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  1. BigBoy91

    Charcoal demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP20 UV Fast 0:21.11 charcoal20f2111.zip
  2. If I'm playing casually, I try to get 100%. Not for speedrunning though. Maybe that will change now that I've become a teetotaler.
  3. BigBoy91

    What frontend loader do you prefer?

    I like ZDL. I've been using it since I got back into Doom in 2018.
  4. BigBoy91

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    jhcool 01 pacifist 19.23 03 nomo 8.06 jhc01p1923.zip jhc03o806.zip
  5. BigBoy91

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    jhcool 07 uv speed 19.40 jhc07-1940.zip
  6. BigBoy91

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    I'm gonna have to switch back to this port. I love the minimalist approach.
  7. BigBoy91

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Fucked up some stuff here. Whoops.
  8. Living near Pittsburgh, PA rules. We're always drunk and we put fries in our salads. What's not to love?
  9. BigBoy91

    Slime maps are a vibe

    Slime maps are sweet. Abyssal Speedmapping Session 35 has a bunch of good ones.
  10. BigBoy91

    Speedzec demos [-complevel 9]

    02 speed 3.37 02 nm speed 3.60 04 nomo 14.97 21 nomo 12.29 29 speed 9.60 29 nm speed 9.71 29 pacifist 10.03 sz02-337.zip sz02n360.zip sz04o1497.zip sz21o1229.zip sz29-960.zip sz29n971.zip sz29p1003.zip
  11. BigBoy91

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    Home Alone 2 for NES. It's objectively dogshit, but I have a blast playing it. It's become a pretty big inside joke between me and my fiance.
  12. BigBoy91

    Wads without slaughtermaps?

    It's pretty easy to avoid slaughtermaps. Try any of the Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions WADs.
  13. BigBoy91

    Congestion 192 demos [-complevel 9]

    11 speed 11.86 11 nomo 4.54 c19211-1186.zip c19211o454.zip
  14. BigBoy91

    What Chocolate is Best Chocolate?

    I like me some super dark, kinda bitter chocolate. Throw in some chili flakes or orange zest and I'm a happy boy.