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  1. already did some parts of the layout but so far i dont have much to show i couldnt do much progress on it as of yet, cause i was busy with my other mods ill start doing more progress and eventually send some screenshots too from now on (also, thanks for the reminder, i kinda forgot i was going to do something for this lol)
  2. i would appreciate it if you checked out my submission, a map I made for the darkzone community project the map hasn't gotten a proper playtest (with video) so I thought I'd share it here https://www.mediafire.com/file/rgbgub0gkhiq1an/bigsmokes_submission_to_dz.rar/file just open the map with the texture pack and run it on DSDA source port and then go to map06 (my map) the map gets a bit slaughterhouse-ish at times but its not really that difficult either, also ammo is a bit limited so be careful
  3. Title: the crate curse Format: MBF21 UMAPINFO included: No Build time: 20 days (im lazy) Editors used: UDB Tested with: dsda-doom, gzdoom Music used: going down - "Running from the Jazz Robots" par time: 22 seconds here is my map big smoke - the crate curse.wad screenshots:
  4. i really like the theme of this ill probably make a small map for this just for fun
  5. big smoke

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    tried boom mapping for the first time maps for darkzone community project
  6. finishing the map was quicker than i thought mapper:big smoke map name: no linedefs? map number: map09 midi: plutonia midi pack - MAP16 - Run 'Em, Gun 'Em, Kill 'Em (Jimmy) difficulty balancings are implimented and coop spawns are placed bigsmoke - no linedefs.rar
  7. thanks for playing and im glad you liked it let me answer some of the questions -this mod has a humor that is a hit or miss and i 100% agree with it, since it was made for a contest (for a youtuber named br0leg) and their fanbase liked those crude humor, so i had to put some of them to entertain the audience and the streamer i did remove some of those jokes for this doomworld version but the other ones are still present since removing them was a bit hard and they were a part of the main map. personally i dont like those kind of humor either. -that section with the "fard" joke was there to prevent the player from the accessing the other side which was the final section of this mod, i removed that when you reach the other side so you dont die again because of it , lore wise i guess the protagonist let it all out somewhere in hell silently. -the ammunition and monster balancing are bit of a problem since it was one of my earlier mods and i didnt know much about doom 2s ammo and monster balancing. -those invisible walls were for the helicopter voxel model i put, perhaps those didnt show for you, you can either change gzdooms settings or type r_drawvoxels true in console to make them visible. and thats it if you got any more questions, id be happy to answer i may update this with a balancing change but im busy with other stuff so im gonna put this in my "things to do later" list still thanks for the review, i may make more of these jokewad later or even remake this whole map at some point (which i really want to)
  8. big smoke

    Wise Mystical Tree WAD?

    lmao these are perfect
  9. i downloaded the mod and fully replayed it from start to finish i didnt run into any issues im not sure why it doesnt load for you maybe try opening the mod with 7z or other apps, and also im not fully sure if the mod is compatible with freedoom, it was meant to be played with doom2 not freedoom
  10. hmm thats odd let me redownload and check everything again
  11. try using rar for that and i recommend you using doom2 iwad so you dont get any problems
  12. you need the gzdoom source port to run this i also recommend you to use doom2.iwad for it since it was the intended way to play it also make sure to look at the readme.txt inside for more instructions
  13. this sounds like a fun community project im claiming map06 for now i will most likely make a map for this