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  1. Ofisil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #525

    REALLY glad you've enjoyed - most - of my MegaWAD. Surprised that, as a whole, you consider so good. Also thanx for all the negative feedback - hopefully, Episode 4 and Doom II: Damnation will turn out a lot better. Some small notes: #1: I consider the raising/lowering platform maze in E2M2 to be the worst part of the Wad. I really need to alter it someday......... #2:I find it strange how you thought E2M4 was scary, and didn't mention that in E3M3 - I tried to make it as scary as possible. #3: Since I pretty much hate Slaughtermaps myself, I haven't really created any to be honest. E2M7 (one of my personal favorites) is more like a "never stop moving" map, and E3M6 is Slaughtermap...ish. #4: I ADMIT MY SIN - I'M A DEHACKED MORON!!! #5: I find it strange that texturing/alignment is the biggest complain here. While I'm pretty sure there are lots of flawed parts, I really tried hard to fix most of them (especially in episodes 2-3). Unless you count the vast amounts of deliberate miss-alignments as ugly... which is the reason why you are allergic to E3M7: Event Horizon :D
  2. Ofisil

    The Psy Gangnam Style Phenonemon

    That makes two of us
  3. Ofisil

    Winter's Fury

    Magnificent look, presentation\atmosphere and so on... in terms of gameplay it looks like a modern FPS. Good, somewhat fast paced but not too much replay value. I'm not complaining of course... this is a must have Mod
  4. Ofisil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #424

    Oopsy... sorry. Typical mistake of mine. Then again "i don't speak england very best" :)
  5. Ofisil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #424

    Point taken and appreciated. However, let me explain (if I can...) "You can explore quite a bit since this is an outdoor level, although there isn't much to explore" = The level is non-linear but there are no areas of special interest worth the try "Ammo and health is quite balanced, although I would prefer less ammo to add a bit of a survival feel to the game" = Ammo\Health is balanced but MY OWN DAMN HEAD WOULD BE HAPPIER if THIS and THAT "It's a good Wad worth playing that could be much better with a bit more carefully thought enemy placement, scarcer ammo, and overall level structure" = Good, not great
  6. Ofisil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #424

    Are you talking about the "After the Holocaust" review or in general?
  7. Ofisil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #413

    Nuuuh... no insult taken. I don't think that the Grammar Police is the worst thing that has happened too me :)
  8. Ofisil

    The Eye

    Great semi-slaughter WAD. Extremely detailed and entertainingly tough. A must have. 4/5
  9. Ofisil

    Neighborhood From Hell

    Wonderful survival-style WAD
  10. Ofisil

    the Arsenal

    don't feed the trolls 0/5
  11. Ofisil


    Boring... -Ofisil
  12. Ofisil

    Frozen Time

    good looking ice themed map. Gameplay is of the "never-rest" kind with lots of tough battles and balanced ammo. a tad boring in terms of switch hunt. Music was very bad and repetitive 4/5
  13. Ofisil


    Nice never-stay-still hellish level with lots of baddies to kill (but not boring like a slaughterwad)