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  1. NaZa

    Guess the Map! (22nd Edition, the final hurrah?)

    Guess the Map has been a very fun thing, to try to recognize them and see how well you can visualize layouts. Not a minigame I expected to see, a very unique concept. I hope to see it return. Thank you for your tenure as the host of this, it's been a blast and especially satisfying when you can recognize more than usually. On that note... wtf me? Have played both Dimensions of Time and MAYhem 17 relatively recently :/ yet I failed to recognize em...
  2. Damn, it's been a few years since I last tried this. Might as well try again...
  3. Crap, I apologize. I just forgot and atm I cannot until at least next Saturday. I have played a few maps post-11 but didn't sum up my thoughts on them yet. Sorry
  4. Yearly board updated. Bdubzzz and Beginner establish themselves as 1st and 2nd while the battle for 3rd now grows to 7 people - despite missing the first two months, ginc is now fully in it, after a very good streak of results. dt_ enters the top 5 at my expense (sadness!), while the top 10 shuffles a bit with Pseudonaut reclaiming their spot. Big congratulations to Andromeda, SCF, Horus, Luleta and Sr_Ludicolo for their first (standard) survivals, and Brainfreezzzzz for a striking debut survival. Luleta and Sr_Ludicolo's survivals also propel them up the board, rising 15 and 20 places respectively from their positions after July. Also, really glad to see Archi finally take that first win. Participating on-and-off for 6 years and always being there or thereabouts in the standings, but never quite winning, it was definitely well deserved. Finally, for anyone wondering how close the battle for is... here's an excerpt from the board. A victory is worth 100,000 points, so everyone is able to capitalize on anyone's slipup. dt_, Anima and myself especially. (green = survival, gray = DNF or locked out of progression)
  5. Did my runs earlier and didn't post them because I didn't want them to be used as a target or some other crazy superstition... while forgetting how slow I actually was lmao. Still, quite happy with them. Category 1 UV E1 survived in 45:09 E2 survived in 35:48 Survived in 1:20:57.
  6. NaZa

    Guess the Map! (22nd Edition, the final hurrah?)

    Without hints: With hints: Well that's just the worst I've ever been is it not
  7. I don't want to talk about this. I was so close to the exit and then decided to be the biggest idiot ever to walk on Earth. Category 1, MAP06 of Sucker Punch 1. This stings. dwironman_sep22_naza.zip
  8. NaZa

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Hello all. This was my fifth submission for the DWIronman League monthly challenge, it being Insertion. As with Mapgame, I had played Insertion before, a bit younger. Some details stuck out to me, but mostly the beginning - I had a habit of not finishing things up, so that's why both this one and Mapgame kinda fell off at the halfway mark pace-wise. This one was a bit clearer to me, though, because I'd last played it in 2015 or so, and had finished it at some point. The run itself went well. I managed to remember most of the early maps well, though they're not really... difficult? This includes the labyrinthine MAP04 in which I was only 5 seconds slower than Bloodite Krypto! MAP05 also went well, as I knew how to handle the encounter that was killing runners. The latter two maps were comfortable though I had a few funny moments, and finally on MAP08 I just BSOD'd in front of a megasphere. I guess it's just added pressure of performing? Even with it, I doubt I would have been able to defeat the BOSS CRUSHER...
  9. While that one does not work, the one in the OP seems to work.
  10. NaZa

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Hello all. This was my fourth submission for the DWIronman League monthly challenge, it being the dreaded map by Death-Destiny... Disturbia. I've somehow managed to forget to upload my runs for May in 2017. Not only here, but also on DW. Don't ask me how, I genuinely have no idea. The worst part is... they were good. Embarrassing MAP07 death to the final two enemies of the entire challenge on Vae Victus 2, and a MAP05 death to a caged hellknight on VV1. Would've been a solid mid-table placement... oh well. Kind-of remedied it with this result. Even if I wanted to upload them for preservation's sake, I think I deleted them in the meantime, sadly. When in my post I said "I knew I'd die there because played the map before," what I really meant was I practiced the map and ran it around five times before declaring an official run. I just wasn't keen on admitting it plain. I hadn't played it before June because that is the absolute contrary to the Doom maps I enjoy. This is difficult and precise, while I enjoy open and comfortable maps like VV2 and Mapgame were. Anyway, the run itself is poor. I realized I suck at this map so my optimal strategy was to kill as many imps as possible. The run is incredibly boring because of that, and not only that, but it was shameful. Even Alfonzo wrote "The mark of shame." in my obit. To make matters worse, I was killed by a damn zombieman. Yeah. Beat that!
  11. Category 1, UV. Died at around 88 kills I think. After some heroics in the outside area and later on rocketing my face at 200/100, I did well to recover, only to find out there's a hidden archvile somewhere. Oh well, map looks really fun, might give it a shot with saves. Good stuff Horus!
  12. I've somehow managed to forget about this. I apologize, @RileyXY1. I'll provide Infinite within the next 48 hours. EDIT: I somehow forgot @Engired was the one who created this thread. Sorry, meant to tag you too.
  13. NaZa

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    And yet another of my Ironman runs, this time it's Mapgame.