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  1. Simomarchi

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    Hi again. I played your first map with -nomonster to see the changes. Glad to now that you have moved the exit switch and reworked your main secret, with some hints to find the one in the lava pit. The second map: I completed your map in 6.30 minutes, with 100% kills, a random amount of items (I unwillingly skipped the intermission screen) and 0% secrets. Seems that you like cramped places. The map is a really tight cave/hellish building were the main goal is immediatly shown (well...if you use the teleport...maybe you should make it more visible) to the player. Find the three keys and see what happens then. Starting with the visuals: as usual you made a good work with the texture choice, and again as usual there are minor texture misalignments on the steps and on the edge of the walls. What has really improved if compared to MAP01 is the level of detail. I appreciated the fallen ceiling that forces you to find another way, the ruined floors and the details to break the walls. In the cave with the switch for the red key there is this nuke fall, that become a strange yellow liquid that become water...I presume that the two liquids merge in the yellow zone but it is a strange thing to see. Thing placement: I don't know if the map is meant to be played from a pistol start, so I comfortably assumed that the answer is "no" and I summoned a SG. You didn't make some epic ambush like in the first map but despite that the challenge was higher (maybe because this time you used more mid-tiers enemies, expecially the couple of revenants). This time I have noted an higher then necessary quantity of shells. You used well the hell knights and the demons to apply pressure to the player. It's not all that easy to move in this map (made by tunnels and edges that blocks you) and the use of meat shields that threaten to approach you before you manage to kill them is a funny thing. This time we have an archvile as a boss (so I'm expecting a cyberdemon in the third map:) ) and it is a quite funny fight. You have only a SG, but you have also a lot of cover and this make the fight beatable. The only problem is that the archvile is a rather weak monster if used alone in a place were the player can take cover. Summoning a couple of demons in order to push the player to move out of cover could help him to be a threat. And also the demons can be revived so the healing ability of the archvile is not wasted. General layout: I liked the concept of the map, and the improvements on the architecture. There were no similar rooms I had always more then one path to choose from. The only thing that disappointed me a little bit was the red key hunt. The fact that I pushed a switch and the only thing that happened was a bunch of cacos that attacked me was quite tedious. It was only when I gave up the search of the key in the room that I actually found it in the previous one. Also I'm not totally sure of the method that I have used to find the blue key. I've simply seen it in front of me at some point. Overall another good map, but maybe you will want to experiment to a bigger and more ambitious architecture style
  2. Simomarchi

    Beginner wad

    I have completed your map in 9.04 minutes, with 76% kills, 90% items and 25% secrets. It was a nice and quite hard canyon/rocky map, with an ammo and health placement sometimes tedious. This resulted in some nice moments of tension and others were I was thinking "what was the idea here?" But, first of all, we start with the visuals: The map was quite underdetailed. There were basically no wall's decorations, and also the rooms missed some kind of touch to give them a unique feeling. But, in reality, this map reminded me of some old doom styled map, and the fights left no time to focus on the ambient. So an underdetail that doesn't ruin the game experience. There are some minor texture misalignments here and there (on the steps and on the windows mainly) and also I noticed a rough texture transition from one wall to another (in the main canyon, the one with the mancubus guarding the precious ammo. There is the brown brick wall that contrasts too much with the rocky walls of the canyon having that there is no transition between the textures, just for example) Overall a good number of textures were used, and they were used well too. They provide a really basic information to the place that I'm exploring and also help to define the various zones of the level. Monster placement: I think that I've just played a map with a beautiful monster placement. There is no safe zone, you are generally low on ammo and you constantly run to find other resources awakening other monsters. Maybe you should have placed the SSG in a more comfortable position (I found the red key before thw SSG, so I've simply used it for like 3 seconds before reaching the exit). Having to play a map like that with only the chaingun and the SG can be a little bit too much frustrating or grindy for some players (but yeah, missing the SSG made the map a lot different, I think. Maybe in a better way, I'm not sure about that). General design: some nice touches here and there. The earthquake in the cave was an unexpected event and also the visual connections between the areas were very well made. There are no similar rooms and the layout is made in such a way that, most of the time, the monster are the ones with the advantage (and they were helped by the fact that I was without weapons for a while, but ok) I founded only one secret, the (useless) bfg. I was prepared to fight an arch-vile, or even a cybie when I opened the last door under the exit signal...but a lone imp is not as much of a challenge. Overall e very well made and challenging map. You can improve your visual style but having that this is your first released work I'm quite satisfied. Thanks for sharing it
  3. Simomarchi

    Sound Through Walls?

