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  1. BigBoy91

    How Many People Care About Maximum Doom?

    I love shovelware.
  2. I share the same sentiment. "Other" runs can be pretty fun sometimes. Grandmaster Tyson is another one that comes to mind. You might not get a fancy crown next to your run, but who cares? Only a handful of people give a shit about Doom speedrunning anyway. 😃 ... "Other" runs month, anyone?
  3. BigBoy91

    Best Speedrunning Sourceport?

    I've heard DSDA Doom is a good speedrunning source port, i mean hell its called Doom Speed Demos Archive, basically in the name.
  4. BigBoy91

    5 minute map megawad demos -clvl 9

    5mnmayh 26 max 24.40 26 pacifist 8.51 5myh26-2440.zip 5myh26p851.zip
  5. BigBoy91

    dsda-doom v0.26.0 UDMF [2023-05-29]

    Always fun to tinker around with a new DSDA-Doom release!
  6. BigBoy91

    What type of maps you hate / like mostly?

    Like: Classically styled maps Maps with strict design limitations Speedmaps 90s shovelware Clever DeHackEd usage Dislike: Slaughter RNG/BFG fests Platforming Puzzles
  7. BigBoy91

    How Long do Mappers Last?

    Call a doctor? I'm callin a hooker! Guffaw!
  8. BigBoy91

    5 minute map megawad demos -clvl 9

    5mnmayh 01 pacifist 19.14 02 pacifist 10.00 04 pacifist 4.37 05 max 21.37 06 max 27.91 06 stroller 15.80 31 stroller 1.40 5myh01p1914.zip 5myh02p1000.zip 5myh04p437.zip 5myh05-2137.zip 5myh06-2791.zip 5myh06str1580.zip 5myh31str140.zip
  9. BigBoy91

    How to get good in Doom

    I wish I knew.
  10. BigBoy91

    Exit PrBoom+ automatically after dying

    If you insist on staying with PrBoom+, you can always make a small AutoHotKey script to exit and restart the application. I did that for a while.
  11. BigBoy91

    Should I beat Thy Flesh consumed on Hurt me Plenty?

    Bang it out on UV with pistol start and no saves. Watch some YT vids. The first 2 maps are pretty difficult, but it's smooth sailin after that. You'll feel a nice sense of accomplishment after, too.
  12. map26 stroller 15.83 d5da326str1583.zip
  13. map39 uv speed 12.66 d5da339-1266.zip
  14. *redacted* Whoops, forgot to read previous entries in this thread...
  15. map64 nomo 6.09 d5da364o609.zip