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  1. I'm still here... couldn't get here yesterday...i'm here.
  2. that is kinda what I was talking about its probably somewhere close, but only hearable it just can't hurt you XD The hardest part is doing that... without it hurting you... hmm
  3. I have a new question... if a secret is indicated by a hidden barrel explosion...would I need to change that for Easy mode?
  4. btw I really like the gothic textures used here...
  5. so maybe difficult like Hell Revealed but not slaughter like scythe I guess?
  6. so just so I know... how would monsters technically work, do harder difficulties have ITYTD Monsters or can we really pick how hard it is... just as long as the secrets are just as hard? its kind of confusing... it does say they are technically allowed...also by stack x50 you literally mean to put 50 bullet boxes...don't you? XD totally removed the part of me forgetting its only 6 secrets.
  7. yeh though idk if I would do it because i'm not good at puzzle based maps... I mean if there would be combat every now and then I could do it... but I usually focus on combat XD
  8. gonna say I didn't know the strategy to P... than I ended up beating it in 20 seconds...probably unintentionally but you can beat this without firing any bullets... its just a mad dash (atleast while pistol starting since the first trap has too many imps to just rocket them all) to the end... which is unique I like it... another thing you did well was hiding that its the letter P like at first it didn't feel like I was in the letter P which is a huge plus. Though the downside to it being a P is there isn't much room to maneuver... you can't really fix that though, a thing you have to take into mind when playing is the fact the only health is in soulspheres, and the other is behind the cyberdemon, so if you pistol start you can't grab the first soul sphere, you need to leave it for when the enemies start spawning... which leads to new strategies. Update I just beat it in 30 seconds which is quite quick... pretty sure I beat it in 20 seconds because I jumped... but in this one I just took a new path... trigger the pinkies than run the whole other way around... other than that... this map gets a A... its a slight bit unfair so it doesn't get a S, but its pretty good... another update, just beat it in 19 seconds...nevermind I beat it in 11
  9. oh my I just noticed it literally says "qaverns and qorridors" I GET IT XD