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  1. PSchmitz

    Team TNT, Keeping It Going

    Hey Guys! Wow! Great to see the project still rolling. And Ty's back in too? Ya know...I was reading the thread on DETH's possible come back. I pretty much left DOOM editing after DETH's death when I switched to XP. D.E.T.H. Doom Editor for Total Headcases. Kristus came very close to explaining the attraction of this program. It's DESIGNED BY and USED BY THCs. I'd love to see a version that runs in XP. Heck, if DETH makes a come-back, maybe I can too!! ;)
  2. PSchmitz

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    You have the code to the storage room (not bay) but maybe forgot where the storage room is? It's location was given in the console message you received. You are currently in Language Labs and Classrooms and need to get back to the previous level (Federated Systems is the name of the map IIRC). Fix the telporter and you can make the return trip to the previous map and find the storage room. BTW, there are two storage rooms in this map and they will each provide a microgen. Nice bump BTW. ;)
  3. PSchmitz

    Need some help on Daedalus!

    All you have to do is approach the doors and they should open. What station did you stop at? ??? I don't remember that many in hub 3. What version of ZDOOM are you using?
  4. PSchmitz

    Need some help on Daedalus!

    I'm doing this from memory ,so I hope it's right: Check out the structures to the north; you are looking for a set of stairs (They may be hard to see - I miss them all the time. Automap makes them more apparent) that will lead you up through some tunnels and such. Continue trecking along this route. Eventually you will make your way up to the main waterfall area and another cave opening. As the saying goes - watch that first step - it's a doozy!
  5. PSchmitz

    The /newstuff Chronicles #180

    >>Kaiser suggests that this will be one of his last Doom maps, Well, not to put words in Kaiser's mouth, but he has joined Eternal DOOM 4 and will contribute at least four maps. So y'all have something to look forward to!
  6. PSchmitz

    How long?

    Played DOOM shareware the day it came out. In fact, I bought my first 286 to play it (DX2-66 MHz). Started mapping in late '93 and relased my first WAD for DOOM in mid-94 (ARTIFACT on Compuserve Action forums).
  7. PSchmitz

    Big Problem

    OK, I'll ask - so did you say yes?
  8. PSchmitz

    It's Dyn-O-Mite!

    Nope, this is "Eternal DOOM" only on steroids (thanks to ZDOOM). As ReX mentioned, you are going to get all kinds of styles - from puzzle-palaces to HR slugfests. Most maps will be single maps designed to start with pistol-only. There will most likley be two hubs - completely unrelated. Even though the maps will be "Eternal-style" and not "Daedalus 2", your prediction will most likely turn out to be true anyway - you won't get much sleep. ;) The good news is that you have at least a year to finish DaD. :D
  9. PSchmitz

    Big Problem

    Not much to work on, but does DS aoutmatically rebuild nodes when you save? I ask this because the same thing happened to me (using a different editor though). The problem was a lone vertex that did not pop up in the error check. When I rebuilt the nodes, the map turned into "spaghetti".
  10. PSchmitz

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    In hubs one and two, every time you use the travel tubes, you gain a couple points of health. But spawning some health as well as monsters is a good idea.
  11. PSchmitz

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    They will also wake up when you shoot them with hitscan weapons IIRC. They are exactly what they appear to be - dormant guards. On reflection, it may have been better to color them gray in order to provide the illusion that they are animating statues (when awaken).
  12. PSchmitz

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    A good tactic and one I started using every time I play this map. But once you escape the immediate area, you could have looked out the windows and started a massive monster-fratricide. You can literally generate hundreds of monsters doing this (thanks to the PEs). Usually, all the big guys get killed off and it's only a matter of mopping up the remaining PEs and Lost Souls.
  13. PSchmitz

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    I agree on this one. Originally you found a teleport to enter the ship, but that changed later in development. In hindsight, a single spot light on the ship's entrance would have been a good visual clue.
  14. PSchmitz

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Yes, it's trial by error, but you do receive messages if the order is not correct - although they are not explicit. In your example, if you do step #2 before #1, you receive a message that fuel is not available. Well, to tell the truth - I haven't played the Finale using the new weapon yet - I'm still working my way though Hub 4 ATM. But you may want to replay it with godmode on, and check out the weapon's effects. I keep stealth creatures to the weaker monsters - although I'll through in a chaingunner every now and then. Stealth Revs are the personification of evil. :) Thanks for the bug reports too.