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  1. Armolitskiy

    Doom -2: The SECOND Doomworld Experiment (CURRENTLY SHELVED)

    added a new room with a trap (was used NOT FIXED 0.05 ver!!!) NEGATIVETWO_0.06.zip
  2. Hello.  I don’t want to do levels anymore.  I don’t think I want it soon.

  3. I am looking for WADs and mods that change the gameplay. They should make it fast and a bit hardcore, like it was in the Hotline Miami.
  4. Doomworld Handle: Armolitskiy. Skill level: Something average. Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP. Maximum number of maps in a set: Depends on the length of the levels. 10-15. Minimum number of maps in a set: 1. Preferred genres: Run and Gun. No more than 200-300 monsters. Technobases and industrial designs. Genres you don't like: Puzzles, too hard levels, a huge number of monsters. Long levels (20-30 minutes). I don’t like overly detailed levels. Medieval and fantasy do not like it either. Levels for the first DOOM (because a double-barreled shotgun!). Funny/joke maps. Preferred source ports: Zandronum, GZDOOM. Source ports refused: I do not like retro ports. And I test and play only on two ports that I already wrote about. Demos or written comments: Maybe I can record a demo. But I don’t really like it. I pass the level and give my assessment, describing my gameplay at the levels. Nothing unusual. Mapping Experience: Yes, I created and am creating various levels in the GZDOOM Builder. Notes: I am not very good at describing problems and so on. I have slightly specific tastes. I like to use jumping, crouching, freelook.
  5. Armolitskiy

    An Avatar Conundrum

    Skull. This avatar was painted by me. I always try to draw or make an avatar myself. And yes, putting a skull or skeleton on an avatar is my tradition.
  6. Armolitskiy


    держи в курсе
  7. Armolitskiy

    Are there mods that change music?

    Are there mods that change music? 1. So that during the battle the music is active, fast, cool, and when I do not fight with anyone, it will be calm, quiet, slow. or 2. Just mods that make it possible to play your music in the game, switch it automatically.
  8. Armolitskiy

    ILION (short map, future megawad)

    I think it's worth adding more types of monsters to the finale. The music is pretty good, but if you go through one level for a long time, then it bothers.
  9. Armolitskiy

    ILION (short map, future megawad)

    Oh yeah! Very cool map, I liked it! I won it in 15 minutes. There were some difficulties finding a red card. Well, I did not like the army of mancubuses. In general, I liked it and I'm waiting for more levels from you!
  10. Armolitskiy

    Doom The HARDCORE mod. (download)

    Oh, I like what the rocket launcher looks like. And the new weapon also looks cool!
  11. Armolitskiy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    With every screenshot you take, my self-esteem goes down.
  12. Armolitskiy

    Neatendita Nivelo [WIP] - Level 2 is ready!

    COMPLETED! The second level is completely ready! I'm looking for someone to test it.
  13. Armolitskiy

    Doom 2 Mods

    Doom Rogue Like Arsenal