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  1. EANB

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Dutch Devil’s maps were a big inspiration to me when I started mapping so it would be nice to see more modern stuff from him.
  2. Played up through map 11, enjoyed it a lot. It starts off very cosy but the castle maps ramped it up quite a bit, while still being relatively conservative with monster counts and boss monsters. Excited to finish the rest. Encountered a soft lock on map 11, in the dark room with the lowering pillars the switches at the top are not functional under cl2 because the linedefs are facing the wrong way.
  3. Final version now on idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/midnight
  4. Thanks for all the playthroughs, I took the time to watch as many demos and videos as I could. I updated the download with some very minor fixes which should be the final version I'll put on the archives. Just to clarify, in map 4 it is intentionally possible to run up the gravestone to the mancubus platform or to strafejump to the switch from the other building. I wasn't sure how clear progression to the blue key was, so I left in a few extra ways for players to hopefully stumble into it (though activating the lift switch from the low ground was not intentional, which I've fixed).
  5. Thanks for playing. I tend to like putting a few running jumps in my maps to increase the pace (though if vanilla 3D bridges were less of pain to make I would use those instead...). Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the demos. It's tuned a bit lower for sure, but I'm happy it caught you out a few times.
  6. You are right! I had thought the blood was looking more grainy than I remembered, but chalked it up to the dim lighting. I want to keep the palette vanilla, so I'll just remove the modified flats.
  7. EANB

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    This is a fun project. unfinishedeanb.zip Map Name: The Docks Author: EANB Resources: CC4 Format: Boom Comments: This is the unfinished 4th map of Starshine. There's no real exit, no purpose for the keys or any kind of natural flow, the fights are unbalanced, there are some HOMs and you can fall into the abyss in a couple of places but it's surprisingly presentable. I wanted to end this with you getting into some kind of spaceship but my attempts at modeling one were feeble. I'll add a disclaimer that the Cyberdemon and Spiderdemon fights here were heavily remodeled and cannibalized for map 10 of Glaive 3, but most of the map is unseen (if this isn't okay, I have a couple of other maps I could submit). I've only added an exit linedef after the yellow door (there's unfortunately no purpose to the entire left side of the map), a way back onto the level if you fall off, and an invulnerability and a bunch of cells so you can reasonably kill everything in the map. Screenshots:
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Oops, that happens when you don't pick up the yellow key first. I've updated and fixed this. I also made a few tweaks to the difficulty on UV in later maps. 4 megaspheres on map 7 was a little too generous in retrospect.
  9. Download here: midnight.zip Or from idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/midnight Have you ever wanted to explore an abstract prison-town in the dead of night? Now you can! Midnight features 7 maps of Doom action with a dark backdrop. Each map is relatively short and aims to present fun and challenging encounters with small numbers of monsters (every map has less than 120 enemies). Despite the theming, it's not a horror wad and you typically won't have visibility issues. Difficulty scales up to be around Plutonia level, I think (maybe a bit easier than Glaive 3). Visually, I took a lot of inspiration from Doom 2 in Spain Only. I acknowledge I've used a lot of brown here, but I've tried to insert some red, green, and white where appropriate. Map 4 was particularly inspired by Nostalgia map 16. All the music comes from the Raven Midi Pack. Info: Difficulty levels are supported. Compatibility: limit-removing, Doom 2 (cl2). Tested in DSDA and GZDoom. Please let me know if there is a port it doesn't work in. Designed for pistol starts, but play how you want. Continuous play will just be easier. No jumping, please. Co-op is supported but untested. Screenshots: Changelog: Download: midnight.zip
  10. Trying some moody vanilla night mapping
  11. v3 of my map: rdmap9.zip I felt that my map borrowed a bit too heavily from Scythe map 9, and it clashed a bit with the rest of the maps in episode 1. So I gave it a small visual overhaul by changing the sky, dimming the lighting and using some more grungy textures. The original influence is still there, but now I think it fits better in the set. Before and after: Other changes: -removed the early mancubus and arachnotron, I didn't like seeing players shotgun them down instead of waiting for a better weapon. -the mancubus shows up later as part of the rocket launcher ambush which is more substantial -6 less cacodemons at the red key fight, replaced by enemies which are just as much threat but more fun to blow up. -the last fight is now much bigger and restricts your movement a bit more
  12. Here's an update for my map: rdmap9v2.zip It adds some extra multiplayer features, fixes some mentioned technical issues and makes the final fight a bit cleaner.
  13. Sorry, I might have overused the "tiny hidden switch" trope. But you came so close to finding them so many times! Appreciate the playthrough as always. A shame it doesn't fit the maps better, but that's a pretty sweet weapon otherwise!
  14. Map name: Red Iron Oxide Author: EANB Midi title and composer: "Fire Hive" by Jimmy Source port used: DSDA Doom Difficulties: Supported, lower levels have less monsters and a few more powerups. Coop starts: Yes, plus a traditional courtyard cyberdemon A short description of your map: Visually I went with a Scythe map09 homage, though the monster line-up deviates from it quite a bit. There's no SSG, but you're given enough rockets that you shouldn't miss it. Also in Scythe fashion, there are a few shortcuts you can take to skip parts of the map. Download: rdmap9v2.zip Old version: rdmap9.zip