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  1. MAP05, 107 minutes in the game (oh well) (24 minutes since the intermission IIRC), ~290 fellas down. Category I. "Ok two Archies I'll take them down with the plasma -- no too slow, I'll kill them with the RL -- noo now they're too close, gotta switch to the plas -- ... :))))" 1% health on one of the earlier maps included :> And I was constantly getting lost on those fathomless maps (3 and 5) and was doing some backtracking cringe a couple (dozen) times, so have some patience watching the demo :D dvvabsol.zip
  2. Sorry that I disappeared for quite a long. I've been busy as an Arch-Vile and completely forgot about Doom ._. MAP06, 25 kills, time on the map 4:03, total time is 70 minutes. Category I, purr blindly. Crap, that was horrible. Finished 5 maps with only a couple of dangerous health drops and then your curiosity makes you do silly things which -- surprise -- lead to your death. Maybe finish the rest two first to have a survival and then do anything you may want? -- Naaah, too boring, let's mess up the take! dvvunwel.zip
  3. Well... Nothing interesting. E1M1, around 90 mobs killed, Cat I. I thought the Cacos can't fly into the window. I was wrong ._. dvvsgsym.zip
  4. Cat I, pure blind. MAP14, ~220 kills, 77 minutes ingame. Worst things happen not when there are tons of enemies, but when you get lost. I had no idea where to go next, as I got back to the main area with no new keys. So I decided to return to the previous place, but in order to do that, you need to do some stupid platforming now that the platforms lowered during the first visit. I failed to do that 5 times and left with 2 HP thanks to -10 lava floors everywhere. "Kapitulieren? -- Niemals!" -- I thought and ended my suffering with a rocket. Such good chances to survive this month, but seems like '95 level design is tougher than me. dvvpurge.zip
  5. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman league dies to: Malevolence

    Missed April because got back to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl modding and forgot that sleep, food, work, and DWIronman exist. Dumb, dumb Vega. My mod rage traditionally calmed down a bit to the middle of May, so here I am. Cat I, died at the end of MAP01 to :))))) Horrendous performance, it took just one month to lose skill lol rly. I really liked dehacked changes tho, that's how I like to make games more difficult and interesting: not by throwing you into fuckloads of enemies, but by making them more variate and have more ways to hurt you. Especially when low-tier enemies with nearly 1 HP can take 100 HP off you }:> Must-have-pistol-replacement included. Vanilla's is absolutely pathetic, and here we have 3-bullet fire mode rifle -- love that. I usually switch rifles from automatic mode to 2-3 bullet in FPS games when available, so perfect hit for me. dvvmalev.zip
  6. Cat I, survived in 2:23:34. Sounds great, right? Right? What could go wrong? The last command line entry I had in the history was -playdemo from the previous run. So there was no -warp... And no -skill. - But your default skill is set to UV, right? - :)))))) - Right? Please? Doomguy: Me: Can I get at least, dunno, 30% from the points that I would've got on UV? I don't want to realize I wasted 2.5 hr of my life for literally nothing >_______< I ran the WAD on UV after I finished the playthrough, seems like it's not THAT different from HMP... Nice WAD BTW xD dvvddfck.zip
  7. Cat I, died on MAP06 at 57:05 to... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) As shock, chilled a bit and just enjoyed what's going on around me. For example, making every weapon efficient and usable in its own way and each for each own particular purpose -- I loved that a bunch. WAD developers, please tune dehacked in your projects, otherwise it's almost 30* years of standard deviation of the same :p dvvlazar.zip * meh breh, I remember I started my way into Doom speedrunning autumn 2013, so we were celebrating 20th Doom anniversary... Time kills.
  8. Cat I, survived in 66:27, I like the beginning of the DWIronYear }:ะท Kill count is sumfin around 530 IIRC, secrets is 14% ._. Style gets less and less aggressive in align with the difficulty curve and time counter -- you may want to not die to a random rev after 40 minutes ingame, that's not a way I'd prefer to waste my life :D Lost myself a couple times and also ran out of ammo once, but sorta recovered after revisiting some areas I've been to previously (took some minutes tho). Choked a bit on the red key hangout, but at some point felt like my socialization meter is saturated enough, thus simply ran away :D The gameplay of the map is not my cup of absinthe, neither E1 in general, so can't say anything meaningful here. For the fans I guess? Ah, one thing: the idea of rockets as money/points for "buying" stuff -- is BLOODY awesome! Esp given that you've got some limited amount and have to choose stuff wisely. dvvkneed.zip @NaZa, I've just read your 2022 recap and oh boy, thanks a megaton for the words you gingerbread ironman ^.^ As you can see, I'm trying hard to prove I deserve them :D That my miss of the March installation (Syringe) is so dumb. I had enough time back then. Just. Simply. Silly. Forgot. >_< Let's assume it won't happen again... (even though I don't casually play games with no freelook and/or with mandatory autoaim anymore. DWI is a concrete exception) VV <3
  9. Cat I, died on MAP18 at 3:14:02 with 183/510 kills. Because... Archies appeared, I went straight to them to feed' em some BFG snowballs, and then blessed Doom's RNG and autoaim told me I don't want to do that. My face after maxing out Painkiller on Trauma 5 stars and then Blood one-take-episodes on Extra Crispy was precisely like in this scene: When I hear "difficulty spike", I think of Scythe and Scythe 2 first of all, so that wasn't so harsh this time :D On MAP11, I spend like 40 mins on MAP11 I think, then someone wasted my 200/200 and I went rage straight to the end of the WAD. On MAP12 or 13, the music was beautiful Ukrainian Shchedryk remix, nice <3 On MAP17, I wasted a Megasphere because an Arch ate a point-blank BFG and didn't died (also the GIF above). Also in there (IIRC), I wasted an Invuln because I couldn't find the monster trigger for the whole duration, awesome skills :D On MAP18, I wasted like 20 rockets on one Arch above me because Doom's difficulty is not tons of mobs or high damage multipliers, but autoaim, no vertical look, and RNG. That's why I did beat up on it and play normal games ^.^ dvvxmasc.zip
  10. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman league dies to: Doom E1

