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  1. Xymph

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Uploaded!

    Could you answer my question too? Thx.
  2. Xymph

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Uploaded!

    MAP05 is named "Nuclear Waste Processing Base" in the *MAPINFO lumps, but Nuclear Waste Processing Plant in CWILV04. Which is canonical? MAP41 is credited to Russell Bowtell but this person more recently prefers Aaron Russell Bowtell. Inconsistent naming and crediting are the wiki's bane... :-(
  3. Xymph

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Fragport

    You can update it yourself. It is, after all, a wiki. :)
  4. Miss this? Of course you did. :) But January was such a slow month on the one true wiki (not even two dozen new articles) that I saved up the summary. A bit surprising since January a year ago was the wiki's busiest month ever, but personally I welcomed a breather. During February the pace picked up again, making for a meaty round-up today. Over these two months particular progress was made by Eris Falling/Tristan, Dynamo, and Nockson on adding soundtrack credits to map pages (but there still are thousands more you could help with). Also, Gauss not only completed their walkthrough of Back to Saturn X episode 1, but all of episode 2 too. If you rely on secret descriptions by Getsu Fune/NMM, those also kept reliably coming. And for RAMP2022 and the entire Joy of Mapping series which had already gotten overview articles some time ago, pages for all individual maps are now present as well. Plus of course the usual array of incremental improvements and info additions. That leaves the following list of new articles: Core Content Aeon Doom Advent Calendar 2005 Doom Power DOOM Resurrected JavaScript Doom 2016 BFG multishot BFG weapon wheel slowdown Mods 2022 A Doom Odyssey Altitude The Biovite Project Death Tormention Death Tormention II Death Tormention: The Complete Trilogy Dissolution DIY Execution Deathmatch Oops! All Techbase! Project Slipgate PUSS II: Trick & Tear PUSS III: Boss Battle Bonanza PUSS IV: The 12 Days of Doommas PUSS V: Clandestine Castle Crashing PUSS VI: Imperfect Hatred PUSS VII: March of the Speeddemons PUSS VIII: Speed Squared PUSS X: The Summer of Slaughter PUSS XII: Trick & Tear 2 PUSS XIII: TH1RT3EN PUSS XIV: 12 MORE Days of Doommas Temporal Tantrum TNT: The Way We Remember It The Zodiac Deathmatch People Austinado Jonathan Bergeron (JBerg) BlueJuice Brainfreezzzzz Brxyz CanSteam CardboxNeko ChopBlock223 Colossus Dalvi Dandy Doomcat DrJordo DukeWooze Denis Fabrice (faB) Rich Fleider Victor Gasior (Rivi the Warlock) Glikkzy Gutawer Knifeworld Robert Kruger (MarketAnarchy) Nick Kurgin (CblBOPOTKA) Kyle2959 Steven Maines Master Medi Matador Mike_C Minimum Payne Jim Molinets Napsalm Nefelibeta NotTyrone Fenes Octavian (DooM_RO) Royal_Sir RustyGold Marc RĂ¼ther (Milian) SArais Jason Seekings (Dubbag) Super Mighty G Temin_Dump Xdarkmasterx ZZYZX Index of previous issues
  5. Xymph

    TNT: The Way We Remember It (RELEASE)

    Those, and the statistics, therefore. So I prefer to hold off to avoid double work -- that is induced by plenty post-final releases already.
  6. Xymph

    DSDA Issues / Reports

    A minor thing noticed while syncing wiki pages: on https://dsdarchive.com/wads/sunder?level=Map+14 the 0:18.66 entry by Cacatou was previously categorized as NM speed, but now it's (just) Pacifist. That makes the "Also Pacifist." flag below the entry redundant.
  7. Xymph

    TNT: The Way We Remember It (RELEASE)

    The download is marked "v4" and has no .txt file. Does that mean it's more of a release candidate? There are also bug reports above. Could map titles or slot ordering still change? Because then wiki coverage would be premature.
  8. Wrong. WADs and other releases are updated all the time, within days or after many years; whatever the author/uploader submits and is accepted, will be replace the previous version. But you do need a little patience because, as observed before, Bloodshedder and TGH do have lives and jobs.
  9. Not to side-track this topic, but that misconception continues to need debunking. XymphBot is not some kind of autonomous entity, or a tool that can be instructed to do all sorts of things by itself, in- or outside the wiki. XymphBot itself is simply a wiki user account with bot status, meaning its (many many) updates do not clutter Recent Changes, unless you chose to view them. The account is used via a myriad of scripts, each performing a defined task, but all related to the wiki -- nothing there can or will directly affect the idgames archive, which resides on a different server to begin with.
  10. This has been in the upload instructions for many years, near the beginning of https://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/README.INCOMING (also linked from the upload form): "To speed up the process a bit, you may email us ahead of time at idgmaint@gamers.org (please start the subject with DOOM-FTP: so your message won't be nuked) to state which files you have uploaded. The email address you use to send your message must match an email address listed in the text file, or the files will be rejected." But nobody RTFM's of course. ;)
  11. Xymph

