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  1. Ohhhhh. I feel you... I really feel you on that one. Nasty. Really an unfair way of dying, that.
  2. I use invis for something I've rarely seen before and I find rather interesting; soulsphere for the generic like or "thanks for posting"; invulnerability for something that's super cool and really nice, but more often for something sarcastic, ironic or funny; megasphere for an immense thing or achievement in Doom, or a really great map or set or picture.
  3. Ugh. Dead on MAP22, category 2. Took me a bit over an hour to get to MAP12, a bit over two hours to get to MAP18 and a bit over 3 hours to get to MAP22, so this wasn't as timely as expected, but the next maps would've likely taken an hour and a half. I expect if someone survives it'll take them 5-6 hours, as I gained a lot of time by straight up skipping some portions of the maps (and grabbing a key on M17). To be honest, I expected to die on this map the most. It wasn't looking likely I'd survive it to die on the maps after it, and I knew if I had some stroke of genius or luck I'd be able to survive MAP18. This was hands down incredibly intense stuff. I am pretty sure I was down to less than 50 HP on maps 13, 15, 16 and 18 (featuring a double old-fashioned rocket catch - thank God I had 200/200!). I managed to fully neutralize MAP13 with a simple trick, even though I nearly died before exploiting said trick due to infinitely tall barons - and MAP14 really isn't too difficult on continuous play if you have a good strategy for it, even if it has very close quarters Cyberdemon battles. MAP18 I was pleasantly surprised to do so well on, barring that godawful misstep in the Cyber den, and I think it got to my head after I took some weird archvile damage on MAP19 out of all maps. But alas, I made the grave mistake on MAP22 of letting the quartet of Cyberdemons rain their rockets down from the big building, which severely limited my movement opportunities. I then tried to two-shot a couple of Cyberdemons and it didn't quite pay off... and this happened. Too bad, I was really going rather well, but that's Doom. Also, I skipped the secret levels because they're incredibly risky to play. In a month where maybe 1 or 2 people will survive, I don't think secret levels are a good gamble. dwironman_sep20_naza.zip
  4. Ah, okay, thank you. I wasn't sure whether it was a softlock or not because I remember on a past playthrough I noclipped through it in anger. But it makes sense - thanks for reporting.
  5. BEFORE I FORGET: There's a softlock on MAP05. Near the end of a level there's a plasma rifle. Do not jump on it while the floor is raising up, because to my knowledge, you cannot lower it back down from the level below. Once you make it up there, proceeding further will start lowering the floor back down, and with a well timed jump, you could get the plasma rifle. Will put it into the OP.
  6. September, 2020 The yearly leader board Standard Leaderboard - Prepared Leaderboard - What is the Doomworld Ironman League? The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom! Now, this is the 50th Challenge of the League, so I thought it'd be fitting to go all out on this one and finally do something I've been planning to do for a while and for which I was vying - Hell Revealed, -complevel 2. The ultimate Ironman run, in a way. Yes, I could've picked something more modern; yes, I'm aware BtSX E2 and Eviternity exist; yes, I'm aware the length and monster scope might turn some people away. But, there's two major reasons why I chose it: a lot of the members (by extension, Ironman regulars) have played it and thus have foreknowledge on some of the more dickish maps and traps, and also - it's a fitting 50th challenge, a sort of an "anniversary" for Ironman. As of the set itself, I don't think there's much to say. It's just that. Hell Revealed. No introduction, no flavor text is necessary. Go there, kill them. This is a callback to the first challenge's marathon (back when Ironman was also an endurance competition and not just a survival competition.) Apologies. I'd also like to apologize for the boards and obituaries missing. I've no excuses for June and July. I do have an excuse for last month, though - during the weekend, Mon & Tue, I've felt quite unwell physically and couldn't really do much. I'll of course update them, but I didn't want to get this thread out too late, considering it's a 30 map slog. I'll try to improve this month. I apologize for this thread also being a tad bit late. There's also something I'd ask you to consider. As you know, for a while now, there's been a sort of "final" version of ZDoom: ZDoom 2.8.1. I was wondering whether I should