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  1. Brxyz

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    Also since I've mentioned transparency in the previous post, are there maybe plans to add an option to set translucency options to apply only to walls/things/both similar to the Woof! source port? It could be a nice fallback option in case of transparency inconsistency when playing WADs using Dehacked or featuring sprite edits in general.
  2. The list would probably vary depending on the day, but now I'd say: Doom 2, Quake, Blood, Shadow Warrior (1997), Hexen, Super Metroid, Super Mario World (or 64, I'm not sure which one I like more), Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Donkey Kong Country 2, Hotline Miami 2
  3. Brxyz

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    I'd like to ask if there is a way to disable hardcoded translucency effects for some frames through Dehacked. I've been playing a wad called Rowdy Rudy 2, where the Pain Elemental is replaced by a new enemy, but due to the PE having a translucency effect applied to red-yellow pixels in the death animation, the new enemy suddenly becomes transparent after dying. I've seen in the thread that there is a way to turn on the effect by adding a Translucent = 1 line to the frame, but Translucent = 0 doesn't seem to do anything. Is it possible to do this at the moment?
  4. Brxyz

    Played Heretic for the first time. Impressions

    Get ready for a huge difficulty difference between the first 3 episodes and the extra two episodes. It's even a bigger jump than going from Doom 2 to Final Doom. What I like in Heretic compared to Hexen is that every inventory item feels very useful and I'd say necessary in those aforementioned hard episodes. Even the invisibility has a side effect which makes it a great item against certain enemies. Another thing I feel Heretic has done right is that there are no enemies that feel too spongy except the Minotaur, but even then it's a threatening foe that is fun to fight.
  5. Brxyz

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm learning to play Civ 3, it's certainly an interesting experience having only played 5 and 6 so far. I'll have to check out 4 too since I've seen many people say it's their favorite.
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqp0bkvvlpxl5qj/2048Guns DeHackEd Edition v7.wad?dl=0 I have finished the fixed version, the Plasma Gun firing animation is now more similar to the Decorate version and works in GZDoom, the Plasma ball smoke also should appear in GZDoom now. The Machine Gun behaves more closely to the Chaingun to avoid the issue with the ammo count going below 0.
  7. Good job to all the mappers, I've enjoyed testing, playing and making the maps for this project a lot. @DavidN Thanks for playing the wad, it was fun watching your runs. I'll admit that unavoidable floor damage in Ghost Grotto might have been a bad decision. As a fun fact, I'll say that making the walls disappear in Black Crest was actually probably the easiest of the map's tricks to make. @RonnieColeman Here it is :) BlackCrestv1.2demo.zip It's a 100% UV demo, I also show how to get the Invulnerability before the first Cyberdemon fight in the demo.
  8. I've joined your stream, albeit late, I've caught up with the entire recording though. Thank you for your playthrough and criticism! Don't worry about calling the platforming "bullshit", I agree that segment was too cruel. I didn't plan the darkness to be this distracting and honestly didn't consider it could be too dark, it's definitely a matter of monitor brightness settings, as I have mine set high. I'll make sure to raise the lighting in those sections. I knew about the final fight skip, but I decided to leave it there. It's a bit anticlimactic though so I'll consider changing it. I'm glad you have noticed the effort that went into the map too. There was a small detail you didn't notice, before you jumped into the spider web cellar section, you pressed a button which raised very thin lifts that will lift you up to the cellar if you fall down into the main path. (So you don't have to backtrack to the colorful platform section to get back into the cellar part.) I will update the map with all those issues fixed.
  9. Hello! I'd love to see a playthrough of one of my maps. It was designed to be quite challenging and there's only Ultra-Violence difficulty available, but I hope that won't deter from the experience. I made it with vanilla Doom in mind so there's no jumping, but freelook is okay. There are two maps in the wad but i'm requesting only a playthrough of the first map, The Gate. I really like the idea of this thread and the support you give to fellow mappers. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/113343-the-gate-blood-pools-2-vanilla-maps-for-doom-2/
  10. Brxyz

    Favorite TOTAL Conversion for Doom?

