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  1. Frog Map01 Stroller in 0:05 frog01str005.zip
  2. Tobby

    Elegy demos [-complevel 2]

    Map01 Stroller in 0:34 el01str034.zip Map03 UV Pacifist in 0:23 el03p023.zip Map03 NoMo in 0:19 el03o019.zip Map04 UV Pacifist in 0:21 el04p021.zip Map04 NoMo in 0:18 el04o018.zip Map06 UV Pacifist in 0:33 el06p033.zip Map06 NoMo in 0:27 el06o027.zip Map09 UV Max in 2:24 el09-224.zip Map09 NoMo in 0:23 el09o023.zip Map11 UV Pacifist in 0:14 el11p014.zip Map11 NoMo in 0:12 el11o012.zip
  3. For Experiencing Nirvana Map01 Stroller in 0:01 en01str169.zip Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:25 en02p025.zip Map03 Stroller in 0:03 en03str357.zip Map07 Stroller in 0:07 en07str383.zip Map07 NoMo in 0:01 en07o114.zip Map15 NoMo in 0:02 en15o237.zip Map18 Stroller in 0:08 en18str820.zip Map18 NoMo in 0:02 en18o280.zip Map20 Stroller in 0:10 en20str010.zip Map20 NoMo in 0:02 en20o283.zip Map22 NoMo in 0:37 en22o037.zip Map24 NoMo in 0:07 en24o729.zip Map29 Stroller in 0:02 en29str234.zip Map31 NoMo in 0:39 en31o039.zip Map32 NoMo in 0:02 en32o217.zip
  4. Tobby

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    99 Ways to Die Map01 UV Pacifist in 0:15 99w01p015.zip Map01 NoMo in 0:14 99w01o014.zip Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:23 99w02p023.zip Map02 NoMo in 0:19 99w02o019.zip Map03 UV Pacifist in 1:06 99w03p106.zip Map03 NoMo in 1:02 99w03o102.zip 9ring666 E2M2 Stroller in 0:02 9ri2str002.zip E2M3 Stroller in 0:02 9ri3str002.zip E2M4 Stroller in 0:03 9ri4str003.zip E2M6 Stroller in 0:06 9ri6str006.zip E2M7 Stroller in 0:04 9ri7str004.zip
  5. Tobby

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    8-bit Binary Addition Map01s Stroller in 0:00.89 8b01str089.zip 8city2 Map02 Stroller in 0:41 8citstr041.zip
  6. Tobby

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    7cybdem Map01 UV Pacifist in 0:08 7cybp008.zip Map01 NoMo in 0:05 7cybo005.zip
  7. Tobby

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    787 Map01 NoMo in 0:07 78701o007.zip Map01 UV Pacifist in 0:11 78701p011.zip Map02 NoMo in 0:17 78702o017.zip Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:38 78702p038.zip Map03 NoMo in 0:30 78703o030.zip
  8. Tobby

    Sector 666 demos [-complevel 2]

    Map01 NoMo in 0:40 s601o040.zip Map02 NoMo in 0:33 s602o033.zip Map03 NoMo in 1:11 s603o111.zip Map04 NoMo in 0:39 s604o039.zip
  9. Tobby

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    6lev Map01 UV Max in 1:19 6l01-119.zip Map01 NoMo in 0:26 6l01o026.zip
  10. Tobby

    Five Rooms of Doom [-complevel 9]

    Map01 Stroller in 0:21 5r01str021.zip Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:22 5r02p022.zip Map03 UV Pacifist in 0:33 5r03p033.zip Map11 UV Pacifist in 0:11 5r11p011.zip
  11. Tobby

    5 minute map megawad demos -clvl 9

    For 5 Minute Map Collection (TrueDude maps) Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:10 5myh02p010.zip Map04 UV Pacifist in 0:04 5myh04p004.zip Map08 UV Pacifist in 0:23 5myh08p023.zip Map10 UV Pacifist in 0:03 5myh10p003.zip Map10 Stroller in 0:09 5myh10str009.zip Map15 UV Pacifist in 0:03 5myh15p003.zip Map16 UV Pacifist in 0:03 5myh16p003.zip Map26 UV Pacifist in 0:08 5myh26p008.zip Map27 UV Pacifist in 0:10 5myh27p010.zip
  12. Tobby

    32 in 64kb demos [-complevel 2]

    I eventually found a pretty good angle to use. I've optimized it down to a 03.57 second exit :P Map28 Stroller in 0:03 3264k28str003.zip
  13. Tobby

    32 in 64kb demos [-complevel 2]

    I noticed this wad has some potential for strollers :) Map01 Stroller in 0:04 3264k01str004.zip Map02 Stroller in 0:05 3264k02str005.zip Map03 Stroller in 0:12 3264k03str012.zip Map06 Stroller in 0:05 3264k06str005.zip Map12 Stroller in 0:04 3264k12str004.zip Map19 UV Pacifist in 0:06 3264k19p006.zip Map24 Stroller in 0:08 3264k24str008.zip Map28 Stroller in 0:11 3264k28str011.zip
  14. There isn't any difference with the -nomonsters parameter on this map. Now that you mention it, I probably should've just removed that from my command line and made it a UV-Speed recording instead. But I guess it should still be fine because the demo obviously doesn't desync or anything.
  15. Map32 NoMo in 0:16 boa2kd32o016.zip Map32 Stroller in 0:25 boa2kd32str025.zip