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  1. The DWIronman League dies to: The Warlock's Hearth

    Drunk too much from toxic pool (maybe it was an absinthe?) at 00:52:48 with 489 buddies taken away of 748 (65% I suppose). Cat one, I'm as green at this map as the beautiful liquid in which I've found my peace. Here's Johnny demo lump, 4K@60 vid will be as soon as I'll render it. dwiwarlh.zip UPD:
  2. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    Category I (pure blind, never heard of this WAD before) — fuckscanned on a MAP05. Quite easy and pleasant mapset with Plutonesque & Scythesque level-design at some parts and Evilution "lovely tunes". Can be UV-Maxed or SS UV-Maxed within a day, but not SO blindly, of course. The next DWIronWAD should be certainly Crumpets to get the full luncheon (huh). 4K@60FPS@SC-55 (if anybody cares at all): P. S. IDK whythefuck YouTube still not provide 4K res selection, although I'd uploaded the vid two days ago (are 15 Gb with 70 Mbit/s too hard and painful for their servers to parse?). dwicbrk1.zip
  3. The DWIronman League dies to: Combat Shock 2

    Hello Full Metal Jacket guys here! What might be better & more pleasant than to start a year with an attempt to one-try-blind-single-segment-run nothing but Clusterfuck 2 Combat Shock 2? Nothing, fosure. This is the first time I'm participating in DWIronman and oh Gods, why only I've never heard about this League before. Now planning to submit here each month/WAD, huh. I think I watched a couple of CS2 UV-Maxes late summer, so Cat 2 this time. To be honest, 1CC does not attract me, and neither HMP or HNTR do, so only UV here to keep the Trve Spirit. With a silly and totally redundant death on MAP02, though. Time to get back to my bad romance with Scythe MAP30 UV-Max TAS, should think. Additionally to the demo lump itself, I've rendered it in 4K@60fps with genuine Roland SC-55 on backing vocals if anyone is interested: Also, @Killer5 is definitely (offcially?) the DWIrondemon Mastermind since now. It might be @dannebubinga is already thinking of what he did wrong and why this turned out such walk in a park for him. dwic-s2.zip