allow runners to submit ZDoom demos using that stable version. Why is this a question? Because that way, we could broaden the scope of Ironman to also include WADs compatible with ZDoom. Food for thought. Suggestions? If you have any more suggestions for the future of Ironman, feel free to comment. Warnings about the set! On MAP05, there's a plasma rifle next to a floor that raises when you step on it. If you jump on the plasma rifle while the floor is going up, the floor won't lower when you press on it. One of the switches in the level lowers the floor again (thanks, Roofi!) Essential Info Doom II: Hell on Earth as the IWAD selected. Compatibility level 2, or "(Doom (strict))" for ZDoom derivative ports. Time estimate: A lot of time. Quite a lot of time. 30 + 2 maps > Download Hell Revealed (is that really necessary though?) prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file hr.wad (hrmus.wad) -complevel 2 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp Previous threads:
  7. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    Yeah, the zip here is 360 bytes and the demo lasts for a whole second! Have you accidentally overwritten the demo? So I was going to update this with the obituaries triumphantly, finished most of the stuff but then I just "menu-paused" my PC as I went out of house... only for it to have crashed without my edits being saved. Great stuff! The spreadsheet was updated but all the edit cache thing seems to have disappeared and while the edit page is open, nothing else is. Wonderful, just wonderful. Well now it's too late to not postpone the new thread so I'll do that but I really want to finish these today as well. Congratulations to @Bdubzzz for yet another convincing victory and a large shoutout for @marver0PS for a first-time survival!
  8. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    It all depends when you reached MAP02, @eirc. You won't be last anyway as Pegleg died on M1, but if you reached M2 quicker than 8 minutes you won't be second last either.
  9. In my very oldest maps I somehow managed to make doors (normal, action 1) that require you to press on them twice before they open. I never managed to replicate that later.
  10. NaZa

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    Managed to play these few coming up. MAP05: Demolition Zone (Garbage) I had forgotten about this map fully, until I've seen the opening area, when I remembered most of it. It's an okay map. Not particularly pretty and stingy on ammo but there's a few relatively tricky setups around it, most notably the HK lift scenario. There's not much else to it. The encounter where you get the first key is quite tricky if you're not quick on the trigger - you'll likely get cornered. The lift behind the first locked door is a bit glitched, I think the button sector also has the tag. I enjoyed the cacodemon trap that followed, but they were locked in ineffective corner cubbies. The red key trap had me rocket my hair due to Cacos, and the ending area I didn't feel was particularly effective with its usage of faraway Barons and HKs. Playing continuously I assume it's much easier because you have a full backpack of ammo. I am not a large fan of this map but it's a nice breatherish map for the map coming up. MAP06: On The Block (SiMpLeToNiUm) This map is quite a great one. I have a hard time believing it uses 1000 or less lines (although it's quite evident in the final area) - the detail is quite great, especially around the library. I died at the penultimate encounter which I predicted anyway. Pistol starting is a bit rude. I cleared the library before the super shotgun area, so I was severely down on ammo for a few minutes... Other than that, playing the map is immense fun - especially when you get the yellow key - every encounter immediately after is super fun, even if they're horde encounters for the most time, which you might know I'm not a huge fan of. Visuals are also quite well made - as others pointed out, it has the feel like How Doom II Cities Should've Been Made. There's, however, a lot of DoomCute stuff in the library and that one northern bar, which makes you think whether it should've been used in the final area. The final cyberdemons I am not sure whether you are supposed to make them infight with the teleporting horde or the spider mastermind - but they seem to be effective at both. I do think having both enemy "phalanxes" present there at the same time (ie rushing for the switches) is a bit too much even for the super skilled players though. MAP07: Ground Beneath (Aquila Chrysaetos) It's difficult to find the right words for this map. It feels like Abandoned Mines but Claustrophobic. I like challenging maps but