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  1. Imagine infinite height imp claws, hitscan from a frog's eye view and a homing revenant rocket all at once. Cat 1, MAP03 after clearing out 70% of said map. dwironman_may21_naza.zip
  2. NaZa

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Surely I can pick this map up... nothing's gonna hap-
  3. BtSX E3 (or, rather, a jokewad called BtSX E3 distributed for April Fools two or three years back) had rather amazing text screen music (even though it doesn't fit Doom) which made me wonder if it's Heart and Soul or smth else, but I'd love to know the source. btsxe3mid.zip EDIT: Nevermind, seemingly opening the file with Notepad was enough to find it's Brutta by Alessandro Canino... I really shouldn't have hasted to upload it here so quickly.
  4. Both are category 1. Played very little Doom (or, at least, difficult maps) between February and today, in my defense. Still did quite solidly on Criticality. Criticality - 73 killed Well I kinda had luck on this one, got super lucky with a few pain chances and RNG, but lived through some intense stuff and then did this thing called infighting to rack up kills before I inevitably die. Miasma - 58 killed Peeked out a tic too early to an archvile attack and it all kinda went downhill from there. Total - 131 killed Quite satisfied I think that's in the upper half. Considering my initial goal was 25 kills total I am more than happy. Just wish I wasn't an idiot in Miasma. naza_ironman_mar21.zip
  5. Yes. The original definition of the NEW category 3 (i.e. from Vanguard in July 2019 onward) was watching someone play the set AFTER it was announced but not playing it yourself. Nobody submitted such run while I was at the helm so I can understand how it'd get mixed up. It was introduced so streamers could still watch each others' runs. Actually now that I think about it, I'm fairly sure in Bloody Rust there's a Cat 3 run on the standard leaderboard. Why and how it was understood as always being active preparation again beats me. EDIT: Yes, I_Punch_Demons made a cat 3 (by the post-June 2019 definition) run in Bloody Rust, having watched Austinado's stream before doing their run.
  6. As much as I'd love to call this Cat 1, the truth is even if I haven't touched AV in at least 4-5 years I vaguely remembered all of the four maps I've played. Not necessarily all of them but the overall theme and some of the dastardly traps like the AV on MAP02 (which left me on 19 HP and I am fairly sure two pixels prevented me from dying) and the trap that ultimately killed me on MAP04. Told myself "don't do x if it's that trap", turns out it is that trap, I do x. Good riddance. Cat 2, dead on MAP04. In my defense I played very little Doom between this and last month's challenge. naza_ironman_feb21.zip
  7. NaZa

    The thread that belongs to oblivion

    Kinda but it's more related to wasting the chances I had been given and being too irresponsible
  8. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sawdust

    M3, C1 sawdustfe.zip PS'd a few maps later, notably 05-07. easy stuff so i feel a bit robbed by dying to infinitely tall shenanigans after panicking Never played Valiant but was aware of most of its custom monsters and quick imp fireballs. Seems like this WAD is maps that were thrown out of it?
  9. Thanks for the comments, guys. It turns out I had linked the wrong zip up there, as I did in fact update the WAD itself but not the ZIP file. Therefore, here's the "final" version, misju3.zip which actually contains misjudb3.wad with the various MAP06 fixes.
  10. Apologies, yet another hotfix. Cacodemons on MAP06 started above ground, rendering the boxed-in trap quite useless. Also, couldn't be completed in Choco Doom because of a lineaction blocking the exit linedef. Dummy me. misju2.zip
  11. Some Doomers can have an easy time with Hell Revealed. It all comes with skill. (Until MAP23. That's where it devolves into luck.) To me, it's not too difficult simply because it's my favorite wad. It has that something which some newer wads lack. Yes, another post, because I fixed some glaring things with the compilation and gave it a "finishing" touch, after all. Nothing much changed. I just added CWILVs, an armor to MAP03, fixed dehacked map names, added a closing text and a few impassable lines after finding out a visplane overflow is indeed possible on MAP06 in an extremely unnoticeable site, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Most importantly, added an exit on MAP06 after the map becomes quite unfinished at the yellow door. EDIT - HOTFIX INCLUDED: MAP06 remained unfinishable for myself forgetting to playtest it, so I hotfixed that and included a newer version of the title midi. Deleted the link for the previous version. Link to "hotfix" deleted - see below
  12. Probably my last post on this site in a while. Will comment no further on the subject, will not respond to further questions on the subject, but I feel like I owe at least the public release of this, so I do unveil it to the public: MAP01 - MAP04 pretty much finished, barring an awkward bug on MAP04 which renders the surprise pinky trap after the yellow key completely underwhelming. MAP05 started... well, if one can call that a start. I did put an exit so you can carry over to 6. MAP06 half finished. It's somewhat completable but not fully realized. Lacks an exit but you can get all the keys I planned on it. Enjoy. Palette from Cereal Killer. Category 1, blind. Full vanilla, tested in Choco. misju.zip
  13. NaZa

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    +++ DBP26/7/19. Would participate for sure because I always enjoy the DBPs, and the ones chosen strike me as far more fitting for the season than Plutonia.
  14. If that is the case, my extension cable might be turned off by air pressure if I find said softlock. Softlocks and their aftermath are always very fishy territory, and it always sucks to have to end a (great) run on them (even moreso if they're seeming as intended progress, judging by what Andromeda said). While it would of course be all great if -recordfromto was allowed to players who softlocked, partially canceling out the advantage Pseudonaut spoke of, it would create an enormous advantage as a player would technically be able to start re-recording from way before the softlock happened to get to that point better armed and in better health. This would turn it into cheating. You could argue accepting demos is the same advantage, as a person can record a run n times before they're satisfied, but demos have been accepted from day one and it's a signal of mutual trust between the players not to commit a Krypto. This on the other hand would be a huge change and one which would likely be more exploited than re-recording a demo (doesn't take as much time as re-recording from scratch and, for instance, if you played Perdgate, you could start re-recording from every map 4shockblast had outlined as containing a softlock, saying you softlocked on map14 when you just had a bad run up to that point and wanted to change stuff from, idk, map 12). I think saying a run is done if a softlock is found is the most convenient and balanced solution across all forms of submission. Not fully fair, yes, but same for videos, demos and streams.
  15. Died on E3M5. Didn't feel like taking a screenshot because that whole setup is quite fucked. What makes things worse is the map was so fun up to that point. I got legit triggered. Really ugly and quite bad. If you want, fast forward to E3M3 to watch me forget to take the soulsphere for arguably something quite important and escaping with 23 HP and a rocket sailing past me around 5 pixels to my left. Category 2. Played E1 fully before, I've scouted through some of E3 before choosing to see how it plays (same with E4 which I also considered!), so I was aware of M3 death room. Didn't really check out the setup on M5 though. dwironman_nov20_naza.zip