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  1. Wrathoxic

    Decino analysis MIDIs

    Did I miss decino's release of the Analysis MIDIs? He said he'd release them soon 5 months ago, but I can't find them anywhere..
  2. I've restored a hordemode in the files of the mod Doom: Eternal Slayer. It has 15 waves to complete. The MIDI used is credited to Burn7 on YouTube. The addon can be downloaded here. Load the addon with DOOM2.WAD and Eternal Slayer.v07.pk3.
  3. Wrathoxic

    Was Doom 2016 Better Than Doom Eternal?

    Yes, by far.
  4. Wrathoxic

    Crash As Doom 6's Protagonist

    The story centers around Doomguy, it would be very hard to write the Doom plotline around another character.
  5. MAP16, it looks kind of cool.
  6. Wrathoxic

    Favorite Doom Slayer skin?

    Original Praetor
  7. I prefer the grittier style of Doom 2016. It fits the storyline of these games much better. The classic style suits itself better to "Space Marine fighting through a destroyed moonbase" than "The leader of The Night Sentinels is called upon. He is here for one purpose, horrid Demons have inhabited Earth. He has but one mission. RIP AND TEAR." The new Doom games fit better with a grittier artstyle. P.S. The more realistic artstyle makes the gore in the games have more impact.
  8. Wrathoxic

    I don't want Doom Eternal to be Team Fortress 2.

    Oh no, this thread is devolving into a flame war...
  9. Wrathoxic

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    It's a reboot, not a sequel.
  10. Die On a more serious note, I'd get my survival supplies and canned food together. If any Demon shows up at our door my father has a few hunting rifles so we have a small chance of living. I'd also pray for the Doomslayer to come to earth.
  11. Wrathoxic

    What level made you quit the session?

    I usually quit on E1M5 because that map is reeaaaally boring...
  12. I'm worried I'm going to be slaying, and then a player Revenant with the Doot skin comes over and starts spinning and dancing to be "friendly". It would ruin the immersion. Likewise, I hope there is an option to turn off player cosmetics, because a Unicorn skin is pretty immersion breaking. This game isn't Team Fortress 2. It's Doom.