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  1. I'm new to doom modding and am trying to create a unit which fulfills 3 roles that I need help with: 1) Eligible targets must be a certain height Z above the unit in order to be targeted or even considered. I don't want this firing on ground targets. 2) Missile trajectory must be curved in the beginning , then switch to homing. (nohomo) . . (homo) . . . . . . (x) . ____(You must be this high in order to be killed)________________________________________________ . . (Poom Poom) Yes, it's an AA platform. I assume (2) would be done by adding a certain pitch to the projectile with a fast change in angles for a certain time 3) Making sure once a missile is fired, the target is considered dead. I'm aware of the existance of ClearTarget but I'd like certainty, forcing the unit to choose another target. This is my first post and I'd appreciate detailed answers and code contributions. With your help, I can get my project done and will feature all those who help.