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  1. big smoke

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    some stuff i made/still making in this year so far
  2. big smoke

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    11GB for spending on doom maps for a year, it isnt that bad
  3. big smoke


    i will do something about the hud and a boost mechanic later for now im shifting my focus to the stuff i mentioned
  4. omg gmod real all jokes aside tho i really like this map despite the low frame rate i got most of the time i still enjoyed the map there is a lot of hidden little detail and gags everywhere which makes me appreciate this map more my only suggestion is to try to do something with the performance if possible
  5. big smoke

    Post your Desktop Background

    here is my current background and desktop games on right some apps on left my mods or other people mods on up and midis to quick access on below
  6. big smoke


    the update is still in the making just to let you guys know that it will take some time since im very busy with my irl stuff and dont have much time to work on this here is the thing that will most likely are going to be in the demo2: -two new tracks -a free roam map which you can go around and practice -improvement to the bike physics so it can climb slopes without problem -and a new menu to choose the track you want to race in
  7. big smoke


    make sure to find all of the shortcuts, there are like 4 of them irrc you have to go through them as fast as possible which will take some time there is a drift already ig, you basically turn more if you let go of the forward button while turning but i do have plans to improve the bike physics as well as adding more tracks also thanks for the review, i appreciate it
  8. big smoke


    hmm that gave me an idea to make a free roam map for this mod a place with ramps to jump and stuff yeah thats a good idea
  9. big smoke


    well hello there long time no see huh, its been a while since i made something for doomworlds, so i decided to make one of my coolest and uniquest mod yet BIKE TIME TRIAL (mod thing) the mod is simple, go trought the track asap and get the shortest time so far this demo has only two super small tracks and it takes under 5 min to fully complete however i will add more tracks to this mod if enough people are interested in it important stuff to do before playing -run this wad with doom2.wad and gzdoom source port -use opengl rendering (hardware rendering) -turn on dynamic lights to see the lightning in some parts (optional) credits: -some of the bikes code as well as the modified sprite is from brutal doom (the bike is not the same as the bd one and its heavily modified) -music for the track 1 is from daytona usa (lets go away!) -and the music for track 2 is Roos tubes from ctr (crash team racing) -textures are from TTland ,snap the sentinel and golden souls 2 special thanks to: raveyard for helping me out with the bikes physics (thanks to him now the bikes handling is smoother than ever before) mimadm for modifying the sprite so it doesnt get cut off while turning screenshots (spoilers) download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hcrk2kn0mzzmk8s/bike+time+trial.pk3/file i hope you have fun with this mod!
  10. very nice i may actually participate in this contest since i have some free time after im done with some mods im about to finish will most likely make a small map for it anyways
  11. big smoke

    Doomcute thread

    made another doomcute room as well this time is psx doom (since i think most of you guys are more familier with it)
  12. big smoke

    New Years Doom Resolutions

    make some mods for doomworlds which i have some ideas for and hopefully ill make them when im done with my own stuff
  13. fun and challening level it was truly a tribute to the box textures also yeah it had that 1,307,674,368,000 to complete it as well i did finish this casually for the first playthrough im going to do another playthrough just to find the secrets also merry christmas
  14. big smoke

    Doomcute thread

    one day i decided to make a little cute thing for doom so i made this it took hours to make the ps2 voxel but it was worth it now i can play my favorite game (grand doom auto)