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  1. Swedish Fish

    Alien Vendetta update

    <the_fish rises from the dead to make one post> Lee, I need to clarify a misconception that you have about AV24. I have read on the AV wikicities (as well as here on the forums) that you think AV24 has 'bugs' because there is shortcuts to the exit. In fact, I purposely designed the map this way. Looking back, the shortcuts were too obvious to the point that they became the main route. Anthony
  2. Swedish Fish


    "man, doom 3 sucks" just kidding, haven't played it yet
  3. Swedish Fish

    MM map 29 Co/op trick(s)

    I spoke too soon...sorry... Kristian, your demo does show some new concepts. My memory is shot so I had to go back and watch my own demo and then look in the editor at the map. It reminded how sub-quality that demo was ;). great map and all but I'm sure it could have been taken under 10 minutes if a better route was used.
  4. Swedish Fish

    MM map 29 Co/op trick(s)

    err, I'm suprised how this would be "new" to either Opulent or Vince. Some of these tricks are in the max demo and there is already a single player speed demo @ CN. Coop is only an extension of that..
  5. Swedish Fish

    Vile does it again

    wonder what Henning is going to have to say about this one....hahahaha. He's rolling in his doom grave. :)
  6. Swedish Fish

    Golden Cybers

    What's the logic behind that one myk? Personally, I couldn't understand for the first cybers how Cameron's pp31 could be nominated in 3 cats ... best pacifist, best technical, best demo of the year and not win the best pacifist cat. So nowadays I'm not too suprised, although Oce should have sweeped it with best movie. I thought hr02 was a sketcky nom for speed. Technically a med-hard run to do quick but that was a bit sloppy for my taste. I voted for e2m1-125 among my ten max demos but I guess others wanted to see Andy's demos in there. Good year, can't wait for next years.
  7. Swedish Fish

    Golden Cybers

    ok, so now that the cybers were over...which do you think were strange nominations? And any strange winners?
  8. Swedish Fish

    Golden Cybers

    You guys keep talking about strange nominations. Which demos do you think are strange to be in the top5? I may have voted for them...heh
  9. Swedish Fish


    Can't wait to hear from you Gaston.. :) Anyone want to elaborate on what's wrong with map03 besides the yellow key bug? We are trying to make the map less confusing. Specifics, ..? Any last nit-picks on any map (last chance, we'll consider anything except 3 cybies + wolf textures in map7 :) Fish
  10. Swedish Fish

    The Fish Goes Out In Bubbles

    I would never try and claim authorship of a map that I never authored. I worked on over 90% of that level and incorporated some architecture by Mike. Mike's architecture was not a base from which I built my level off of. Now, I saw Msquid around here earlier. I wish he would come forward and tell everyone his contributions to that map. As Gaston said, were are discussing it privately now. Whatever resources must be consolidated to make this legal will be. I'd like to get these maps back up and out. Anthony
  11. Swedish Fish

    The Fish Goes Out In Bubbles

    Hi Everyone. I wanted to go out with a bang, but this is not what I meant. I started to write a long letter explaning the resources and then changed my mind. Simply put: 1) No one was aware of the exact contents /permissions of the resources except me. It was my responsibility. 2) Map06 contains Mordeth textures. Most of them are textures by Ola or Adel (from the gothic dm series). 12-15 are "designed" by Gaston (mainly the krat texture series). 3) Map06 was designed mainly by me. There is an outside area designed by Mike Mesko. He granted me permission by email years ago to use it. 4) I did not contact Gaston because I knew his reaction would not be favorable towards releasing the map. 5) I did not wish to exploit the Mordeth resources. I used the minimum resources I could without losing the feel of the map or having to completely re-texture it. Had I really wished to exploit the Mordeth project I would have uploaded the 17 meg resource wad and engine. 6) The map I felt was mine to release. Considering I designed the map I feel I have the right to choose when/where it is released. I offered Gaston this map years ago. I felt that I should be around to see my map released. Do I just give a map to a designer blindly hoping one day he'll manage to get it together? It's a statue of limitations. I'd like to be able to reclaim the map if a project leader cannot use it in a reasonable amount of time. 7) I wanted to release this wad set. I didn't want it to be another unreleased project in never-land. I wanted doomers to *play* the maps. Knowing that I was running off my last bit of DOOM inspiration I took liberties with this map to get this project out. 8) To the doomers out there, I'm sorry. Fish
  12. Swedish Fish

    Return of a Classic

    Jan, glad to see you released the level although this complicates the release of my "project". I thought you granted me the level, although it's your property so I am not upset. Anthony Soto neworderdatabase (at) hotmail
  13. Swedish Fish

    Free at Last

    Thanks al-jhazera cyb news service =)
  14. Swedish Fish

    Request for Repose

    Could that be because he enjoyed one of your levels -> praising as one of the best he's played ? (of course he trashed the ones you did before and after it).. :)
  15. Swedish Fish

    Request for Repose

    oh btw, I just started reading and you know his opinion must be a little whacky if he thinks map08 is the best level ever :p