I'm not a fan of such claustrophobic settings. The Cyberdemon setup is a bit too cramped for my taste, even if I'm a fan of SSGing Cybers. I don't think there was too much ammo which is good because it adds the challenge (although I still think there was a shortage, especially at the end). Didn't seem like a hellcity map but it does have a uniqueness ij the somewhat abstract theme the Abandoned Mines carried. The standout encounter is quite clearly the spectre/imp/AV one - I choose to rocket the spectres three to four times and then barge in with plasma - it's super fun that way. I can't say I'm loving this map but it's a perfectly okay endeavor noticeably revolving around the final two encounters. I liked how each quadrant had a different liquid. MAP08: Gateway (NaZa) As the dev for this map, I feel like I should provide a bit backstory to this map. As you might tell from the music and opening shot, it's a clear homage to Mt Erebus. Indeed; the map was originally destined to be a part of Infernew, and was constructed around E3M6 due to there not being a lot, if any, such maps in the project at the time. I also intended it to be a miniboss map, hence the final setup. However, after only getting a single no as the entire feedback from the project leader, my map was promptly rejected, and I was free to repurpose it for this project - like some advised me to. I don't regret that decision. This is one of the few maps which I've finished rather quickly, barring speedmaps. The whole opening "city" was visualized and roughly created in one day, and I finished the map another day. It originally also included DM only hallways out-of-map for intended Infernew DM compatibility - it'd shut out some areas where players could camp - but due to line preservation, I'd deleted it. Same with the stairs in the blue key tower which became a lift. Another important inspiration for this map was Nilla Doom MAP02 - or at least its usage of dikes, which I found an interesting concept. I managed to create a building shorter than the surrounding sky, which I'm kinda proud of, considering it's vanilla. Otherwise, fully Mt Erebus. Not only in visual, but there's some "experimental" gameplay moments, like the teleporting entrance to the building which takes you by surprise. In case you don't enter, another teleporter takes you there, so beware. One of the main criticism I had gotten for the map in dev cycle was that the outside was way too sparsely populated, and I've remedied the problem a bit but in retrospect, I could've added some teleporting Cacos in as I had a couple of lines left. The final arena, it's by far the most memorable setup in the map. I'm not fully sure how I've come to the conclusion to use archviles and moving walls, but it worked quite well and I left it in. I also don't remember adding HKs and revenants to it, but maybe I did and just forgot as I last updated the map in Dec '18 or so. There's also a change in arsenal in the approach - HNTR gives you a BFG, and I'm not sure, but I think HMP gives you a rocket launcher and a dozen rockets. On UV it stays a fully SSG battle, which makes it quite tense, especially if your invulnerability (provided you actually get it) runs out prematurely. I've balanced it painstakingly to make it fun enough when it was just imps and AVs but the new setup I'm not so sure about. [Come to think of it, I use a lot of Imp/AV setups in my recent maps.] Platform lower timing also took quite a lot of time. There's a funny scene in MP when a Cyberdemon appears on it, and in hindsight that wasn't a clever choice. My only gripe would be how you (afaik) can't backtrack after the final area, but it's too late to amend that now, isn't it! The tower in the middle is also a landmark, especially as you can see the invuln from afar, making you ask yourself how to find it. @Biodegradable raises an interesting point - if you stumble upon the teleport before you get the yellow skull, it's above the ground and inaccessible. Getting the skull unleashes the horde of Imps and Spectres, but it also lowers the teleporter. A bit useless, but when the whole tower was a secret, it definitely felt less confusing. The arrow there mostly points at "you'll need it for the area succeeding yellow skull" vibes, that it's necessary and only if you have the skull should you grab it (makes mkst sense playing on UV). Also, the switch after the yellow skull trap opens the door out as it closes in on the player. So yeah, I regard it as one of my better maps. Ironically, because it was more oriented towards E3 than my usual style. It felt like mapping out of my comfort zone and that's probably why it feels so rewarding to see it turned out alright - in my eyes, at least.
