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  1. Kinetic

    Has the Skill Floor Raised?

    And other related questions such as "has the skill floor increased/decreased at the same rate as the skill ceiling?", "what specific events/factors have caused the skill floor to increase/decrease/stay the same", "do people generally struggle with Hell Revealed on UV as much as people did back at its release (or a decade ago)" and "did decino raise the skill floor singlehandedly?" That last question is a joke. By skill floor, I mean the general skill floor of the classic doom community at large, not a specific subsect of it such as the speedrunning community here (which has definitely raised its skill floor and ceiling). I'm sure the skill floor has raised since the game's release, so I guess the other example questions I listed are more interesting to discuss. This thread is mostly to discuss everything related to the general skill floor, including but not limited to skill required for notable releases over time, normalization of certain techniques (sr40, sr50, BFG tactics, etc..), and how the skill floor has influenced mapping (or how mapping has influenced the skill floor).
  2. Kinetic

    Come up with the most clever troll design decisions

    from a speedrunning perspective, add a 32 unit gap passage (something looking like an =) in a wall that allows a player to skip a major section of a map, but a linedef in the middle of the gap instant raises a floor at each end of the passage that blocks it so the player cant escape for a random amount of time before the floor lowers and unblocks the passage. The random time is created from a randomizer at the map start (either magnolia lost soul setup or one of deat's magical randomizers) being triggered out of bounds that has at least 8 different outcomes, and each outcome sets a different time it takes for the floor to lower via controlling the height that the blocking floors raise to. On top of this, you can further adjust the random outcomes. One outcome could straight up just make the glide obsolete and make the map take longer than it would to complete with a normal route. Another outcome could do the same, but also give the player an early BFG or a megasphere or something so now the player is slower than the normal route but could make up for it with the BFG/health. Another outcome could be faster than the normal route but drain your health via voodoo on damaging floor. Another outcome could trigger another randomizer that spawns in a random amount of cyberdemons throughout the map, or it spawns in enough monsters that the map becomes a slaughtermap. Another outcome could change the destination of a teleporter later in the map that then takes you to an empty room with walls textured with the trollface (or trolldespair alternatively). Another outcome could simply give you invis lol. You can mix and match a bunch of things too so there is no limit to what you can do. This is a great troll option because the randomization ruins the speedrun, and turns a simple glide into a bunch of garbage.
  3. Kinetic

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    Playstation Doom around 2007 or so most likely
  4. Kinetic

    POOGERS.wad Demos [-complevel 9]

    sorry meant uv-speed :D
  5. Kinetic

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    nice run, couple of the BFG shots in the demo are very satisfying. Looper, j4rio, and blue cultist all uploading demos on the same day, what a treat
  6. Kinetic

    POOGERS.wad Demos [-complevel 9]

    I remember watching the ITYTD max of the map and thinking it was a solid run and a good way to get the map on dsda, but now a uv-max runs certainly has a bit more umph doesn't it? Congrats on the run, I definitely wouldn't wanna run a map like that :)
  7. Kinetic

    Abandon Demos [-complevel 9]

    nice job, saw you streaming this today and resetting and continuing 5 hours deep into attempts, definitely looked tiring to work at a demo like that for that long in one sitting :p
  8. Kinetic

    Sunder demos [-complevel 9]

