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  1. I don’t know why, but this mod is not so cool as it seemed to me before. Looking at the trailer and screenshots, I thought it would be a very good mod. But, as soon as I played, I realized that he is not bad, but not good.
  2. Armolitskiy


    Thank you very much!!
  3. Armolitskiy

    Neatendita Nivelo [WIP]

    I want to experiment with level design, dimensions, but not go too far.
  4. Armolitskiy

    Neatendita Nivelo [WIP]

  5. Armolitskiy

    Neatendita Nivelo [WIP]

    Neatendita Nivelo I am working on this WAD, as usual. But this time I’ll try to experiment with some levels. In this WAD only textures from DOOM2.wad will be used. You can play with absolutely any mods this! I want to do about five levels. UDMF format, DOOM2.wad I use: GZDoom Builder Background: You can participate in this project! Just PM me.
  6. Armolitskiy

    Looking for some Interesting wads/mods

    My levels may not fit your description, but I’ll leave them here anyway.
  7. Armolitskiy

    Making maps with Max

    you are just a great father
  8. Armolitskiy


  9. Armolitskiy

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

  10. Armolitskiy

    Share Your Sprites!

    omg very cool and nice sprites! i love it
  11. A small level that can be won in a very short time. The difficulty level is approximately medium. Detailing is minimal. BOOM DOOM 2 FORMAT IWAD - DOOM 2 Freelook/Jumping/Crouching - of your choice Sulphuorus Place.zip