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  1. There's 20+ map authors Plus another 4 composers Copyrighted music that needs removed A metric ton of custom textures that need sourced or replaced There are plenty of good wads out there that don't have all these complications EDIT: Actually turns out the textures were made by the team themselves. I figured that was the biggest hurdle but if all the map authors are still around this is actually a viable candidate, it seems.
  2. Nine?! My goodness, that is very exciting.
  3. *Hint hint* It’s the only one that’s blinking.
  4. I agree, we should throw out the minimum four years’ work on this in case the project lead has somehow forgotten what makes something BTSX and turn it into a community project, because those invariably produce good results.
  5. Faceman2000

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    Ummm, no it didn’t. They are very clear that E3 takes place in Hell.
  6. Faceman2000

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    He’s probably referencing the fact that the Doom II manual describes you as a Marine who fought the Demonic outbreak on Mars, not a Marine who fought the Demonic outbreak on Phobos and then Deimos and then went to Hell and then got spat back out of Hell onto Earth.
  7. Being slightly right technically about an inconsequentially minor feature of the game after more than two years most certainly means you were not “right all along.” But I’m glad you came back to make such a loud and unnecessary declaration.
  8. E3M4 The Pools of Despair from The Lost Episodes of Doom. It wasn’t maybe the worst map I’ve ever played, but man oh man did it ravage my desire to be alive.
  9. Faceman2000

    Have the past few years been the best ever for WADS?

    ^ Missed a couple key points here, methinks. > 2018 Eviternity is released and got a lot of press from various game journalists about being “the best Doom’s ever been” > 2019 John Romero releases SIGIL which generates widespread interest, and id finally rereleases Doom in an updated format > Around this same time, YouTubers such as Civvie and GGGMan start releasing videos talking about boomer shooters and praising Doom especially > And then of course Doom Eternal launched right before the lockdown, generating further interest at a time when a lot of people had a lot of time to kill > The Unity addons has potentially generated a fair bit of interest in user-made content among audiences who weren’t previously exposed to it
  10. I feel like a classic version of the Hell Razer would fit this role super well, with its wind-up hitscan attack.
  11. Map 12 is On Lockdown by Jimmy from the Rebirth MIDI pack. I haven’t looked into the other two. Maybe check the metadata? That’s how I placed On Lockdown.
  12. Faceman2000

    A Response To Arturo's Statements

    If you are turning to magazines and Internet forums in search of truth, well then, you get what you pay for.
  13. Faceman2000

    Death Exit - Map02, 03, and 04 Live!

    Hey all! Map03 and Map04 are live! Please see the edited post above for the new link!
  14. Faceman2000

    Floor Lower to Lowest (Changes Txt) Issue

    @TimeOfDeath666, I’ve spent the rest of the day tinkering with the map and that was indeed what was causing the problem! Thank you so much!
  15. Faceman2000

    DISDAIN - a brand new Quake-inspired FPS

    I wondered if that were the case. Very cool!