    I'm not sure whether it counts as a total or partial conversion, but I'd recommend Strange Aeons too. The Golden Souls games are honestly some of the best games I've played. Rise of the Wool Ball and Shadow of the Wool Ball should be mentioned too, although they are more based on Wolfenstein and ROTT gameplay.
  11. I've played the entire set and I've enjoyed it, although it has some flaws. I've got a bit of classic Doom 2 vibes from your maps. I like how you experimented with textures which looks great in some areas, although it also looks not so good in some. More feedback in spoiler.
  12. Thank you for your playthrough, I appreciate the comments and criticisms. (And apologize for all the hitscanners and Cyberdemons) I've uploaded a new version with some of your points taken into consideration. Thank you for pointing out the problem with the filename. I've put a bit more health in the spots I've noticed you couldn't find any. I like your idea about the web blocking monsters and I've implemented it. The method to get the yellow key was to approach it and then if you turn back or return to the area you can notice the wall containing the two Revenants and Chaingunners lowered. The button there which lowers the wall hiding the Arch-vile and the Chaingunners also lowers the pillar holding the yellow key. I admit it's hard to notice the wall lowering when you approach the key, so I've changed the way it works. The yellow key is used to unlock a passage in the big area with colorful pillars going up and down, there were actually two passages to exit through. I've made them a bit more noticeable and given a big hint where to go to use the yellow key. I've made the second map a bit brighter and instead of shells and a helmet, the secret contains the nightvision now. I've also put more health in the map. The way to reach the teleport to the cave was to jump there from the higher platform. I'll consider changing the maze area completely. Next time I'll consider focusing on shorter and more tame maps :)
  13. I've enjoyed the map and I really like the music choice! Although I would say the difficulty at some points is much higher than medium, but I'm not quite excellent at playing Doom either. Some moments were really nasty surprises which were hard to survive coming without prior knowledge of what you would be about to face. I'll admit I had to skip the last fight and just rushed to the exit. I'll put more specific feedback and screens of the texture errors I've found in a spoiler.
  14. IMPORTANT: The Gate replaces Map 01, Blood Pools replaces Map 32 DESCRIPTION Two vanilla-compatible maps I've been working on sporadically a year ago and I've decided to finish or improve them recently. The Gate, which replaces Map 01, is the more ambitious of the two maps, although admittedly a bit linear, it is sprinkled with various traps and challenges which I hope won't be too easy or too frustrating. You will fight outside and inside a fortress to open the fortress' giant gate and get inside, be wary though, as it is heavily guarded. Blood Pools is the shorter of the two, it replaces Map 32 so you'll have to use commands to start there. In the level you will descend a dark, gloomy mountain, entangled by gigantic tentacles. However, at the end you will face a different challenge. It may seem less polished since it is the older of the two maps, and actually one of my first ever made. The Gate takes about 30 minutes to beat, while Blood Pools takes about 10-15. COMPATIBILITY Those are vanilla-compatible levels, so definitely no jumping allowed. Freelook should be fine though. Tested with Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom and GZDoom, first map breaks the vanilla save limit unfortunately, so I'd recommend using Crispy Doom or another port if you wish to use saves. Use -merge when loading the maps with Chocolate Doom. Only Ultra-Violence difficulty, because I honestly have no idea how to balance levels for other difficulties. The levels should be decently challenging. DOWNLOAD TheGateandBloodPools.zip RESOURCES USED Music Excalibur - Rise of the Triad The Demons from Adrian's Pen - Doom Textures Recolored Doom Texture Pack - Realm 667 Blood 1 Textures - Blood/Realm 667 Recolored sky texture taken from Hell Revealed 2 Some edits by me Sprites Warrior Statue - Realm667 Programs SLADE Doom Builder 2
  15. Very lovely wad and fun midi choices. I've reached map 05 so far and damn, the ending was a surprise. I like the rifle which replaces the pistol, but my main complaint would be that picking the chainsaw seems like a downgrade with how good the knife is.