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  1. I installed Doom today on my new PC just to watch this demo. Awesome stuff, ZeroMaster!
  2. When I think about the beauty of Doom speedrunning the first thing coming into my mind is ALWAYS Sedlo's lv24-036 (the no-trick demo in So this must be my favourite demo of all time :) But when I think about speedruns in general (sorry for getting off-topic) ... nothing comes close to Thomas Stubgaard's Quake demos. Pure art and pure delight. Too bad that Quake speedrunning almost died (at least two QDQ projects were finished recently). And my favourite non-FPS speedruns are probably Liderharen's Warcraft 3 runs on SDA.
  3. Very nice demo! Congrats. :) Map26 needs a better maxrun as well. I'd also love to see -fast demos on Map26 and 29. I'm pretty sure these are possible.
  4. What still gives me nightmares is the suicide exit of Scythe 2 Map25. I think I died there 3 or 4 times before I got my 1st exit. Oh, that rocket shot was nerv-racking every time... What's also 'fun': to teleport near -fast Cyberdemons while they are aiming at you (which means almost certain death). This happened quite a lot in HR2 Map14. And in HR2 Map27 as well, IIRC. I'd love to see my -fast record on that map improved btw. I tried it a lot but never managed to get another exit. 15 minutes would be nice for a start.
  5. I usually play Minesweeper while watching the GSL. :) And about the topic, when I played Doom, three things were important: drinking water, enough chocolate and good music (for example Rush, Death, Sting, Kate Bush, Fates Warning). Never ingame music, it ruins my nerves, when I have to listen to the same tune again and again and again, which of course happens if you have to start the same level hundreds of times during a speedrunning session.
  6. No, please continue. That's great stuff! I'm checking these forums every morning in hope that there's another -fast C-N demo from Revved :)
  7. Thank you. That was just beautiful ... again :) This belongs easily to my five favorite demo projects of all time, and is a wonderful and prime example how TAS should be. I don't watch many demos these days, but a few weeks ago I was going to ask, if it would be continued. Now I am happy that I didn't. Thanks!
  8. Awesome! Should be a news on the main page.
  9. Ok, it's not 'new'. (I meant to add a question mark, but it was too late.) And we already have death exits, which is also a type of death abuse. Thanks for mentioning System Shock, I didn't know about the speedrun of the first game, that has been published this year. I'm now off to watch it. :)
  10. I did Scythe Map26 UV Speed in 0:10. I died once. From the txt-file: "Here is a new category for Doom: speedrunning with death abuse. (Very common in other games, check SDA.) If you continue after death the map will not be reset. This can be very useful for speedruns if the exit is near the start, as you can see in this demo. But there are of course other possibilities like pa02 for example. ;)"
  11. Fail Max in 8:12 on Map22. One monster refuses to teleport in the end. It wasn't the first time this happened. :( Anyway, I want it under 8 mins. EDIT: The last cybie just killed me at 7:20, so I guess a good time would be around 7 minutes.
  12. Map26 bug: after 3 hours I got my 1st exit... or not. I ran over the exit line without triggering it and got stuck. Luckily I wasn't recording. Checked it then with -nomonsters: chance is about 50%. Please fix this.
  13. Here is my Top 6: 1. Scythe 2. Kama Sutra 3. Alien Vendetta 4. TVR! (Revolution) 5. Scythe 2 6. Hell Revealed 2 Concerning playing time HR2 would be in my Top 3, but it contains 4 or 5 weak maps. It's the most underrated WAD though. And much better than the original (heresy ... I know). KS would be on 1st place without Map30 ;)
  14. I did 4 demos on Map06: UV Max in 0:58 UV -fast in 1:05 UV Max -solo-net in 1:05 UV -fast -solo-net in 1:08
  15. YAY!!! Scythe X! Some great maps in there :) I did Map01 UV -fast in 0:48. Crappy tablefiller. Also did a pacifist session, but the first linedef trigger fails too often - it's very painful to bump into the closed door again and again and again :(