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  1. Faceman2000

    Did anyone ever actually use these strange joysticks?

    I used to use one for the space battles in Star Wars Battlefront II (2005). They were fine but I was still playing a space battle in SWBF2 so it wasn’t that much fun.
  2. Faceman2000

    Post your Doom textures!

    The only person I recall specifically asking people not to use their content from this thread was Ukiro, because those textures were going to be added to OTEX. Other than that, just about everything will be fair game.
  3. Faceman2000

    Any wall textures similar to the Icon of Sin?

    Freedoom has one, Plutonia 2 has one, and PRCP has one, just off the top of my head.
  4. Faceman2000

    Why are water levels in games so bad?

    Does Underhalls count?
  5. I’m building a megawad and 90% of the midis are yours. Does that help? I’ve been a big fan ever since I heard Ascension of Satan.
  6. Faceman2000

    Worst official level?

    You seem to have forgotten that they developed the entirety of Doom II in-between Tom’s departure and the creation of Thy Flesh Consumed. It’s fine you don’t like the levels, but it’s not because they were amateurs at this point.
  7. Remove the leaky radsuit Reduce the Caco health slightly so it can be reliably two-shotted with the SSG Not touch the Lost Souls cuz they’re perfect as-is
  8. I believe Plerb's list is correct for the music. @Wavy, I like what I'm seeing so far! As far as the bosses go, taufan's Spiderdemon made things a bit complicated. The Cyberdemon and Spiderdemon have had their thing IDs switched, meaning E3M8 ends when all Cybies are dead, and E2M8 ends when all Spiders are dead. Because taufan's map has a Spiderdemon but isn't supposed to end when it dies, the map can't be E2M8, and therefore the Spiderdemon can't be E2's boss. From there, I concluded the logical progression could be E1: Spider, E2: Cyberdemon, E3: two Cyberdemons. The dehacked patch also adds KeenDie to both of their actions, so we can use them as bosses anywhere and instead of it ending the level, it simply opens a door. @DankMetal, Carnal Forge is amazing. I was absolutely blown away by this level. I love how you took the shooting SKINSYMB gimmick and built it into the whole level organically - that was a ton of fun. The level currently crashes in Chocolate, because there is an unknown texture on Linedef 537, 538, and 539, and because you exceed the scrolling texture limit. . . by a lot. You're only allowed 64 scrolling lines but you have 154. There's also a lot of tutti-frutti errors, especially in the crate area, but I also noticed some on lines 501 and 570. @Bendy1, I really like how you reinterpreted the visuals of Deimos Lab. It looks really nice with its new hell aesthetic. However, this map still needs some love. For starters, there's unrecognized textures all over the place left over from the 0.5 alpha - use the "find unrecognized textures" tool in UDB to find them and remove them all so it doesn't crash vanilla. The main thing though is the level as it currently stands plays basically the same as its final counterpart. Progression is pretty much the same, the same keys are in the same places. . . there's some changes here and there, but overall it still feels too similar to Deimos Lab. This map was always going to be one of the tricker ones since it was so close to final when it appeared in 0.5. If you want some ideas on how to restructure it, check out my rework of E2M3 or Plerb's unfinished rework of E2M2. Let me know if you have any questions on this. Thank you all!
  9. Faceman2000

    What could the "Z" in "ZDoom" stand for?

    It stands for Z-axis cuz it’s the first true 3D Doom engine.
  10. Yep, that’s fine! The layout lends itself nicely to that. If you wanted to try and incorporate a Cyberdemon fight, we could use it as the E2 closer as well, but that’s not necessary at all.
  11. @taufan99, thank you for your reviews. I still haven’t had a chance to sit down and play through your maps Dank Metal and Bendy1, but I love the screenshots I’ve seen and am excited to try them out. @eanasir, your claim has been added to the front page. Do you have plans for which episode the map will be? It was originally intended as E1’s boss map, so it would be cool if we could make that work. I’m happy to discuss further. @Anomura, I’ve also added your claim to the first page. I would ask that you don’t make this the Phobos boss level, but otherwise I’m fine with it in Phobos. Looking forward to what you do! Nue has messaged me personally and says they are still working on their map but have been delayed by IRL issues. @Wavy, would you be interested in the last map, unusedmap2.wad? Since it’s only based off a couple screenies, there’s more freedom there than with some other maps. Thank you all! Life is keeping me so much busier than I’m used to but I love seeing all the progress being made here.
  12. Hello all, I updated Control Center to be more in line with the difficulty of Dr PySpy's submission - now the first Barons will be in the secret map, which I feel is fitting. I also added barrels and difficulty levels. Spirit Drains has also been updated, with an expanded section and difficulty settings. Spirit Drains Control Center @Bendy1, have at it - thanks for getting started. E2 doesn't have a secret exit yet, but hold off on adding one for now. I take it that you're adapting the map to fit in the Inferno episode then? @DankMetal, those screenies are delicious. I'll give this a runthrough in the next couple days and get back to you! @-BLEEDTEA, okay, thank you for letting me know!
  13. @DankMetal, the amount of detailing in your screenshots looks totally fine to me. As to which songs have been remixed, we’ve had submissions for un13, un14, un15, un20, un36, and un41. Taufan99, thanks for the updated submission!
  14. Faceman2000

    Fun, easy, little weird food

    Peanut butter, while sweet, isn’t as sweet in America as the peanut butter imitations I’ve encountered in other countries. It’s not hard to make a savory peanut sauce with it. I like to boil ramen, strain it, and then cover it with Sriracha Mayo and the seasoning packet. My daughter calls it spicy noodles and it’s been a favorite of hers since she was like nine months old.
  15. I think interesting encounters has less to do with the monsters themselves and more to do with the environment you face them in - Cannonball’s example highlights that, I think. NEIS (my all-time favorite wad) has some excellent classic Doom gameplay, but as far as specific encounters that stick out to me go, E4M4 Wartorn Precinct does an in credible job of making every single enemy feel oppressive. It doesn’t feel like there’s a safe spot anywhere on the map and each of the monsters get their place to shine in their unique combat role.