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  1. I will be honest, despite all the hell I went through during the mapping process, it was worth it in the end. Btw don't ask me what happened during it... because I don't remember 90% of it...unless it was like extremely halting to the progress of the map lol
  2. Let me say this, I think I'm glad I got my map done when I did... simply put yesterday I went to the beach, ended up returning home feeling terrible which would really be hard to map with...plus today I don't feel as great, so pretty much I am lucky that version was enough...
  3. Rabbid

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    I'm pretty sure me and them would be pretty even, so I'm probably not screwed, especially since my PFP is legit just off a zombieman replacement in my mod which has many clones of her, but definitely not gonna defeat them
  4. ok, I don't see any issues anymore...if YOU (because I personally don't) do please tell me, but at this point I'm pretty sure this map is done and I can finally rest...hopefully...not even gonna bother changing its folder name New folder (3).zip
  5. idk I'll just try this one last thing, if thats not it I'm posting the map anyways as there is no fixing a pretty much insignificant bug pretty much when I put the box on the sector I think that caused the issue as before I did that it wasn't there.
  6. ok, I've tried drawing a box around it, I've rebuilt the sector I've done legit everything...its not working.
  7. argh its broken again...hold on I might need to reverse some of my actions.
  8. plus I will be honest, maybe there is things I'm not noticing in the background causing these issues, if thats the issue then its not my fault and idk how to fix it.
  9. I'm not trying to sound aggressive, even then I just C+P'd the sector which fixed it, but if I need to fix it again I will. the only reason I sound aggressive is because I'm annoyed this is my third time I have to edit this dang map.
  10. because that will make this THAT much more annoying because at the moment I can say pretty much all the others are fixed. Update: I don't know what I did... but I think I fixed it (or atleast made it almost gone) as far as I know everything is the same...as for monsters being stuck...idk which ones specifically but besides a few imps in the guitars/the gun in the black and white area and also just them being stuck in eachother... I think its mostly fine, I might up the difficulty a slight bit, but otherwise I think the map is completely fixed...I'm just gonna be honest...this map was hell.
  11. like this helps me much...so you're saying just... build the sector on a new sector?
  12. btw might I add, I LEGIT DID FIX B, I just forgot to lower the ceiling. idk its just I'm starting to feel a little like we're getting extremely strict with these, like the map will have issues but I'm not trying to go insane fixing every single little detail man.
  13. I'm gonna say it now, most of these were... either things I forgot to fix or things I was trying to make look good but ended up not finished, as for the A thing...idk what to do there...I really don't know how to fix it. The chessboard though I can say is a little like... what am I supposed to do to fix it? rebuild another whole new thing? no I'm not gonna do that. I will be honest though the monsters not moving thing was apparent, even in GZdoom and honestly idk what to really fix for that anymore, can add a cyber demon (or 2) but at the same time, I don't want it to be too tough...plus yeah the beginning I can agree is a little unfair since... well I mean its a map with a hub after all. So yes, I can fix most, but things like visual glitch a and probably the chessboard can't be fixed so easily it will require a whole different puzzle for it to work which honestly, I'm out of ideas I don't want to make another puzzle to replace It, I'll just redesign the puzzle a little bit.