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  1. Hey Ofisil.

    Since I had a lot of free time, I thought I'd save you some by adressing as much of the feedback

    on theme-gawad as I could :

    - Put the "floating items" back on the ground. May have missed a few of them, but the most

      noticable ones are done.

    - Replaced maps 13, 15 and 17 with the latest possible versions of said maps.

    - Fixed the rock formation problem in map 12 (had to replace the Icon exit with a regular exit).

    - Found a use for the monsters locked inside their closet in map 29.


    As a bonus, I made my best to have the level exits be connected to the next level's starts, since I

    remember you saying you love that.


    Here's the wad thgawd01.zip

  2. Ofisil

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    Thanx for the playthrough Vile - top stuff!
  3. --- Download THEME-GAWAD Here: thgawd01.rar --- Welcome fellow DOOMers. What you can see here is a labour of love from a variety of mappers, beginner to pro. The concept behind it? Each mapper has taken a specific theme, and then tried to make something nice looking, but also fun, within specific confines (3072*3072 Grid or Smaller, bar some exceptions, and stock textures-only). This Doom II megawad is divided between chapters of varying difficulty, with each chapter using specific monsters and enemies, with the purpose of the whole thing feeling like a gradually more challenging adventure. While this is playable from pistol-start, it is mean to be experienced continuously in UV as it has been balanced for that purpose and that purpose alone. Now, this begun at a period where I had way more free time (lock-downs and so on), so progress was super-fast initially, but life got in the way, so things slowed down a bit. Thankfully, few abandoned the project, and thus we are very happy to offer you THEME-GAWAD - a set of levels aimed at those who want something a bit more "traditional" in terms of gameplay, and with a severely less steep challenge. The project was always meant to be a simple one; a chance for mappers of all skills to have some mapping fun. Having said that, there are some genuine masterpieces here. Have fun playing, and drop a post or two if you like what you see. Cheers! SCREENS: MAPPERS (Note: some names have changed / the WAD uses the names as they were in the start of the project) @rouge_means_red @Michael Jensen @Bri @DavidN @Dwimepon @E.M. @magicsofa @RemoveUwU @T.Will @StarSpun5000 @Rymante @Nimiauredhel @forgettable pyromaniac @DFF @eLeR Creative @ViolentBeetle @Fiendish @Azuris @Skronkidonk @Titanoxus @Ofisil @Jakub Majewski @Spectre01 @xScavengerWolfx COMPOSERS: @continuum.mid @Nimiauredhel @Greenjay @Bobby "J @Ofisil @DavidN @Demonic Meatball @Dragonfly @Doomride @Skronkidonk
  4. Ofisil


    For me :D The final release will happen somewhere close to 11/01 as this week is way too busy for me.
  5. Ofisil

    What I never understood about most WADS

    Personally I don't like heavy modding. When I play WADs I do so because I want more Doom. If I want to play another game entirely... I'll play another game entirely.
  6. Ofisil


    @ViolentBeetle Thanx for noticing the second issue - the first I've known for some time, never got around fixing it. As for the ammo thingy, this map's task it to be a "palate cleanser" that will somewhat decrease the ammo acquired from previous maps. It's doable, though, as long as you use ammo cleverly.
  7. Ofisil


    Team They only map I occasionally get glitches is MAP25 I can't reproduce them, though. If you get a chance do play the map a bit so you can point out any issues - IDDQD through it :)
  8. Ofisil


    I'll keep it as it is because frankly it looks great this way. While the sky is the earth it looks super cool, whereas a simple texture will make this place look bad.
  9. Ofisil


    Uploaded a new file with some fixes (small flaws as well as small rebalancing) Team, whenever you want to test your stuff do it with the posted file, not the originals you have in your system. Notify me of any issues and I'll try fixing them. Thanx.
  10. Ofisil


    Of course. I'll make a new announcement thread.
  11. Ofisil


    Thanx for being part of the whole deal! Practice (and feedback) makes perfect, so I'm glad we helped a little
  12. Ofisil


    No problemo - do I have your permission to use another midi - I don't mind keeping the one you've given me, though...
  13. Ofisil


    Ok, semi-final file uploaded. Everything besides the logo are ready. The project will reach its end at the end of 2022 Thanx to everyone for participating!
  14. Ofisil


    We are not cool kids. We are based kids. We do things retro. For now...
  15. Ofisil


    Okay people, hopefully this will be the penultimate update: 1) I've posted the complete Megawad, which includes my own MAP26 - Check it out and notify me of any issues 2) It includes the text file that will accompany the final project file - if you find any errors do point them out 3) Also notify me of any issues with other maps - please don't send any reworks of your maps. We'll work on what has been uploaded Now for the final step: I'll create the names/intermission text - if anyone can help, please take the logo from the original post, and place it on the title screen. If you feel talented enough you can send a variation of yours, but please keep the basic texture and colour scheme. @Demonic Meatball if you find the time write something more ominous/imposing for MAP26 - but we can still use 'Doom Dance' @Jakub Majewski please send over the final art for the title screen - of course you can always send a variation if another idea pops up. THANX!!!