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  1. smeghammer

    Are Doom Monsters Ticklish?

    This is quite possibly the silliest thread I have seen on this forum. I love it! And having read various Mr Men books to my kids there is a definite demon similarity to some of Mr Tickle's victims...
  2. smeghammer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @floatRand- Hey I like that! Suggest an orang-utan here...
  3. Nostalgic? definitely not. As I have said elsewhere, I got Doom as the original shareware on a magazine (PC Zone probably) and was hooked pretty much instantly. I always liked the enhanced engines as I have always liked the higher resolutions etc. that they provide. I probably used Doom95 more than the original exe and when I discovered ZDoom, I pretty much used that exclusively and still use GZDoom now. And I have to admit that Brutal certainly invigorated my interest when I discovered that controversial little mod... Also, because I was always aware of the modding possibilities (though never really made anything back then) I have seen my Doom journey as a kind of evolution of both the engine used and the ever expanding library of custom WADs. So specifically addressing this question - it's definitely more modern, in no small part as a result of all the amazing work the Doom community as a whole has put in over the years. My interest in playing Doom has been fuelled by this enormously and it has always been part of my life.
  4. Breach jumps to mind. It's awesome. dead.wire is - strange, but impactful. And hard...
  5. smeghammer

    Photo-realistic Doomguy

    Yeah, if you look at the pixellated version, you can see weird high rez teeth anyway, so it's obviously been manipulated before feeding into the software.
  6. smeghammer

    Photo-realistic Doomguy

    My wife sent me this link to a page about face generation software - Doomguy is near the bottom and reminds me of the Avatar space marine major. It got me thinking, and there are other examples of this as well: https://futurism.com/neural-network-draw-doom-guy-high-res https://goat.com.au/entertainment/your-favourite-video-game-characters-would-look-weird-af-in-real-life/ It's fascinating to see the differences of output using the same input but different software. The second one really has some odd examples from other game characters.
  7. An oldie but one I always consider as having excellent level and gameplay throughout, that seems to 'feel' slightly different to vanilla (perhaps just because of the texture set) is UAC Ultra. It's 11 maps, so is not quite as intimidating perhaps as a full 32 map megawad. Oh yeah, also I think Armadosia has consistently excellent, huge maps.
  8. smeghammer

    Why Doesn't id Develop Their Other Games Themselves Anymore?

    Don't forget iD Software are no longer independent - they are owned by Zenimax, parent company of Bethesda, and have been for more than 10 years. Therefore, they likely have less control over what they can do - at least nowhere near as much as they did prior to them being acquired: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/zenimax-acquires-id-software https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/115127/Bethesda_Parent_ZeniMax_Acquires_id_Software.php https://venturebeat.com/2009/06/24/zenimax-media-buys-id-software-legendary-maker-of-doom/ It's a shame, but that's economic reality. The name was likely kept because it was/is well known in the FPS world.
  9. smeghammer

    My 2nd doom map!!!

    Just played this, on UV with GZDoom. Quite fun. I liked the progression of difficulty as you get further along. I did notice an unpegged doortrak - just looks slightly odd having the doorframe slide up with the door... I agree with the comments above about lighting - it makes a huge difference. Check out some of the lighting I did in my **SHAMELESS PLUG!** Hellbreach work in progress.
  10. smeghammer

    Killing a boss and ending the level?

    I did this by attaching a thing ID to 2 or 3 (depending on difficulty) Barons and testing with an ACS script for them being dead (basically, are there any left with the specified TID): /* triggered on entering last section. Loops until barons are both dead. See https://zdoom.org/wiki/ThingCount */ script 2 (void){ /* loop while still alive */ While(ThingCount(T_BARON, 101) > 0) Delay(35); log(s:"All barons killed! Time to go..."); //now separate the exit teleporters: changeSectorHeight(1,4,32,SECTOR_MVFLOORANDCEILING); } Entering the last section you must cross a line which triggers this script, and the Barons therein are tagged with a TID of 101. When they are all dead, the exit opens. This is not specific level dependent.
  11. smeghammer

    Phaser_Foundry.WAD (Single map, vanilla assets)

    Just played through this on UV+Brutal. I liked it a lot! Didn't jump or crouch. I did save a few times from about half way through after I was gibbed. I think it was the first archie that got me good... I liked the layout and the gameplay was nicely balanced with plenty of ammo (though I think Brutal helped here with zombie corpse ammo drops etc.), I didn't see any glitches anywhere, though as you said it was definitely more shoot than sightsee... Cool map.
  12. smeghammer


    Heh! That was a blast from 1990! I gorged on these kinds of WADs back in the day :-) A couple of comments: This, and a couple of places where there was no way I could see out of a pit. But yes, keep going dude.
  13. smeghammer

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Not the same map over and over, but - one monster?
  14. smeghammer

    Hellbreach stand-alone maps

    @Biodegradable, thank you for the comments! Very much appreciated :-) I look forward to watching your playthrough. Yeah, the third map is definitely frustrating - even for me sometimes... I definitely went all Slartibartfast (as I said somewhere else...) on the fiddly bits and possibly not enough time indicating the link between switch and key area. I might revisit that, especially the blue key. This is definitely a big encouragement to carry on with the other maps (you can see a WiP of the fourth map and a secret map in the combined WAD in my github repo, though it is not really playable yet.). Re the blue key - that is in a cave where the opening bars are not visible from the switch. I was probably thinking of that when I added the last paragraph to the first post.
  15. smeghammer

    Hellbreach stand-alone maps

    @Dannarchy, thanks for taking the time to play, appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I built these to my skill level - I am OK but certainly not hardcore... I like to play to relax, not be frustrated. Do you mean this door?: That is one-way. If you got into the sewers, this is the way you would have got out after getting the red key. There is a lift behind this door.