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  1. But when are we getting a sequel to Frozen?
  2. BeachThunder

    My first DooM map

    Looking good for a first shot. Although, I can't download it, you need to set your link to be shareable. Anyway, from what I can see in the screenshots, a couple of things stand out to me: your level looks very bright and could use some light/dark contrasts. Also, some variety in ceiling heights would go a long way in making your level look more dynamic.
  3. BeachThunder

    What are you playing now?

    Shitty Oblige maps
  4. Why stop there? I wanna show my appreciation of someone's post with a 5 Skulls Shish Kebob.
  5. BeachThunder

    How many maps have you created and released?

    Literally just 2 so far. Hopefully more later... 2018 - Cacodad's Revenge (Giant Bomb logo level) 2019 - C3M5 for Freedoom (not officially added yet)
  6. BeachThunder

    Freedoom Phase 1 E3M5

    I very much enjoyed playing through the Freedoom levels. The quality is a bit uneven - especially in terms of the sprites. But as a whole, it's pretty good especially E3M5. I did play around the with lighting in that area, but I settled on basically pitch black. I think it's fine when it's just a small area. Brightening it up just doesn't quite have the same atmosphere [also, there's a secret with some goggles somewhere in the map]. Having said that, I'll look into updating the level a bit more if/when the pull request is accepted. So, I might play around with some flickering lights and brightness levels or whatever at some point down the line. Freedoom isn't dead, it's just pining for the fjords! Hopefully, if I get around to it, I'll try to make more contributions.
  7. BeachThunder

    I want to see your classic fps collections

    Sonic Jam is my favourite classic FPS.
  8. Are total conversions okay? Because Harmony is great.
  9. BeachThunder

    Freedoom Phase 1 E3M5

    New update! A lot of changes since the last time: *Added more height to the final outdoor area. *Changed a lot of textures around. *A bunch of rebalancing - enemy positioning,more ammo and health in places that needed it, changes to difficulty settings, etc... *The ambush room has been changed to better prevent players from running off. *Made lighting a bit more dynamic. *Neatened up some linedefs (especially reducing unnecessary details on the skull pile towards the end). *Visplane and drawseg corrections. *Better tells for secret areas. *Added a crushing tentacle trap thingy. *And a whole bunch of other miscellaneous changes... I feel like this is probably ready to be incorporated into Freedoom now. Whatever the case, this is certainly better than the empty room with a switch that currently occupies E3M5. Edit: ...and made a pull request!
  10. BeachThunder

    Freedoom Phase 1 E3M5

    A bit of an update. I mainly worked on the aesthetics of the level - I've made it so it's more Hellish Horizonish now. I added a rotating fleshy thing, more lava, more red textures. Also, a bunch of little tweaks and fixes - sound propagation, enemy rearrangement, texture alignment, etc... Crispy screenshot:
  11. BeachThunder

    Freedoom Phase 1 E3M5

    Okay, it now works in Crispy Doom and Chocolate Doom! It seems like the issue was that I had some enemies that were intersecting linedefs.
  12. BeachThunder

    Freedoom Phase 1 E3M5

    Hey, I recently started playing Freedoom and I was a little disappointed by the current E3M5 level... So, I thought I would try my hand at making the level. I've spent the last couple of days putting it together and I think I'm pretty much done. But I'd really love to get some feedback. This is my second time making a proper level, so there's probably a whole bunch of issues that I'm not aware of. I've tested the level via GZDoom and Crispy Doom. Everything seems to go smoothly via GZDoom, but Crispy Doom has an issue where the walls don't lower after collecting the yellow key. I wouldn't have the slightest clue how to fix it though. Anyway, here's the current version of the level. Some screenshots:: Previous versions: