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  1. This seems fun. I might be able to, but not sure. Though, I'm curious about the turnout.
  2. I'm sorry to inform you, but that's absolutely meaningless unless you made it to the end, which is unfortunately not the case. Shame really - considering you went for the secret exit, I'm guessing you used the other exit so you shouldn't lose too much time luckily. But yes, people who don't go for the secret level and died on the same map are usually ranked above simply because they needed less time, that is didn't go for the secret level.
  3. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This feels so lacking compared to all the extremities preceding my screenshot :-)
  4. NaZa

    First Ever IronEagle Competition: Scientist 2

    Might have died under a slow crusher in MAP04 after doing really well on that map. MAP02 nearly killed me (7 or 17 HP iirc) but I just survived. Category: blind sci2_naza.zip
  5. NaZa

    2018 Goals

    RIP Eagle Speedmapping Sessions. It all piled up unfortunately. Started mapping... made 1 1/2 maps? Yes... got two and a half maps done. Not really I think only about 5 to 10 new ones. Yep, got two and 1/4 maps done for one, at that! I hope I managed to do that. I guess I fulfilled all of these goals except the Eagle one. Such a shame, but with the return of Abyssal and my negligence of important things... Crossposting from other threads as well: I didn't get faster but I did work as stated before. That secret project is still being worked on. That side project is dead. So that means 2/3 are fulfilled I guess. I didn't even finish half of that number :D Instead of making an OST I decided to use Duke 3D music because why make your own stuff if you could use prefabs? :) Currently 14th so I'm happy about that. All in all most my Doom goals have been fulfilled.
  6. ^^ iirc Anima Zero stopped recording their demo of Jenesis when they reached and got through the death exit (MAP20) and then recorded another demo starting from the map succeeding said death exit (MAP21), so I gather it's permitted.
  7. Hey! Unfortunately there's only one official run, and in this case it's unfortunately your former run you didn't post here. Luckily there is a VOD of it: I'm so sorry for being such a spoilsport, but the rules state you cannot attempt a run again after already attempting one. The first one is considered your official one - the other one would be ignored now. Luckily you have the VOD of your first run so you'll end up on my unofficial board anyway. Not last, either! Though I'm not sure will your run end up on Alfonzo's board.
  8. Nope. Eleven players reached MAP11, with only one death so far!
  9. NaZa

    Level design tropes you use

    Exactly the same building facade structure in any map (no, seriously - all the outdoor portions of buildings in my maps look the same) Exactly the same doors in any map Huge areas with little-to-no monsters because "atmosphere". Not a lot of height variation - I'm combating that now. Monochrome visuals in most areas
  10. Linking @Fiendzy's run here because it would be a shame if he weren't in the OP in the future (I remember Fonz saying runs must be linked from some point onward) - his run was pretty good! I know you posted your summary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F9JQz7uIjE
  11. I'm not good but lucky so it's not too difficult to beat me. :P
  12. I'd just like to say that people who watch streams definitely gain more intel than a person looking at just a single trap, so it's bullshit they get away with category 2. Demo users might get away with the fact they mostly speed them up, but stream viewers should definitely be marked as category 3.
  13. @Revved Your demo desyncs on the first map on my side, all the other ones seem to work fine. EDIT: The first map is beaten when I load it with v1.1 of D64D2, but MAP02 inexplicably desyncs. Could you please say what version you recorded this with? DEH?
  14. Don't feel like screenshooting at all. Managed to escape something that will definitely kill blind players in MAP06 (which I suspect will be The Map), had 29 HP at the end, decided to rush in, greeted by flamebois who pushed me into an inescapable pit. Thanks D64. Very cool! Ironic that I've been pushed there by a monster who wasn't there in the first place, as I'm informed. Category 1, 2 or 3? I don't know. I checked out the MAP02 trap because it was very controversial. Upon seeing it, I realized I probably would have been able to get through it blind. Other than that I've done nothing else, I've never played Doom64 apart from knowing how to access Hectic and watching a playthrough of Hectic. That obviously didn't help me. I'd say it's a category 1 run as scouting that trap didn't help me too much. Also it's the second (21) time this year I've died to an inescapable pit. Fourth (22) time in toxic liquid. Eight (23) time because of stupidity. So I've died two times stupidly to inescapable death pits. Great! MAP06. Don't rush to the exit. ironoct18_naza.zip
  15. I saw the trap for myself and I can conclude it's utter bullshit, but at least there's a consistent way of doing it. It's not broken at all; no need to fix anything. From all the tries I did (after shooting in the first room, that is!) I always sprung the trap. Also @Mechadon that's insane vanilla stuff! Pushing the limits of possibility to the max, even though it's a bit confusing. I don't know does that make me cat 1, 2 or 3 now.