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  1. I've also noticed the maps are extreme this time
  2. forgot to mention on October 17th that I've uploaded this and i miiiiiiiight have included the wrong version of walter's map Confirmed - yes I have, my bad. Will send the updated files back till the end of November
  3. Excellent catch! will update OP and file Eagles 08 - MEMESIS v2 Question: Could you please start the stream more around 7 PM than 6 PM? That way I'll be able to tune in right away, otherwise I'd be a bit late.
  4. bad version -_- new version Eagles 08 - Memesis, V2
  5. I will fix that for ya, don't worry. Your map was better than the ones you made for Eagle 7 or Pigeon II, in that it wasn't as cheesable and short as E7, and it was easily maxable unlike P2. Ammo was a problem sometimes but creative thinking can save you. A nice improvement in the gameplay zone, but the level design is still very basic.
  6. Works pretty alright in ZDoom but in GLBoom it's black + that bronze window texture, or when I merged the two TEXTUREx lumps into one, AASHITTY. I'll look into it and try to fix it. I've played through all the maps so order is established - tomorrow it's just teh compiling. Expect a release in 24 h from now.
  7. As I was downloading maps, I felt inspired to do a quick run through Eagle's history of mappers, and I found out that 6 mappers made 5 or more maps for these 8 sessions! That's a result in itself. These are: Forli (who made 7 maps), Pinchy, Walter confetti, bzzrak, Surreily and bonnie, the latter two also taking place in the first ever Eagle session, however not taking place ever after the 6th one.
  8. Thank you all for the maps! Tomorrow I'll take a day off, relax and eat those cakes in your maps :) I'll publish the compilation till Wednesday.
  9. First 5 hour map, that's an achievement. I'll include it, but please be a bit faster next time. Title, themes, midi?
  10. THEMES - Birthday cake in a secret (I'll be thankful c:) - No keys - No more than 10 tags used BONUS - a la Downtown (city like) I'm sorry. As I was writing themes my phone died so I had to charge it a bit so it can reboot. Sorry.
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT Instead of 6 AM GMT, the second session will be held an hour later, 7 AM GMT. Basically 9 hours from now.
  12. Yes, exactly five minutes. Because I'm about to leave, I'll give the themes now. I hope they're a bit better than last time, heh. THEMES - Birthday cake in a secret (I'll be thankful c:) - No keys - No more than 10 tags used
  13. Damn problems struck and I don't know where to put them. Basically I made some CREDITS# textures and put them in the map as midtexes in a secret area. In ZDoom they work fine and show up nicely. In prboom+ they don't show up at all, same goes for Crispy and Chocolate Doom. I was wondering what's wrong with the textures? They're all Doom format and 128x128. I don't want to give people a WAD that has missing features in certain ports :)
    I thought this was an a'ight speedmapping set. It was a pretty successful session. Lots of excellent maps. I liked A2Rob's map the most since Duke3D + myself = most enjoyment ever, although every map was good in its own way. There were no bad maps. I think that 5 is too much anyway so 4 stars will do.