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  1. Tobby_Happy

    Little Adventure (TH-Adventure).

    Pretty much everything DynamiteKaitorn said were also my problems with this wad. The map layout is very confusing and its easy to get lost. Despite all of that i believe you definitely have potential, Keep it up and you can make something amazing.
  2. Tobby_Happy

    Hydrophobia: (An Eviternity Inspired map.)

    Overall pretty fun yet challenging wad. But at some points i did feel like i had too much rocket ammo. Aside from that, Nice wad.
  3. Kinda of a meh wad, Plus the ending was kind of anti-climatic. But i must admit that the wolfenstein 3D secret was pretty cool.
  4. Tobby_Happy

    Steele Computer Lab [my first WAD]

    Overall pretty damn good wad But i do agree that there was more ammo in the map then necessary