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  1. Xymph

    DoomWiki Months in Review (Issue #53)

    If not excessive, that's okay too. But several editors use HexChat as IRC client, which is easy to set up, connect, and use. So that shouldn't be an obstacle.
  2. Xymph

    DoomWiki Months in Review (Issue #53)

    I am by no means familiar with all WADs/CPs and their notability, nor a definitive voice on whether to add specific ones, so frequently chat about such topics with Dynamo, who has followed this much more throughout the years. We think adding those is all right - but not the Forgotten Maps for both. A couple of editors and admin Quasar hang out (ir)regularly in #doomwiki and that can be a quick way to chat about these and other wiki matters before hitting Central Processing. But it is of course more primitive than Discord.
  3. Xymph

    Which map has the most linedefs and sectors?

    I checked the maps covered on the wiki, and this one leads the ranks there too in those two stats, but its 35,566 sectors are second to the 35,747 sectors in MAP08: Runaway Terminate of Insanity Edged.
  4. Xymph

    How many Doom mods/wads are there total?

    The ID range is not contiguous, deleted files leave gaps. Also, another portion are docs, prefabs, sources, utilities. $ find combos deathmatch graphics levels music skins sounds themes -type f -name '*.zip' | wc -l 16511
  5. Xymph

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploaded!

    In the new idgames upload, .txt release date 04/30/2023 should be 2024.
  6. Xymph

    Why doomwik.org than fandom doom?

    If you really need to view something there, do so via the BreezeWiki proxy network for a much leaner and cleaner experience. No editing of course, but that would be a waste of time and effort anyway. Another data point: DoomWiki.org has five times more content, especially on community activities and creations (23,427 articles and 36,923 files, vs 4,088/8,198). As I said before, it is the one true community wiki.
  7. Xymph

    Doom historical demo site listing

    Great research. Let me know if I can help digging into Compet-n files locally - I got the whole tree from fx but don't know my way around it much. :) Didn't find a file with 'heering' in it, although rgrep of course doesn't match plain text in .zip's. Also FYI, the official rgcd.announce post archive is at https://www.gamers.org/pub/archives/doom/articles/ , which may be easier to search/traverse than google groups.
  8. The past two months at the one true wiki weren't terribly buzzing with activity, and March even less than February, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to summarize. In fact, an important milestone was reached, as through the concerted efforts of MF(G)38, Blursphere, Nockson, Gregor and SectorBasedPencil, the number of map pages in need of soundtrack information was pushed down through the 4K barrier, and is already below 3,900. Well done, editors! And another maintenance project was completed with the consistent italics styling of external and non-core game titles. As expected, the majority of mods in the 2023 Cacowards have now been added, with Getsu Fune/NMM covering the secrets in all those maps. Meanwhile specialist Gauss added or updated walkthroughs in Doom 2 the Way id Did, Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel and The Classic Episode, Part 2, while Dynamo(128) caught up on multiplayer WADs. And thus the list of new articles still ends up being sizable: Core Content Can it run Doom? Dean of Doom The Doom Game Editor Ports X-Doom Mods Abscission ACS Arcade Ancient Battlegrounds Armageddon (WAD) Austrian Avian Association Blood World Break//Point// Come Sail Away Coop Build Corruption Cosmogenesis Crumpets 2 Damnation Awaits the Wicked DBP64: The Vast Silence Destination Unknown The Diseases, and Casualties this year being 1632 Doom Infinite Doomworld Maximum Project 2023 Dream Duel Drown in Blood El Viaje de Diciembre Exalt not the Wicked Fear is the Key Fear is the Price of Sin Fear Station Bravo Fear Station: Charlie For the Wicked Shall Perish From the Ashes of Fear Godless Night I CANT GIVE YOU ANY THING I C H I N I C H I The Lost Magic MAYhem 2023 Obsidian Deathmatch OmegaDM The Settlements Shogun Trogun Solve Et Coagula Something Wicked This Way Comes Town Infection: The Flooding Toxic Darkness Toxic Darkness 2 Toxic Darkness 3 The UAC Base What Lies Beneath The Wicked and the Damned Wicked Be the Ways of Men Wickedly Simple plus map pages for older articles: Armageddon 2 Doomworld Maximum Project 2023 Hardfest 2 WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony People Ak-01 Yousuf Anik James Bauer (Isle) Alan Carr (thefwf) Diego Cea López (Proteh) Csabo DJShrimpy EVILNECK David Finnamore (Daeron) Patrick Hipps (Patrix) Henri Lehto Olivier Montanuy José Navarrete (CoTeCiO) Joe Pantuso Phoenyx RockyGaming4725 Brian Rowan (B.J. Rowan) SkullDemon Spunkman Suzerduzer Terrarienn Tm512 Whybmonotacrab Index of previous issues
  9. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/2023_Doom_source_code_leak can serve as example, or can be expanded if there is sufficient overlap.
  10. Xymph

    What is the WAD that made you get better significantly?

    DOOM1.WAD :)
  11. EMAPINFO has this inconsistency: "[MAP35] levelname = MAP34: Thanks for Playing! levelnum = 35"
  12. EMAPINFO typos: MAP15 Sticky Burrr -r; MAP31 Gneral Rainbow Bacon +e MAPINFO copy/paste UTF8 BOM into MAP46 Russ<feff>ell EMAPINFO/UMAPINFO inconsistency: MAP30 Dance with the Devil, whereas MAPINFO/CWILV29/dmax2023.txt use: Dance with the Demon
  13. Xymph

    DSDA Issues / Reports

    For ReX's Wicked series some files already have their map names. The remaining ones are: wicked_2: Wickedly Simple wicked_3: No Rest for the Wicked wicked_5: Death Comes Not Gently to the Wicked wicked_7: Wicked Be the Ways of Men
  14. Strange how this flew under the radar here (spotted on Blue's News): "Watch as John Romero, Tom Hall, John Carmack, and David L Craddock discuss id Software's 33rd anniversary in business."
  15. It doesn't. This is what it is and does: E.g. the stats are from DMMPST and the map images from Omgifol, all taking a variety of (sometimes time-consuming) manual preparation steps. But still, thanks.