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  1. They spelled “Evilution” as “Eviltuion” on one of those box covers. XD Fitting proofreading for a game that gave us a level without the required key.
  2. Faceman2000

    What is the best Master Levels map in your opinion

    Probably ARC Complex. Oh wait...
  3. Faceman2000

    The Varginha Incident Remake?

    You realize it was released the same year as Half Life, right? It was by no means advanced for its time.
  4. Faceman2000

    What is your favorite official Doom-Midi? And your least favorite?

    Into Sandy’s City will always be my favorite. What killer tune. Honorable mentions for Shawn’s Got the Shotgun, Untitled, Into the Beast’s Belly, and, of course, At Doom’s Gate. Least favorite? Probably Waiting for Romero to Play. They’re Going to Get You is a strong contender, too, but I’ve seen it used effectively on occasion.
  5. Could the D64D2 crashes be related to the fact that there are Boom format maps in the wad or something?
  6. Eviternity is a Boom levelset, which the ports currently have no support for. So it’s closer to being a possibility but far from a reality at this point.
  7. The new ports are limit-removing, so unless there’s something I’m missing here both of those are non-issues. I’m admittedly not very familiar with the finer workings of Dehacked, but in the case of wads with the Dehacked patch included externally, couldn’t you just add it into the wad via Slade and bingo?
  8. Oh awesome, that is fantastic news. Thank you so much for all you’ve done! These ports just keep getting better and better!
  9. Do the PC ports support split screen as well? Or just the console versions?
  10. Indeed my good sir, Mick is Gor-Done with Doom it seems.
  11. Faceman2000

    How much harder is doom eternal compared to doom 2016?

    I found Eternal’s HMP on my first play-through to be harder than 2016’s UV (also on my first play-through). The first couple levels really kick your butt while they try to teach you all the mechanics, but after a couple levels it really clicks and from there on out the game is still challenging but far less frustrating (except that stupid Slayer Gate on Mars Base. . .) If you liked 2016, you should play Eternal. Don’t be afraid to bump the difficulty down though for your first play-through.
  12. Faceman2000

    If Doom II monsters had people names what would they be?

    My brother and I refer to Revenants as Henry. I have no justification for this behavior.
  13. Faceman2000

    Doom Eternal Cut Content

    I dunno if you’ve noticed, but reality is extremely unbalanced and would make a terrible video game.
  14. Faceman2000

    Doom vs Half Life: Alyx

  15. Thanks Revenant100 for these breakdowns. I always enjoy reading them and seeing the subtle differences between each release.