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  1. Visplane Overflow!

    Is there any mod that *tweaks* the Cajun Bots?

    I know. Thats why i said Mods.
  2. Visplane Overflow!

    Is there any mod that *tweaks* the Cajun Bots?

    Ahh, why? *Sob*
  3. For me, Cajun Bots are crazy and stupid. They arw not even smart (ahem, i mean, not too intelligent like modern fps bots e.g CSGO) So im asking is there any mod that changes the Cajun Bots code? Thanks
  4. Well i was hanging around in Old PC Gaming and found this Well i dont know what triggered this because AFAIK Doom and its family (DII, Pluto, TNT) are abandonware, which from wiki, means any software or program that its copyright issues was discontinued. @Quasar is this really you ( I was 99.9% sure it wasnt you) or some lame-ass imposter?
  5. Visplane Overflow!

    The First Ever Version Of Brutal Doom

    Thank you!!!!
  6. Visplane Overflow!

    The First Ever Version Of Brutal Doom

    Well i have played BD since v18 and saw lots of improvments on the mod on V21apriltest. Because of that, Im curious if someone have an archive for the Initial Release of BD. anyone have it?
  7. Visplane Overflow!

    Block Rocking Bytes

    Well i have tested it and heres the results: Choc Doom works fine without any problem. GZDoom and its family (IYKWIM) struggle on MAP02. After shooting the stairs, i was able to walk to the wall like you expect it noclip. GZDoom on MAP03 somtimes (not often happens) Crash while shooting at the white walls without any message regarding it. See how blockmap alteration affects the gamplay differently on different source ports. Anyway good maps!
  8. Visplane Overflow!

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    Should replace the brass knuckle. Longer and sharper horns.
  9. Visplane Overflow!

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    But we got plasma and bfg to deal with bigger monsters, so whats the point killing archvile, spiderdemon and Cybie using the chaingun?
  10. Visplane Overflow!

    The best control method for delta touch?

    Well the gyro-aiming assist are great because you aim precisely.
  11. Visplane Overflow!

    Doom Touch Soundfont Download Error FIXED!!!!

    Phew....After 3 days of research and experiments, I already found another method to get the music in Doom Touch Working. If anything are not working, please check your procedure, directory etc. 15 time (like what i does before posting this) before complaining. Ladies And Gentlemen, here qe go! For GUS In GZDoom (eawpats) Dowload eawpats.zip from ZDoom Forums.(Sorry for no link). Extract all of the files to /sdcard/Beloko as eawpats folder. Go to /sdcard/Beloko/Doom/FULL/gzdoom Or gzdoom_dev and edit zdoom.ini as follows: Go to [Doom.Autoload] and type Path=/sdcard/Beloko/eawpats And launch the game! You should have this working! For Fluidsynth in GZDoom. This is 150 times easier than above. Download the latest Windows-32bit version of GZDoom. Extract fluidsynth.dll to /sdcard/Beloko/Doom/FULL Extract gzdoom.sf2 in soundfont folder of the zip to anywhere you like. Rename gzdoom.sf2 to WeedsGM3.sf2 and replace the original one in /sdcard/Beloko/Doom And the amazing fluidsynth will play out! FOOTNOTES. If you are using GUS, change Sound Device to your preference.
  12. Visplane Overflow!

    I am Heavy Weapons Dude

    1 sec of firing= 10,000 round /60= 167 rounds 200$=10,000 rounds So, 1 round = 0.02$ 167 rounds=3.34$ 10 Sec of firing plus catridge plus money needed to fire this, we need: 200,000$ + (0.02$ x [167 x10])= 200,033.40$ But we doesnt use it for 10 sec. Let say, the whole Ultimate Doom + Doom II + Plutonia + TNT chaingun usage are 5 hours So the real money needed are: 1minute = 200,033.40$ x 6 = 1,200,200.40$ 1 hour = 72,012,024$ 5 hour = 72,012,024$ x 5 = 360,060,120$ So it is 360,060,120$. Where do we get these money to shoot monsters in Doom Games?
  13. Visplane Overflow!

    Problem downloading Doom Touch soundfont

    (I dont know if this has already posted) Just got a Fast Internet package. Since Doom Touch Music soundfont was 33mb (fluidsynth are 55mb) I use the package to download it. Ir turns out i cant access the download process. After Downloading/Extracting window pop-up, it bombs to java error. Stated it wasnt a zip archive. Fine. My friend also had D-Touch, also the soundfont files. It says that the file you needed is in the eawpats. So my friend transfered the eawpats to my phone but still cant get it working. Still Saying 'do you want to download soundfount bla bla bla' how do i supposed to do? Your support are greatly appreaciated. EDIT: All files are copied/placed on the same loaction as my friend does. Also my Dtouch version are same as my friend one. Additional question: I found WeedsGM3.sf2 at where the eawpats folder was located. What the hell is that?
  14. Visplane Overflow!

    Rocket Launcher 2.0 - Cross platform Doom front end

    Wait does the eternity engine was developed by Quasar? The eternity engine logo and his profile are almost the same!
  15. Visplane Overflow!

    Quake mods which replicate Doom?

    Is there any mods for Quake that replicates all of the Doom Content?(I mean here that Doom levels,monsters,items,weapons on Quake Engine)