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  1. Simomarchi

    How to fix missing front sidedefs

    You have a problem with lines from 943 to 946. I can't see the map but I suspect that in the process of building it you have messed up with the sectors (or you have accidentally flipped a one-side linedef, or also accidentally removed a sector). However, having that you can specify the sector of a linedef simply typing a number inside the linedef edit window, I think that you have simply changed it here in a wrong way. The general idea in this cases is just to search and look for the mentioned lines and check if everything is ok. Be sure that the one-side linedefs have the front side selected has their "only side" and that the sector is correctly set for them. If the problem persists, you can always try to delete and build again the incriminated lines (after a proper backup of course).
  2. Simomarchi

    Doom Builder movement is choppy

    Well, you are clearly lagging. This is a problem that occurs because your PC can't handle the program properly. Check if you have other things opened with the editor at the same time and close them. The most probable thing, however, is that your map has became too large to be loaded smoothly in the visual mode (maybe you are in a densely populated zone, or in an heavy detailed area). Check if the editor has the same problem even without anything else opened and with a new simple map.
  3. Simomarchi

    What are your preferred setups for running the game?

    I've set ZDoom as the default program to start a .wad file. So I simply double click on it. If for some reason I have to use another port I drag and drop the wad.
  4. Simomarchi

    Trying to spawn monsters with map spots

    Well, the parameter of the action are not correct at all. The function works in this way: Thing_spawnfacing followed by 4 data: The first one is the TID of the MapSpot. So in your case you are spawning your monster in four different spots, tagged with 1, 2, 3 and 4. If you don't have these 4 mapspots on your map (or if they are not tagged correctly) your script will not work. However, if you want to spawn the same monster in more than one spot you can simply write the function only one time. It will spawn a monster in every spot that as the given TID. The second one is the name of the thing that you want to spawn. You have to write the name of the thing, not the number (that one is used for linedef's actions, not ACS' ones). The third one has to be TRUE or FALSE. If it is TRUE, a Teleportfog will be spawned with the enemy, if FALSE not. The fourth is the TID that you want to assign to the spawned enemy, just in case you want to use it later for another script. So, for example, I you want to spawn a demon with TID 23 in the MapSpot number 1, you will have to write Thing_SpawnFacing (1, T_DEMON, TRUE, 23); If you have more than one MapSpot with that tag, a demon will appear on the top of everyone. Here you have the list of actor names: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Doom_spawn_numbers
  5. Simomarchi

    Blue Heaven Station

    I've completed your map on UV in 5.20 minutes, with 98% kills, 86% items and 14% secrets. Starting with the visuals: The starting area looks surprisingly good in his simplicity. The "underwater" effect of the music and all the blue gave me a feel of peace. The same thing is true for the rocket launcher area. However, the building was a bit underdetailed (mainly box-like rooms without decorations, specially on the walls). There are a lot of repeatable doors, that slow down the gameplay and after the 10th time that you have to open them are also boring (considering that there is a door at the start and at the exit of nearly all rooms and corridors). The theme was, as I just said, interesting. It was a really calm map so I appreciate it. Thing placement: Nothing to say here. Maybe there were a little bit too much ammo and health (the megasphere is way too strong for this map). On the other hand, the rocket launcher was pretty useless considering that I found only the 5-10 rockets in his room, so consider the idea to remove it or to replace the plasma gun, for example, with a few more rockets. I liked the 2 ambushes, with the chaingun one be quite overwhelming at a first look (but completely manageable considering the 100/100 status I was when I came here). The ambush in the rocket launcher room was also fun. You managed to create tension in the player using a tight place to move. Again, the RL usage is strange. Why have I to use the RL that can potentially hurt me, if I have a SSG? General design: Really, the teleport in the RL room was a little bit too much hidden. I initially thought it was a secret area. However, I liked the way that you have used to tell the player that the bars were lowered, maybe a simil approach with the other switch will help your map progression. I found the map to be a little bit confusing about what to do and where to go (the path to the chaingun is a dead end if I remember well). In general, this is a nice first attempt. Well done.
  6. No idea about that. If we have to use the same idea yes, it is the same problem. Maybe textures are considered a less important feature, I don't know. Or maybe there is no problem at all and I'm wrong.
  7. Simomarchi

    Difference between Barons of Hell and Hell Knights

    They have half the health of their "bigger brother", nothing more, nothing less. They are quite an improvement from the previous enemy, mostly because they don't slow down the gameplay with 1000 hp (as the baron do), but at the same time they can also be used as common enemies replacing the imps in harder wads. They are a perfect link between the Doom monsters and the new Doom2 mid-tier enemies.
  8. Actually you can't. If you extract a texture from a Final Doom IWAD and place it in a custom PWAD that uses Doom2, you are potentially giving the player a feature (a really small one of course) from a game that he has not paid for.
  9. Simomarchi

    How old is everyone here?

