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  1. Had little trouble clearing up the first three maps (aside from one or two tense moments). MAP04 must have sensed that so it spawned a spectre into a rocket not heading towards an autoaim-immune archvile. A comedy of weirdness. Category 1. ironeagle12_naza.zip
  2. 4shockblast's demises are similar to that and to mind.
  3. I mostly based it upon this:
  4. Mother of all Flops. CATEGORY: 1 RESULT: Dead on Mohu2, 108/184 monsters. Probably the same trap that killed Antares. MONSTERS KILLED: 321/398. SATISFIED? Yes and no. I was time-constrained by a thunderstorm which gave me goosebumps occasionally. This saw me clearing Mohu1 relatively quickly in 24:54, albeit having to activate a switch from ground thinking I got permastuck (I had not! I found the switch later.). I was extremely happy with the way I handled it... but then I fired up Mohu2. Much more stingy right from the get go. The blue skull puzzle had me very confused, but I figured it out, having found some secrets in the meantime. Then, as I had low health throughout the map, I attempted to juggle an archvile's pain chance with 55/45 or something like that, relying on the fact it's not usually above 100 damage... and I wound up dead for a reason. Not sure why! Eh, I was always meant to die. But I'm alright with it! dwironman_oct10_naza.zip
  5. I don't think you were supposed to play part 2 if you died on part 1.
  6. Very nice! I never played this, and having a win to defend, this might end up being one of the largest flops in the history of the League!
  7. What is that supposed to be
  8. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    There seems to be no demo attached.
  9. Didn't state it here so I'll say I'll be back this year creating a Bloodite killer WAD.
  10. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    With what exactly have you recorded this demo? Both prBoom+ and Eternity spit out an "Unknown demo format" at me.
  11. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    @Alfonzo Any updates on your run or the leaderboard? Also last month's challenge and victor (an_mutt) seem to be missing from the index in the bottom of the OP - here's the link for easy edit.
  12. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    Just a heads up for Alfonzo, I've found that an intercept overflow has happened on MAP21 on my end while viewing the demo which desynced it. Luckily, by disabling emulation of it in prBoom+ settings, the demo works fine afterwards. Also, your finishing time is 2:50:27, not sure why you made yourself look slower than you were. :P
  13. D_COUNTD from Vae Victus 2. Here's a video with the music in the background because I can't link my midi on phone - I think it's correctly timestamped at 14:40. EDIT - Thanks to @Eris Falling I found out it's "Last Fight/ZeroIN" (boss1.mid) from Another Zero, composed by Daisuke.
  14. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Almost had it.