My playthrough:
  12. smeghammer

    Smeghammer's website - Big update!

    necrobump! Big update! See OP.
  13. smeghammer

    Coverdisks & Shareware CDs Collection

    It might be worth looking at github - is already set up for sharing and collaboration. I use it for all my stuff. FYI, if you missed it, here is a similar thread started by me. There are links back to my GH resources there somewhere:
  14. Welcome (back) to the club! Similar with me - I got back into mapping during lockdown, though never really stopped playing since shareware release back in the day. Anyway, nice job with the cli/batch file tips. I think a lot of people use launchers but this sort of thing is always useful to budding tech heads. Fyi I did a similar tutorial a while back using desktop launchers and draging and dropping pwads. It might be of interest as well: It covers non-BD launchers too.
  15. smeghammer

    Praxis: a Doom WAD found at a museum

    Oh I'd forgotten about E3M9 being very similar. That makes it even worse then...