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  1. Faceman2000

    Quake Remastered

    Well, as of today I’ve finally beaten Quake. I’d bought it on Steam a couple years ago but just could not get into it back then. DosBox wasn’t any fun and I had trouble getting a source port set up to my liking. This release, however, was a godsend. The game looks and feels fantastic and I’ve had a lot of fun playing through it. Thanks a ton to the guys at Nightdive, @sponge, and everyone else involved. I’ve absolutely loved this and look forward to future addons. Next stop, Scourge of Armagon!
  2. I don’t know but I imagine you could find out pretty quickly yourself by firing it up.
  3. Faceman2000

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This was used to pretty good effect in D64D2 where they gave KeenDie to the Cybie so that you can’t finish the level without killing them.
  4. Faceman2000

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Oh cool! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Faceman2000

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I love the mood in these images! Is this for Deathless, Timeless, or yet another -less?
  6. Faceman2000

    Post your Doom textures!

    These are all nice but I especially love these two. Nice work!
  7. Faceman2000

    3 random related DOOM polls

    Gonna be honest, I think the options lean a bit too much to the extreme on the second two. Doom music should be a variety of different sounds - there’s plenty of room for both metal and ambient side by side. As far as Brutal Doom goes, “Hell yeah I like it!” is far more than I can say, but I don’t hate it by any means. It’s a fun mod that has its place but ultimately isn’t really my cup of tea.
  8. Faceman2000

    doom 1993 e2m3 weird texture

    Exactly. It’s an early version of Doom 2. l2r
  9. Faceman2000

    doom 1993 e2m3 weird texture

    It was in an early version of Downtown (Map13) back when the level was supposed to include a dock section, but that was obviously cut before release.
  10. I was talking to you haha. And you’re right, I was being harsher than was merited I suppose.
  11. Dude don’t bother with this guy, there’s no reasoning with some like that.
  12. Faceman2000

    Favourite Midi from the Plutonia Midi Pack

    Fire Hive is probably my favorite, followed by Plug Ugly, Death Mask, Trigger, and Ascension of Satan in no particular order.
  13. Faceman2000

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    Better believe it. Between using assets from other games and the unfortunate passing of Kim André Malde, this one is very unlikely to get added anytime soon. I know @Andy Johnsen and @Szymanski entertained the possibility of making a cleaned-up version for the port, but I don’t know how much if any work was ever done on it. Edit: I know I’ve voiced my support for Bourgeois Deathmatch before, but man, what an awesome set of levels. The rerelease ports are severely lacking in the Deathmatch area, and this really would be a brilliant addon to rectify that.
  14. Faceman2000

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    E3 kicks E2’s butt all over the place.
  15. Faceman2000

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    If it didn’t empty out so darn fast that level could be decently fun. There’s not nearly enough enemies.