    Temporal Tantrum (v1.31 now released on IdGames! - 28 maps for MBF21)

    In Temporal_Tantrum.txt, MAP12 is mislabeled/attributed.
  12. In the idgames upload, BoSCP_EXTRAINFO.txt is lacking map authors for map10, 12 and 15. Had to look them up in the OP. A general observation applying to many projects: incomplete/inconsistent documentation of maps and soundtracks makes it difficult/frustrating to keep the wiki up-to-date.
  13. Xymph

    The Growth of the Doom Wiki

    While compiling the 2022 summary a few posts up, I realized that determining the numbers from the monthly charts was a bit cumbersome, and annual patterns in the data aren't all that obvious and visible. Also, while I am no fan of viewing complex charts and websites on a tiny screen myself, mobile browsing is undeniably a common thing nowadays. But on the portrait tablet or smart phone, the monthly charts become very cramped after 18 years and counting, even though the site works fine through responsive design. So today I expanded the site with annual charts, which is now the default and also provides faster initial charts loading. Via the radio buttons on the right in the masthead, you can switch all charts to monthly and back to yearly. But you and me, desktop persons that we are :) , can also bookmark https://doomwiki.xymph.nl/?bymonth and still launch directly into monthly mode. Hope all that adds to the site's usefulness.
  14. Xymph

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #45)

    Actually, closer to 400 out of the 432 entries linked there, which made it worthwhile to mention. Had a feeling that building up a routine was the intention, so hopefully you can resume. But even then, as you note, the backlog is huge, so help from others would be welcome. Although the category also includes quite a few WADs for which the soundtrack is not listed in the main article or its documentation, so that raises researching obstacles.
  15. Happy New Year, too! As always, December was a hectic month at the real Doom Wiki, because... you know... Cacowards. Right. As usual, several regular and new contributors, including Dynamo, Endless, Gregor and myself, got cracking on covering the recipients soon after the ceremony was published. A flurry of mod and people articles resulted, but other contributors kept plugging away at a variety of new and improved content too. Eris Falling/Tristan made good progress for a while in adding soundtrack credits to map pages (although there are thousands more you could help with); of course GF/NMM delivered more secret descriptions in spades (ok, for 30 WADs if you must know); and Gauss continues plodding and plotting their way through BTSX-E1. And there's more, but I'll wrap this up in case you still have a hangover, or fireworks ringing in your ears. The entirety of 2022 was also an excellent year, you can read a bit more about that here. The only thing we'd want to go down but that has gone up, is the number of Wanted Pages (redlinks), because several megawads listed below haven't gotten their map pages yet. That count went from fewer than 1400 to 1630. All in good time... So here is that massive list of new articles: Core Content All-Time Best Doom Levels Cacowards 2022 DOOM Academy Awards Doom movie early production history Doom content creators Doom cover art demon An Evening with Nirvana Mastodon Olduvai Research Facility Selaco Topps American Pie Doom card Doom 2016/Eternal Byte 'n Switch DKSMS The Jimmy's Shot Point exchange Mods 100 Line Massacre The 10x10 Project Altars of Madness Based Bellatrix: Tales of Orionis Caffeine Injection Corrupted Cistern Declared New Apocalypse Desimation Don't Turn Your Back on the City Doomsday (WAD) Dust Devil Elmlea Single Eon Deathmatch Ethereal Breakdown Hordamex Hocus Pocus Doom Infection Malevolence MAYhem 2022 Mystic 256 Nensha Ol' No Name Paranoid POOGERS Project Osiris Pyrrhic Rabbit's All-comers Mapping Project 2022 Shallow World Solar Struggle Stomper Suitcase of Gor TWANGO1 URBAN2.WAD People Akolai Alfredo ArcturusDeluxe ASO3000 Astro X Bloodbath Giraffe Buu342 CarboxylicAcids ChippiHeppu DoomRevolver Dusty Rhodes Eltiolavara9 Epicyolomaster420 Sander Florisson (SCF) HALFCOOL Brad Harding Immorpher Kain D. Kan3 Large Cat Lazlo Panaflex Masayan MemeMind Meowgi MundyC Bob Mustaine NinjaDelphox NootsyNootsy Chris Polan (ginc) Andrik Powell (Arsinikk) Paf RastaManGames RataUnderground Cody Richeson (Koko Ricky) David Rotramel Rancid Sam Willem Sitters Snaxalotl Spendoragon United VirusX Vortale Yumheart Suzanne Will (Trashbang) Myles Williams Index of previous issues