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  1. Xymph

    DSDA api

    I suppose kernels are better than humans at context switching. ;-) It's just that at launch, the engine column was added that same day. Eris immediately declared the API "a godsend for the Doom Wiki". Yes, it took me 2.5 years to get around to implementing this, so cannot expect another same-day turn-around on this one extra field. But it would help having to revisit a bunch of map series (i.e. double work) next month if it's delayed til then. Meanwhile I thought of a new API endpoint: return feed entries per certain parameters, e.g. from a given date until 'now' or between two dates, and optionally in groups of variable size (i.e. default 100 entries or whatever you're comfortable with, and more with a 'limit' parameter up to a reasonable max, like 500 or 1000). I can then periodically poll this for new entries since the previous poll, and from there determine which map articles need updating. So I started updating wiki tables on Nov 27, and in 1-2 months I could query the API for new entries since that date. In absence of such an endpoint, I'd have to do the same on the web pages (have already done similar parsing of review tables on OneManDoom and Doom Underground) so it's feasible, but will be easier via the API.
  2. Xymph

    DSDA api

    It will be useful then, as it is already useful today and the next week+ as I work through all WADs. Currently I either have to manually add notes, which is frustrating/time-consuming/easy-to-overlook, or skip map series for now, like Hexen. Is it really more complex than querying one additional database column and adding it in the API response?
  3. 16K and 32K may be all the rage, but at the one true wiki we celebrated breaking the 2K barrier -- downwards. :-) That is, from 4000 in May 2018, to 2700 in May 2020, to 2200 last month, the Wanted Pages count dropped down to a little above 1900 during November. Besides regular creation of new articles to expand the wiki's coverage, a major factor was that I decided in October to generate map articles for a bunch of existing WADs for which a custom things mapping table is still needed, after occasional attention to this need resulted in few contributions there. Now at least hundreds more maps are covered, except for their Things statistics. Of course, mapping assistance remains welcome to complete that final step. The wiki was hopping along nicely in other areas too, with Dynamo128 covering Hacx ammo and item articles, Gauss is walking through 1000 Line Community Project, and Getse Fune/NuMetalManiak covered secrets in three dozen WADs -- and also uploaded a gazillion screenshots to Doom: The Golden Souls and The Golden Souls 2 maps (okay, I counted: 180 and 340, respectively). Finally, Quasar tortured himself with the 3.7 (IMDb score) movie that shall not be named in this sentence. ;-) Here are the new articles in November: Core Content AVD Collector Doom: Annihilation Dr. Malcolm Betruger (Doom: Annihilation) Doom: Annihilation minor characters Doom: Annihilation weapons Bennett Stone Doom Eternal Horde Mode Hacx Body armor Cartridges Case of cartridges Case of rounds Case of torpedoes C-Key Dampener Inhaler KeyCard Microkit Molecule module Molecule tank Password Red Z-Key Super kevlar vest Yellow Z-Key Ports etc. Nugget Doom Mods 32 Inch Nails Angry Quilt 2 Assault on Moonbase Cresta Barbie Girl Beautiful Doom ConC.E.R.Ned Dark Tartarus Demonic Deviation Dimensions Doom 404 Doom Upstart Mapping Project Doomworld Mega Project 2020 DUMP Episode 1: Fuck Time Limits Egypt Egyptian Doom Europe IDDQD Arena Nanopineapple 2018 Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc! Vanilla Sky Zone 400 Plus map skeletons for existing overview articles of: The Adventures of MassMouth Doom: The Golden Souls Doom: The Golden Souls 2 MassMouth 2 Massmouthmas NeoDoom Pirate Doom Realm of Cheogsh Return of the Triad Robocop Doom Temple of the Lizard Men 2 Tribute The Twilight Zone II: Final Dreams Winter's Fury ZBlood People Depr4vity ETTiNGRiNDER Dylan Gill (TheV1perK1ller) Jekyll Grim Payne Sophie Kirschner Daniel Lemos Peccatum Mihzamiz Simon Rance (5hfifty) Sgt. Shivers SOSU Vasily Vasilyev (38_ViTa_38) Veinen ViolentBeetle Weird Sandwich Zergeant Index of previous issues
  4. Xymph

    DSDA api

    Records sometimes have a note, like "Also Reality" or the class for Hexen. Could you add this field to the response? I may not use the former case, but the Hexen class is definitely useful. (Edit: also a very relevant example is "Plays back with 1monster_bugfix.wad".) While I realize API development remains backburnered, I hope this is a small improvement that can be added soon, as development to script-wise update records tables on the wiki has progressed quite well already, and I'll start to crunch through wads/maps within a few days. Note that I'll need to run 12 requests (one per category) per map, so you'll see API traffic soar over the next few weeks. :)
  5. Xymph

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    The Categories listing does not yet describe Collector. I could guess but it's better to ask: what does this mean? Perhaps it should/can be added to the list? Record entries are sometimes italicized, e.g. Doom2 map01 UV speed by Dastan. My theory is this done because it is actually the identical Pacifist entry that also fits there, in absence of a faster UV speed entry that does not meet Pacifist rules. This is supported by the API which returns category=Pacifist for the UV speed request. If that theory is correct however, then why for 1klinecp map01 is Dastan's Pacifist entry not shown italicized in UV speed too? The API again supports that (which is actually how I stumbled onto this discrepancy).
  6. Xymph

