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  1. FeverDreamer

    Baby's First Doom Wad

    @Bauul @bioshockfan90 Awesome, thanks! I feel like I'll definitely have a good amount of stuff to pull from to start out
  2. FeverDreamer

    Baby's First Doom Wad

    @Kappes Buur nice, thanks a ton
  3. FeverDreamer

    Baby's First Doom Wad

    Alright, I've been playing doom almost exclusively for about two and a half years now, and I'm curious on venturing into the world of mapping. I've never made a custom wad before, and I also don't know anything about making a wad, but I already have some ideas for one, which I guess is something? Anyone here who has some experience with making custom wads have any tips for me?(ex: what program do you think is best to use, any problems a beginner like me could run into, etc.) I won't be able to do any serious work on a wad for a few weeks because I'm busy and don't have enough free time to work for more than half an hour at a time, so I figured if I started learning the basics and fiddled around for a bit each day I'd be set to start a project when I've got more free time. Any and all help is extremely appreciated
  4. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    Same lol
  5. I was playing Ultra Nightmare on Doom 2016 for the first time, and about 20 seconds into the second mission I got surrounded by imps, panicked, and shot a barrel next to me trying to get them off of me, without my brain making the connection that my dumbass would die too. I sat in shock for about 20 seconds because I couldn't believe I was actually stupid enough to shoot that barrel.
  6. FeverDreamer

    Best games?

    Doom II. I prefer final doom with the map design, but nothing beats going up against the Icon of Sin in Doom II
  7. FeverDreamer

    Which Floaty Enemy Is Cutest?

    I'm offended that this is even a question, rather than just an outright statement that cacodemons are absolutely adorable
  8. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    That still sounds awesome
  9. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    Same, I didn't know about it until the video was posted here, but I've been binging the series and I absolutely love it
  10. FeverDreamer

    Your Favorite Doom Weapon

  11. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    Same here haha
  12. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    Whoa, holy shit, I didn't know about this. Thanks, I guess that's kinda settled then haha
  13. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    Interesting, I didn't even think about the attack speed. I assumed the cybie would win because of the splash damage from the rockets and the high amount of hp it takes to kill it, but it sounds like the files would do more overall damage per second then the cyberdemon would be able to
  14. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    I definitely agree, even if the archies formed a huge mob and put a little distance between them and the cybie, I feel like it could still win, mainly based off splash damage from the misses and the sheer amount of hp the cyberdemon has
  15. FeverDreamer

    Who Would Win?

    Ah, thanks for clarifying, I didnt know that. I learned something new today lol Out of pure curiosity, if it were possible for a cyberdemon to target archviles, who do you think would win?