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  1. EANB

    Things about Doom you just found out

    If you exclude Map 8 and it's gimmicks, there are only 11 Barons in Doom 2 on Ultra Violence.
  2. Doomworld and Reddit have different flavors of vapid discussion. Here, instead of rip and tear and animal crossing memes you'll get endless variations of "What is your favorite monster/what is the worst port/what is the most overrated wad etc etc" created every week. Though with plenty of other interesting discussions too, of course.
  3. EANB

    Which iWAD map has the most unfitting music?

    E2M3 for reusing the intermission music. It's jarring hearing the intermission music restart when you enter the level and then restart again when you leave it. I have to think that the music was originally designed for a level and was given to the intermission screen later (in spite of the name of the track being "Intermission from Doom").
  4. If you're lazy like me, instant pop-up traps are generally a lot easier to set up and more reliable than teleport traps. Sink the sector(s) containing monsters far into the ground, and don't texture the sides of the pit, so it will appear to be completely flat ground at surface level. Make the player pass line type 19 and the pit will instantly rise and surprise the players, no matter how deep it is. Unlike teleport traps, the monsters will also play their wake up sound. You can't use these traps for every situation (for example for areas you need to pass through multiple times), but it's a useful tool in the mapper's arsenal.
  5. EANB

    GOTTAGOFAST [Now on idgames!]

    Gave this a shot because I like these kind of short and sweet maps, and overall it's quite good. Visually it's very tidy, with clean vanilla detailing that I like, though maybe it's a bit square in parts. You can feel the Scythe influence in the early maps, being short and sweet techbases with few higher tier monsters, but after around map 4 or so your individual style becomes a lot more prominent (which is also good). The new map 7 is quite difficult and maybe packed a little too densely with hitscanners. I was able to beat map 26 on HMP but not UV because I ran out of ammo.
  6. EANB

    24 carat speed- A limit-removing megawad!

    I gave the first few maps a try. Overall, it kind of shows that they are speedmaps, but they aren't bad. Map 1 was the weakest of what I played, looking like a decent beginner map with some unnecessary Barons. The shrunk Hell Knights are cute, though I feel that just draws more attention to how Barons have too much HP while being not much of a threat. I liked the Episode 1-ish style to Map 3, though some of the hallways are a little plain.
  7. I see. I compared it to GZDoom where that Mastermind woke up immediately upon getting close and seemed to block me much earlier, but I hadn't considered that it was GZDoom that had non-vanilla collision behaviour.
  8. I don't know if this happened with the Deathless update or now, but the Spiderdemon's collision size seems to be massively reduced. Not only can you get much closer, but you can also literally run against her back and she wont wake up. Generally this will be a quality of life increase, but it could introduce problems down the line because her huge size was sometimes used to block enemies or progression.
  9. This is looking like a really nice way to play vanilla/limit removing wads, even on pc. If support keeps up and adoption improves, it might be worthwhile to test future projects for compatibility with this port.
  10. EANB

    DB family comparison

    I've been using GZDB for vanilla(ish) mapping, and hadn't heard of DBX. What advantages does it have for mapping in the original formats?
  11. Final version is now on idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/glaive2 This includes another rework of the final fight (it's a bit more elegant than the last version) and a few changes to Map 5.
  12. EANB

    Cheapest Traps in the IWADS?

    The slow crusher in Map 19 has caught me a few times.
  13. EANB

    How do you plan or design wads?

    It helps me to decide on a basic layout first, then map it out in basic blocks in the editor. I tend to give up on maps much sooner if I make detailed rooms 1 by 1 without having an idea of how it progresses.
  14. That's true, Romero said he was the one who programmed the editor, so it makes sense that he would create actions he needed for a specific scenario, while also creating some actions because he thought they night have some use eventually.