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    alt_2012-05, hr2beta, ndcp2_2009 and valiant_old could be marked as old versions, analogue to scythe2_old and zone400_2021_07.
  7. In the game, these are swapped: slot 5 (rocket launcher thing 2003) is cell cannon and slot 6 (plasma gun thing 2004) is flamethrower. This should also be corrected in the mohawk2.txt file.
  8. Huh? Wait, already? Yeah, in a repeat from January, the past month saw a flurry of new articles getting added to the one true wiki, again mainly in the mods and map(per)s categories, and again thanks in particular to the tireless efforts by Dynamo128 (well, and consequently myself, if I may be so bold). In fact, not much happened outside those two categories. But on the bright side, together with map skeletons for multi-level WADs, the total number of wiki articles increased by more than 700 and the number of Wanted Pages (redlinks) dipped below 2,200 for the first time in years. Equally tireless efforts were by delivered by Getse Fune, submitting secret descriptions for over 40 WADs, and by Gauss with comprehensive map walkthroughs for Doom: Damnation and Knee-Deep in ZDoom, plus more Doom Eternal-related information. So without further ado, here are the new articles in October: Core Content DLight Ports etc. DoomXS DZDoom Mods 5 Years Alpha Accident: Terra Nova Ashes 2063 Beach Day Beyond Reality BGPA Missions: Liberation Blood, Fire, Death BloodRust Boomtown Death's Dichotomy Defragmentation Factor Deneb Colony Desolation Diabolus Ex Doom II: 25 Years on Earth Doomworld Mega Project 2018 Downhell Doxylamine Moon: Overdose Echelon Finely Crafted Fetish Film Fracture Gravity Grid 32 Happy Time Circus II Hellfire Hellfire 2 Hellfire III Hellfire: Dreams Hellfire: Reborn Inflation Bay The Inquisitor The Inquisitor 2 Invasion II Italian DooM - Episodio 1 Khorus' Speedy Shit Kobal Kobal 2 Kuchitsu Mandrill Ass Project Mayhem Mansion Mystery of Tyskie Islands Lilium Object "32" Object "34": Sonar Paradise The Quirky Domain Remain 1 Remain 3 Rip It, Tear It, Smash It Rise of the Wool Ball Pieklo Serpent: Resurrection Shotgun Symphony Time of Sorrow Whitemare Plus map skeletons for existing overview articles of: The Alfonzone Batman Doom Cheogsh 2 Community Is Falling 3 Demons of Problematique Demons of Problematique 2 Doom Resurrection Mordeth Unloved Zen Dynamics People Scott Bardy (Birdman) Kyle Casteel (Acyclitor) Cybermind DAZZER Steve Dudzik (Lüt) Mohammed Firas (Hitboi) Garbage Jthom MSPaintR0cks Rick Lipsey Nil Ninehills42 Vostyok Jeff Wormald (Netherstorm) Shamus Young Index of previous issues
  9. Xymph

    Quakeworld uploads

    Sure, and good for you. But how is this relevant to the idgames(1) archive? Perhaps you haven't (recently) looked into its purpose? Quake is covered in another archive on gamers.org, idgames2, but that was frozen nearly 22 years ago.
  10. Coming out of the Summer doldrums, with August being a particularly slow month, here is another bi-monthly round-up of happenings on the one true wiki. Besides the new articles listed below, other activity wasn't exactly frantic either, though the steady stream of map walkthroughs by Gauss of course bears mentioning, now covering No End In Sight, The Realm of Parthoris, and Heretic Treasure Chest. Here are the new articles of the past two months: Core Content Croteam Doom pitch DSDHacked Io Judgment Day OS/2 Ports etc. Chocolate Doom Plus DSDA-Doom From DOOM With Love ReBoom ReBoom Experimental Sprinkled Doom Mods 100,000 Levels Czequisite Corpse DBP01: Monuments of Mars DBP37: AUGER;ZENITH Doomreal Eagle Speedmapping Sessions Gateway to Shangri-La Italo-Doom Pigeon Speedmapping Sessions Plutonia 4: Back to Your Hole Plutonia 7: Going to the Hell SIGIL 2 SWWM GZ TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack People Adam Bilbrough (Gibbon) DoomTheRobot General Roasterock JadingTsunami Killerkouhai Index of previous issues
  11. Xymph

    List of megawad maps with monster counts?

    Map statistics on the wiki are automated via DMMPST and XymphBot. It's not advisable to edit tables manually. If you think something is lacking, bring it up on Central Processing and if it has merit, it might eventually get implemented wiki-wide.
  12. Xymph

    Romero reveals Sigil 2

    Oh okay, I searched for "Sigil 2" in topic titles which came up empty, so didn't see it buried in existing threads.
  13. Xymph

    Finally played SIGIL

  14. Xymph

    Romero reveals Sigil 2

  15. Xymph

    I can't access doomwiki.org

    doomwiki.org became unreachable, reason unknown. gamers.org suffered a lengthy power outage. They aren't anywhere near each other, so it was just a weird coincidence.