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  1. I played the first two maps. Map01 is very similar to the version released by Tim Heydelaar - I didn't notice any differences at the very least, but it's a pretty solid map so adjustments weren't really necessary. There was a lot more ammo around than I remember but that just may be my memory being wrong. Map02 was a different story - as I recall, Tim's version was incomplete and didn't have any clear direction or goal. I had considered finishing it myself at the time but concluded there wasn't enough level to make it worth trying, so I'm very impressed that you managed to bring it all together! However, there's an extreme lack of health and ammo. Map01 literally drowns you in it, so it was really odd that it was so scarce here. Shotgunning an entire army of Hell Knights and Barons just isn't interesting gameplay, and the lack of health pick ups made it even more frustrating. So definitely a solid start! Again, I'm very impressed by what you accomplished with Map02, just feels like it needs some more balancing to me.
  2. Faceman2000

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Sometimes I forget how much Mt Pain’s taste in maps differs from mine, and then he says something like “reminiscent of NEIS’ middle section” as a reason a map is bad. I love E2 and E3 of NEIS! His explanation for why he didn’t like a level actually made me want to try it out even more haha. After all, disagreeing is part of the fun.
  3. Faceman2000

    What do you expect for the next Doom game?

    I strongly disagree. It's not the presence of a story that I take issue with; it's the random grab-bag of plot points and "lore" that is seemingly made up on the spot and then immediately dropped/retconned/ignored/forgotten five minutes later. I actually enjoyed 2016's plot, but Eternal's started getting silly and then the Ancient Gods seemed like a parody of itself.
  4. Faceman2000

    What do you expect for the next Doom game?

    I just want someone else to be in charge of the story next time.
  5. Faceman2000

    Marathon's legacy for sale, cheap

    Get it? The trailer is just someone running cuz the game is called Marathon. Get it? GET IT?
  6. Mek’s Box o’ Skies is easily the most popular source for custom skies: In there you’ll find skies of every sort you can imagine.
  7. Seeing as they’re currently installed on thousands of computers across the world, I don’t know it’s that big a concern. What makes a database tricky is that each of them has been converted into an IWAD, with all of the resources necessary to run the game on its own, so distribution is prohibited.
  8. Faceman2000

    Opinion on this monster?

    Do you mean the Catharsi? https://www.realm667.com/en/repository-18489/beastiary-mainmenu-136-69621/doom-style-mainmenu-105-73113/440-catharsi
  9. Faceman2000

    Adrian Carmack texture sketches

    I'd never seen these before! I'd always wondered what the source for the pipes and the BROWN textures were.
  10. Faceman2000

    Anybody still has the DOOM: PACK II and DOOM: PACK I wad?

    What is Doom Pack I & II? I've never heard of this before.
  11. Faceman2000

    Doom 3 in 2023

    I played it for the first time in 2019, and, well, I don't think it's aged well at all. Graphics were groundbreaking for it's time, but the combat felt like a worse version of Half Life 2's and the rest of the game wasn't enough to hold my interest.
  12. Faceman2000

    Sandy Petersen, a retrospective of his Doom maps

    Have you played Doom and Doom II? If so, you’ve already played them all.
  13. Faceman2000

    Neill Blomkamp working on Doom-related project?

    Was that movie rough? I've never seen it.
  14. Faceman2000

    Neill Blomkamp working on Doom-related project?

    Writer and director of District 9, Chappie, and Elysium, among other things. He was also attached to the Halo movie back in 2008 when Peter Jackson was directing, and a direct sequel to Aliens for a little.