    Other users have just said something useful. So to sum it up and add something - check if a sector that is on one side of the door is linked to a sector that is on the other side of the same door. This sector will function as a bridge for the sound between the two sides of the door, making it useless to block the sound -check if there are other ways for the sound to pass this door, like windows, secret areas, external courtyards etc, that connects both sides of your map -check if the teleport sector is linked with a sector in the wrong part of the map. This will eventually allow the monsters to hear you before the correct time -remember that you need 2 sound blocking lines to block a sound. It seems like a strange thing but if you have a large zone it can be useful to better plan your fights -consider not to make a small sound propagation sector between the map and the sector were the monsters are placed. You can simply join the monsters sector with another sector of the map (usually the one were the player will be when they will teleport). In this way, a shot in the player's sector will alert the monster due to the same "bridge" of the first point -also be sure that, for some strange reason, the monster are not able to see you (maybe across the sound propagation sector). This will alert them as well
  4. Simomarchi

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    I founded only the hidden switch in the courtyard, but I didn't searched for his effects in the first run. In the second run I returned to the red keycard room and I was quite surprised. Nice secret but the door leading to the berserk room is really the worst thing that you have designed. I think that you can simply remove it and make the wall lower when the player is on the bridge. The secret behind the radsuit is kinda hard to spot, mainly because it is a secret in a bonus zone, near a much bigger secret, so it's quite unexpected. I still have to figure out how to open the last secret
  5. Simomarchi


    I gave up to complete the map after 9.31 minutes, 72 kills, 50 items and 1 secret. There are A LOT of bugs. There is at least one switch that doesn't work (the one near the red room with the teleports and the damaging floor) and a lot of doors that I suppose the player should open without finding anything (since they are not marked at all) but that in reality I was not able to open (are them bugged?). But ok, starting with the visuals: the map is quite a simple techbase, with just a little bit of detail here and there but nothing more. Using different heights, even in the same room, can help a lot in making your map look nicer. Also there are some ceilings with a different texture but without a different height, something that is quite always wierd to look at. I haven't notices texture misalignments and that's a plus. There is an hall of mirror in the room between the nuke courtyard. The one with the three pillars in them, and also placing the sky texture on a wall is not the way to make that wall looking like the sky (you have to create a sector outside of the window, place the sky as the ceiling and then lower that ceiling to the floor, without texturing the sides). Monster placement: there are the monsters, but I have had the impression that they were here only to populate the base. They weren't a threat, they didn't attack me from more then one side and, last but absolutely not least, there weren't ambushes. Really. All the monsters were already visible on the map and that is a rare thing for a doom map General design: I opened the map i DB and I still can't figure out how to complete it. I understand what is the idea to reach the exit, but it seems that there is no way to actually enter that room. There is only one door that can be opened in order to push that switch, and in order to open it I have to push another switch that is behind the door itself... There is another parh to this switch, but the door that unlocks it is simply not a door. There is no way to open it. However, there is a good level of interconnection in your map, and a good variety of room's shapes. Most of these rooms, on the other hands, haven't any purpose. They just fill a place in your map. If i complete them then I don't gain nothing. Usually it's better to make a room only if you have in mind a specific function to assign to it (not only because it looks fun. If you want to build it, then use your immagination in order to give it a function. It will improve the quality and variety of your map a lot) I think that this is quite a dispersive and bugged map, with a lot of technical errors and a strange mobster placement Edit: I've just noticed that you have placed the sky on the side of the lines in the outdoor demon room (is there a way for them to reach you?) correctly...I don't know why in the green armor room it is bugged
  6. Simomarchi

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    Hi, and thanks for submitting your work and to have respected the map-posting rules (well, the format is not indicated but I assumed that it was Doom2 format). It was a nice little techbase map, and i can say that I enjoyed it. I have completed it in UV in 3.39 minutes, with 92% kills, 66% items and 0% secrets. Now, starting with the visuals: the map was quite a good work for a first try, with a decent amount of detail in every room. However the rooms were basically squares with some windows to the outside or to some computer panels. This windows, along with the computers on the ceiling were the only form of detail present in the map, so next time you will maybe try to put pillars, different wall decorations or something else. Also try to change the shape of the rooms. There are texture misalignments quite on every "window", but nothing that breaks the visuals. The doors were part of the wall where they were placed. Usually it is a good choice to put them in some kind of recess in the wall, to highlight the presence of the door and also to spice the geometry a little bit up. Good work in lower unpegging all the tracks however. Monster placement: Well, having that the map only consisted of humans, imps and a bunch of hell nobles there is not much to say here. The monsters have been used well, with a decent amount of ammo to fight them (maybe a little bit too much bullets) and were also placed in some nice ambushes (the double door one is my favourite, it makes me smile for a moment). So in the end not a cheap monster placement, I never felt that the monster were here "just to be here". The only monster that I felt was used really incorrectly was the baron. It is supposed to be the boss, but 1) he can't really move from his position 2) you can push the (unmarked) exit switch without fighting him maybe placing the switch behind him or giving the baron the possibility to move should improve the quality of the fight. General design: Obviously it was not a complex map but, despite that, I felt lost two times (for some seconds, and probably it's only because I haven't payed enough attention). The first one was after I pressed the blue switch. I realized only after seeing no exit from the next room that I was supposed to push another switch in the "switch room", and that the blue key was used to reveal that switch. What I'm trying to say is that generally is better to show what a switch is supposed to open before giving the player the opportunity to press it, or you can give the impression of a switch that doesn't do anything. So maybe removing the hidden switch and changing the wall that he opens in a blue door is a good choice. The second moment where I was lost was in the small courtyard, with the small steps to the cave. Really something that looks more like a secret that like the path to follow, but I don't think that it is mandatory to change them. Overall a good start
  7. Simomarchi

