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  1. Croatia could be better. The problem is that the left is not strong enough. The younger demographic emmigrated elsewhere, and our voters are the generation which fought in, or lived through, our independence war and as such will vote for HDZ (the party which "created" us)...
  2. NaZa

    IronEagle Competition 60: Bad Idea

    Category 2, UV prB+, survived [+2] in 47:18 (the time I killed the last enemy in the mentioned room that wasn't a Keen; EDIT: I amended the time to 47:18 from 47:19 because I just ran the demo in slo-mo like the fella I am). This was my second attempt, after a way-too-easy-to-toggle softlock on the second map made me quit that attempt. No idea how that wasn't picked up in testing; then again, looking at the quality of the WAD, I doubt any testing took place. Details of the softlock in spoiler. This also made me much more wary of locking myself out instead of dying. ironeagle_nov23_naza.zip
  3. Category 2, survived in 2:28:27. Hot damn. Run reminded me of a necessary disclaimer (otherwise I'm confident everyone's gonna die to the same spot on MAP05) so that'll get added in the OP ASAP. dwironman_nov23_naza.zip
  4. It's all in the experience! Even if you die early, who knows about the fortunes next month :) Plus, you discover some great wads this way! As for MAP03 being the culprit having a poker of deaths so far (100% rate!), I fully expected that coming into the month. It's a spike and a very high hurdle, alright. But if you make it past that map, you should have a relatively good time for a while. And I wouldn't say it's that difficult, it's just very overwhelming. Will be curious to see who'll be the first to make it through. My money is on Brainfreezzzzz :)
  5. November, 2023 > The yearly standings > The Ironman Discord Server Standard Leaderboard [2] SURVIVED (2:28:27): NaZa - My Last Resort would never contain a tennis ground, but it was a good luck omen here. Whew. [1] MAP05: Vince Vega - Finally got the archviles to bunch up and then - bam. Out comes a noble barrier. [1] MAP05: Beginner - Most brilliant at Doom. The archviles never knew what hit them. (Neither did Beginner.) [1] MAP03: Anima Zero - Gets surrounded by fans and shot by paparazzi, though not with cameras. [1] MAP03: Bertt91 - Peekaboo! [1] MAP03: RedBoule - Goes down while shooting. Literally and figuratively. [1] MAP03: Suitepee - It's over, Suitepee! You gave up the high ground! [1] MAP03: SCF - Ran out of shells AND room. [2] MAP03: dt_ - Politely denies to Swim with the Archvile in that nukage pool. The archvile wasn't amused. [1] MAP03: Gr0mat - "Yes, health! Finally." Commentator's curse at its finest. [1] MAP03: Andromeda - Everything here was measured... except the gaps you could sift through in rush hour traffic. [1] MAP03: Austinado - Hugging the nearest baron when running away only works 25% of the time. [1] MAP03: purple_ruberoid - Wasn't purple a colour associated with nobility in the Middle Ages? No wonder the killer was a Baron. [1] MAP02: Chuckles_troll - Goin' Up the Stair Way. [1] MAP02: LadyMistDragon - Gets boxed in. Also both literally and figuratively. :^) [1] MAP02: Helm - I suspect that revenant's a Pokemon, otherwise I'm not sure how it attacked with such a dark Sucker Punch. (-cl 21) [1] MAP02: Li'l devil - The chaingunner just wanted to celebrate you getting the blue key, I reckon. As did the hell knight. And the imps. Prepared Leaderboard ... What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! In November 2023 the DWIronman League dies to Absolute Dishonor (-complevel 2), a two man set from 2016 by @valkiriforce and 40oz. With considerable and visible differences between the two mappers (get to MAP03 and MAP04, and you'll see what I mean), this set is effectively two sets intertwined with each other, joined only by a theme of inspiration from the old-time classics like Memento Mori and Requiem. Apparently the first spark of inspiration was reading about the Casalis sending an 8-map WAD to id to show them what they're capable of. Both 40oz and valkiriforce's offerings were played a few times in Ironman (UAC Ultra; TNT: Resistance), so this might be seen as a sort of Graduation Test for the League veterans. Essential Info Doom II (doom2.wad). Compatibility level 2, or "Doom (strict)" for ZDoom derivative ports. 8 maps. Time estimate (if survival): 1.5 - 3 hours (90-180 min) There's a certain difficulty spike on MAP05 when you open the red door. Be prepared. > Download Absolute Dishonor prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file ABSOLDIS.wad -complevel 2 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp -warp Rules: Previous threads:
  6. WIP, 30% done. Should be done by the end of the week as my schedule cleared
  7. Category 1, survived in 1:26:56. Seems like I do brilliantly in the Ironeagle when I do shockingly bad in Ironman... ironeagle_oct23_naza.zip
  8. Oh my words dwironman_oct23_naza.zip
  9. NaZa

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    Was a bit of an idiot, thinking the blast damage would be better. Oh well. Dead on MAP09 with 69*/132 kills, 21:39. nmlite-scythe2-naza.zip Was very uncomfortable playing like this, faster projectiles (not to mention respawns) even on the easiest difficulty make me shit bricks. I'm a very slow and cautious player, used to the "normal" behaviour and the predictability each fireball and enemy position has. Here, I had to play recklessly, take a fair amount of risks, because monsters respawn on their original locations, not where you killed them, so I had to resort to throwing hypothetical dices every corner not knowing what I see. This all coupled with not knowing this WAD very well (though having played it as Ironman practice last year - a fun fact is I died to the very same level). But, if this becomes a thing, I'll submit a run every month. Maybe I'll become a quicker player? :P * - played with prB+, which calculates kills differently, so the number of respawned kills may be a bit larger. Not by a lot, because I didn't have the chance to kill many respawned monsters.
  10. NaZa

    Cityscape/hellscape Wads

    Vile Flesh might be worth a shot. It starts and ends in a city, though it gets progressively more corrupted and hellish. MAP28 is a good testament to that. Plus, the levels get longer as they go.
  11. Yep, and by chance it had happened to me. When Fomalhaut was ran in February 2019, I accidentally started the demo with the wrong complevel, and asked Alfonzo if there's a problem with that, he said: I still supplied the demo in the .zip. Here's a quote from the post as to show how similar the situations were: So I don't think there's a reason not to let Crusader No Regret redo the run if it really was only the first room, and that room is not a spot foreknowledge would help you on. :)
  12. Category 1 (read the textfile, though) Survived in 48:19 dwironman-contain-NAZA-1.zip Holy shit.
  13. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Mutiny

    Fine with me, RjY, if it's okay with you :) Thank you very much for stepping in!
  14. Category 2 because my first attempt (which died to a random bullshit moment on MAP04) was somehow not recorded. I think I accidentally forgot to put the -record parameter in it. Was super cautious at MAP05 and, well, it worked. Then I got to MAP10 and, uh... WAD just said nope, you die here. EDIT: It would help if I submit the demo... ironeagle_sep23_naza.zip