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  1. Xymph

    Doom Wiki Month in Review (Issue #3)

    Today, 4,280 and counting down. :)
  2. Xymph

    Things about Doom you just found out

    After using a hex editor to delete the two unused palettes from the playpal file, the convert command gives: 2901 I wrote a script to skip the unused entries more easily and to truncate the colors' two least-significant bits, this produces: $ ./pal_total.php -d PLAYPAL.doom Doom uses 14 palettes with 3386 unique colors $ ./pal_total.php -u -d PLAYPAL.doom Doom uses 12 palettes with 2901 unique colors $ ./pal_total.php -u -t -d PLAYPAL.doom Doom uses 12 palettes with 2521 unique colors $ ./pal_total.php -u -t -h PLAYPAL.heretic Heretic uses 11 palettes with 2366 unique colors $ ./pal_total.php -u -t -s PLAYPAL.strife Strife uses 12 palettes with 2518 unique colors $ ./pal_total.php -u -t -x PLAYPAL.hexen Hexen uses 28 palettes with 5851 unique colors So there are your answers, assuming there are no errors in the script.
  3. Xymph

    RIP ftp.idsoftware.com

    True, and such backups are good to have. But those are massive .tar files rather than a browsable directory tree like on the ftp servers that are still alive. Still, it was very 90's and early 00's stuff indeed. Back then it was the primary channel through which id issued their files, and the /idgames archive (initially at ftp.cdrom.com before moving to ftp.gamers.org) mirrored it hourly. :) In the past decade we lowered that frequency to daily because little was being released there anymore. The final entry was the Doom 3 source code in 2011.
  4. Xymph

    RIP ftp.idsoftware.com

    Since the previous century, Gamers.org ran a mirror of ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/ into the /idgames archive. After this mirror started failing some weeks ago, I inquired after its status and -- with the kind assistance of loonyboi -- it has now been confirmed that id's ftp server was decommissioned. End of an era... Naturally, the /idgames archive (and its mirrors) will continue to host the idstuff/ tree indefinitely.
  5. Xymph

    TNT Revilution: Final release now on ID Games!

    Thing bugs in MAP17 deprive the player of a whole bunch of supplies, and one in MAP28 spares the newbie a little opposition. Thing skill bugs can easily be found by my DMMPST tool, which was released last October. I highly recommend its use as a safety net to all mappers, so I don't have to describe your bugs on Doom Wiki some day. ;-)
  6. Xymph

    So what's gonna happen to IDgames?

    Correct. It's no secret and was covered before. The same three founders still own and fund it, and will continue to do so. PS. Sorry for the necro-post, I don't visit often and just encountered this topic.
  7. Xymph

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    On behalf of the gamers.org crew, I offer our deepest condolences to Ty's family. The sad news we feared to receive since Ty became unable to maintain the idgames archive has arrived, and comes as a blow nonetheless. When I had to relinquish idgames maintenance, it was a relief to do so to such a capable community member as Ty. I remain very grateful for how he kept up this often rewarding but sometimes thankless "job", and over the past 18 years it was always a pleasure to support him with archive maintenance and system administration stuff. He impressed with his no-nonsense, independent stance towards all fruits of the DOOM community, his fairness and, above all, his humor. My regret is that we were never able to meet in person. My hope is that the many messages of sympathy and support in this forum provide some small measure of consolation to Ty's family. His legacy lives on in the idgames archive.
  8. That was postfix, not DNS. abydos.com is the underlying hostname for gamers.org, so mails sent directly from the box (via the verification mail script) can end up with that sender domain, but replies arrive at the same people, the new idgames maintainers.
  9. The one that uploaders receive the verify-request mail from, which is idgmaint@gamers.org (identical to idgmaint@abydos.com) .
  10. Xymph

    Looking for a new idgames maintainer

    Bloodshedder and TGH were the only applicants via email, but also made good candidates in their own right, so we've decided to take them both on. Fraggle indicated he might be overstretching his DOOM activities if he were to join, so I thank him for his application, but am letting him off the hook. ;) I've started introducing Bloodshedder and TGH to their new roles. Since no specifics are known about Ty's condition, all three of us feel it's better to get new maintainers going and and start clearing the incoming backlog. If and when Ty returns online, we will find out what he is able and willing to do w.r.t. idgames, and go / co-operate from there. Thank you all for your feedback in this topic.
  11. Xymph

    Looking for a new idgames maintainer

    Thank you kindly, Phobus. I've received solid applications from Bloodshedder and The Green Herring via email, and Fraggle on the first page. Given the feedback by others here, I think we can move forward with them. However, I have little spare time for this matter until Tuesday, so until then others could still apply. We'll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.
  12. Xymph

    Looking for a new idgames maintainer

    Uhm, is trolling common in these forums? Or did you merely forget a smiley? Oops, that was unexpected. Fixed and tested, please try again.
  13. Xymph

    Looking for a new idgames maintainer

    Basic Linux skills like knowing how to securely copy files to your own system to check them, how to move them around the archive hierarchy, [edit: understanding file/directory permissions,] knowing basic bash scripting so you can adopt Ty's tools, adding jobs to your crontab - that should suffice. There's no strict policy, maintenance can easily be skipped a few days (Ty did too) or more. Even after 6+ weeks of no maintenance, the incoming directory contains only 45 .zip files, so that's one upload per day on average. If uploaders have to wait a week before a file is processed, I don't think anyone would consider that a problem (except the impatient uploader ;-) ) given the volunteer nature of it all. For things like multi-week vacations (more common in Europe than in the USA, I believe), having two maintainers would indeed prevent most maintenance gaps. So, if the new maintainer(s) communicate a long(er) absence with me (as I will to him/her/them), it should be fine. Yes of course, I will show them everything I know about it, this can be done via email, chat and/or Skype. For someone with sufficient Linux and DOOM skills, the learning curve shouldn't be very steep. I could actually resume idgames maintenance myself, but then that would truly be a single-person dependency, plus my DOOM skills are lacking (especially in all the source ports). So I'm here to facilitate the maintenance, rather than do it myself. Good questions, thanks.
  14. Xymph

    Looking for a new idgames maintainer

    If numerous means 'more than two', that is neither practical nor desirable. The new maintainer(s) don't have to run a Linux system, but need to be able to use one remotely. Checking uploads may require tools (e.g. map and texture editors) that may be available only on Windows, but that's the main part of Ty's work that I'm not familiar with. That team would be one or two new maintainers, and me. The work isn't voluminous enough for more people. That's not up to me, but might help indeed. The fact that no actual news is posted there is an obvious answer of 'no' to your question whether 'anyone knows...'. ;)
  15. Xymph

    Looking for a new idgames maintainer

    Please keep such posts in that other thread, which already contains your answers, and limit this one to the discussion about a new maintainer. Thanks.