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  1. Kinetic

    For mappers: How do you keeep in mapping shape?

    Like Jacek says, do not map when you do not feel like it, first and foremost. Never force it. One way to stay in mapping shape (or I guess become inspired and have more motivation/ideas) is to find some music that really resonates with you. In Nirvana's interview with Ribbiks, Ribbiks says he lets a music track inform his map, so the map derives from the vibe of a song I guess. Personally, I've totally felt this design strategy, I've listened so some amazing music and it often inspires me to map.
  2. Kinetic

    Table Filling Discussion

    I have done a decent chunk of table-fills first exits, they feel more casual than trying to take a record or beat a time. It's like you're thinking, how do I beat this map (or game if it is a D2All) instead of how can I beat this run. And generally not feeling rushed due to time is good too. Table fills that are "fun little challenges" are cool too, like I did Toad Map05 Tyson recently where the main challenge is you punch out a cyberdemon without having voodoo dolls get hit by its rockets, and it's like ok I will punch out this cyberdemon that's pretty cool. Table-fills have a lot of value for other reasons mentioned already
  3. Kinetic

    Death In Excess Demos [-complevel 9]

    Nice, I always wanted to see this done and have been asking for it for like a year but nobody has done it yet. Very great to see DiE get the max table filled, this was definitely one of the hardest serious, non-meme levels that hadn't been maxed yet. W + Antiratio + Relieved + Smiley + Laugh About It + Meggie
  4. Kinetic

    Notable 2022 demos

    uhhhhh I thought some things were pretty cool, such as: Finely Crafted Fetish Film UV-Max Map07 in 29:44 by @Starduster (Youtube) I tried maxing this map myself 2 years ago doing the "hard fight" properly without cheese and releasing everything all at once, and eventually I had to give up due to the map being so long and the tricks too much for me, as well as numerous finale deaths. Daerik's run was really good, and this improves on it massively while also avoiding the hardest fight's cheese (or I suppose arguably hardest fight given the finale fight). Top tier stuff. Frog and Toad Map10 UV-Speed in 2:46 by @Laure (Youtube) This map was already pretty infamous as a hard platforming map, just beating it alone is no easy task. After seeing Laure's 4-some minute run of this, I was like, yea nice improvement but not unheard of, but when they cut it down to a 2:XX run, I and everyone was amazed. I gave the map a run-through myself and a lot of the jumps are tougher than they looked, the first jump alone is pretty hard for me. 3k attempts for this sounds about right, but geez the 16 second wait at the start alone is a testament to Laure's patience and perseverance. Top tier stuff. D5DA2 Map55 UV-Max in 3:01 by @David Asaad (Youtube) You take any player on the planet and they are taking a large chunk of time to beat this map, I reckon. Yea the map is pretty fucked up and you need some luck with the monsters to even have a chance, but the tight movements and crowd control required to beat this map is as difficult as it gets. I followed the grind for this in the summer and it was great to see it pulled off. Top tier stuff. Scythe Map30 UV-Max in 9:59 by @Daerik (Youtube) This absolutely should not get lost in the fold of notable 2022 demos, although I guess it's understandable considering this was pulled off literally 364 days ago as I'm typing this. I caught some of these streams and this is a remarkable feat, map is absolutely routed up and it's a really strong run, which isn't a shocker considering who did this. Great live reaction from Daerik as well when he exited. Top tier stuff. Capybara Map32 UV-Max in 29:30 by @Brainfreezzzzz (Youtube) I haven't played this map myself, but I remember thinking how fucked it would be to max when I first saw casual playthroughs of it. The finale fight is hair-raising, reminds me of Finely Crafted Fetish Film Map07 and Dimensions Map02 and Map03 finales as they all share a cyber ending. What's crazy to me is that this map appears to have a case of Toilet of the Gods Map01 platforming since some of the platforming looks like it has elastic collision bullshit properties, yet it still was attempted. A 30 minute max of a map with difficult fights and difficult platforming is remarkable. Top tier stuff. For a personal pick, I don't think this is my best demo, but I'm feeling nostalgic for: Sunder Map19 UV-Max in 1:56:31 by @Kinetic (Youtube) I think this map is more manageable than what it had seemed prior to attempts on the map, a lot of players could do this honestly, like probably the other maxers I've mentioned already for example, lol. Nearly all the fights have pretty consistent strategies, it's mostly an endurance test. I just am nostalgic for when I was attempting this map, 5+ hour streams throughout February and I think like a month or so of trying, mainly on the weekends, and my mic was broken. Every deep attempt that died an hour or more in was pretty brutal. I think the coolest thing about this run, is that it has a sibling max from @ZeroMaster010, with a completely different route and approach to the map, yet similar times are achieved in the end. My run has no interesting progression or routing, but Zero's max has great tricks and sequence breaking.
  5. Kinetic