    ok buddy
  9. Kinetic

    12 Maps I Loved This Year

    I haven't played much stuff this year besides whatever you see in my runography from this year, which is mostly non2023 stuff, but some maps did stand out to me from this year: 1x1 other mentions: suis french name fireblu map by dashie and brendan: I already professed my love of Fly, and while all the 1x1 maps were excellent, these also stood out to me. Dashie's fireblu architecture and light sequences were so damn good in that map, to me it honestly was about as dazzling as Gateway to Shangri-la (although the helix light sequences in that map are virtually unmatched). The curved light sequences and lines were especially pretty to me. My favorite room in the map is the newest and best iteration on the rev staircase premise I've seen: the room is gorgeous, the architecture and playable geometry is very unique for both rev staircase fights and fights in general, and brendan absolutely nailed the gameplay for that fight. The revs just wash in from the top of the stairs like a slow but insurmountable tide, and there really is no comfortable way to BFG them nor can you spam them down due to limited cells, so you have to let the sniper cybers do the heavy lifting in that fight. The best analogy I can give to the feeling of that fight is being a boat in rocky waters in a small storm, it feels a bit uncomfortable and uneasy but it's steadily thrilling. Brilliant fight and the map as a whole was visually dazzling. womb etched into time by xulgonoth: I think I already wrote about this map? it doesn't really matter. The map was definitely an experience to play in the middle of the night on stream, just trying to logic/bruteforce my way through the puzzles. The map is very disturbing and impossibly huge at the start before you've explored all the areas and figured out the other world teleport gimmick, but even after that initial creepy and huge feelings go away, the prevailing sense of place is still there. What an absolutely unique and fresh take on the "inside a fleshy organism" setting for a map. With the SPFACE texture choice and the 1 of 1 idea to scroll the textures the way they scroll, along with the sense of scale, no other map within this setting's category feels like it, you just actually feel like you're in an enormous organism and the organism feels way more real than any other time you've been in a fleshy organism in this game. ether rain by akolai: the puzzles were super fun to figure out, even though the board puzzle wing had me going crazy on stream, which is fine because i'm just kind of dumb. It was still a lot of fun. What impressed me the most about the map was the end sequence, the way the light orb things just close away is super super cool, and I'm sure it wasn't the easiest effect to create so that was really awesome to see, I was very impressed with it visually. redrock map by nef: i know the title but too lazy to spell it out. The lush lighting with rockred is too good, and I think the balancing of megaspheres in this map is probably the best I've ever seen, I simply played the map and it was perfectly balanced on UV. I liked the circle fight and the black rectangles at the end before the final fight. Very fun map and I'm biased towards breakcore so yea I enjoyed the map a lot. //////////////////////// D5da3 maps: I barely played much else this year that also came out this year, but I did enjoy some D5DA3 maps. Map38 (?) Meme Machine by phoenyx: One of my favorites from the set, such a mad scramble at the start to get away from the viles. Actually somewhat reminded me of Where's My Water, the levels where acid from the top of the level puts you on a timer so you gotta get the water in the shower before the acid ruins stuff. Map34 chicken barn farm music map by lonely: Probably the most unique map in the set from a combat perspective, it is just absolute pandemonium at the start and you'll probably die a bunch before you can luck your way out of it. What sets it apart from another map where you get a similar result (terrarienn's map16) is that that map is a meme (in a good way) and has much more simple dynamics but map34 there's more going on and there's more the player can do to try and get a foothold while the map still pushes back on that very hard. Map04: just a lot of fun and cool riff on the poog31 gimmick dubz established. Very fun for max and pacifist. Map97: something about the music and tower defense/plants vs. zombies vibe was really cozy and fun about this map.
  10. Some Plats styled demos from my prehistoric demo era (2020 and early 2021) to translate more of my complete demo history to DSDA, I wouldn't watch these if I were you: Cryogenics Map01 UV-Max in 16:56: Cryogenics Map02 UV-Max in 11:14: cryo01m1656.zip cryo02m1114.zip Map03 isn't here because I missed monsters in it, and Map04 I also tried but the ending was too hard for me at the time, maybe I'll try to demo it again in 2024. Nochance UV-Max in 53:37: noch01m5327.zip SlaughterMAX UV-Max demo pack (Map10-15): smax_demos_kinetic.zip I didn't demo the other maps for some reason, and I didn't even play any maps after Map32 I don't think IIRC. Stardate 20x6 UV-Max demo pack (all maps): stardate20x6_demos_kinetic.zip Stardate 20x7 UV-Max demo pack (01-05, 07-08): stardate20x7_demos_kinetic.zip I didn't demo Map06 because I literally forgot what map I was on after I demoed Map05 and took a break, so I thought Map07 was the next map after I came back. Map09 I missed monsters on it so that demo isn't here. Map31 and 32 I also didn't demo or play for some reason. Wormwood EU UV-Max demo pack (01-04): wormwoodEU_demos_kinetic.zip I also demoed Swim with the Whales Map03 but I must have named the wad file something else at the time for some weird reason because it won't run with swtw.wad. It was also a very slow demo btw.
  11. Kinetic

    Sunder demos [-complevel 9]

    congrats on finishing the grind, you've been at this for a while now on stream. When a run turns into such a luck-fest like this one is now with improvements being contingent on rare conditions, you know you have made a good demo. Nobody will want to touch this run for at least a couple years I'd wager, or until someone sees this post and has enough competitive drive to develop an inane obsession over beating it
  12. update: made abyss damaging, "nerfed" maze fight (i only changed the teleport locations but didn't actually test the fight to see if it was easier or not lol), changed sequence after maze completion , fixed softlock by blue key, added "difficulty settings" (invuln in maze secret on HMP and HNTR instead of megasphere) This took over 4 hours to fix these things because the nodes and blockmap was being a piece of shit since my map is too big I think. Diagonally the map is at 32500 something (32767 is the limit) but in 3D taking height into account from a top corner to opposite bottom corner of the map cube space it's way over the limit lol, so that's probably what's causing the issues. I would've adjusted signposting for the exit better but at this point I'm coming across blockmap issues and voodoo linedefs not triggering every 5 minutes and it makes editing the map hell so I'm not going to mess with the map anymore unless something gamebreaking is discovered.
  13. thanks for the feedback inferno. I forget what No Escape is a reference too but it was in my mind easily for some reason so I put it in an empty bit of the maze. I may add a teleport back down if a lot of people complain about it, but for right now I like the idea of having to make a long ascent up to the temple and then having that feeling set in that you have to go down the same way you came. I could also have the maze sink into the abyss after completing it and provide an express route back down to the beginning that way, might be cool visually. The maze is VERY hard yeah, I'm considering nerfing it since my most reliable route for it currently has less than a 5-10% success rate I think. Feels tough though since I like the cell balance with the monsters but another silent teleport may be needed or something and I might have to move a teleport spawn or switch for that. There is a signposting issue with the end yea, I tried to mark it slightly by adding an exit sign above the end portal but it's pretty small and I don't think anyone can even tell it's an EXIT sign lol. I'll give it a fix soon. I am aware of that softlock before the blue key, I kind of didn't care about it since a softlock usually is equal to a death for players which just means save + reload and avoid it, but I just thought of an easy fix for it that is fine visually and functionally that I didn't think of yet for some reason.