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  1. EANB

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I remember one wad (I can't remember the name, possibly Hell Revealed or another famous wad) used this for dramatic effect on map 30 by making a bunch of zombiemen teleport in before an Arch Vile, showering the area with blood and gibs. Looked pretty cool.
  2. EANB

    New Doom port cheevo lists

    There is no online support, you have to play locally.
  3. Most of the issues in this port have simply accumulated over the years from the other "modern" ports. The BFG edition has the same broken lighting, framerate, slowed down music (something which itself inherited from the XBLA version), content removal (red crosses, nazis) and slightly broken Nightmare functionality (monsters and projectiles are not fast). Not to say that they are exonerated from not fixing these issues just because someone before them fucked it up. Here's a shot of the lighting from the PC BFG edition. It's not quite as bad as the PS4 version, which makes sense if screenwidth is a factor as it's locked to a lower resolution. Playing the Switch in handheld mode also reduces the issue.
  4. EANB

    Doom & Doom 2 on the Switch - 1st Impressions

    Nerve Software is responsible for this port, who also did the 360 version. Oddly, the Nerve expansion is not included, the Master Levels are included instead.
  5. I saw some complaints that there isn't enough ammo to get 100% kills on map 9 from a pistol start, but it is definitely possible. If you save all the cells and rockets for the cyberdemon it should only need a few shotgun hits to finish off. The 2 barons in the map can easily be taken care of with infighting and many of the imps and demons can be berserked down. It requires more than a typical amount of planning and advanced knowledge of the map, but you can't expect to get 100% your first time through most maps.
  6. I'm thinking there might be slight overuse of METAL details and trimmings (that you can often get caught on) but I'm digging most of the aesthetic. Truly hellish.
  7. EANB

    doom episode 2 :(

    E2M3 has some particularly weird/bad aesthetic choices. The room that uses every STAR texture is one the most garish things in the original game. Another room has a liquid flat that is at the same height as the surrounding flats. Perhaps it was intended to convey a ruined/flooded appearance but its not a concept that has aged well. The door behind you at the start of the level also uses the exit door texture instead of the usual grey door. And the reused intermission music is immediately obvious.
  8. EANB

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I've always wondered if the faulty radsuit effect was intentional. It seemed like such a low weird chance. I didn't know about the chance for the chaingunner to keep shooting even when you're out of vision. That also sounds unintentional, but if it's specifically calling the rng for it then I guess its intended?
  9. 2007 BHOUSE (1 map) How long can you last (1 map) E1 The Test (1 map) Doom Incarnate: E1M1 and E1M2 (1 map) 2012 Journey to Erebus (3 maps) Hell's Ingress (1 map) 2013 Vile Advance (1 map) Lost Sanctum (1 map) 2018 Glaive (9 maps) That's 19 maps. I'm reasonably proud of everything released after 2007.
  10. EANB

    My curiosity on the popularity of certain PWADs

    I think both Memento Mori and Hell Revealed suffer from some rather blocky designs as a result of their age, but Hell Revealed is saved by more interesting encounter design. Memento Mori doesnt feel very far evolved over Doom 2, especially early on (ignoring some neat vanilla editing tricks).
  11. Very nice. You made it look easy. Thanks! I think I'll be attempting another scythe-like episode in a different visual style soon.
  12. Yeah that was the end. Also the video thumbnail shows that I forgot to change that whole hallway back to grey from the green texture, whoops.
  13. Nice demos. You have more patience for pistoling things and finding secrets than I thought most people would have. I was afraid someone might kill the spiderdemon instead of closing the door but you need a fair bit of luck to not die instantly, and yeah it doesnt break the level. I've uploaded it to the archives with the box issue fixed. That should be the last version.
  14. Seems to be a site wide problem at the moment, zips are all 0 bytes and my uploads fail. I've uploaded it externally for now. edit:fixed now
  15. Thanks, I had forgotten that 667 raised according to the texture height. Strange though that it was working fine in gzdoom for me but not in glboom. I opted to fix it a slightly different way, by just using 64 unit high texture that you cant see on one of the lines. Interesting that you barely used the rocket launcher. I put a bunch of extra rocket in the map because I thought there wasnt enough but you managed fine mostly without it. Thanks for the demos, I fixed these issues in map2 and some of the texture bleeding i could find. I see you spent a lot of time trying to run to that blue armor in map 3, something I wasn't actually sure was possible because that crate simply lowers when the cacodemons arrive 😛 I like that if you're determined you can straferun to it. I like that you figured out the path to the soulsphere in map 8 too. That was originally intended to be a secret exit when I had plans for more maps so its a bit convoluted. Updated http://www.mediafire.com/file/9d4n240vff0hdd9/glaives.wad glaives.zip