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Map02 UV-Max in 1:01.14 lv02m101.zip 1:00 is entirely doable, but I am posting this just cuz
  6. Kinetic

    elsp.wad, cl 9, 17 maps

    I played Map08 and it was very cool
  7. Kinetic

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Hmm, I didn't remember ever picking up the chaingun from the dead chaingunner near the SSG, interesting idea. I think it's rare for the chaingun to drop close to the SSG, probably would have to maneuver into the little cubby to grab, might be tough to do without losing time, but i dunno
  8. Kinetic

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    TNT Map01 UV-Max in 0:43.89 ev01m043.zip Just did this run after submitting the plutonia map01 uv-max, my eyes are super fatigued and hands are aching after like 12 straight hours of playing doom, about am evenly split of 6 hours between each Final Doom Map01 (although I had done about 3 hours of attempts on pl01m 5 days ago as well). Same route as Vile with a tweak, I use a little bit of SR50/SL50 in the first couple of rooms. Mostly hoping for good infighting with all the monsters at the start, aim for the first couple of imps with berserk, hope they die in 1 punch, if they don't run die in 1, run past them. It's actually important which imps you go for at the start I guess, do not go for the one right around the corner in the 2-switch room, it slows you down slightly (learned this during attempts and adjusted accordingly), just go straight for the switches, punch the 2 imps and grab the megaarmor, hit the other imp in the room on the way out, and if you can punch the imp from the main room without losing speed go for it, or just run past him, just punch whatever is in your way and make sure you get to the secret door at 0:08.XX (the lower the better obviously). Hit the 3 imps with berserk, can afford 4 punches at most, but if you do 4 punches, you must hope your run has excellent infighting or you have great SG shots at the mob in the main room. In the demo, I kill the 3 imps in 3 punches, but I made a conscious decision to hit a SG shot through the window since it usually hits a bunch of stuff, and it took out a shit ton of enemies this time, and a 2nd SG going through the hall killed an additional 2 zombies, extremely meggie. Next, time to wiggle past imp and pinky and zombie to hit the stairs-switch at 0:15.XX, which keeps the run on pace. Ideally, kill the imp and pinky in like 3 shots, take out the enemies up the stairs, kill the 2 imps outside, hopefully you hit this outside area at like 0.22.XX, then trigger the door to the outside to open again (you can 1-cycle the door if you're super fast here, but it's very precise movement I feel, not too feasible in this run I don't think, idk), and back inside. SG shot down the stairs, main the SG in the main area as you take out the chaingunners and rest of the enemies from earlier while grabbing the BC. In some circumstances, you can kill a chaingunner and use the chaingun a bit here and maintain pace, but SG usually more consistent for keeping pace here imo. Ideally, 0:34.XX when you begin racing to the BC door, kill random junk in the way with chaingun, and main the CG to the end. Can hit the switch behind the BC door a bit earlier if you can slide past the imp while chaingunning it. Chaingun the shotgunners and then... FUCK the right chaingunner at the end. Imma just copy the txt real quick cuz I already wrote this shit: Lastly, had a single attempt snag a 0:42, but it missed like a monster or two, and it was just one attempt out of 1599, so prolly need great luck for this.
  9. Kinetic

