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  1. EANB

    My curiosity on the popularity of certain PWADs

    I think both Memento Mori and Hell Revealed suffer from some rather blocky designs as a result of their age, but Hell Revealed is saved by more interesting encounter design. Memento Mori doesnt feel very far evolved over Doom 2, especially early on (ignoring some neat vanilla editing tricks).
  2. Very nice. You made it look easy. Thanks! I think I'll be attempting another scythe-like episode in a different visual style soon.
  3. Yeah that was the end. Also the video thumbnail shows that I forgot to change that whole hallway back to grey from the green texture, whoops.
  4. Nice demos. You have more patience for pistoling things and finding secrets than I thought most people would have. I was afraid someone might kill the spiderdemon instead of closing the door but you need a fair bit of luck to not die instantly, and yeah it doesnt break the level. I've uploaded it to the archives with the box issue fixed. That should be the last version.
  5. Seems to be a site wide problem at the moment, zips are all 0 bytes and my uploads fail. I've uploaded it externally for now. edit:fixed now
  6. Thanks, I had forgotten that 667 raised according to the texture height. Strange though that it was working fine in gzdoom for me but not in glboom. I opted to fix it a slightly different way, by just using 64 unit high texture that you cant see on one of the lines. Interesting that you barely used the rocket launcher. I put a bunch of extra rocket in the map because I thought there wasnt enough but you managed fine mostly without it. Thanks for the demos, I fixed these issues in map2 and some of the texture bleeding i could find. I see you spent a lot of time trying to run to that blue armor in map 3, something I wasn't actually sure was possible because that crate simply lowers when the cacodemons arrive 😛 I like that if you're determined you can straferun to it. I like that you figured out the path to the soulsphere in map 8 too. That was originally intended to be a secret exit when I had plans for more maps so its a bit convoluted. Updated http://www.mediafire.com/file/9d4n240vff0hdd9/glaives.wad glaives.zip
  7. EANB

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Gzdoombuilder even has a button to instantly convert a sector into a door (does everything instantly including linedef actions, ceiling height and doortraks, using preselected textures)
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'm surprised some people found it easy, I found most maps were hard to beat even knowing where everything is! Lorenz0's video is pretty useful for showing how to approach berserk fights, I was much worse at handling that. I did some testing and that arachnotron sector raises twice when the last two die at once. I think that would be normally hard to do because one only appears later, but I guess it could happen with rocket splash after leaving the other elevated one next to it alive. I'm not sure how to make that less likely without adding another arachnotron somewhere else. I've updated and fixed some issues, such as the texture Aquila Chrysaetos mentioned, and the ability to get stuck in map 5 that rdwpa mentioned. I've also made sure every map has at least one secret. They're not hard to find but I think it's good form to have at least one in each map. The monsters in map 4 have been adjusted and map 8 now has a few less cells. glaiver.zip
  9. latest version: This is my attempt at making 9 maps inspired by one of my favorite megawads, Scythe! Each map is fairly small and should only take a few minutes to beat, but also should be fairly challenging on UV and be fun to blast through. I originally wanted to make 10 maps, but I'm out of ideas for the 10th and would rather polish up what I have done already. I'm looking for any kind of feedback. It's intended for limit removing ports. Tested in GZDOOM and prboom+. Map 8 has 3D bridge that's been hacked together in a non standard way but was fine in those ports. No jumping! Some custom textures are used, credit to the Recolored Doom 2 Textures pack. The sky and some music are taken from Ultimate Doom and Evilution. Screens (the health/weapons shown here appear to be unfair but I'm just rushing through to take screenshots): old versions glaiver.zip glaiveL.zip glaives.zip
  10. EANB

    Episode 2 Attempt - please test!

    Hmm I thought the dark area would be more threatening. And it seems I didn't make the exit inaccessable without the red key, and the red key door seems easy to forget..I'll do some restructuring and add more difficulty. There's not many rockets so i didn't think it would matter much having it only on one side, but if I guess if I put another launcher in the dark area it would help the diffuclty too, allowing more barons while still being dangerous because of difficulty seeing spectres.
  11. This is my first attempt at an Episode 2 style map. I've done E1 and E4 before, and I'm pretty confident with traditional hell style, so I now try this. http://www.mediafire.com/?yyb4alw70f4dmmr Episode 2 maps seem to be the most difficult to pull off, because the art style is kind of inherently ugly with clashing hell and techbase features, and there tends to be no BFG or big boss monsters for challenge. I think I gave it some decent difficulty, though I'm not a great player. Map: E2M1, only used vanilla features but I haven't tested the limits.
  12. EANB

    Level Ideas?

    Height variation is probably the hardest thing to get down. Not just stairs or steps between rooms, but having combat take place across multiple planes.
  13. EANB

    Lost Sanctum - Episode 4 map

    Ah I didn't realse W1 teleporters worked that way, I thought it would only count after a successful teleport. I've updated; changed all teleport lines to repeatable, changed the last area a lot because I thought it was a bit cramped, removed the impassable lines and made that area inaccessable another way, and fixed some texture alignments you got close to. Also removed some ammo from the secret because it seemed to make it a bit easy. http://www.mediafire.com/?hn3vmppcuzwvmv0 Thanks!
  14. Updated: http://www.mediafire.com/?hn3vmppcuzwvmv0 Old: http://www.mediafire.com/?t2qt9ju46t1t4ac A new episode 4 map I'm looking for feedback on, it's on E4M1. I tried to make it fairly hard and partly use episode 4 visual themes. Should require just a limit removing port. I'm not 100% finished on some areas, but tell me what you think. Also not sure on the name, can't think of anything else.
  15. EANB

    Vile Advance, my new map. Please test!

    Okay, I've made a few small changes. http://www.mediafire.com/?cw1j0qqq80iiurj Mainly making the blood in the last room non damaging (it was just annoying), making the SSG switch more obvious, replacing the chainsaw with berserk (more useful for viles if you really need it) and fixing some monsters waking up before they should. There's also one more Vile replacing a couple Hell Knights, but he shouldn't be too hard. If there are no big problems with this, I'll upload to idgames soon.