    Doom 2 - Double door activated by switches

    When you open a door, the ceiling of the door is raised to the height of the lowest nearest ceiling minus 4 map units. Having that your doors are connected, both have the nearest lowest ceiling at the same height, therefore they cannot raise because they are already at the height of your lowest ceiling (the one of the other door). In order to solve your problem you simply have to place your doors at a distance of 1 map unit from each other, with the 1 mu sector that has a ceiling height equal to the one of the next room
  8. Gzdoom builder surely has the small grid, but even in DB2 you can make smaller sectors if you turn off the auto align. The format doesn't influence the grid dimension as far as i know. Howerver it's always better to switch to more modern editing softwares in order to make the mapping process simpler. The most famous are GZDoom builder bugfix and Doom Builder x. But the choice is up to you of course.
  9. It's a really cool and simple idea to create an high amount of "new" textures starting only with 3 or 4 add-ons. But if you want to have even more layers (which maybe could be your case having that in some places you will want to have more than 5 graffiti on the same large wall) you can simply make a sector o.x map unit wide. The grid allows you to scale it down to 0.125 map units. Edit: this is a method that works quite well even with 3d floors, that had to have their sides all textured in the same way. You make another 0.5 mapunit-wide 3d sector near it,with a different side texture, and you have a side with a different texture
  10. Simomarchi

    what are sectors with just a middle texture called

    In reality there is no sector behind the lines. You have deleted it so it is a void place in your map, just like the one outside the walls. If you enter this place with a noclip code you will experiment halls of mirrors everywhere. What happens when you delete a sector is that (at least in the modern editing softwares) the lindefs that one time were shared between the deleted sector and the other one are now "property" only of one of them (the one that you haven't deleted). This means that they are interpreted as "one-side linedefs", or solid walls. They are shown in red on the automap (the default one at least) and blocks everything (movement, bullets and sound). Also they gain infinite height and therefore they need only a middle texture. You have just said what is needed in order to make such a thing. You create a sector of the shape that you want and then you delete it, making a "pillar" inside of another sector. Then you texture the pillar and that's all. You can make decorations, columns and even walls between previous connected rooms with this simple method. There is no specific function to create a "void sector". Just create one and delete it.
  11. Simomarchi

    My music changer doesn't work (GZDOOM) UDMF format

    Having to guess you probably have a typing error in you script name in the script section of your map. So basically your script isn't called "changemusic2". Check fort that error and also for the syntax, that has to be Script "changemusic2" (void) { } Also, is there a reason for the triple error? Is your script in a loop or have you simply crossed some trigger line 3 times? Lastly, if you can't figure out your error you can just rename your script giving it a number instead of a name and this should solve your problem. Like: Script 1 (void) { }
  12. Simomarchi

    New GZDoom breaks my level. :(

  13. Simomarchi

    New GZDoom breaks my level. :(

    Take a look at this recent thread. It discusses your problem and the problem has apparently been resolved. I hope that it works for you too
  14. Simomarchi

    Creating a survival mode wad

    In order to make a survival map you will need an endless amount of enemies, and this mean using 1) ACS 2) the monster spawner object given in the DOOM2/Final DOOM IWADs. Starting with the second solution, you simply have to make a map, place some monster spawner outside the map in some dumb sector with the monster targets also outside of the map and then make some teleports for the spawned monsters between the dumb sectors and the main map (in order to give the illusion of a teleported monster and not a spawned one). This method is a completely vanilla one but has, of course, several limitations. You can't choose what kind of monster will teleport in and also you can't make waves. The first method works only with ZDoom and derivates ports, because it uses ACS script and needs to be in UDMF format. You will need to write a code that spawns (literally create) a monster in a specific place. An example follows:
  15. Simomarchi

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In DB you can place a decoration called "dead lost soul" that will show the last frames of a lost soul's death. Nothing else. There is no way to see that the decoration is here if you are not able to see the frames in time