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Plutonia Map01 UV-Max in 1:49.71 pl01m149.zip Lot of stuff has to fall for this run to happen, I still figure something like 1:47 is possible non-TAS if everything goes perfect and the player doesn't mess up. Route difference from Zeromaster's run is not grabbing the backpack and megaarmor near the start, saves a second or so, realized I could do this since Zero misses a rocket or two in his run. Aside from this, I think I do the RL area a bit cleaner and get the double chaingunner cubby by the entrance to the SSG room in just one SSG. At the start, I also don't shoot the shotgunner by the first window while in the third window like Zero, I take him out as I'm exiting the starting area, seems a bit more consistent and less yolo-ish, although still rng, sometimes auto aim or the shotgunner doesn't cooperate. Lot of enemies in this map can fail to cooperate. Other things, also need well placed shots in the SSG room, the 2 chaingunners and imp on the lift must go down in 4 SG shots, 3 SG shots is really nice as it allows the 2nd imp in the room to be sniped before riding the lift, allowing a quick swap on the SSG, saving a half second or smthing I think, but did not happen in this demo. Archvile could also be killed faster if you give 3 SSG + running into the vile to hurt it with it's own blast damage. Another optimization that could be made is the RL area, only was able to get this a couple times in 1176 attempts, but can kill the 4 revs in 7 SSG if you line things up well, but it's difficult because of the map geometry and the revs' annoying pathing around it sometimes. Also really helpful having the 2 chaingunners at the indoor hub area be sitting there instead of walking around in the final room, allowed me to easily SSG them as I was running to the RSK area, extremely helpful for the ending as you do not want to waste a rocket on them in the end or swap to SSG to shoot them, absorbs more time when they are still alive at the end. The rev that gets telefragged in the RSK area can sometimes walk backwards instead of forward, kinda annoying, I found near the end of my attempts that the rev is more likely to come forward if you stick to the left side of the first catwalk? Not sure really. Perched vile + chaingunner was mostly cooperative this time, probably could've gone down in 1 or 2 less rockets if they were perfect, but they were pretty decent in this demo honestly. Rockets did good work in the BSK area mostly, could not get the chaingunner infight like Zero did but seems like a rare occurrence honestly, did not try for it in attempts. At the end, I can just run into the final area with RL equipped cuz the 2 chaingunners from earlier are dead, can pop the chaingunners in this room with 2 rockets, that worked out really well, all my rockets on the mancs landed, and then SSGd them and exited. Edit: Just read Zero's txt for the 1:51, pretty insane it only took 37 attempts, certainly lucky as he said, especially given the not so great start in his run, but that's why we finish out attempts in a lot of max runs because you never know what could happen, usually ample ways to recover time. I definitely agree some decent luck was needed to improve the run by 2 seconds, I think the route change saves a second and then some refinements to the run + some decent luck gave the other second, but ofc the two work in tandem as with 1 less rocket you need your rockets to be a bit better on average, which is largely up to luck in this map.
  10. Congrats on the release! For those just discovering this wad for the first time, anticipate rocket launcher fun and light sequences!
  11. Kinetic

    New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    Map22 Pacifist in 5:42 I was looking at the table for Scythe 2 to see if there were any potentially fun runs undone, and for this I scan UV-speed, Max, Pacifist, and Tyson, the only categories I should theoretically ever run. I found Map22 did not have a pacifist, so I went ahead and did it. Nothing in the run is annoying so that's cool. The main choke point is hitting the switch with the revs I guess, about half the time they do not let you hit the switch. s222p542.zip
  12. Kinetic

    New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    Map17 UV-Speed in 0:36.83. Fun map to literally just run in, lots of ADVANTAGEOUS elastic collisions and some monster slingshotting with the first manc. This run is basically get past 3 manc points (spots with a # of mancs between 1 and infinity) then do a relatively easy jump and you're done. s217-036.zip
  13. Kinetic

    The 2022 Cacowards

    Good picks for the awards, as someone who resides in the challengesphere and speedrunning community of classic doom, I am thoroughly enthused seeing quite a decent chunk of challenge wads represented, as well as the speedrunning section recognizing so many great players and runners, thanks Vile :D. Enjoyed mapping/playtesting for Dance on the Water and doing a small bit of playtesting for 10x10, both quality wads that rightfully got represented in the Cacowards this year, el_inferno is a powerhouse in challenge mapping, and lunchlunch did terrific work with a fresh mapping constraint.
  14. Kinetic

    Flotsam demos [complevel 9]

    Map05 UV-Max in 3:21 fl05m321.zip