    21. 22 on September
  10. Simomarchi

    Which editor use to change weapon's properties?

    They are not editors. They are code languages that you can find inside the editor, and are used to modify enemies and weapon properties. I've downloaded the file, and it is a DeHacked patch. I really don't know almost anything about DeHacked but I've noticed that every hitscan weapon doesn't do double damage, but simply fires two bullets at the same time, so of course the modder has found a workaround to the fact that he wasn't able to double the damage of the bullets. Regarding the frame issue with the SSG, I suspect that it is caused by the same workaround, in the sense that the frames of the animation where modified to make the weapon shot 4 bullets at the same time, but something went wrong in the process. I can't say anything more than this sorry.
  11. Simomarchi

    Which editor use to change weapon's properties?

    I don't know the mod, but the way to go is surely to use a lump editor such as SLADE3. Probably you will have to modify some code (DECORATE, Zscript or DeHacked) so be sure to look at the proper pages in the ZDoom wiki.
  12. Simomarchi

    I want to make a doom wad, I have a question

    Also, I suggest to download SLADE3. It is a very useful and simple lump editor and surely, sooner or later, you will need it if you plan to do anything more complex than a simple map. For example, you can change the in-game name of your map, set the music and, with some effort, add new enemies and a lot more. Also, I strongly suggest to download a legal copy of the IWAD that you want to use. You can do exactly the same things with both a legal or illegal copy of Doom, but if you "love to start making Doom wads" a good start is to give a payment to the people that created the thing that you seem to love so much.
  13. Simomarchi

    Super Shotgun At The Start

    The general idea behind most weapon placement is to avoid boring fights. If I have to fight two hell knights with a regular shotgun nothing is wrong, but if I have to go through two rooms full of revenants and mid-tier monsters the situation is different. Slowing down the gameplay (by not giving the player strong enough weapons to fight the enemies) is not a good way to create difficulty. An hell knight will always be a relatively harmless enemy, but fighting him with a SSG is quicker and more fun (and you can place more of them in order to create a fair challenge). What I'm trying to say is that there are situations where the player will probably take no damage, regardless of how much time he spends to kill the enemy, so the power of the weapon used is not so much influent, and to avoid boredom you can simply provide a sufficient strong weapon (like the SSG). On the other hand, sometimes you can force the player to fight a monster with weaker than expected weapons as a form of challenge (like an archvile and 4 demons with a chaingun). When the player beats the challenge, however, there is no reason to continue on the same line. He has shown you that he can beat an enemy with a weak weapon, now reward him with a decent one. If you plan to create a megawad that has to be completely pistol-started maybe the best idea is to start every map in a softer way and then gradually raise the difficulty as the map progresses (with later maps becoming harder in a faster way, and with stronger monsters of course). If you find yourself in a situation where you have to put a BFG, a RL and a SSG right in front of the player at the start of every map, maybe it is a better idea to simply state that your wad is not meant to be pistol-started so that your players can save at the beginning of every level.
  14. Simomarchi

    how do i make a teleporter

    In Doom in hexen format the action number is 70. The action will activate when the player will cross the front side of the lindedef, so be sure to set it correctly. You can both use a sector or a teleport destination as an arrival point. If you plan to use a sector as a destination, place a teleport destination inside it, and tag the sector. Then, place the same tag in the "teleport sector tag" section of the action. The actor will teleport in the same spot of the teleport destination in the tagged sector. If you plan to use a specific teleport destination as the arrival point (for example if you want to place more than one teleport destination in the same sector) you can actually tag the teleport destination itself and then place the same tag in the "teleport destination tag" section of the action. Also, remember to select the correct trigger for your line. If your plan is to create a classic simple teleport, you have to set the trigger to "player walks over" and you may also want to use the "repeatable action" tag.
  15. This should work well. If not, you can always use bars between the voodoo doll and the pain elemental. The voodoo doll will remain visible but unreachable.