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  1. EANB

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In E1M7 there's a very useless armor bonus in the nukage here
  2. EANB

    Starshine - 3 maps in space

    Thanks for the feedback. I've made another update to fix some lingering issues like that midtex. I think that should be the last version.
  3. EANB

    Starshine - 3 maps in space

    Thanks and yes I was, sorry :p You had me worried about that switch in the first map. I think everything is spaced so big skips aren't possible, though I wouldn't mind as long as it isn't too easy. All the boom stuff was from CC4-tex. I've updated the wad to remove all of it I could see, along with more than 1000 unused textures (oops). Some textures and switches were animated using boom features so I had to reimplement them vanilla style which was a useful learning experience. UMAPINFO is still in there, I don't know if any old ports get upset at that.
  4. EANB

    Starshine - 3 maps in space

    Thanks for the playthrough! There are some minor things I want to fix going by your footage, like hearing distractingly loud arachnotrons through the walls in map 2.
  5. Download here: starshine.zip Starshine is a limit removing wad for Doom 2 set in a techbase ripped from the earth and tossed into space! The goal was to make bases where rock and grass were still barely clinging along as they floated in the lonely void, perhaps after some disastrous teleportation experiment. It's mostly a visual theme and the gameplay is otherwise classic styled, so you won't have to worry about falling into the void while killing demons. Pistol starts are supported and preferred, but play how you want. Difficulty settings are supported. Map 1 and 2 are moderately difficult, 3 is a bit harder. Avoid jumping, you will likely break progression. Tested in GZDoom and DSDA. Any limit removing port should work, please let me know if something is broken. Screens: I had planned a 4th map to properly cap it off, but it wasn't working out so I scrapped it. As a result the last map might not have big finale visuals, but the final fight should be suitably difficult. Uses music from Rise of the Triad.
  6. EANB

    Vigor | Now on Idgames

    Played the first 5 maps so far, great stuff. I love this kind of tidy vanilla detailing. It’s neither too busy or barren, it’s just right to be aesthetically satisfying.
  7. You weren't the only one to do this, so I've updated the wad with a second rocket launcher after the first cyberdemon. This way I figure there's still incentive to clear the first room, and if you're able to clear the first cyberdemon without it you won't be let down with a soft lock.
  8. Thanks for the detailed write-ups. I've updated the wad with some changes to the first map, mainly adjusting some geometry so revenant heads don't clip as much, aligning the scrolling textures and highlighting the stairs in the blue room. The Cyberdemon is mainly there to make it harder for you to just camp at the far end of the hallway and lob rockets, though you can make him useful. He should teleport in with the rest of the monsters, so I don't know what happened there, unless the revenant on his perch was still alive. The only indicator is the thin blue pathway leading to it. I guess it becomes harder to see once you lower the floor to the adjoining room. The revenant fight is a bit of a trade off with whether you chose to use the plasma to make the revenants or cyberdemon easier. I suppose it's never actually that much fun to have to resort to hitscan weapons on a cyberdemon though, and you can't really see the cyberdemon to make that choice ahead of time... I agree with you that the final fight is a little anticlimactic. I was hesitant to put in something bigger because there was such a big fight beforehand and I thought the map might get a bit too exhausting. @Clippy Hey I'm glad you had a better time here than with Snowfury :p Unfortunate you missed the rocket launcher in the second map. It might be a good idea to put in another rocket launcher later since you were able to get so far before being soft-locked.
  9. Download here: Techblast.zip Techblast is a 2 map wad for Boom compatible ports (tested in GZDoom, Prboom, DSDA Doom and Doom Retro) featuring classic styled techbases and some difficult encounters. MAP01 starts things off with a slower paced exploratory level, then MAP02 escalates into harder encounters. Difficulty levels are supported, and I recommend HMP for the first time through unless you're a very confident player. Freelook is fine, jumping is not. It can be played continuously or with pistol starts. This year, I want to try to release more smaller projects like this every couple of months instead of just one big one, and hopefully this starts things off well. Credits Texture pack is Jimmytex Music: "Journey through the Unknown" and "The Anthrax Solution", both from the Alien Vendetta midi pack. Screenshots:
  10. EANB

    Small thing that annoys me -- am I the only one?

    Monsters rising out the ground is just as easy. I might see if some of the pop ups in my next wad could be replaced with a rising floor without much impact, I didn't know people disliked them that much. I'll keep this in mind, though there isn't much you can do about players skipping linedefs because they're going fast outside of putting in redundant triggers.
  11. EANB

    Small thing that annoys me -- am I the only one?

    I’m guilty of overusing this, and yeah if it’s just a couple of monsters you should probably just set up a teleporter instead. But getting a large number of monsters to teleport in unison is very tedious to set up and I reserve the right to use it in those situations.
  12. EANB

    What's your Doom mapping bucket list?

    -learn how to use dehacked -participate in a community project (everything I’ve done so far has been totally solo) -make a solo 32 map megawad (far into the future).
  13. EANB

    The 2021 Cacowards

    It's incredible and inspiring what people can do with Doom every year. That shot of Lullaby looks spectacular.
  14. EANB

    AI Generated Title Screens

    The Plutonia Experiment Evilution Looks like a movie poster. edit: oops, didn't see Stupid Bunny already tried these titles.
  15. I’d argue that UV seriously warps Doom’s difficulty curve and it was not intended to be the way most people would experience the game. The overabundance of shotgunners in E1 on UV ruins the weapon and ammo balance, breaks the monster curve (you also meet a spectre before a demon) and arguably makes E1 harder than E2 or E3.