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  1. Oh man, so that's what you do except speedmapping. Brilliant. I'll play these this week.
  2. Have no patience, I'm not working on it :P jk, bzzrak's said the truth
  3. oh fidget spinner avatar and blaster maps...
  4. Ahhhh ffs if it gets uploaded too early I'm asked why is it uploaded so early. If it's uploaded late I get asked why is it late.
  5. @bzzraki can help with that but only after I compile Eagle
  6. Cancelled due to lack of experience, interest and inspirat.
  7. How do you call a person who gives advice in a bitter and vain way?
  8. I agree about his maps being of bad quality. I did like MAP12 from Memento Mori though :P I have a thing for staircases
  9. I understand you Jaws, as Avatar's maps were really bad, but if we're already doing a Resurgence project meant to imitate styles of all authors, I think an Avatar map should also be present. That's just my opinion though.
  10. Guys, custom textures were allowed if you wanted to use some. I'll make it more clear next time. In the meantime, the compilation will probably be ready in a day since I'm away from my PC atm.
  11. Bonus theme - all weapons must be present in the map
  12. Themes - outdoors; most of the map takes place outdoors - the middle of the map contains "treasure" (something important like an altar or gold or something) - lots of hidden passageways
  13. Really sorry for bothering you man but is being invaded with cialis bots on the most recent wad, Mancubus2isafaggot is continuing to flame other people and their works. If you could sort it out somehow. 

    1. bzzrak


      Manc2 is the funniest chap I've seen in a long time, his trolling skills are admirable. I would compile his quotes into a book.


      He's not me, saying just in case the previous sentence led you to such a conclusion.

    2. fraggle


      Out of morbid curiosity I took a lot. I don't think his trolling skills are admirable at all - kind of shit tier stuff really. Trolls can be entertaining sometimes when they're actually witty and intelligent. There's none of that here - just another boring edgelord who thinks he's being clever and original by being insulting. Who hasn't seen that before?

  14. Fancy name change - formerly DoomLover234, well, kinda obvious why I changed it. I use NaZa everywhere anyway.