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  1. Darman Macray

    Star Wars: Dark Forces Music

    I've been playing a lot of Xim's Star Wars Mod. Seeing Kyle Katarn back in action, laying a righteous smack down on the nefarious plots of the Empire, got me inspired to write some music. I want to give Kyle the proper Star Wars treatment of having riveting melodies and motifs for his own bailiwick. I'll post more here depending on what you think. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Darman Macray

    Heretic Music Project!

    And thus: the second half of Episode 2. The first song here started as an attempt at going for a Dark Forces song in the style of Bajakian, but I thought I should put it in with this lot as I didn't have enough patience to finish giving it that "Star Wars" sound. Otherwise, I hope you the viewer enjoy Episode 2, and as always I super appreciate any constructive feedback you can give me. Here's hoping 2 topped 1 and 3 will top 2!
  3. Darman Macray

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Xim's Star Wars Mod (By Xim) for the gameplay mod category. It's such a wonderful labor of love that gives Kyle Katarn a chance to meet Doom on the battlefield with his unique bag of tricks. The sprites, new and old (with perhaps one or two exceptions) are amazing, and combined with stellar audio and a kickass soundtrack addon make this mod the definitive form of righteous mass Star Wars slaughter in the Doom engine. #ximftw
  4. I just picked up Strife from a GOG sale going on and wanted to find a nice extensive weapon mod for it. I'm looking for a Doom mod with Strife support rather than something created specifically for Strife. My fallback "maybe" right now is Heretical Doom, but I just used that for Hexen (which was amazing) so I kind of want to look for something different but in a similar vein. Perhaps something a bit more gunnie and bullettie than Heretic? Any suggestions?
  5. Darman Macray

    Heretic Music Project!

    Here we go! The First half of Episode 2:
  6. Darman Macray

    The WAD That Just Won't Die

    Aw. That makes sense. Thanks!
  7. Darman Macray

    The WAD That Just Won't Die

    So I just beat Hexen: Dark Kings of the Citadel (and damn was it good) and wanted to take it out of GZDoom just so it wouldn't take up space on the IWAD launch list. Funny thing though, I accidentally deleted it and IT'S STILL THERE. It doesn't appear in the GZDoom folder, but it and the HEXEN.wad are both launchable once I start up the application. I can launch both, start a new game and load up my old saves like it's nothing. I also discovered the same to be true for my Heretic.wad. So my question is: What? Why? How? Should I be thankful? Is this a normal thing? My Doom, TNT, Plutonia, Chex Quest and Doom 2 wads behave normally and will not appear on the list if I remove them from the GZDoom folder--so what gives? (Also, I wasn't sure where I should put this topic-wise, which is why it's here).
  8. Darman Macray

    Heretic Music Project!

    I guess I'll go ahead and call this sixth track the end of "Episode 1" of this little project here. The retroactively intended Tracklist for Episode 1: The Path Upstream Quartz Flask The Cavernous Depths Hunt for the Switch The Cliffside The Highest Peak Thanks for checking this out. I'd really appreciate feedback of what worked and didn't work from this first episode. What I have heard so far is a request for a more of the traditional Schilder sound. This first batch was highly experimental, so with what I've learned so far I'll endeavor to amp up my gothic grooves, classical movements and mad bass solos for future installments. Until then, I'm all ears and hope you guys have enjoyed the Heretic Music Project thus far! I should probably come up with a catchy album name...
  9. Darman Macray

    Abyss (Little Doom Type Album)

    Nice work Mikey! I'd probably say that Abyss and Bitter tears are my favorites. I like the more low-key groove you have. It feels very doom-ie while also feeling very unique. I sort of get this mental image of big expansive temples and labyrinths with many puzzles and switches. I would liked to heard more variety from Doomed, given it's 5 minute runtime, but what's there sounds very nice. All around, it's a good endeavor; I would face the armies of darkness to this.
  10. Darman Macray

    Heretic Music Project!

    Next up is another attempt at variety!
  11. Darman Macray

    Heretic Music Project!

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm kinda at this impasse where the kind of notes I want to use and the way the selection of instruments and how they behave on garageband are kind of at odds. I've settled on going for more of a LibADL sound while using as much of the more "real sounding" instruments as I can from what sounds okay from GB's library.
  12. Darman Macray

    Heretic Music Project!

    Here's a new one :)
  13. Darman Macray

    Heretic Music Project!

    I love Heretic and it's groovy gothic medieval rock MIDIs. I love it so much, in fact, that I'm working on a concept album of Heretic style/inspired music. Here's a couple of the tracks I have right now. There will be more on the way and I'd be very down to collaborate with anyone who'd like to message me and see about putting this in something. Anyway, Please enjoy. I would love to hear what anyone thinks.
  14. Darman Macray

    Good Extensive Gameplay Mods?

    Thanks! I'll check those out!
  15. Darman Macray

    Are there any texture replacement mods out there?

    I got you, bros! I too was looking long and hard to find something, and I finally did. Hope this helps (if anyone is still looking a year later)! https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=31134