    Cat II, survived in 57:05 (with the secret lev, but who cares) (slow'n'steady lol). Oh man, that was a very interesting experience! I never thought it would be so hard to get used to fast monsters for folks like me who don't play fast at all. Nearly ded on E1M1 :D Almost ded in a couple more places due to some instant 200/200 -> 30/30, almost ran out of ammo once... Got lost a few times as well, I think the last time I played E1 was 2014 lol. Still, remember roughly 3/4 of the secrets, some of whose actually helped me a lot. But "200/200, I'm invincible!" doesn't work anymore, as well as "50 shells, I have infinite ammo" hehe. TBH I prefer such game mods which make a game way more difficult with the same amount of enemies much more than "ok add 200 more hitscanners". Esp. ammo shortening is my G-spot. I dunno why 99.8% of the great Doom WADs don't alter the dehacked stuff :P dvvd1deh.zip
  11. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sharp Things

    Cat I, survived in 35:22. Not that sharp if you're not overthinking stuff :P In the starting room, I was like "oh okay close quarters, oh okay super-constrained stuff with only a fistful of ammo, oh those doors have always been accessible and there's a whole outdoor yard with ammo everywhere... <_<". I even left two soulspheres untouched, so've got +200 unused health huh. Re my absence: I suddenly recalled I adore Build games, so starting autumn have been (re)playing all DN3D stuff I was able to find. After that _real_ 3D with jumps and high vertical axis usage in general, freelook with no stupid autoaim, interactivity, you're just... "Doom? Ah, I recall something, some sort of Tetris or Sea Battle or so". So basically two months of "no I won't play this again, ah wait I have to submit a DWI entry... no I won't play this again, ah wait I ha...". I dunno if this sudden inversion is okay, but it is how it is for now. I even consider sometimes starting doing some really sinister stuff which I couldn't even think of for the last 9 years already -- playing Doom with freelook and no autoaim :D dvvsharp.zip
  12. Category I, ded on SP-I at MAP03 and 10:27. Mancubi do 200/200 -> 100/100 in a couple hits lol sure, then for some reason I don't pick up a Supercharge and then HKs corner me :)))) Bye bye my 11th place at yearly I guess, but it's all about fun, not scores. Scores goes to @Rook (I hope it's correct tag) for making the maps do impression it's just a walk in a park and then Hello sailor Archies happens :D dvvsckrp.zip P. S. Finally got my new PC and oh boy, 144 Hz with HW Sync really is a game changer even for Doom, I have strong feeling it became much easier to control the player and do lot more precise moves and shots. I recommend :D Just like this meme says (*30 year old lol):
  13. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Somewhere in Time

    Cat I, survived in 81:04. Oh man, that is what I really needed after UV-Maxing the last 3 maps of Community Chest 4 last week. They made me hate Doom 69 different ways, and here I got some rest and peace lol. I felt like I got lost a couple times, so able to say the progression is confusing sometimes. The level design, both visuals and gameplay/difficulty, is... hmm, pleasant and friendly, I'd say it that way. Close called me a few times, but those are just "blind survivalist? Nice, now catch that" and all of them are manageable if you know what you are doing (I hope I do). Some instant 120 -> 42 health and 200/200 -> 50/50 included lol, GG RNG. The first two maps are even done Reality tho :D dvvintim.zip
  14. Vince Vega

    Community Chest Series Demos [-complevel 9]

    Hey, I'll upload it later to DSDA with a proper txt. Sorry, it's been busy days ._.
  15. Vince Vega

    Community Chest Series Demos [-complevel 9]

    Community Chest 4 MAP28 UV-Max -coop_spawns 47:24 I'm not really a prof and my usual UV-Max run is 1.5-2x times slower than a WR for it, so this one is more to say "hey, I've found a gem, profs, how about you?". Sub 25 or even 20 is possible I guess? Because there are no coop_spawns or solo-net demos for this map currently, but it brought my attention due to that 620 mobs instead of 460, most of the additions are Barons and No Plasma gun, only 140 cells total for BFG and very limited Rocket ammo Plus two more Cyberdemons and two times a hundred hitscanners (incl. Archies) (one of them is telefraggable, but 1 pixel off and say goodbye to 30 minutes ingame) So it was fun! I think I spent around 8-9 hours and 19 attempts, definitely not my worst result. Recorded with dsda-doom 0.24.3 -complevel 9. I'll upload it to DSDArchive in a couple days and render 4k@60 YT video a bit later. c428-4724.zip