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  1. Thank you for playing the map! It was meant to be limit-removing indeed, because of that the very first descent is very monotonous - it's impossible to put more teleporter destinations of the same tag, as far as I'm aware, unfortunately. The storage area is a bit dull, but I didn't put any real opposition because the player could easily just go back in the donut and kill them off. The outdoor area was meant to be circlestrafed, actually - also if you leave them and go through the teleporter they'll come after you and it can become very tense. The first few areas actually were designed to speed through them. As for the final stretch, yeah - the tunnel with the former humans was filler, and the archvile elevator wasn't meant for freelook... At first it was a Cyberdemon trio, but I figured BFG and rockets are a bit uhh uhh there, so I thought better of it. Besides, I like Arch-finales :D There was a secret exit which I unfortunately forgot to tag, but you didn't miss much at all, it was only a tiny room with the exit. I know there are problems, it was made in 4 - 5 hours. I will fix them in July or August when I get back to this. Thank you!
  2. July and August work best for me, worst are May and February.
  3. MAP31_v0.3.wad MAP NAME: Nested Tech (anagram and pun on Hell Revealed's MAP31: The Descent) MAP SLOT: MAP31 MUSIC: none as of yet DIFFICULTY SETTINGS: functional, not fully balanced WHY DO I WANT IT PLAYED: I attempted to create a megawad in a month but I only managed to complete this map. I will definitely attempt that challenge again, but in July, and I want to see is this map a good foundation stone to build upon. It was meant to be a speedmap version of Hell Revealed, titled "Hell Reduced", where the gimmick is to re-imagine every HR map and complete it in one day, with maybe two additional ones for secret maps.
  4. Your demo desyncs on my end for some reason. All the other ones seem to work fine.
  5. Congratulations on the five year anniversary. Fitting session no 42. I will not be around, unfortunately, but here's to more ASSes!
  6. Atmospheric Pressure Freighthoppers Voyage Sunset over Babylon
  7. I think it means "I wouldn't highlight it normally as it's an intentional part of the gameplay, but we need test runs and it's December so have a warning maybe that way you discover other bugs later on."
  8. Just completed watching other runs and I found out my run was on such pace that it would have placed very well had I survived E4M3. That just shows how important the factor of mistake is, because you can have the best run ever and die to some stupid reason (like what happens to Ancalagon sometimes, how cruel RNG has been to him), while a person who isn't always a contender but somehow strings together a lucky run against all odds can place well.
  9. DEAD: E4M3 (damaging floor) CATEGORY: 1 My first Ironman as a 16-er was going so well, I cleared M1 and M2 with relative ease. Then M3 came around, and after setting up I was hit by a Baron and pushed into the nukage and my health quickly deteriorated to 23. Feeling unsafe I kill all of the Barons with guns. Then I entered the teleporter and my brain went like this: hears demon grunt; precautiously walks forward; identifies it as an ordinary demon grunt; turns around while going forward not scared anymore; looks at demon (and maybe shoots?); sees edge of platform briefly; becomes aware that turning happened too late; falls into lava; return 0; Too bad. It sums up my year of Ironmanning well - every run starts extremely well, then one minor things throws me completely off balance and hurts me more than it should, and I lose my brain. Still, I'm satisfied - at this point I'm 11th and it's looking fairly secure so far. By the numbers a step up from last year; by gameplay, eh, not too much. Though, I got a pyrrhic win over Leo to get BirdBowl to 7-4 in his favour. dwironman_dec18_naza.zip
  10. NaZa

    IronEagle Competition 2: Vanguard

    Yes! I won the "single-segmented run category", and I'm happy.
  11. Am I back to defend my survival of the first DTWID last December? No. Because I'll go in blind and probably get claimed by The Map which seems to be E4M4 this month.
  12. Thank you, all, for the kind wishes! It's really nice to see it. I have a plan to re-compile all the sessions, fix bugs (and whole maps in some cases) and release all the wads in a megapack .zip until the end of the year to have a complete archive of all the Eagle WADs, though I'll also re-upload every session (I had uploaded) to /idgames if I see it has to be.
  13. It's my birthday. To get the big elephant out of the room... yeah it's my 16th birthday. I was really debating whether I should say that, and I have been nervous about it, but I feel it's best said rather than kept secret... I hope I won't be looked at differently in the future because of my rather young age for Doom today! That'd make me 12 of age when I posted my first post. 14 when I held the first Eagle Speedmapping Session. Yeah... one can see why I'm not dependable :D... I do think it was quite logical I wasn't an adult, but yeah. Eagles have fulfilled their goal of bringing speedmapping back as a regular. Abyssal is back for good, and that was really a good achievement. Anyway, here's the promised released candidate. ESS 11: It Was A Good Run, Folks was never released and compiled even though it was held in May. Known bugs: the sky in Noisy's map doesn't display properly. I'll look into it. eagles11.zip <-- EAGLES 11, boom-compatible, 6 levels. The final Eagle Speedmapping Session deserves to live on... forever. Eagles took off for the final time for now. I do have plans for a secret release commemorating Eagles on the two-year anniversary.
  14. It would be stupid of me to take over it again but I'm sad to see it die again, so I, may start negotiations seeing it's p much dead.
  15. NaZa

    What are your least favorite Duke Nukem 3D levels?

    I dislike Derelict for some reason, it's just really weird to have such a map. Music is mehy too. Other than that, Warp Factor is really dull, though the secret is a nice touch. Lunar Reactor and Dark Side are forgettable but at least the music tracks are extreme.