  11. NaZa

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    MAP03: Town Square (Liberation) The opening of this map is just so satisfying playing continuously, with the former humans. The map isn't all too challenging otherwise, even if there's an arch vile, though there is a rather challenging setup midway through the map, after the lift behind the red door, where you have to adapt to the new environment quite quickly. I barely hung on to life there while pistol starting - didn't think I'd live through it. The second red door stumped me playing continuously as just being a chaingunner closet, but pistol starting made me appreciate it due to handing you the chaingun. Visually, the city theme is quite well presented in this map, probably the best in the maps so far, as the others were more water treatment bases like others suggested. Bonus points for using Perdition's Gate Soundtrack from what I remember. Certainly one of the better episode 1 maps. MAP04: The Stormdrain (Bauul) This map dives a bit more into difficult territory with the standout being two limited space ambushes with increasing opposition (imps and demons vs revenants, imps and lost souls). The start is quite a surprise as it's not your casual start but a "hot-start", and on pistol starts it can become quite overbearing. Hitscanners in houses and long sniping imps are quite difficult to deal with immediately. However, the map only builds up on the rough opening, with other traps such as a far away arachnotron sniping you from behind, a jump landing you in an area infested with revenants and a drop down into a very, very narrow area with three revenants, including other monsters. I'm not sure from what height the secret switch should be activated - on continuous play I was able to SSG from another secret, but on pistol starting I had to jump down and shoot it mid flight. Other secrets were easier to get but of course not as rewarding as the grand prize. I really had fun playing this map, even if it was a bit more difficult than the preceding maps. The maps coming up I don't remember quite clearly (except MAP08, for unknown reasons) but I'll try to replay them on a different computer or at least watch videos. I remember 06 and 07 quite well, having died on 07 in a bit of a one-life attempt, but 05 seems to be a tabula rasa in my head.
  12. NaZa

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines Community Project

    I was going to join in quite enthusiastically for this one, even done my writeups for the first four maps, but the power outlet my extension cable (also PC) is connected to seems to have been causing power outages in the house, so I'm out of PC for a few days. Either way, I've played the first nine maps before, so I remember what's in them enough to write on my trusty phone. MAP01: Ebb (Lord_Z) Not a bad first map. I am not a large fan of how the indoor area between the Manc and the Arachnotron outside areas was handled, but it's relatively minor. Quite generous for a first map, weapon-wise, but it offsets that well with the more-dangerous enemy roster. There aren't many difficult traps, though; most are easily telegraphed. Standout would likely be the chaingunner duet after obtaining the keycard (accompanied by a Manc and demons), and the secret shortly after. The map in visuals was quite gray indoors but more brown outdoors which was a nice contrast, helps it stick out a bit more. All in all, quite a good map and I enjoy how it's connected to the following map. MAP02: Flow (Dreadopp) I forgot to mention I played the four maps both continuously and pistol start to see how the balance is. I hadn't died on this map on either recent attempt, although I came close. First encounter is quite tricky, even with carryovers, as the trap is more surprising than the previous map's - quite deadly too, if you don't make a run for it. The bridge encounter with the dual Arachnotrons is a bit of a bitch move I thought, if one dies and the other just keeps sniping you, but it's not a problem... However, there's the final encounter. When you know about it, you camp in the switch area while the teleporting monsters make their way towards you... But if you don't know, you'll likely learn about it quite quickly and harshly. Especially as you barely have enough rockets if you don't find one secret, and barely enough health if you don't find the other. Visuals are top notch, especially the later larger area with the bridge. Both secrets aren't too easy to get to but you can find them on your first try. The interconnection with MAP01, when you know about it, makes both maps feel like a cohesive whole. All in all, another decent map I enjoyed playing.
  13. NaZa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    Good idea. I decided to look at some other areas and I found out if you feel adventurous enough at the very start of MAP05 and go behind the train, there's seemingly no way up - so that's another softlock opportunity.
  14. Hell yeah! I'm so glad to see these return and I'm not sure how I missed this thread originally. I'd only be able to participate if there was a second session though.