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  1. 23 MAPS? Congratulations! Might give a play some time.
  2. abyssal 26 27 eagle 2 4 9 10 pigeon 3 oh yeeeh Alright, I'm just joking with that. I think Eagle 5 is one of the most consistent speedmapping sets definitely, (even though I really have to fix that compilation) and, Pigeon 2 is really nice. The 20's ASSes are really worth looking too as, well as Khorus Speedy Shit.
  3. Yes, playing through Serenity now there's Axel F on M3, some funky jazz mid in M4 (excellent MIDI, I absolutely love it but it doesn't fit in Doom) and an all piano version of Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence in M6.
  4. Serenity - E3M6: I'm Here. I'm There. Stairs Are Everywhere (Holger/Nathrath) Music is cool, even if it doesn't fit much and its all pianoey. The map itself is pretty nicely laid out, only thing to note is that drops make it easy to jump on monsters' heads. Sometimes SLAD can get monotone but it's all in good measure. This map actually does play well from a pistol start - however two more maps, and neither of them does much.
  5. Oh, ASS 26 MAP01 "Beer Processing" with "At Doom's Gate" being all the same pitch? I remember that one, I was really harsh on my tongue back then.
  6. You should never, never let your guard down in this one. Blind playthrough, MAP06 did me in because I was thinking about how nice it would be to get some hot chocolate after doing this, and the nearby chaingunners made me have more holes than cheese. There were a lot of near-death experiences in the run, notably start of MAP01 and a trap on MAP03. When I heard MAP05 music I felt it'd be obnoxious, and my twitching at the start is that. MAP06 seemed like a really easy map, but I just got too confident and sidetracked when I found out at least 5 chaingunners can shoot at me, then I panicked... shame, really.
  7. Finally ending my three month hiatus of no videos. Serenity - E3M5: Dungeons of the Dark (Nathrath/Hermans) This level has an extremely painful pistol start. It's very difficult to kill every monster with the ammo you have. It's possible but not easily. The map itself is very nice, maybe except that ASHWALL corridor. The N area was nicely executed, if not a bit cryptic with lowering that megaarmor. The marble halls mid-map are very difficult to take care of, ammo-wise.
  8. Hmm.... E1M7 wins this one for really creeping me out. Although many tracks unsettled me, but not as much - E1M5, E1M6 (because it was really tense), E2M4 and MAP28
  9. It really depends, as my work will be cut, but you (and other playtesters) are still playtesting. I plan on maybe sending a more complete version (7 levels -> 15 levels that sorta thing) rather than level-by-level as the whole process will be slower now. But, as I said in c), I'll try to still focus on it as much as I can.
  10. I'll mostly be leaving the Doom community in February to focus more on life. I feel like the Internet, as well as most of the other communities I'm involved in, changed my life by making me basically glued to a screen, be it computer, or mobile. That's why I feel like taking a bit of a break from Doom. That said, that means that Eagle sessions are entering a hiatus. Why? I will still be on here, but not as much as before. I want to cut time I spend on the Internet, and that means I'll have to cut the time I use for organizing/speedmapping/compiling/bugfixing to a minimum. What I will do during my break (and is related to my presence here) is the following: a) Check every Eagle until now, find any errors in main WAD, fix and (re)send to the archives b) Possibly continue my participation in the Ironman League as my runs are short anyway :D c) Focus on my main project when I have enough time on hand. I hope everybody understands. Goodbye for now.
  11. So many nice screenshots guys!
  12. Another one bites the dust! I'd have loved to join in on these as I love Heretic, but it seems I missed out :P bummer.
  13. After some revisiting, I've stumbled upon a big compilation bug. Casually playing thru MAP01, @Breezeep's map, there were a lot of weirdly positioned skull switches. I've checked all compilations available, and the submission itself, and it turns out that the switch texture was actually changed after the submission (likely because of some compilation issue) in the very first compilation of the WAD which lead to positioning issues. Later when I checked the finished compilation myself (I didn't compile the WAD that time), I didn't notice it. There is also a lot of errors with custom switches, particularly MAP05. I think switches were changed there too. Gonna have to fix that lot of issues, and send this one to /idgames yet again.
  14. Nice Cyber Terror stuff.