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  1. famicommander

    Any good tips for secret hunting?

    Walk around pressing the open button on walls Look for walls with slightly different textures or colors Listen for passages that are opening up as you go along. Sometimes passing a certain point or backtracking to a certain point will lower a lift or open a secret wall temporarily.
  2. famicommander

    Favorite Metal Bands

    I just got tickets to see Battle Beast, Kamleot, and Sonata Arctica this Wednesday night. Should be a hell of a time.
  3. famicommander

    Doom: Slayer Edition for Atari Jaguar

    https://atariage.com/forums/topic/295643-doom-slayer-edition/?do=findComment&comment=4353241 I don't know the how
  4. famicommander

    Doom: Slayer Edition for Atari Jaguar

    No idea, but they did say that the game runs fine with both a Cyberdemon and a Spider Mastermind at the same time.
  5. famicommander

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    First Blood First Blood Part II: Rambo Ramob III Rambo Rambo: Last Blood Doesn't get much dumber than Rambo naming conventions.
  6. famicommander

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    They're still selling Final Doom on Steam and GOG, so I don't think it's a rights issue. What Switch is still missing after Eternal and Doom 64: No Rest for the Living (9 maps) Final Doom (64 maps) Console Doom exclusive levels (2 introduced in the Jaguar version, 6 introduced in the PS1 version, 2 introduced in the Xbox ports, and 8 GBA exclusive death match maps) Doom VFR (obviously probably not happening) That's everything but the cell phone games.
  7. famicommander

    Doom: Slayer Edition for Atari Jaguar

    My oh my, what have we here? [/img]
  8. You are apparently not into the classic game scene because most people don't play their mini consoles either. They buy them and put them on the shelf forever. If you check Atari Age, the same people buy the Flashback every single year and that thing barely changes its games lineup and the emulation is still ridiculously bad. They buy it, put it on the shelf, and the immediately start asking about box variants or special editions, if not next year's release. The Neo Geo Mini screwed up the button layout on their own damn system and half the people on the Neo Geo forums bought all the different regional variants and put them on the shelf forever. Seriously, to understand the scale of this screw up, imagine if on the Super Nintendo Mini they had switched the A for the B button and the X for the Y button. That's what they did on the Neo Geo Mini. And they put analog sticks instead of digital joysticks on a freaking 1990 arcade machine replica. The Playstation Mini is barely functional and people bought it. It emulates PS1 games MUCH worse than half a dozen other Sony devices (PSP, PS3, PS4, PS TV, PS2 [which actually uses hardware backwards compatibility).
  9. If some idiot put a bunch of perfectly playable video games in a museum just to be stared at in their boxes, sure, I'd hate it. A painting exists to be stared at. It can fully be enjoyed in a museum setting. You don't put a copy of Spaceballs on DVD on display in a museum. You freaking watch the movie. You don't put a copy of Animal Farm on display in a museum, you crack it open and read it.
  10. No, Super Nintendo games exploded in prices in just the last few years. They've been out of production for decades. The difference is, people like MJR buy them in huge quantities after the fact so they can make "hidden gem" Youtube videos so that other idiots who never intend to play them can also track down copies to put on their shelves forever after. People going after "complete sets" and getting their games VGA graded. I have no problem with people buying old games. I have a problem with people buying crap they're never going to use just to impress other shelf queens on the internet, driving up prices for people who just want to play some damn video games.
  11. Paying 50 dollars for cardboard is what's wrong with this hobby. EDIT: and MJR will succumb to the gravy in his veins before he could feasibly play 1/50 of the stuff on his walls. He's never even attempted to install any of that crap, guaranteed. People like him are why Super Nintendo games are 15X the price they used to be. So they can put a trophy on the wall.
  12. It's a freaking cardboard box. Video games are for playing and hoarding idiots like that guy in the video above are just driving up the prices for actual gamers with their shelf porn they never have any intention of playing.
  13. famicommander

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    I forcibly migrated my relatives to Linux. I told them I will help with any hardware problems, I will help with any software issues on Linux or Mac, but I am officially done fixing broken Windows installations and/or trying to remove malware simply because they refuse to install updates, run Adblock, use antivirus, and exercise common sense. If they want to keep using Windows that's fine with me, but it means they need to learn to deal with their own problems. With all of them on Linux now I only hear from them when whatever distribution I put them on needs to be updated to a newer version, which is easy.
  14. famicommander

    What is your Doom canon?

    As I have said before Ultimate Doom (Sigil optional) -> Doom II + NRFTL and Master Levels -> TNT Evilution -> Plutonia Experiment -> Doom 64 Doomguy trapped in Hell eventually, becomes Doomslayer. In a different universe linked to the original one through Hell, Doom 3 happens and the sarcophagus is found. Much later, Doom 2016 + Doom VFR happen in the Doom 3 universe, followed by Doom Eternal. There are minor inconsistencies but it makes enough sense to me. Doomguy is the protagonist of Ultimate Doom, Sigil, Doom II, NRFTL, Master Levels, TNT, Plutonia, Doom 64, Doom 2016, and Eternal Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil, The Lost Mission, and VFR all feature entirely different protagonists
  15. famicommander

    How did ID settle on 20 (21) master levels?

    They probably wanted the expansion out by a certain time and those were the levels that met their criteria in that timeframe. Some of the rejected levels were stuck on the Maximum Doom disc. 1995 was a busy year for Doom: -Doom v 1.8, 1.9 released -The Ultimate Doom released -Doom 95 for Windows released -Doom II for Mac released -The Master Levels for Doom II released -PS1 Doom released -SNES Doom released